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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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back to us with the problem engine failure causes russia's unmanned cargo spacecraft progress to crash in the remote east and the impact was felt hundred kilometers away. celebration mixed with fall apart from explosions in the gulf the streets of tripoli as nato rushes to secure our stockpiles of chemical weapons amid a collapse of security in the capital. and the leader of libya's rebel government meets european leaders to hold his country's oil riches to the winning bidders claim to give the. north korea is ready to hold a nuclear test six party talks resume so says the country's a loser breeder on a rare trip to russia. and iran involves
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a lawsuit against roger ebert's refusal to supply s three hundred results saying they don't under a u.n. resolution preventing what is in the. international news in comment light from our headquarters in moscow this is good to have you with us this hour when i learned russian cargo spacecraft has crashed in eastern russia progress launch from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan on wednesday morning was due to dock at the international space station on friday but the engines on board the soyuz rocket taking it into orbit appears to have failed. joins me live with me so tell us what happened. but as far as we know bill it was a three hundred twenty fifth second of the rocket. sent into orbit when there was
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this engine failure it certainly hit the ground with a bomb path towards having come down to worth very rapidly there are you as yet unconfirmed reports that also that day rockets broke into three parts which fell in three different areas in the altai region in russia's east and also that the first parts of this serve rocket and its progress module which starts on top. but also that they have fallen in different areas we heard from an eyewitness earlier who saw the rockets coming down in that region what she said. you know. i looked at it hard and it seemed like a white stripe i thought it was a train at first but i didn't then i realized kind never find that quietly and it turned into some white object and i saw that it was parked it went behind a cloud and i thought you were come out in
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a minute but it disappeared i didn't see it again but i heard a loud noise it was like three bangs one really loud and two quieter. so obviously that evidence there from that eyewitness also perhaps supporting the idea that there are three separate sites of impact those three bangs however on the ground having fallen in such a wide area it's not known whether anyone was around at the time and may have as a result become a casualty from this massive falling deborah there were no crew on board and the search in the area will begin shortly sail thora tease we heard recently from the local administration. the first space of failure recently is it. it's not it's not bill. it's the fourth really in the last year which has really made ross cosmos the russian space agency quite nervous the first was back in december. when the three glow nasa satellites responsible for navigation used by
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the space program run by russia's military they plunged into the sea in february ministry of defense satellites stopped working properly and just a few days ago on the eighteenth of august another freshly launched subtle light went off its orbit and disappeared off the radars altogether so this is the fourth in the line of rather worrying pick ups it's also made a little bit more worrying by the fact that the u.s. has now stopped its space shuttle flights to the international space station those astronauts there can survive about two months on the supplies that they have but it's thought to have to be another emergency mission up there and they're totally reliant on flights of the soyuz rockets up from baikonur tom thanks very much indeed for that update live there in moscow that's a reporter tom barton now we're going live to london and we're going to be joined by jerry webb he's general director of commercial space technology is limited and i
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can understand i do understand that he may not be ready yes he is thanks very much indeed for being with that live there in london it puts the like lee reason for this crash do you think in your opinion what caused that. very difficult to tell at this early stage. blood can turn can't or leave the russian balls of the quarries on fridays of this sort are always for very good and i hope they'll they'll have to be very quick i'd like to work something in you know the early in your previous. run up to this we this is the only show years for your love so this is one of the longest running russian rockets and has the highest reliable look right over the road even though we call in the shuffle. you know man crawford so. he needs a shot on that based on that doesn't that playing come a surprise to you that this has happened no because all expendable calls will have
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a limit to the reliability there are many ways they're made through a process that is going to be thrown away it's a very critical judgment between where the you. know how much you use for it on the hood of my heat reload for good the you know even from osha want to slug like satellite photos or insurance issues so it turns on how much you spend on the launcher and how much is for and on. the side of lawyers. and the insurance this is an insidious thing with all expendable launches financial so you you i mean like you i know that you work with the russian space agency said this doesn't affect your view of the reliability of your russian partners and the equipment they use or i'm sure that. some are a crude crude sorry. no. roscoe's most will be very thorough has to go since and is the only problem is that if there were any upcoming manned flights
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they have to show what actually went wrong with this launcher out of a very early stage to make sure but it shouldn't stop good future progress for its shores on trawlers land was really interesting you mention manned flights if there was a crew on board this one could have survived this incident. loni's very conjectural because it was the first choice for your so you can go so the so is and so are no good obviously. probably yes because on loan on just the first. the straight on the top of the vehicle i know has been proven on the on or on one round with a movie or. a very long time ago and you know. it is a little poorly it's a little more difficult because what exactly would happen but there are modes on and on them and so it's one other matter that affects you and me and everybody else
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of course we're getting more and more space travel now and here's an example where for example the rocket actually landed back on earth is it possible to avoid. accidents where by populated areas cities could be affected does not look you know of. where where where and expendable vehicle goes wrong it's really very little you can do it but we were to do it you can see from previous launches that we will use a dozen response with the best you can do is destroy who we're what earth even far far it with another rocket from from earth i mean you have all switching over but this was too it was the first thing for you or for a while gerry very interesting here i'm sorry we are out of time i've got to move on but thank you so much for your time terry webb live there in london thank you. well of course we're keeping up to date on the situation and you can always find
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more on our website it is r t got com. other news now after a meeting with the french president in paris the head of libya's national transitional council has recognized france's leading role in removing gadhafi and return to closer causey promised military assistance to the new libyan government for as long as they need it and saudi's daniel bushell reports from france is much more than just democracy on the table. fraud's feels like a winner was the first power to recognize libya's rebels the first to become free i know the first in talks with rebel leaders storm is the allergy pieces victory gives him great satisfaction opposition m.p. laying off everyone to be thankful that inspired action at the united nations corporations in states that voted for human intervention a real big their hands one of the first. members of the french team.
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as a representative of the. company and the. french all join tal has been named as this was a big winner rebel all from a go to brazil russia and china to quote political issues there are three states who refused strong sanctions against gadhafi those nations had contracts with the former regime a russian official says quote we've lost libya completely it is well known that it is a wall for all that these so-called position government has promised to give the old two false fronts officially claims its war mission is over but analysts tippit to secretly stay you'll be in libya make sure profits early any jaylene forces. presence in libya even the. resolution.
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but keeping troops in the country means heavy cost strike all the latest polls say most french people now oppose the military intervention this in pieces further bloodshed and the hasty price tag to deal with it in order to play guess what he knew most of the war is far from over and this invasion is already costing much more than we could bear. fears of growing that libya's new leaders to divide it with the peace. points to the rebels murder last months of the military chief general yunis experts will widespread rebel looting and executions beachfronts these problems they have only just begun. or t. harris. a spokesman for colonel gadhafi regime has promised libya will become a volcano of fire lawless forces are continually vowed to keep fighting pointing to a prolonged civil war let's get more analysis from author and journalist after
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maternity joining us live there in london well faced with complete defeat the former regime continues to show defiance we just heard those words just a moment ago how does that defiance and it's still numerous supporters throughout libya bode for the country's future stability. i think we should expect to see the national have said in the past few hours as a humanitarian crisis i've seen pictures of the dead children killed by nato airstrikes what we have ahead of us is an insurgency campaign the bombing is going on in tripoli from the pro get a free forces and then of course when they get after the regime finally crumbles we have the onset of the rivalry between this. transactional transitional council sarkozy must of loved standing next to the leader of it was of taking away the french people's minds from the austerity cuts. the picture you paint of the
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future humanitarian disaster it's not exactly what we're hearing from mainstream media the rebel governments claims of also often been suspect but why is it that their statements are being reported by the mainstream media as fact i mean we know that fighting is still continue in tripoli and throughout media even as the rebels are now claiming victory we're getting mixed messages here only it's difficult to criticize corporate media in the light of those wars when you liberal wars neo-con wars this is exactly one of those idealistic. again without thinking again with reporters in the field more or less embedded with the rebels cheering the rebels on without understanding say even what people said of the armed services committee in the senate of the united states there flickers of outsider now in libya and al qaeda in the maghreb will be searching for a new territories in which to exploit divisions that we have here and that the u.s. has formed on this over the u.s. is the haps kind of junior partner in this convention the european union countries
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is the possibility of terror attacks around the world because yet again support for a ragtag band of different forces different types of people. supposedly in an idea some kind of idea that liberation will follow it's as if none of these people ever heard about the end of the second world war the idea of sovereignty of your nation states and what this means for the united nations resolution one thousand three what it is going how many people have been killed it's been a disaster sort of quickly ask you what are the chances that gadhafi might choose to use some of those weapons that have been referred to weapons of mass destruction in the chemical weapons and also in all that's been discovered and we don't know exactly what he is holding himself is there any thought that he could actually use these weapons in one act of defiance one final dramatic end to his life and his regime there's very much
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a possibility that we mustn't individualize these things the global media loves to call libya it's about the transitional council now calling for is. to be captured dead or alive is not about free free idiotically embrace me liberalism literally embraced tony blair i think lots of leaders around the world we think go to braise tony blair the new liberal market ideologies and save the. recent years is the undoing of his regime just as that of egypt and tunisia and as for gadhafi it doesn't matter what he does in all these countries it depends on the structure of these countries i must realize that the people we see on the streets in tripoli they seem to come from a class very different to the poor in libya they seem to come from an educated class many of them foreigners as well as of course in certain areas people from the south the idea of individualizing this conflict is
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a good athlete. anything to do with it is like they are saying that the this as a nation watched. catalyzed world over i should have to leave it there we are out of time thanks for being with us live here in r.t. there not an actual return journey is there not. well rebels now control colonel gadhafi is fortress in central tripoli but violent clashes continue throughout the capital and over the u.s. defense department says it has another concern the security of sites in libya known to contain stockpiles of chemical weapons something we've just been talking about there including your rainy and dust was speaking to my colleague rory sushi earlier today james corbet from the center for research and globalization question why it libya's new government is not being trusted to deal with it. perhaps it presupposes the idea that the stockpiles are unsafe in the hands of the rebel forces and would be safer in the hands of the nato forces whereas the people who have so far been involved in siege in tripoli and killing tripoli civilians in tripoli have been the nato side so i think the question is really who are the people to be concerned
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about having access to those weapons i would imagine that that if there was any danger to be had it would be obviously in the proliferation of those weapons as in early july could off he was quoted as saying that he would be willing to strike at europe if if tripoli was was attacked so i guess that is a possibility it seems to be on the table but certainly it's unclear to me whether three weapons would be safer in the hands of gadhafi forces or the terrorists i think ultimately perhaps getting rid of these types of weapons would be the ultimate goal for in terms of peace and stability let's talk about gadhafi himself i mean reports that he's been hiding a twenty kilometer network of heavily fortified tunnels painting do you really think still there or indeed even in the country. personally i have no knowledge of it and no way of finding out i think it would be foolhardy to to get venture a guess at this point especially when there's so much of a fog of war over the situation right now and it's been demonstrated in all sorts of and seen clued in be early reports we had that gadhafi sons had been captured by rebel forces only to have video footage that was aired on our t.v.
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of it of the son parading around in the center of tripoli so so this point really is it's anyone's guess what's really happening there and unfortunately it's extremely difficult to get in touch with people there and there are reports even though there is a tape to tell you and indeed underground tunnel complexes the idea that there would be a bunker busters or other types of heavy weaponry used in trying to lay siege to it is not out of the question and certainly need to have demonstrated that they have no compunction about using these types of weapons on civilian populations and in civilian populated areas so it would certainly be no moral qualms about that unfortunately likely no international criminal court investigation of the war crimes perpetrated by the nato led rebel forces at this moment. well you get more analysis on the situation in libya on our website while the conflict rages just log on to r.t. dot com for the latest details. north korea has confirmed it is ready to resume long stalled six party talks on its nuclear program without any preconditions
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pyongyang would also consider suspending the production and testing of nuclear weapons while talks are ongoing north korea's reclusive leader kim jong il met president in russia's republic of beauty that year during a rare visit to the country catherine is there of is in the republic capital following the talks. after a meeting with the russian president the north korean leader kim jong il has announced his country's willingness to return to the six party negotiations aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula but it will only reimpose its moratorium on production and testing of nuclear weapons once those six party talks begin the rest of the six party talks members like south korea japan the united states they all want the north korean leader to implement the moratorium first and then have north korea return to the six party talks which have been stalled since two thousand and eight or korean leader still wants to do it his way but still his announcement is
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a very big deal there were several signed pointing to the possibility of such a breakthrough even when kim jong il began his journey usually the very secretive north korean leader travels completely incognito in the international community finds out about his travels post factum or even not at all this time the entire world knew as soon as kim jong il crossed the russian border on his specially designed armored train and that of course led many to speculate that the meeting also publicized with the russian president dmitri mediated would bring about some definite breakthrough and we know that there have been further developments in the plans for a gas pipeline that will go from russia to south korea of course why are north korea we also know that a number of committees have been created and this c.e.o. of russia's gas giant gazprom has been tasked with overseeing the project so that
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definitely is still in the works and could be a very lucrative deal for north korea for south korea as well and definitely for russia which is looking to export more of its resources. and kim jong il's trip to russia began on saturday for more oil and would train stops on his journey one. god q all right psycho if you don't call distributed to relax and get the world's deepest lake by karl in the difference was his war website partied to. iran this fall the lawsuit against russia and the international court over its refusal to supply s. three hundred missiles i see you going to is going to brings us more on the story from outside the iranian embassy in moscow. according to the iranian ambassador to iran is suing moscow over a shipment of a badge of russia's past three hundred air defense systems to tehran under a deal which was signed back in two thousand and eight but the shipment never went through because in june two thousand and ten the un the security council slammed
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a set of sanctions on iran which in force was a wide range of limitations including those on the sales of various types of all arms so russia froze the shipment last year officials said that they are ready to give iran back its down payment which is around two hundred million dollars or we could go on go through with a deal if and when the u.n. security council with this set of sanctions turn around says that it has taken this case to the international court of justice but what's interesting is that they see the steps are not aimed against russia but are actually aimed at giving moscow the so-called legal trump as the ambassador said you know order for dessert shipment to go through but actually talking about the s. three hundred air defense systems believe been in production strictly for export since one thousand nine hundred ninety four but just a few days ago their production was stopped altogether more advanced models taking
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place. and the world of football is abuzz with news of a new dream team being formed on russian soil and from russia's republic of dagestan has signed superstar striker samuel it all from the italian side into madame cameroon international cost him six million dollars and a cool twenty my million dollars a year himself. more than any other player on the. p.c. if you could. line up alongside brazilian legend about a carlos and russia's. just brought in from chelsea to be more on that with kate in the places i should say the sports. is involved here but in the sports update in about an hour from now in the meantime let's stay with world of business with his she's next. hello and welcome to business here on c.n.n.
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i will not talk about football but i will talk about something else and that is how rochelle was going through normally hostile north and south korea's together in the name of business there so much in siberia timothy mcveigh defend kim jong il have agreed to look at building a gas pipeline across north korea to supply the republic in the south but analysts warn that south korea will have a hard time coming to terms with independence on this northern counterparts. i think there will be a large amount of skepticism to overcome in some of the career that allowing themselves to become even partially dependent on a whole new supplies or. quite across their northern neighbor you have to have an agreement between all three countries russia of korea and south korea and it's no good. building a pipeline i think simply means russia or north korea because the north koreans are
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not going to be able to pay a. price for gas imports from russia that would do it over paper because the building the pipelines of the pipeline has to be extended to south korea to turn the south korean market. that's all this has been the best month for gold and twelve years it's jumped almost seventy percent in the last four weeks and that was the uncertainty about economic prospects in europe and america the market is waiting for a news conference right now in the u.s. to hear more about further stimulus measures there and why three months back have fun platt says the current rally in precious metals for fights and that's a perception that a new round of money printing is unavoidable. if one looks at the sequence of events of what the central banks need to do they are in effect dry in terms of move quickly so the only option they have left is to do another round of quantitative
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easing you can see that the market is forecasting that quantitative easing so the price of gold seems to be here in force two thousand and beyond all that high price in gold is just people trying to prepare their currency for many for a good dilution with a quantitative easing wall will go all silver is going to stop falling and now seems to be wanting to go up so everything will reward really but just the dollar will buy less than they used to. let's take a look at the figures now we'll start with gold it's a dropping from an all time high above one thousand nine hundred dollars an ounce right now it's nice and over three and a half percent and silver is setting almost double that figure let's move on to oil crude is trading in the black this is my forecast of growing crude stockpiles in the u.s. right now the w c i is trading at eighty six dollars a barrel of oil prices approaching one hundred and eleven over in the u.s.
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stocks are trading methods after opening on a positive note investors are weighing a larger than and says a paper dries in orders for durable goods against mores about the global economy. let's take a look at what's happening in europe markets there are closed in the black panther footsie and the facts rather their own lawn and a half percent the only direction seen for in pressers was this speech by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke all day. and here in russia the markets and of the trade in saffron on the positive notes for the arts yes i'm in my sex clothes more than a percent investors were hesitant to make any big moves and there were also looking forward to digest the news from the last two hours on friday let's take a look at the end of the. share moves on the my side source of the blue chips were trading in the black look or added or as a percentage of gas monopoly gas probably went up over two and a half percent and that was the news that will pump natural gas to south korea
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through the us the public banking stocks also climbed into positive territory the sperm bank point seven percent. of squiggles attempts a buyback of shares for most saw have once again failed nor the offer to buy a fifteen percent stake from a saw for around nine billion dollars this was part of an effort by the company to resolve a dispute between its biggest shareholders who saw has consistently imitated that it has a long term interest in or else as not prepared to sell its. and that's all the business is for now for more stories you can always had so our website artsy dot com slash business in the meantime states in for the headlines with.
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this country. you can see it. began a journey. where did it take.


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