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markets. find out what's really happening for the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two crimes a report. that's heavy fighting continues in medias bloody civil war there is concern the country's chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands. france struggles to balance the books as stagnating growth and surging did bring about government cuts the fears public outrage could soon spill out onto the streets. and the caucasus republic of a posse is electing a new leader both triggered by the death of its president. standing
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out in the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshie welcome to the program the un has called for restraint in libya had reports of abuses at alleged summary killings by both rebels and gadhafi loyalists the security council has also agreed to release one point five billion dollars in libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs the opposition continues to claim the tripoli as a largely under its control while the national transitional council says it's moved from a stronghold of benghazi to the capital there are reports of heavy resistance by khadafi forces with the colonels or about still unknown meanwhile khadafi has eric and other radio message claiming he is fighting on the front lines nato has denied previous reports that it's assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him investigative journalist webster tarpley says if gadhafi isn't captured nato will shift its attention to countries like syria. to die. he was supposed to fall in
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march he has essentially gummed up the works he has assumed the blocking position of the the nato subversion machine and he's kept them tied up for six or seven months if gadhafi resistance were to subside which i do not think will happen these military assets that we presently see deployed in the central mediterranean will be moved to the eastern mediterranean and there has been and syria and ultimately iran had better watch out because they're also targets and remember this gets into iran and also russia because of that important naval station to syria which is the base of the russian mediterranean squadron so if it's if it's calming down in libya that simply means that this war will move move east but i think right now we're looking at a very long war in libya let's compare gadhafi to well i don't want to compare him
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to move on but you know that was ten years ago mullah omar is still operating with no problems. i think can can go one better so i don't don't look for gadhafi to be rounded up anything i mean even if he is there's an extended family here and there is indeed an extended tribe the tribal organization in libya is ideal for conducting a resistance under these conditions. paragon says it's monitoring sites in libya known to contain stockpiles of chemical weapons and spirit terrorist cells and militants can raid their arsenals which allegedly include tons of mustard gas and raw uranium and while the u.s. is pledging to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands doubts being cast over whether they would be safe are under nails watch as artie's or i am it reports . tripoli a city in chaos there's constant gun thought oppose aggressive and celebration and on the outskirts of the capital stockpiles of chemical weapons south east of
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tripoli mustard gas and other chemical agents which can cause severe blistering and death and to the east hundreds of tons of rule uranium which can be processed and used in nuclear bombs nature you know very little about the people who might come to power in tripoli you know if you've got this cache of weapons of mass destruction that again people really don't know what's there and if this is falling into the furnace of certain people i mean the situation is potentially disastrous despite the heavy presence of rebels in tripoli the chemical stockpile appears still to be in the hands of what's left of these government that's both good and bad news following a series of meetings in two thousand and three move markets we agreed to allow weapons inspectors into libya the first step towards abandoning his w m d program in return for a normalizing of relations with the u.k.
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and us they agree that he wouldn't use all move the material but now thanks in parts and nato support of the rebels he's on the back foot and may feel he has nothing to lose by disregarding the agreements he's cry victory or martyrdom will strike an omen to those who know his weapons potentially you. and the violations of the national territory of libya by needle led rebel forces i think that the idea that he would be beholden to these types of. agreements would be off the table at this point and certainly he was called it is seen in early july that he would be willing to stray go to europe if tripoli was attacked so i think it's a fair assumption to say that if there is that capability that he would be looking at that option at this point. but the alternative rebel control of hundreds of tons of rule uranium and chemical weapons is arguably worse according to many some of the rebel factions have links to al qaida or of commentator abdel bari atwan says
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the west got itself into this trouble now it has to decide how it will figure it out and the options aren't attractive we knew that the majority of the people who are fighting are muslim extremists or how the people is the people are. and i believe that. would be more proper than that. because there are some indications nato is considering putting peacekeeping troops on the ground in libya we do know experts who are back could be seen by parts of the free libya movement as an act of aggression but having supported the rebel movement nato must now deal with the consequences even if that's w m d armed islamic extremists nor emmet. well syria is also believed to possess massive stocks of chemical weapons the ongoing unrest in the country cobbled with international economic and political
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pressure it's only fueling fears for global security letter expect there from the center for nonproliferation studies says the weapons seen by president asad as a symbol of legitimacy have to be eliminated. with assad still in control of the country and his forces still intact with very few defections although we are seeing some defections the items are safe although still in the hands of a very vicious dictator so for the moment i don't think we're seeing any loss of control but as this situation unfolds and as we may have the violence of the kind that we've seen in libya and different factions become armed and perhaps take on the regime and then the chance for chaos and for the loss of control i think regrows extensionally what we have to imagine is perhaps a change of government that is that done peacefully under international pressure that assad steps aside when he observes the magnitude of the. demonstrations and
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the pressure that he's now receiving in terms of sanctions and other means and in that environment then we can get an international team in from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons where you would then have the orderly control and maybe eventual dismantling of these weapons they are able to them that weapons and the international community is our eyes and they need to be eliminated as fast as possible and hopefully the new government that might come in would not look to them as symbols of legitimacy the way assad has had to do up to now. but you know if you're going to live from moscow still a hand for you this hour progress reports as experts friday's tell us the cause of russia's unmanned spacecraft crash will look into how it will affect the crew at the international space station who've been awaiting vital supplies. and discover how people in a central russian region are taking the initiative back into their own hands to change their communities for the better. or for that the richest sector of french
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society are pledging another three percent of their annual income to help the country battle its deepening debt crisis that's as the french prime minister announces some twelve billion euro worth of cuts alongside a gloomy forecast for growth as artie's daniel bushell explains the move could be too little too late was fear of social unrest could follow. france enjoys a triple a credit rating but now putting one of the choice debt ratios among the world's top rated states many investors bet on it to follow the u.s. and be downgraded just repaying interest only this year has overtaken education and defense as the government's biggest spend was just mr sir cause he's presided over the biggest jump in get levels in our history books that carry too much water . france is going to the toll road admitted prime
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minister as he explained the new round of spending cuts this week but economists fear things are so bad those cuts go nowhere near enough and you can compare it with people saying we're going to buy lumber gini and they only buy a porsche and they call that austerity doctors warned frauds is huge to its burden is bringing truly drink first mint in schools and hospitals. getting. winter and. computers. very old. fashioned. out of the situations explosive say experts and frauds could be next witness roy it's like those in britain with deprived regions like the inner part of cities and the suburbs. are certainly segregated to very high extent
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. or in germany so yes unrest come from the suburbs and spread through nicolas sarkozy's flying a fall from france as he chatted on budget they taze pacific island of new caledonia with students planning street protests over the cuts he's left the job of presenting them to his prime minister to let them take that. four and hopefully unions students retirees can march directly in protest against their ministers paving in the sun because these absence in this time of crisis writes leading newspaper le figaro may be clever politically but his failure to tackle the country's troubles now could be creating even greater problems for the future than you've seen. the caucus is republican has years electing a new leader following the recent death of its president sergey bogart after cancer
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treatment comes as a country faces a number of challenges in the wake of his long fight for independence from neighboring georgia largely soundgarden joyce ran to republish capital city hall for the raiders thomas a very young state as we now also tell us to what degree is this presidential vote firing the imagination of people living there. well with the polls open here now people are coming to cast their votes the central election commission here in hooman has predicted a seventy percent turnout a very high prediction of turnout today the people that we've spoken to who are voting and keeping their choices quite close to their chests at the moment the reason for this election is the death the sudden death on may the twenty ninth of surrogate the former president and that's left a vacuum of power for his post of president there are three candidates at the moment no war vs front runner just yet the first of those is alexander and the vice
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president he has said it's great he's grateful for russia's recognition of the independence of our cars here which happened three years ago today and he says that with with russia's help. can help to develop itself and that that help and that recognition should not come in vein of car you should really stand trying to stand on its own two feet roughly the same message from from schoenberg the prime minister he says he's also grateful for that recognition and now that they have that protection from russia because you can really focus on building up its own economy. role how jim berger third candidate is a former vice president and he's tried in these in presidential elections before he's the most critical of what he sees as over dependence on russia but also says that cause he has to stay. on its own two feet all of this being watched by a large number of international observers they've come from the region from the me
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you and from further aboard to try and see but this election is being conducted fairly. well tom looking ahead what do the people of hers expect from their future leader. i think a lot marina carr's ians today our feeling that this is not only a very important election but a very important day three years ago today president dmitri medvedev of russia recognize the independence of this tiny caucasian republic the primary reason for that was the georgia had attacked south of setia that another tiny caucasus republic in august of two thousand and eight and it came on the back of that and fears that there may also be violence here today didn't have cars but georgian forces were pushed out of cars yet that came at the end though of a very long independent struggle and a very bloody one for our cars here starting at the break of the soviet union in
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one thousand nine hundred one and who mention the games that recognition from russia three years ago today however all that fighting and all that violence has left causes infrastructure and economy very weak despite five hundred million dollars of russian aid in the last three years its primary sectors of tourism is usually a very popular soviet tourist resort on the black sea coast and of fruit exports is very famous for its fruit here they're both very weak and they've been very damaged by all of this all of this dislocation and both of those sectors will need to be built up by the future president so that this country will not be defined just by its independence struggle. right tom thanks very much for bringing us the very latest tom gardner reporting from. this is our t.v. and we're broadcasting to live twenty four hours a day plus can watch the news you want when you want it on our website which is
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r.t. dot com here's a quick look at what we've got lined up online new york police and the cia are slammed for racial profiling and discrimination as it emerges they collect intelligence on muslims in undercover operations. and the superstar signing driver semi auto arrives in russia to join the study psychology with a hefty salary to boot all the details dot com. before that emergency crews have so far failed to find the wreckage of a young man russian spacecraft that crashed on wednesday experts say parts of the progress vessel could have burned in the atmosphere while falling down the spaceship was carrying supplies to the international space station when it malfunctioned shortly after launch it crashed in southern siberia triggering fears its toxic fuel could be dangerous for locals and the environment so far there are
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no reports of any such damage investigators and experts are now looking into what could have caused the incident the government ordered a tougher control of space ships after the second rocket failure in russia in less than a week barty's sean thomas now takes a closer look at what exactly happened where the progress spacecraft and the implications of the crash for the ice has proved here you can see video of that rocket falling from the sky and right now there are crews which are flying over southern siberia looking for that rocket what we do know is that there was a sensor failure in the second stage of that rocket and the third stage failed to ignite which gave it the. ability to make it to orbit the first two stages usually launch of the exact same time in fact they always launch at the same time in the community with a third stage and it's that third stage which prefer. tells the progress craft out of the earth's atmosphere so that it can then be in orbit and then synchronize with the international space station in terms of what does this mean for the
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international space station and the crew on board we should note that there is no routine to space flight there is always an inherent danger but there is no immediate threat to the crew on board right now because they have enough supplies right now we are told that they have about three months of regular supplies left as well as an additional emergency thirty day supply of food and water and the necessary items for every crew member on board. sean thomas reporting there well let's now take a look at most stories from around the globe a state of emergency has been declared in man parts of america's east coast where hurricane irene is on its way authorities in new york have ordered evacuations from low lying this hurts while in north carolina around two hundred thousand people have already fled earlier in the week the hurricane battered the bahamas and the caribbean causing huge destruction as well as flooding power cuts. and this happened on
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a casino in northern mexico has left at least fifty three people dead and twelve injured armed men broke into the building in the city of monterrey and doused the facilities with a flammable liquid witnesses said they heard three explosions before the fire started and it was one of mexico's deadliest attacks since president calderon launched his answer against drug cartels i'm years ago. japan's prime minister has announced his resignation clearing the way for the country's six premier in five years now the con has been under fire for his response to the massive earthquake and tsunami earlier this year and the radiation crisis that followed among the potential successors are the current foreign finance and trade ministers and he premier will face a number of challenges including rebuilding from the devastation of problems caused by the strong yen which is holding back canonical coverage. and now it's time for the latest in our close up series where we explore undiscovered parts of russia.
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and today we are in the care of region it's famous for its natural beauty and stunning countryside and as we explored the region artie's either abroad explains how people there are taking matters into their own hands as they tackle local problems. social logical surveys regularly show that russians are more concerned with practical problems with social issues that are with abstract freedoms in a region such as the care region one of the poor regions of russia want to get subsidies from moscow these practical problems are basically pressing problems of infrastructure problems are providing services so here with a limited budget they've come up with an innovative way of solving the most pressing issues they got what they asked for to slice a sound bank and it be charged might not seem like much but for small community in
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the care of region they become a leisure hotspots they used to be no one here it was abandoned now when the sun is out you can get at least. this type of project only cost five thousand dollars but it was no money in the local budget to build safe access to the lake and so the regional government introduced a local initiative scheme when they heard of it the village club together and applied for a grown from a special fund with the beach was late. for british people who were consulted over it as a decision it's a builder and i think it's a result people look after this properly properly idea of micro projects it's called of jointly by the world bank and the cure of administration they provide the feds and money while local citizens have to point the rest often go round houses to collect the cash nearly two hundred micro projects will be built in this region but end of the year. we want to change people's attitudes instead of expecting things
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done for them we want to take initiative we are giving power to the people. this might look like a women's institute meeting in a village hall in fact the participants are thrashing out the details of a new road there is heated debate about the quality of the works and what the builders are falling behind. other projects the financing of the road is completely transparent we know where everybody is going. village of color cheeky as just a refers and residence several hundred of them petty criminals serving their time in a labor colony it is one poorly stop shop and for every road it builds good terms more that needs to be repaired. the micro project will not solve its problems because for now the government can't just rely on its citizens to come up with a solution for every single infrastructural problem that faces russia but in a place where major decisions are often made with little consultation but
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a foreseeable future this program is a good idea. the person next to me is. a local journalist so you should be well aware that main issues the main problems in this region we've just seen some of the social issues and some problems they tackle but in your view what are the most serious what are the most pressing issues that face the kind of regional. world in my opinion the problems of young people are really serious in our region because young people can't find it and i mean it's europe with a good salary for example according to my own experience it was very difficult for me to find a quick tour and of course that's why people hoping for schools they try to maybe begin a better life they move to another seat just more support this and that is going to leave seat is. a think it would be better for them well if you work as
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a journalist is the dream job in your region. different jobs i worked as a waiter as a promoter of different things but now i work as a journalist and they can say that it's my choice and it is work for me and i think . they're one of the best parents need to work here because there are no good jobs here for young people. at least. it looks like a whole load who were killed who were of the world record with your original good to but you know people. thank you. plenty more is coming your way here on our t.v. right now though let's take a look at what's happening in business here he is here. hello
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and a very warm welcome to the business program zero hour is approaching for ben bernanke is to outline his vision of how to save the euro outs from slipping back into recession and the markets will be kinley watching the federal reserve annual meeting in jackson hole well people looking for hints that the money printing press will once again be started however to mccutcheon from both the gold blues that has five years some a nation and what it's got left are blanks. all of the money has already been printed there's already massive cash reserves both outside of the us on a corporate level as well as at the federal reserve bank. and their own balance sheet from a pot of gold mortgages and everything else back in two thousand and eight so no matter what they do they're really sort of a rock and a hard place if economic activity picks up in the u.s. and velocity picks up money starts moving more and more and there's a lot more money than there was three years ago that's inflationary if you're going to economy doesn't pick up then they go to print more and more money to cover the budget deficit shortfalls they have which again it's inflationary so they really
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don't have much choice the only thing they can do is raise rates but if they do that they're going to kill all the homeowners in the u.s. who are underwater on their mortgages so there's really not much more bernanke you can say frankly i'm for it and was already been so. right with investors and dissipating ben bernanke is. a look at those figures oil prices a plant just how i feel is that hard and i read just fine art of production on the east coast of the u.s. goal just watching falls just the solve still heading for a week or declines snapping its longest winning streak in four years is shedding one cent. and across asia stocks are trading in a tight range investors seem to be unwilling to make strong moves ahead of the us federal reserve conference some find some pressure with dial securities over two percent in tokyo in kong kong strong for the top warnings before the industrial and commercial bank of china over three percent. has hit in russia they are cheers says
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seeing more. early friday as traders you can see it the my six will open shortly the figures that you can see on the screen are just closure on both their chairs and the my six loss to one side. and russian equities have been struggling to find any positive momentum on trade cast from banks as all eyes will be of course on the comments on friday evening. i don't think getting insured. will happen just because more or less all the market is starting and i think since ational to come out of the people the other night and in the circumstances with all the work you get just a month and other things sort of apples to end of august people vacations and that . is going away when the coming as well which some people and we afraid of so i think before all that will pass the way the markets will be pleasing to see can say the least of course you can expect from you know from the us or you what i think
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should not be major print boards and don't boards. please and fuel in the next two or three weeks from now. and finally russia turns out to be quite a hot spot when it comes to advertising media agency khurana the country's advertising market will grow seventeen percent this year at three times faster than the google one analysts note that companies all over the world are cutting spending on promotion because of the time but russia is an exception with growth rates opt for one for us. ok that wraps up the business bulletin from the stores you can have to website archie dot com slash business.
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wealthy british style. is not the type of. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our cheap.


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