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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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by both rebels and gadhafi loyalists the security council has also agreed to release one point five billion dollars in libyan assets to help deal with the humanitarian needs the opposition continues to claim the tripoli is largely under its control while the national transitional council says it's moved from its stronghold of benghazi to the capital meanwhile the pentagon monitoring and libyan sites contending stockpiles of chemical weapons is pledging to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands it's toward the arsenals include tons of mustard gas. as our ports it's causing concern with some rebel factions are said to have been infiltrated by islamic extremists. tripoli a city in chaos there's constant gunfire both aggressive and celebration and on the outskirts of the capital stockpiles of chemical weapons nature you know very little about the people who might come to power in tripoli so now if you've got this cache
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of weapons of mass destruction that again people really don't know what's there and if this is falling into the hands of certain people i mean the situation is potentially disastrous despite the heavy presence of rebels in tripoli the chemical stockpile appears still to be in the hands of what's left of gadhafi government that's both good and bad news following a series of meetings in two thousand and three moammar gadhafi agreed to allow weapons inspectors into libya the first step towards abandoning his w m d program in return for a normalizing of relations with the u.k. and u.s. they agree that he wouldn't use all move the material but now thanks in part to nato support of the rebels he's on the back foot and may feel he has nothing to lose by disregarding that agreement cry victory or martyrdom will strike an ominous note to the. you know with his weapons potential given the violations of
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the national territory of libya by needle led rebel forces i think that the idea that he would be beholden to these types of agreements would be off the table at this point and certainly he was quoted as saying in early july that he would be willing to strike out europe if tripoli was attacked so i think it's a fair assumption to say that if there is that capability that he would be looking at that option at this point it at any rate but the alternative rebel control of chemical weapons is arguably worse according to many some of the rebel factions have links to al qaida or of commentator abdel bari atwan says the west got itself into this trouble now it has to decide how it will figure it out and the options aren't attractive we know that the majority of the people who are fighting muslim extremists so how that the two is going to be with those people are about the movement of chemical i believe their posts would be more proper i'm i think than
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that. if you there are some indications nato is considering putting peacekeeping troops on the ground in libya regional experts warn that could be seen by parts of the free libya movement as an act of aggression but having supported the rebel movement nato must now deal with the consequences even if that's w m d armed islamic extremists. and there are reports of heavy resistance by the forces with the colonel's whereabouts still unknown maybe you could offer another radio message claiming he's fighting on the front line that he was denied previous reports that it's assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him but journalist and broadcaster neil clark says the use of dissent from action by all sides is a whole mark of the conflict. what is very clear is happening here is the rebels are trying to teach this to the international audience and trying to make out there in complete control of the country that gadhafi is finished the war is basically
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over and that everyone supports them the situation is far more complex than that it's a very very divided society along tribal lines and the gadhafi regime which was secular did manage to hold the country together for a long period and now we're going to see tribal warfare break out and it's very clear that he still has lots of support if you in the west is of course that does he have no support and then everybody behind the opposition but it isn't true what nato has done here basically is transform a situation where there was demonstrations against the regime there into a full scale civil war and i don't hold the line that nato is needed really then anymore the western powers who. really want to get their money back and they want to get money they want to profits this whole enterprise what about humanitarian intervention that was entirely bogus this was all about talking. and installing a new regime we would hand out the contracts to western companies and would be much
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more amenable to america and its allies generally and so the money is going to go to western corporations it isn't going to go to libyan people on. the list of brokers are no clock they're commenting on a post khadafi libya. the richest sector of french society approaching another three percent of their annual income to help the country battle its deepening debt crisis the french prime minister announces some twelve billion a year zero worth of cuts alongside gloomy forecasts for growth but authorities daniel bushell explains the move could be too little too late with fears a social unrest could follow. france enjoys a triple a credit rating for now one of the choice dates ratios among the world's top rated states many investors bet on it to follow the u.s. and be downgraded just repaying interest on its debt this year has overtaken education and defense as the government's biggest spend was just mr circles is
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presided over the biggest jump in debt levels in our history books that carry too much water. or. france is going to the tolerance limits to prime minister as explained in a new round of spending cuts this week but economists fear things is so bad those cuts go nowhere near enough leigh you can compare it with people saying we're going to buy a lamborghini and they only buy a porsche and they call that austerity doctors board frauds these huge debt burden is bringing truly under-investment in schools and hospitals. hitting. winter and. computers. very old. equipment old fashioned. out of the situations explosive say
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experts and frauds could be next to witness roy it's like those in britain with deprived regions the likely spark the inner part of cities and the suburbs. are certainly segregated to very high extent far more so than in the u.k. or in germany so yes and rest comes from the suburbs and spread through nicolas sarkozy's flying a fall from france as he can on budget they take pacific island of new caledonia with students planning street protests over the cuts he's left the job of presenting them to his prime minister to let them take their. four and hopefully unions. can march directly in protest against. these absence in this time of crisis writes leading newspaper le figaro may be clear both politically but his failure to tackle the country's troubles now could
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be creating even greater problems for the future. still ahead for us our progress report experts try to push the course of. action we look into how it will affect the crew of the international space station has been awaiting vital supplies. and to discover how people in a russian region are taking the initiative back into their own hands to change their communities for the better. the local government is giving back to the people.
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wealthy british. markets. what's really happening to the global economy. headlines to. the hour here in the russian capital you with the coke says republican. following the recent death of its president. to treatment and the country faces a number of challenges in the wake of its long fight for independence from georgia . there's many people out today wanting to have
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a say in the future of the country here in the capital so whom the central election commission here in so whom in abkhazia has predicted a seventy percent turnout among three candidates for the moment there's no real leader between them is no real front runner this obvious just yet all of this was made necessary by the death of the previous president surrogate on the twenty ninth of may he died suddenly leaving power vacuum in his place and now three candidates the vice president the prime minister and another former vice president are all campaigning to try and take his spot many international observers have come to try and look at this election to see if it's fair and how it's being conducted from the region from europe and from further abroad when i was invited to. have. a very quick reaction from the georgian always says oh no don't go zero but my
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impression is good i can exactly you support what you are doing here you know because you're fighting for your silver into your turn to be independent democracy appreciates the context of this country than ours the people are fighting for the freedom this election comes on an important day for abkhazia as it was this day three years ago when russian president dmitri medvedev recognized independence from georgia the primary reason for that was the georgia had attacked south of setia that another tiny caucasus republic in august of two thousand and eight and it came on the back of that and fears that there may also be violence here and that ended a long struggle for independence for the people which started after the breakup of the soviet union all that conflict though left a cause is infrastructure very damaged and very weak and its main industries are going to need a lot of building up and i think that's what the really going to want from their
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next president. reporting right now emergency crews have so far failed to find the wreckage of the unmanned russian spacecraft that crashed on wednesday experts say parts of the progress vessel could have burned up in the atmosphere while falling down the space ship was carrying supplying to the international space station when it malfunctioned shortly after launch it crashed in southern siberia triggering fears its toxic fuel could be dangerous for locals and the environment so far there are no reports of any such damage investigators and experts are now looking into what could have caused the incident the government ordered a tougher control of space ships after the second rocket failed in russia in less than a week. let's check out some other headlines now from around the world here with japan's prime minister has announced his resignation clearing the way for the country's six in five years. has been under fire for his response to the massive earthquake and tsunami earlier this year and of course the radiation crisis that
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followed among the potential successors are the current foreign finance and trade ministers and you will face a number of challenges including rebuilding from the devastation and problems caused by the strong yen which is holding back i cannot make recovery. a state of emergency has been declared in many parts of america's east coast hurricane irene is beginning to make its presence felt the authorities in new york have ordered evacuations from low lying districts while in north carolina around two hundred thousand people have already fled earlier in the week the hurricane battered the bahamas and the caribbean causing huge destruction as well as flooding and. has left at least fifty three people dead and twelve injured men broke into the building in the city of monterrey and the facilities where they flammable liquid. heard three explosions before the fire started as one of mexico's deadliest attacks since president calderon launched his
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offensive against drug cartels five years ago. the. pakistani government has been kidnapped in the eastern city of lahore witnesses say it happened when he was in his car after being stopped by four men on motorbikes his father a governor of punjab province was killed by his bodyguard for his opposition to a controversial blasphemy law earlier this year the family says they've since received threats from the taliban and extremist groups. well this is. twenty four hours a day you can watch the news whenever you want to anywhere anytime but. as of the much as they collected intelligence. arrives. with
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a hefty salary to shoot all the details of. videos. he's. the official. video. feed.
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where we explore the undiscovered parts of russia. and today we're in the kid off region it's famous for its natural beauty and stunning countryside and as we explore the region. explains how the people there are taking matters into their own hands as they tackle local problems. they got what they asked for two slides a sandbank and it be charred might not seem like much but for small community in the kunar of region they've become a leisure hotspot they used to be no one here it was abandoned now when the sun is out you can get a place. the start of
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a project only cost five thousand dollars but it was no money in the local budget to build safe access to the lake and so the regional government introduced a local initiative scheme when they heard of it the village club together and applied for a grant from a special fund with the beach was laid. off if a pretty good people who were consulted over those decision to go there and i think as a result people look after this property properly. day of micro projects jointly by the world bank and the cure of administration they provide about two thirds of the money while local citizens have to fund the rest often go round houses to collect the cash nearly two hundred micro projects will be built in this region by the end of the year. we want to change people's attitudes instead of expecting things done for them we want them to take initiative we are giving power to the people. this might look like a women's institute meeting in
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a village hall in fact the participants are thrashing out the details of a new road there is heated debate about the quality of the works and what are the builders are falling behind. me and like other projects the financing of the road is completely transparent we know where every rouble has gone. the village of color cheeky has just over a thousand residents several hundred of them petty criminals serving their time in a labor colony that has one poorly stuck shop and for every road built there are terms more that need to be repaired. one micro project will not solve its problems but it is a start now the government can't just rely on its citizens to come up with a solution for every single infrastructural problem that faces russia but in a place where major decisions are often made with little consultation for the foreseeable future this program is a good idea either i'd never see care of region. all
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right i want to stay with us here and i'll tell you the latest sports is coming your way shortly but a first though it's a union with the business owners. hello and a very warm welcome time for the business program good to have your company there are always approaching for ben bernanke is to outline his vision of hard to say the u.s. from slipping back into recession and the markets will be really watching the federal reserve meeting in jackson hole it's in less than four hours time they'll be looking for him the money printing press will once again this started how were the two mccutcheon from of oka gold believes the fat as five dissemination and all that's got left all blanks. all of the money has already been printed there's already massive cash reserves both outside of the us on a corporate level as well as at the federal reserve bank. and their own balance
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sheet from they bought up all the mortgages and everything else back in two thousand and eight so no matter what they do they're really sort of a rock and a hard place if economic activity picks up in the u.s. in philosophy picks up money starts moving more and more and there's a lot more money than there was three years ago that's inflationary if the economic commie doesn't pick up then they go to print more and more money to cover the the budget deficit shortfalls they have which again is inflationary so they really don't have much choice the only thing they can do is raise rates but if they do that they're going to kill all the homeowners in the u.s. who are underwater on their mortgages so there's really not much more bernanke you can say frankly on friday than what's already been so. as the markets dissipate ben bernanke his decision let's have a look at those. prices that don't just fears that i really could just drop the final production on the east coast of the u.s. . and offer a steep. sell off in the gold market the british special is once again
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a climbing on monday reached a record high of nine hundred dollars pounds this was followed by a three day correction so low is shutting one percent to solid. and just three days european stock rally ended on thursday much like it began with a sudden turn the next amount of continue on friday with many investors sidelined ahead of that that statement and pretty similar picture here in russia markets. seeing some gains in the first minutes of trading the archdiocese gaining point four percent that's not how to look at some of the individual show moves on the my six fertilizer. for it almost triples first profit meanwhile still make. down the company plus a session billion dollars net profit in the second cool shot will be here that's that's well below analyst expectations and another still may just have a start. is also down after posting a sixteen percent rise in second quarter profits its all sorbitol forecast. russian
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equities have been struggling to find any positive momentum andreeva done a gasp on banks as investors should look to fundamental stories for a safer bet. it's better to stick with fundamentals and look for the stores which are in any event cheap and provide you with well you which actually whether a few russian market would probably be one of the stores where they get a separate set of guest grobe despite all the things associated with the company it's really really cheap company with everywhere assets that i would say it was for the call of the sharp sell off during the last couple of weeks it's no again a very good buying opportunity. also some media stocks as world's largest us media for example and then again i think there are a few universe you cannot really far and expensive story the question is not the price the question is do. the market prints which are. again i would repeat predictable and rushing that we as
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a part of global financial universe. is dependent to it. and in other news russia's export oil will increase six dollars to four hundred forty four dollars but tom in september and on thursday prime minister putin has also signed russia's new product export you to regime this is intended to increase investment in refining can't help avoid repetition of the fuel shortages seen earlier this year. now too but most of the world's top newmaker was sold want to sell the stake to a third tycoon. according to russian daily veges to. a sixteen percent stake worth up to four point seven billion dollars the data says four cells may only not exhibit basco has the right of first refusal to buy the state exhibit. of conflicts between two solid. management at nickel and we trust solondz fifteen percent. russia's call market is in
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a state of rude health production has grown six to seven percent year on year and is on course to make around. two million cars in twenty eleven hot weather a lack of locally produced car parts just to fling a full scale war denies ational the sector michael. it's always been about oil russia's economy is linked to black gold as if by an umbilical cord it's no wonder the government wants to diversify one of the big hopes is the car industry but what stifling its growth is a deficit of locally produced parts but this car has been completely assembled in the kaluga region of russia however it has very few locally produced components and the new assembly line rules that the government is trying to implement this will have to change because the creases that eventually all calls made in russia will have to have at least sixty percent of the locally produced components it
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effectively obliges companies to establish operations in russia from the ground up we're expecting sales to increase strongly in the medium term over the next five ten years and then of those cells we're expecting the percentage that are produced in russia to increase. and then the number of components locally produced in that production is going to increase significantly with the new degree and the focus on localization the new rules have raised concerns they may hamper investment in final assembly vehicle plants but for the most part reaction has been positive the degree and she's with i mean my i think it's i don't see a lot of opportunity of improvement russia is still a long way from weaning itself of oil but analysts say the country could become europe's largest car producer as barring any further hiccups in the global economy it has the potential to overtake germany as the big market it has little as three
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years michael business r.t. . so all we have time for now europe today from all stories on to a website r.t. dot com slash business.
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as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside that song so it should not be punished for his crimes sean is being punished no rational person can deny that sean has been punished is being punished and will be punished. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime he committed this is a punishment this is not. imagined. vengeance. because we've been immersed know me whatsoever. how i didn't come here justice. and heard the first. star of this man. martin. and my thought is now.
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welcome back here with r.t. live from moscow with me rory sushi the headlines now the u.n. calls for restraint in libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels on kidnapping forces there's also concern of the country's a chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands in the bloody civil war. and struggles the balance of the books are stuck netting growth and surging debt and bring about government cuts there are fears public outrage since fallout on the streets. of the caucuses republican abkhazians electing a new leader in a vote triggered by the death of its president a lot as at stake for the new head of state as the country's are still recovering from its long and violent struggle for independence from georgia. right now those are the.


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