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doing for others of the formant stars falling for that's the world in which she lives or those that say oh yes as it's a cousin small presidential race heats up america might be seeing a lot more senator marco rubio and his platform of big budget cuts in the face of a one point five trillion dollar deficit as well as a continued strong presence for america abroad dealing forward arts washington d.c. so the question coming out of that is just how do latino voters feel about a candidate like marco rubio we will have more on that in a five with a guest but that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we cover go to our t. dot com slash usa you can follow me on twitter at lauren lyster and i'm back here in a half hour. a charmer over here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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tragic to stand a former soviet republic became independent in ninety ninety one. that were an independent state is important but it's only good as long as it's backed by economic performance. unemployment is the greatest issue in this independent central asian country needing one and a half million migrant workers flock to russia from tragic just on a loan they have left their country to feed their families.
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after the breakup of the soviet union we had a very hard time but then we somehow learned to take things in stride. the situation got even worse following the devastating civil war that broke out during the first years of independence the nation still healing its wounds even a decade on the problems are numerous from drug trafficking from neighboring afghanistan to acute shortages of electricity and drinking water. each morning a camel appears on this road running from the hills drive is paused to sign the animal to feed it. now
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it needs something to eat. local say the camels owner deliberately turns the animal out as no food for it in the man's household. emoji dove and his family live two hundred kilometers south of the chicken stands capital to shun very close to the border with afghanistan he has ten children. this cow provides for. each member of his family has a particular job to do the men trim the vines and women do the washing and bake bread while the kids work in the vegetable garden. images of cotton still left in a field after harvesting they used them to heat the oven in order to make flats round cakes the stalks do produce some heat but certainly much less than firewood does. cut it out you know that
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it. is. going to have to come to him many times the peasants live below the poverty line. some don't have jobs at all others barely scrape by. when i have to karim's eldest sons are old enough to earn a living they'll be sensible rules to look for a job but. my brother has left for russia to work there he will be a helping hand from our family we've got very little money. social problems create fertile breeding ground for crime an increasing number of people have fallen prey to drug dealers they use them to traffic narcotics across the border with afghanistan through the so-called northern route. from afghanistan heroin finds its way to stand and then on to russia and europe.
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in two thousand and ten stans law enforcement authorities confiscated more than two tons of drugs coming from afghanistan. of criminals who are different members have a particular rules apply. they include masterminds traffickers go betweens pins and consumers. the whole network is a will the world machine. police in the whole amount of confiscated heroin into a special laura tree here it becomes clear that drug traffickers are willing to resort to any trick to make sure their supply gets through and one of the consignments laborde free staff discovered heroin tucked away inside dried grapes. these reasons were soaked in water before hand soothe disease could be removed then tiny packets of herion were inserted in the place. the republic of tajikistan is
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situated in the foothills of the pami range in central asia it is a landlocked country bordering afghanistan in the south as big as down in kyrgyzstan in the north and west and china to the east the country significantly lacks major transport routes due to its vast distance from the sea. cover ninety three percent of the country's terrain. is down is regarded as one of the world's poorest countries according to the international monetary fund half of its population subsists on less than two dollars a day the country's difficult economic situation is mostly the results of the civil war which lasted from one nine hundred ninety two to ninety ninety seven. the standoff began here on the square. it was called freedom square at the time. we lost our political identity it was a time when we were seen as wild savages fighting one another. for several
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years after the collapse of the soviet union various political clans interjected stand or locked in a bitter power struggle according to official figures the armed conflict cost one hundred thousand lives the country found itself on the verge of a humanitarian and economic disaster although the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred seven the country has not yet been able to repair the damage done. one of the biggest problems intelligently stan is a shortage of drinking water. according to international humanitarian agencies nearly half of the country's population has no access to fresh water. each day members of abu cutting family have to bring it from a nearby village even then and so only fifa drinking after it has been boiled.
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at the water is turn kilometers away. bring fifty cans of water by will barrel sometimes or get a donkey to do the hauling it makes the job easier what the. locals in the village of can do chey entergy is down south have built a water reservoir children of the most frequent visitors here there's a vision in this country is that the children i would judy supply their households with water. and the account here for what eric. yes. each morning. people fill up their pails and cans while animals use the reservoir as a watering hole. there is certain warriors in poor condition because too many villagers come here from all over it to take order it will have to be fixed again
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when spring comes around. since independence came twenty years ago that is town's water supply systems have fallen into disrepair today the government earmarks funds for the construction of water pipelines local businessmen to have been attempting to build some but the problem still persists regardless. as you can see animals roam around the place leaving their waste behind people use filthy vessels for water the reservoirs not covered by interfering and the water is not disinfected with the risk is enormous air people might be taken ill with diarrhea typhoid ever taters and other water borne diseases. several million tantrik men are separated from their families. a lack of money
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compels them to look for jobs in other countries and most of the migrant workers have to russia. addition by moscow line is almost always filled to capacity. most of the passengers a young men many of them are likely to get employment in russian cities as street cleaners loaders or construction workers. i need to feed my family seven people all in all of course there's a household to maintain back home a cow and a vegetable garden i'm going to be marrying off my daughter soon i also need to finish my house in short i need money. paid. yeah we're almost in moscow. from. the muscovites go to europe to earn money because their salaries in moscow are too low for the we'll go to moscow for work. it's profitable for us to work
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there. if they're lucky enough to find a job these people will be able to send money home in a month's time according to the european bank of reconstruction and development each year migrant workers transfer about two billion u.s. dollars to their relatives the sum is equal to half of tajik is dance g.d.p. . and titian by express has arrived in moscow. township migrants will begin looking for new jobs the very next day.
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and. h. . yes it already. is but it's a few other of as a small village ten kilometers from moscow workers from countries of the c.i.s. a building country houses here ten jakes are among them.
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my hands. was shot this is a radio think you can stand where they are for you every day and every hour. after breakfast the workers sits abounds plastering the walls while on the job the conversation turns that subject is son and the hardships they went through bank home. if i had enough money i wouldn't have come here i would not have left my kids behind their growing up without a father it was better during the soviet union. my dream is to earn enough money to build a house and buy a car. as otherwise she could of another worker from thirty because dan has already earned enough for a wedding ceremony he wants to marry his daughter of the other boy has been
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building houses in russia for six years now people living in a faraway tragic village are looking forward to his homecoming in time for the ceremony. but i have decided against buying any particular gift for my daughter molly's the most precious gift also only to her so that she can buy what she chooses would. have two hundred guests are invited to a wedding ceremony intend to stand a special law forbids anymore from attending in rural areas wedding ceremonies are held in the daytime some locals say this is a long running tradition others maintain that this is because villages are often subjected to power cuts. only major cities receive uninterrupted electricity supplies the situation showed a marked improvement following the commissioning of the russian built sank to the
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hydroelectric power plant in a country south of the opening ceremony in two thousand and nine was attended by the presidents of russia and done. russian companies owned the bulk of the power plants shares. after the plans went online electricity shortages dropped by fifteen percent. of the plant has paved the way for economic progress in tajikistan which had been held back by energy shortages as for russia it will be able to enter new markets considering that to take a stand shares a border with afghanistan a country suffering from a massive energy shortages. and sank to the power plant also significantly boosting the job market for local specialists.
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hello. generators today and three are on generator for ease and standby mode all actual parameters on the normal. the hydro power plant has also given small enterprises a chance to develop. this factory in duchenne bay makes even is from semi precious stones and for who have bought of decided to revive this ancient candy graft several years ago on ics amethyst lapis lazuli and cords become something more than just rocks and his hands each month the factory process is two tons of raw materials. you get
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a bill that we make such bowls vases and candle steps each item has a name. this poll for example is called a high honor. we feel this is a good way of promoting our products all sorts of crystal bowls currently in vogue we focus on lepas lousy light that's regarded as our national stone. zeven is made at this factory kitchen many museums around the world many heads of state have items made of touch examine precious stones in a collections. that. the bride and groom in the village of so full in thirty k. stands north have just been showered with gifts that. the biggest
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surprise is the appearance of basil by chicago of the father of the bride. he's just arrived from moscow. now has a bias back welcome home as a. male law give you happiness. oh just look at my daughter that. tangent wedding ceremonies have very old traditions for instance the male and female guests each p.l.l. in separate rooms this is always followed by a print. layout i bring happiness to the bright and they should be a wonderful housekeeper be happy together that i don't and when everybody starts to
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dance the bride is supposed to push ahead down and sulk. but the wedding wouldn't have taken place if present by she could of a master of the house have prolonged his stay in moscow. we are going to take the bride to be. i grant today everything is as it should be they have been waiting for me because i am the boss here there will be no weddings without me around everybody thanked me for coming on time. after lunch everybody goes to the bridegroom's house to continue the celebrations there is not enough room indoors so most of the guests gather in the courtyard the party continues well past dusk and ends at ten pm shop.
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thanks. the town of who jumped into the stands north it's home to sell ton normark mother of the country's most celebrated handicrafts when his family makes knives using a technique that goes back at least five hundred years at the moment so tun son is in the workshop. all three of us make knives. as well as our father. way elder brother has a workshop in the city. he works there with our younger brother. was. the old master stays at home most of the time he looks after his grandson he recalls that he has made several thousand nine thousand his lifetime his creations
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are used by people all over the world and. i did a series on it and also was the country can't exist without any craftsmen. we thought that any craft is a nation's culture and its face. but in life we work hard who always live in plenty. but if we are lazy chances are we will live in poverty even in paradise he's the blacksmith fills his knives as an old market in the town of who jumped. much like his ancestors did hundreds of years ago. i was proud of my soviet citizenship it never occurred to us that one to you we might wake up faced with power cuts or no milk in the shop. an electro optical telescope or
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a facility was built in atlantic mountains way back in soviet times the russian space force refers to it simply as the window. after the collapse of the u.s.s.r. this military facility became part of independent entities done today military men live in the garrison with their families and is effectively a part of the russian territory. troop commanders are to report on where the weapons and personnel are in complete order standard ses the weapons ammunition and personnel of the command center are present and correct. the a ray which tracks objects in outer space is situated in the foothills of the permian range at an altitude of two thousand two hundred meters above sea level. there are unique telescopes in these very cool domes they scan the universe in three dimensions military people call this reconnaissance center the eyes of
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russian space force. the station is unique in the during the night it comes but space objects at a range of eighteen to thirty five thousand kilometers. it's been built here because visibility in the sky is much better than anywhere else most of the nights are clear with no precipitation or dust or electro optical reconnaissance center is said to be russia's most valuable military installation in the republic of georgia stan there are similar centers monitoring the universe in other countries too but this one is much better suited to observations because of its location the second unit has reached the outpost we are ready for hand over. and over permitted. under a government look came to the space tracking station after finishing vocational school he enjoys working at a place with such a unique geographical position many russian military men dream of being stationed
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here. i work twenty four hours and then have free days off i spend this time with my family. we go hiking picnic by the river and visit historical and cultural places in the. locals living near the garrison want to work here as well. another secret building is situated a few kilometers from a telescope array here is don's president. has built a villa for himself but only a handful of people are aware of the existence of his mansion abode. but it was. never his daughter's wedding is behind him as a bicycle of he's heading to russia again to build more houses. he's unlikely to
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know anything about reports by the international monetary fund predicting forthcoming growth and sometimes he kinda strays but even if he does he has no time to waste any civilities family here and now. you will be quite a while before the transit worker sees his family again. john
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berman here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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