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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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in search of progress emergency crews are looking for the unmanned russian freighter that was supposed to take supplies to the international space station but ended up crashing back to earth in syberia. and different priorities rebels in libya may be focused on the capture of colonel moammar gadhafi but western nations are rushing in to get a slice of the country's oil pipe under the new government. and caught up in the information war while the u.s. and the e.u. are pushing for more sanctions against syria the journalist on the ground say that there is a lack of objective coverage coming out of that country. and in business russian market somewhat is that rising in trade investors are hesitant to make any big moves as they're looking for some incentives more market analysis and business in
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about twenty minutes. well good morning it is an eleven am here in the russian capital and lucy coughing up and you're watching r t m urgency crews are searching the forests in southern syria as altay region has a try to locate the unmanned russian cargo space ship which crashed on wednesday but the progress that's always ferrying food and fuel to the international space station and it fell back down to earth peter all over as the latest we're hearing from those most versions space agency of those carrying out the pope reparation is that there is no immediate danger to the civilian population living in this part of south side period however they're asking those local residents not to go out into the woods so to see the forest and try to find bits of the wreckage themselves perhaps to see them is. we have to remember that this is just all module was
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carrying food as well as fuel to the international space station as well as the rockets there was calling it there had its own supply you feel they want to make sure nobody comes to any harm from any contamination from the photos those objects in the chemicals that were on board they think they'll be looking for what is the the so used to store ok there was propelling the empty progress module up into space now the reason for that is the so used currently the only method of getting through to the international space station that's since the end of the strapping nasa shuttle program so they'll be wanting to get all that together and find out what caused this problem by the storing six true old bulls the ai assistant russia japan and the united states they currently have enough food to be comfortable with three months there is hopes that they can launch and know the progress rocket or another type of module out there to to get to provide them with the supplies that have gone down and by september will in the past nine months this is currently the
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full accident we've seen considering the law and chose those vessels from and from russia though in december of last year three lunes head satellites plunged into the pacific that resulted in several lead people into a lost cause mostly see their jobs also in february of this year we saw a military satellites go off line and lose contact and just last week the eighteenth the oldest some slight noise from the motion of baikonur cosmodrome like this progress him o'toole was that went missing as well so they seem quite worrying signs however of the goods coming out of gustav most is that they are still committed to providing the international space station with the the food the fuel costs needed to keep the space station running for the time that they've said they are they committed to sending all those faults up there so they had the woods are full of called the scrub brush cause most they can keep on doing the job they said they would. when they found. at the capitol science connections innovation agency
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dr patrick fuller so that it is unlikely that a rocket could have caused any casualties the launch trajectory of all of these craft tends to pass over very smartly populated regions or even over the ocean in the u.s. launches so the risk is really very very remote indeed i think that's that's not something that we need to be overly worried about the provision of a new launch vehicle and a new launch. something that's pretty expensive because it's all insured or imagine it is in the case of the russian launches it's all insured so of course it's covered but you know it's a pretty costly process i would like to put a figure on it but certainly tens of millions of dollars must be the most sort of assessment here. and still ahead for you this hour a security breakthrough north korea says it is ready to return to the six party negotiation table as a leader kim jong il says that he will consider a war a turion a nuclear test and nice work if you can gather football superstar samuel eto'o
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signed the deal with russia's ambitious and. find out the high water in sun that he used to be paid. well wanted dead or alive award of almost two million dollars has been offered to any regime loyalists delivers colonel gadhafi to the rebels he is also reportedly been promised safe passage out of the country if you were announced as his citizenship. but off his whereabouts remain a mystery although rebels think that he is in or around tripoli the opposition claims to be in control of most of the capital but there are still reports of resistance by government loyalists and while the battle continues the carve up of libya's vast oil riches is already in full swing r.t. sarah firth reports on the western powers are lining up for a piece of the pie. kill to the hearts of most modern was and you'll strike oil whether or not but things true when it comes to libya well it's going to play
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a pivotal role in the country's future here we have to feel restruck interest me. good question interest to check i just want. to rebel to find a way to try living government interest and restart show me how this was possible a stranger to the concepts of friends with benefits berlusconi being quick to k.z. up to the new transitional council inviting the public face of the great back nature thrill to italy it. was conduct these closest european allies in the nato a bombing campaign began back in april throughout the switch sides and began courting the rebels in the top of the agenda through two girls visit is expected to be discussions about its leisurely energy contracts with libya for the wall almost a third of its lease daily energy needs were imported from libya and oil any with
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the largest foreign operator in the country with oil and gas contracts running until two thousand and fourteen two thousand and forty seven because many here have been doing all they can to safeguard these contracts but the if they will be able to maintain these previously close business ties is by no means a given. the libya the future likely extremely uncertain and there are little guarantee one of the biggest problems that they. italy and other western countries since the beginning of the war has been a struggle to adequately understand the internal workings of the rebels themselves . amongst the rebels there are many factions islam based tunisian people. it's just the united and chaotic and many chief of these groups of rebels not from the partitions that before were with gadhafi and then we completely change their face. as they say and you to me i think that corrupt politician. personally on
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a number of occasions business flexions less than a month vacation returned for the fact finding trip to libya with a handwritten letter she says was written by gadhafi to berlusconi. in it he allegedly says he was surprised by your decision to join the coalition against libya especially after we signed a friendship and cooperation treaty between our two sides the t.c. he's referring to he was talking just two months before the libyan uprising the letter goes on to ask why did you join our enemies without any diplomatic dialogue or investigation now seems to be making new friends it was that maybe the final chapter if. anything conflicts will continue. i would dare to say that the end of gadhafi opens up a new phase of the war which is among the rebels and so there is no consensus both in italy and in general and the up and coming meeting on who the person. who will be the future reference points in the new libya i'm afraid this is because even the
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rebels themselves don't know and this is probably the biggest question mark of the transition now italy along with many in the west could well find previous lucrative relations may turn out to be just as fickle but the rainfall for the friendship served. well meanwhile one of america's best known senators believes that it is russia that could be next in line. for a libya style uprising former republican presidential candidate john mccain has a lashed out at moscow on the american news channel c.b.s. saying that the spirit of the arab spring is due to spread and in fact it also reached china or tuesday in a church you can have the details from washington. senator mccain has got a very far for each farfetched outlook that's for sure he's sure that the so-called arab spring will rage on and will make it to countries like china russia which according to mccain need democracy just like libya does by the way at some point even levy has already achieved
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a democracy which judging by the situation on the ground is really far from reality because even as the transitional national council takes over in tripoli that's not the government that was chosen by the league of people and many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers of essentially made those choices for them and looking back at it egyptians who don't have to seem to have achieved what they were fighting for so as far as the mark receives concern in those countries there's still lots of questions but according to mccain it's all great and the fire of authorising should move on to other countries first stop syria according to the senator right after could alkie he said it's bashar assad is next to fall but too many mccain's statements are not surprising really because he's seen as a mouthpiece to those forces in washington who have this hawkish mentality and would want to see some countries go upside down especially rich nations or strategically important ones that's pretty interesting that senator mccain is pointing at some of the world's richest countries russia that sitting on vast natural resources and china which is developing the extremely rapidly it's
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america's biggest creditor it's the world's number one exporter of goods as we know the senator is basically calling for revolutions in those countries presuming that their livelihood is soledad that they need to rebel immediately poll showed that most americans are not happy with where their economy is going also they're not happy with their president is a cool rating is below forty percent the nation's fourteen plus trillion dollar debt continues to rise the economy is not generating enough jobs and unemployment remains above nine percent as we know you know we're talking about millions of people jobless the rights of unions that were supposed to protect employees were slashed and a lot of states have seen massive protests about. but their voices have been largely ignored following mccain's logic though does that mean that americans too would have to take to the streets and rebel and revolt not clear really so much as i want to have to ask him that question because there's a lot of his content in mccain's home country but to senator mccain obviously you
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know kelly is other people as one wise french writer said. well the united states and sunny you countries are calling for an arms embargo as well as wider sanctions to be imposed against syria following the crackdown there but russia and china are opposed to the plan with moscow saying the country should be encouraging dialogue with syria and punishing it now with reports from the country scares and also difficult to verify the way that it is perceived from the outside is decidedly one sided as an area for notion reports. began a long work walk in the morning this is how the world has been watching the unrest in syria through mobile phone cameras and to food from the wall street in the country has a lot of the international news or rather a lot of. killings and executions supposedly at the hands of president arsons military coup and cell phones are trademark of the regime syrian officials those who use the scenes
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a staged the you tube is not credible and eye witness account is not credible after we come out and shout help they're killing us next door. these are not credible ways to assess the situation the un has been over the violence against his people the damascus emphasizes from afar and so recently no u.n. mission has crossed the syrian border holidays a correspondent with saudi a rather than being a national news channel in syria he says the government isn't claim itself for the country's image either but the goodwill and my hope he'd be banned foreign journalists and fact finding missions from coming in and they don't allow us to work they cannot just take your camera angle filming even here in damascus and you should and i would never tell the government made a statement there are ten million reporters in the country not everyone has a phone why should they wait for the lack of access to information many people have used their cell phones to film what's been happening and to share it with the rest of the world. but this weapon against censorship is
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a double edged sword while mobile video can give anyone a voice and perhaps help save lives it can just as well be used to transform the truth and that could come at the cost of people's lives. not his real name is the man behind the camera is a freelance journalist currently working for a western media outlet he cannot tell more and he doesn't want his face to appear on screen hiding the truth about himself and tries to reveal the truth of another kind. of. information about what's always there some armed forces them to. civilians while. the security forces are killing. unarmed. civilians and to. receive freedom. wasn't
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afraid of being thrown in jail has been there three times already. his afraid of being killed or friends in the room where he got. this because he was filming it was that only one was very. broad and others are very peripheral syrian state t.v. brings their evidence to support their leader. would be cheerful mother crying over her body apparently dead they said it was in homes but here at the same picture indeed it was made in the right in the person i mean they could then the so just play one of the most oppressive regimes in the world freedom of the press has never been serious strongpoint because this is all we are all we are for the truth to come out the birth sides of the story to be told not just one side all the time the fact that not as many foreign journalists are allowed.
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the western world once does not give the right to the western world to grab any story and put it as true but that doesn't prove to be among them it is. and this conflict the press is not just about coverage it's a war and as in every war they go is to win reflection r.t. damascus syria. now as always if you want more information on any of the stories we've covered this hour and to check out some other stories that we haven't really brought you yet on the air just that our website is r t dot com here's a taste of for you a little bit of what's on line for you right now. or wrong files a lawsuit against russia in the international court over moscow's refusal to supply its as three hundred air defense missiles to tehran plus two these earthquake in the u.s. causes panic taking two reactors at
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a nuclear power plant outside of washington d.c. offline all those details and more at r.t. dot com. all right well north korea says it is ready to return to the six party talks on its nuclear program without preconditions it does follow talks between the reclusive leader kim jong il as well as russia's president is reaching a bit of syberia pyongyang says it will also consider suspending atomic tests and let's get some analysis on the story right now which is your frame he's a professor of east asian economy and society at the university of vienna professor thanks for taking the time to chat with us so look at the development here is north korea is ready willing to return to the negotiating table but it does seem like the u.s. and the south has set up some preconditions a including the north korea halt its nuclear activities iranian richmond are these obstacles going to be too big for the parties to actually sit down for these talks . a lot of. principle quote to go the resumption of utah. consider.
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it just really with all due preconditions so there. was a vote for of course. the rule expect an apology from north korea for children to see gorbachev so golden you could be sure it was moderately both the eurozone leaders has wanted for over a year well and even if these talks do resume do you think that the north will be willing to give up. nuclear capability until there's an actual peace treaty signed with the south and you've mentioned how the south wants an apology but it seems like they're also due to make some concessions here to get this process started i think it goes even beyond the peace treaty the nuclear program serves a number of purposes for north korea the q. is domestic purposes they could agree to accrue to join your government it's a means of defense also it's the only reason why you and i are actually talking. to
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them a lot of international attention and as long as they cannot find any alternative for all those reasons i think it's very unlikely that they rule who brought them to your program you know we've seen a lot of rhetoric from the u.s. president from from officials in the u.s. about they're encouraging a return to talks but the same time we've seen u.s. troops in the area military bases in south korea sort of a situation where it seems like the rhetoric isn't matching the action in your view how much does the united states actually want stability there. well i do believe that the u.s. wants to build you a question is how you lead france ability and we do look at i think it's pretty obvious that north the proxy a real problem from the u.s. perspective in the region is of course china it's not so easy to say it all to a lot of them publicly and to strongly so i think north korea is actually pretty useful for explaining a pretty strong u.s. military presence in the region now it does also see if there's been some
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development in the relations there we've seen in july in north korea and why actually went for talks the united states we've seen the countries visit a leader has visited russia of course why do you think the time is now why is the state reaching out right now from our corporations with the countries. from the general perspective the north koreans have taken a stance on to increasing the international cooperation especially in the economic field it goes from the corporation. next year we drove he was supposed to go to a great and prosperous country which means that the success of the real is the waiting for sort of these to happen so there's a quite a little pressure on the shoulders of the north koreans and i'm sort of from a long term perspective we've seen this sort of color you go you know you have so much going on some positive signs some of them good on the other hand you have so little negative signs. of clashes so this is more of those like you like you've
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done this you know you know the steps you know the rhythm and i'll just mention because it takes place again well it's a diplomatic waltz of sorts i'm sure you'll be keeping tabs on the situation for us thank you so much for weighing in with with your thoughts there was a ridge where frank the chair of east asian economy this is at the university of vienna. well now to some other international news stories this hour steve jobs of the founder of the tronics giant apple has resigned calcio own health problems he'll be replaced by the chief operating officer tim cook jobs who undervalue underwent a liver transplant following pancreatic cancer so that he could no longer handle his duties with fifty five year old has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since mid january. and after being shaken by tuesday's earthquake the east coast of the united states is bracing itself to be hit by hurricane irene or heavy rain and winds earlier better parts of the caribbean sweeping through cuba as
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well as the dominican republic it is expected to become a category four hurricane as it passes over the northwestern bahamas and routes to the eastern u.s. east coast and no deaths or injuries have been reported the best hour and mass student protests continue to shake chile as demonstrate just demands free education and changes to school funding thirty six people were injured as riders burned barricades and special police officers three hundred fifty people were detained in the capital pro. in the country started three months ago after the president's proposed sweeping education reforms. and the wartime african player of the year samuel eto'o has agreed to a deal with the russian team on a lot for a record salary of get this thirty million dollars a year and the arrival of the superstar striker is a massive coup for russia's premier league and once the family on the map as one of the most ambitious ambitious clubs. but you know the details.
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the latest news coming from of the angy football club is really capturing the imagination of the world of football and it really seems that we are witnessing possibly a new dream team gathering on the russian soil as we can now officially say that a long awaited transfer of the interim millon striker out so has been completed the negotiations took more than a week but on wednesday so signed a contract and became an island player the cameroon international under one's magical examination and will start training with his a new team today meanwhile of this move makes him of the highest paid football player in the world as alan g. will pay over thirty million dollars pay yeah and in the three years contract he will receive over at nineteen million dollars lots of loan when and one assess the space of a few months the dentist any football club has made had lies all across the world
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by buying leading international football players the team has already legendary brazilian roberto carlos the team has already signed a contract worth the jersey or the silver and also a famous russian a football player unis of course meanwhile all that happened after the august on the football club was a bought up by locally born and businessman and also one of the richest men in russia kitty muff and now he's spending millions of dollars in a bid to make this club which is situated here in russia's north caucasus known all across the world you want to each have done so for sports commentator we managed to talk to he believes that was a really good investment. for the owners believed it. is one which he creates a normal atmosphere in turkistan you can see it's a new direction sure new examples for young people that it's not cool to see when you turn to school to. become some you want to came from poverty and know who
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gets thirty million dollars a year many experts believe that signing atto a well a pro will move for the development of the angie football club into a new level of development in the international world of football. i will it's time to check all the latest of business news with the yuliya they watch and r.t. . that's right time to delve into the world of business and where prices and particularly volatile recently on this recent trip was in the market has cast a shadow over russia's hopes for a sustainable high oil prices could last six percent in around two weeks and after a short response it's continuing to lose ground on its potations libya will resume exports whether it's something if you go from b. to b. capital believes russia's economy should be able to withstand a low oil price. this time around compared to two thousand and eight russia is more
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immune to decline in oil prices and the key reason for this is a flexible ruble policy because what we've seen in the beginning of august when there isn't the downgraded the united states and there all the markets a little the ruble depreciate and the central bank allowed it to depreciate so the central bank protected local interest rates local banking sector by flexible exchange rate so we think that even. in q four and the ruble will take most of their most of the heat and we will be more protected from external negative professional folks. time to have a check on those figures oil prices a flat with investors looking ahead to the speech of the head of the federal reserve on friday all eyes are now on whether ben bernanke will announce another round of money printing true big u.s. economy. gold has slumped to one thousand seven hundred forty three told us but i
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was losing over nine percent after hitting another record of nine hundred dollars the earlier this week market watchers say masters are taking profits off to the metal fails to conquer the nineteen hundred dollars of record level. and across asia stocks the gaming shopping here as well as manufacturing data helps support the view that the u.s. economy is slowing bought not falling off a cliff. european shares assuming a pulse just start today on the back of a strong performance in the us market both puts into debt stock climbing around one percent and finally here in moscow after dropping slightly in the past ten minutes the first days trade the r.t.s. is gaining ground up almost one percent the most existing even stronger again it's only one point two percent time to have a look at some of the individual share moves on the my six thank you stocks are among the main gamest this hour. one cent in mining for only natural isn't the
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right one we could gold and another natural minor and pays up supported by strong second quarter results of the company has boosted its net profit by fifty percent reaching five hundred eighty seven billion dollars and another bunch of second quarter is not russia's view to see the market by sale its five retail group has set its second quarter net profit of seventy three million dollars that's most two hundred percent more than in the save period last year but slightly below costs. russian foreign direct investment almost tripled in the top of the year around eighty eight billion dollars have crossed the border with manufacturers and financial interests are receiving the most capital in while around eighty two billion dollars have fled the country making russia's net for a new direction vestment about six billion dollars. that wraps up the business bulletin you can always get most tours on our website r.t.
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dot com business or join me for another business update in going to ask why. the men. from. above.


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