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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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the engines on board the soyuz rocket appear to have failed just minutes into the flight progress launch from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan on wednesday morning and was due to dock at the international space station on friday tom barton explains. it was a three hundred twenty fifth second of the rockets ascent into orbit when there was this engine failure it certainly hit the ground with a bomb path towards having come down to earth very rapidly there are you as yet unconfirmed reports that also that they rocket broke into three parts which fell in three different areas in the altai region in russia's east we heard from an eyewitness earlier who saw the rocket coming down in that region you don't have any you know i looked at it and it seemed like a white stripe i thought it was a plane at first but then i realized planes never fly that low or quietly and then it turned into some white object and i saw that it was spark when you went behind
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a cloud and i thought you were come out in a minute but it disappeared i didn't see it again but i heard a loud noise it was like three bangs one really loud and two quieter. so obviously that evidence there from that eyewitness also perhaps supporting the idea that there are three separate sites of impact those three bangs however on the ground having fallen in such a wide area it's not known whether anyone was around at the time and may have as a result become a casualty from this massive falling debris there were no crew on board and this search in the area will begin shortly sail for a tease we heard recently from fellow put ministration. them fellers a little bit people go there to collect pine nuts they grow everywhere so they may well be people out in the tiger although we don't know how many in that area back in december when the three globe satellites responsible for navigation used by the
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space program run by russia's military they plunged into the sea in february a ministry of defense satellites stopped working properly and just a few days ago on the eighteenth of august another freshly launch satellite went off its. and disappeared off the radars altogether so this is the fourth in that line of rather worrying pick ups it's also made a little bit more worrying by the fact that the u.s. has now stopped its space shuttle flights to the international space station those astronauts up there can survive about two months on the supplies that they have but it's thought to have to be another emergency mission up there and they're totally reliant on flights of these soyuz rockets from baikonur. reporting there and the founder of the capital science connections innovation agency in london dr patrick for the possibility of the rocket crashing into a city was close to zero launch trajectory of all of these craft tends to pass over
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very sparsely populated regions or even over the ocean in the case of the u.s. launches so the risk is really very very remote indeed i think that's that's not something that we need to be overly worried about the provision of a new launch vehicle and a new launch. something that's pretty expensive of course it's all insured or imagine it is in the case of the russian launches it's all insured so the cost is covered but you know it's a pretty costly process i wouldn't like to put a figure on it but certainly tens of millions of dollars must be the must must be of that sort of assessment here. the president of france has met with the head of libya's national transitional council in paris after talks behind closed doors nicolas sarkozy promised military assistance to the new libyan government for as long as they need it. has the details france becomes the first e.u. power to host the head of libya's transitional national council nicolas sarkozy
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said that he and nato will continue to supply military equipment to the rebels as long as they need it though he didn't mention the un resolution authorizing intervention in libya which many think actually expressly rules out military supplies to libya rebel leader. said that he sees france as a driving force in the nato campaign against gadhafi troops now the french and british have invited libya's government to a meeting on september the first with e.u. leaders adding that they will meet quote not as military allies but friends but the british prime minister's office has also released a statement saying that the meeting will help to build a free and democratic libya during wednesday's meeting sarkozy also cuts france's economic growth forecast and announced eleven billion dollars in. measures the french president being accused of trying to bury this very bad news in the euphoria
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of war victory but they're all signs that the war isn't producing the results because they wanted more in this report. brought feels like a winner was the first power to recognize libya's rebels the first to become free and now the first in talks with rebel leaders for mr allen sure paces victory gives him great satisfaction opposition m.p. jack lang everyone to be thankful that inspired action at the united nations. corporations in states that voted for you an intervention rubbing their hands one of the first members of a french team. as a representative of the different or company. is not the. french all joins the toll has been named as this was big enough rubble all for
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a go to look brazil russia and china for quote political issues there are three states who refuse strong sanctions against gadhafi those nations had contracts with the former regime the russian official says quote we've lost libya completely it is well known that it is a wall for all that these so-called position government has promised to give the old two from france officially claims its war mission is over but analysts tippit to secretly stay you'll be in libya make sure it profits france only maintaining forces. presence in libya even the. resolution. yes but keeping troops in the country means heavy costs drag on latest polls say most french people now oppose the military intervention this in p.c.'s further
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bloodshed and the hefty price tag to deal with it now has a past but it could take yes for a few months the war is far from over and this invasion is already costing much more than we give back fears a growing that libya's new leaders are too divided to win the peace. points to the rebels murder last month of the military chief general yunis exposed ball widespread rebel looting and executions beat france's problems they have only just begun the new bushell paris. as. regime as promised libya will become a volcano a fire loyalist forces are continually found to keep fighting pointing to a prolonged civil war and according to author and journalist afshin rattansi he tells me the evidence points to more conflict i think what we should expect to see the national have said in the past few hours is a humanitarian crisis i've seen pictures of the dead children killed by nato
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airstrikes what we have ahead of us is an insurgency campaign the bombing is going on in tripoli from the forces and then of course when the. regime finally crumbles we have the onset of the rivalry between this. transitional council. standing next to the leader of it was the taking away the french people's minds from your sturdy cuts the corporate media loves to call libya . transitional council now calling for is. to be captured dead or alive is not about this is exactly one of those idealistic. again without thinking again with reporters in the field morris imbedded with the rebels cheering the rebels on the understanding saying what people said of the armed services committee in the united states. now in libya what we have here
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is the possibility of terror attacks around the world because yet again support for a ragtag band of different forces different types of people supposedly in an idea some kind of idea that liberation will follow. afshin rattansi told me to learn from london well while rebels now control colonel gadhafi fortress in central tripoli and violent clashes continue throughout the capital the u.s. is monitoring the security of sites in libya known to contain stockpiles of chemical weapons including uranium dust james coburn from the center for research on globalization says it is not clear which side can be trusted to deal with it perhaps it presupposes the idea that the stockpiles are unsafe in the hands of the rebel forces and would be safer in the hands of the nato forces whereas the people who have so far been involved in siege in tripoli and killing trickle east civilians in tripoli have been benito side so i think the question is really who
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are the people to be concerned about having access to those weapons i would imagine that that if there was any danger to be had it would be obviously in the proliferation of those weapons as in early july kind of it was quoted as saying that he would be willing to strike at europe if if tripoli was was attacked so i guess that is a possibility it seems to be on the table but but certainly it's unclear to me whether it's the the weapons would be safer in the hands of the gadhafi forces or the terrorists i think ultimately perhaps getting rid of these types of weapons would be the ultimate goal for in terms of peace and stability. you are sort of sort of former presidential candidate john mccain has lashed out at russia saying it could be the next country to experience a libya like uprising he's not the first american legislator to statements like this that russia sees washington correspondent as more senator mccain has got a very far far fetched that's what sure he's for that the so-called arab spring will rage on and will make it to countries like china russia which according to
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mccain need democracy just like libya does by the way at some point even said libya has already achieved a democracy which judging by the situation on the ground is really far from reality because even as the transitional national council takes over in tripoli that's not the government that was chosen by the leading people of many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers of essentially made those choices for them and looking back at it gyptian is to don't seem to have achieved were actually worth fighting for so as far as democracy is concerned in those countries there are still lots of questions but according to mccain it's all great and the fire of our pricing should move on to other countries first stop syria according to the senator right after could be said it's bashar assad is next to fall but too many mccain's statements are not surprising really because he is seen as a mouthpiece to those forces in washington who have this hawkish mentality and would want to see some countries go upside down especially rich nations or
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strategically important ones well it's quite interesting that senator mccain is pointing at some of the world's richest countries russia that sitting on vast natural resources and china which is developing extremely rapidly america's biggest creditor it's the world's number one export of goods as we know the center is basically calling for revolutions in those countries presuming that their livelihood is slow bad that they need to rebel immediately polls show that most americans are not happy with where their economy is going also they're not happy with their president is approval rating is below forty percent the nation's fourteen plus trillion dollar debt. continues to rise the economy is not generating enough jobs and unemployment remains above nine percent as we know you know we're talking about millions of people jobless the rights of unions that were supposed to protect employees were slashed and a lot of states have seen massive protests about it but their voices have been largely ignored following mccain's logic does that mean that americans to have to take to the streets and rebalance with all to not clearly someone want to have to
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ask that question because there's a lot of discontent in mccain's home country but to senator mccain obviously you know hell is other people as one wise french writer said. north korea is confirmed as ready to resume six party talks on its nuclear program without any preconditions jonghyun would also consider a suspending the production and testing of nuclear weapons while talks are ongoing with kruse reclusive leader kim jong il met president dmitry medvedev in russia's republic to you during a room visit to the country and the country is in the republicans capital following the talks after a meeting with the russian president the north korean leader kim jong il has announced his country's willingness to return to the six party negotiations aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula but it will only reimpose its moratorium on
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production and testing of nuclear weapons once those six party talks begin the rest of the six party talks members like south korea japan the united states and they all want the north korean leader to implement the moratorium first and then have north korea return to the six party talks which have been stalled since two thousand and eight the north korean leader still wants to do it his way but still his announcement is a very big deal there were several signed pointing to the possibility of such a breakthrough even when kim jong il began his journey usually the very secretive north korean leader travels completely incognito and the international community finds out about his travels post factum or even not at all this time the entire world knew as soon as came jong il crossed the russian border on his specially designed armored train and that of course led many to speculate that the meeting also publicized with the russian president to meet they made
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a video would bring about some definite breakthrough and we know that there have been further developments in the plans for a gas pipeline that will go from russia to south korea of course north korea we also know that a number of committee. had been created and this c.e.o. of russia's gas giant gazprom has been tasked with overseeing the project so that definitely is still in the works and could be a very lucrative deal for north korea for south korea as well and definitely for russia which is looking to export more of its resources. it is over there and kim jong il's trip to russia began on saturday and for more on where the train stopped on its journey you can log on to our dot com it included a relaxing day at the world's deepest lake baikal and did in its mixes for more on the visit you can check our web site it is dot com.
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iran has filed a lawsuit against russia in the international court over its refusal to supply s. three hundred missiles going to brings us more now on the story from outside the iranian embassy here in moscow according to the iranian ambassador to iran is suing moscow over a shipment of a badge of russia's past three hundred air defense systems to tehran under a deal which was signed back in two thousand and eight but the shipment never went through because in june two thousand and ten the u.n. the security council slammed a set off sanctions on iran which in force was a wide range of limitations including those on the sales of various types of all arms so russia froze the shipment last year officials said that they are ready to give iran back its down payment which is around two hundred million dollars or they could go all go through with a deal if and when the u.n. security council a lift this set of sanctions tehran says that it has taken this case to the
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international court of justice but what's interesting is that they see these steps are not aimed against russia but are actually aimed at giving moscow the so-called illegal trump as the ambassador said in order for this shipment to go through we're actually talking about the s. three hundred air defense systems we've been in production strictly for export since one thousand nine hundred ninety four but just a few days ago their production was stopped altogether were the more advanced models taking their place. to the world of football heralded russian team is breaking records breaking the bank from russia's republic of. from its. football may cost thirty six million dollars twenty nine million dollars a year him selfe. among the best players on the planet will be covering the story
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in more detail for you tomorrow when we get to know more details. of the civil war in libya rages many say the country could go the way of egypt and end up with a dissolution society impatient for reform but some believe it could be much worse . talks to newspaper editor. for his views on recent events.
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i'm talking to abdel bari at the editor of the london based newspaper al could be he is obviously going to talk to me about libya and he says that there's a huge potential for libya to turn into another afghanistan missed out on thank you for talking to r.t. today now explain to me what the factors are at play comparable between libya and afghanistan. a lot of similarities here between. afghanistan and libya we have been need to intervention military intervention it is through this intervention is not actually sending troops on the ground but the. other and try to say. like afghanistan the other point is you know libya. could turn to a failed state like what happened in afghanistan nobody can predict what will happen after we know if we would be removed from power because he cannot actually
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fight and he has a good backup abilities but the big question is you know whether that position and counsel which is that are presenting that will be able first to contain the differences divisions. second whether it is capable to run the country that seems like an accident of the issues but let's talk about the more specifically first of all where do you think gadhafi is that there may be what's he going to do you think you'll fight to the bitter end qaddafi is a very kind of despite to many people and that i would describe him as. i meet him three times in my life. you know. whether we like it or not he calculates very well we don't know where he is actually hiding it took the need to under american fifteen years to find osama bin laden and kill him i don't know
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how many months how many weeks how many years you know that it will take him to come back and as far as the mood on the ground goes what do you think will happen when and if the rebels catch him will they kill him or they they talk big about the international criminal court what you think will happen it depends who is going to capture him if he is captured by. groups there are almost no. he could be sure death these presidents or not libya is obviously key particularly because up till now the rebels have really been united by a common hate. how likely now do you think a violent splits in the transitional council i think the problem after that post could be more actually problematic than the problem before or before the removal of canberra for the cheap because there is. a split among liberals themselves and the factions who are participating in this fight. they are united by the hate talk at
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their feet but if that is if he's killed i think you know now we will turn against each other and we know that some brigades you know who are fighting with their bills. but if he was muslim groups. they wouldn't fight with the secular and the same time even belief used to talk to those. secure those or to those actually liberals be considered. part of the list of conspiracy so maybe those people will turn obviously to other also we knew that you know the majority of the people who are fighting muslim extremists or actually you know people who believe that they should slip mixtape and so how that the two is going to deal with those people after about the movement of chemical are they going to legitimize them considers them illegitimate illegitimate after but part on the future libya so
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there are huge question marks here personally i believe the post would be more problematic than that. david cameron has been talking about sending british troops to libya as a peacekeeping force but will that be enough to keep a lid on what is potentially a nation at war if david cameron sent. army personnel on the manner of keeping peace in post air this will be seen in libya and also in the arab world as a foreign intervention exactly like what happened in afghanistan this takes massive out there now nato and the u.k. specifically is talking about democracy by the libyan people how realistic do you think that is talking about democracy is very easy option actually practicing
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democracy. it is a very complicated process democracy kind of actually parachuted in with people in the war in iraq what i'm up against that democracy is a culture and it is a process first you have to start this process in a country like you know for the last forty two years never had the you know multi-party system been never had the parliament been ever had in a situation as democratic institutions or any institutions do you think the rebels basically sold off the oil when they accepted west and military support their finitely their need to bombardment played a major role in the success that it took most of the cities of libya to advance toward tripoli so. presumably there was a deal struck between that and leave be unbearable that need to put it in france in particular it is not. a free service no definitely there is something
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behind that. i suspect the need to would like to have military bases in libya i suspect that you know british and french company is looking for exploration contacts abdel-bari atwan thank you very much. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say that song so or should not be punished for his crimes song is being honest no rational person can deny that song has been punished is being honest and will be honest. the saudis must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not to. mention.
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it's. cause you've been immersed know me whatsoever. and i didn't come here just. and heard the first. scot ruthlessness. final word. in my that is now.
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move. it's. the book.
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in. progress. head of libya's rebel government european leaders his country's oil rich. chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands. six party talks. the country's. trip to russia. it will be here is the news continues in less than thirty minutes from now in the meantime it's a debate program cross talk next.


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