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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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this is artsy with me research british tornado jets have fired cruise missiles that colonel gadhafi has command and control bunker in his hometown of sirte and comes just by nature his previous denials that it would assist rebels in the hunt for the libyan leader whose whereabouts are still unknown the opposition has sent in special forces to search for the colonel and his move to the national transitional council from a stronghold in benghazi to the capital tripoli has seen one of us bloodiest battles in the six days since the revolt reached the city reports of massacres by both sides have been streaming in as rebel struggle to establish full control that the un has called for restraint in the war torn country have agreed to release one point five billion dollars in frozen libyan assets to help deal with the humanitarian needs meanwhile the pentagon says its monitoring of libyan sites containing stockpiles of chemical weapons resulting in reports concerning arsenals could end in the wrong hands. tripoli
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a city in chaos there's constant gunfire aggressive and celebration and on the outskirts of the capital stockpiles of chemical weapons nato know very little about the people who might come to power. tripoli so now if you've got these caches of weapons of mass destruction that again people really don't know what's there and if this is falling into the hands of certain people i mean the situation is potentially disastrous despite the heavy presence of rebels in tripoli the chemical stockpile appears still to be in the hands of what's left of gadhafi government that's both good and bad news following a series of meetings in two thousand and three moammar gadhafi agreed to allow weapons inspectors into libya the first step towards abandoning his w m d program in return for a normalizing of relations with the u.k. and u.s. they agree that he wouldn't use. all move the material but now thanks in part to
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nato in support of the rebels he's on the back foot and may feel he has nothing to lose by disregarding that agreement cry victory or martyrdom will strike an ominous note to those who know of his weapons potential given the violations of the national territory of libya by nato led rebel forces i think that the idea that he would be beholden to these types of agreements would be off the table at this point and certainly he was quoted as saying in early july that he would be willing to strike out europe if tripoli was attacked so i think it's a fair assumption to say that if there is that capability that he would be looking at that option at this point it at any rate but the alternative rebel control of chemical weapons is arguably worse according to many some of the rebel factions have links to al qaida or of commentator abdel bari atwan says the west got itself into this trouble now it has to decide how it will figure it out and the options
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aren't attractive we know that you know the majority of the people who are fighting for the muslim extremists so how that the two is going to be with those people often the movement of chemical i believe their posts would be more problematic than that. if you are there are some indications nato is considering putting peacekeeping troops on the ground in libya regional experts warn that could be seen by parts of the free libya movement as an act of aggression but having supported the rebel movement nato must now deal with the consequences even if that w m d armed islamic extremists lore and that our teams. rebels are to divide and not represent a united force something that could stand in the way of libya's stability that's according to a political commentator at dunmore going to newspaper. der billion movements.
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of very different factions some drive believe orient the religiously oriented and they stand united for the moment against the call of them an enemy but what will happen once the enemy is gone that there remains the question at the time they are saying the right words they are saying we want more democracy we want legitimacy for the movement we want to store in quality even away from everything that sounds goofy think about it but i think they are saying for the moment the question this would also do it the fact that they are so the first in so many factions that doesn't be taken to anything good for the future i think this may go believes the threat posed to mock received by airstrike that they will have to come down to the ground and they will have to guide this process towards more democracy that they will have to have elections in a very near future because that's the only way that the new government then obtain a formal fledge of them sick. and you can express your opinion on the situation in
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libya by just going to our web site and participating in the latest poll today we're asking what's coming up next for the libyan people log on to r.t. dot com cast your vote. europe's spreading debt crisis is threatening to draw in france as the government announces new austerity measures amid concerns it could lose its aaa credit rating the new deficit reducing package will see some twelve billion euros worth of cuts plus a three percent tax hike for the rich but as daniel bushell explains the move could be too little too late with fears social unrest is just around the corner. from enjoys a triple a credit rating but now one of the toys ratios among the world's top rated states many investors bitterly to follow the u.s. and be downgraded just repaying interest on its debt this year has overtaken education and defense as the government's biggest spend was just mr circles he's
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presided over the biggest jump in debt levels in our history books that carry too much water. or. france has gone above the tolerance limits of a prime minister as the explain the new road of spending cuts this week but economists fear things. those cuts go nowhere near enough leigh you can compare it with people saying we're going to buy a lumber genie and they only buy a porsche and they call that austerity doctors board for all these huge debts burden is bringing crudely under-investment in schools and hospitals is the. hitting. car and. computers are very old. equipment are old fashioned to. the situations explosive c. experts and friends could be next to
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witness rule it's like those in britain was deprived regions the like the inner part of cities in the suburbs. are socially segregated to very high extent far more so than in the u.k. or in germany so yes unroasted come from the suburbs and spread through. because these flying is full from france as he turned over to his pacific island of new caledonia with students climbing street protests over the cuts he's left the job of presenting them to his prime minister he'll let them take the flak for it and hopefully unions students retirees can march directly and protest against the ministers while he's bathing in the sun because these absence in this time of crisis writes leading newspaper le figaro may be clever politically but his failure to tackle the country's troubles now could be creating even greater problems for
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the future don't you see paris meanwhile the world markets are in limbo awaiting a big announcement from washington to a business to find out more and more into how to use so what is in the market so i wanted to the moment. everyone is expecting to hear if ben bernanke you will announce new measures to help the american economy but not everyone is convinced that he will actually deliver last year and miss this form so announced a second round of money printing and investors right now are banking on a third round and we'll give you all the latest figures of course and our business program shortly. to see you in about eleven minutes from now. still to come here at this hour discovering russia we take you want to join into the kill reach and it's a famous red cross where locals are a step ahead when it comes to improving their lifestyle.
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was. where the gold rush still gets people like. this time. where the local government is giving power back to the people. turn their lives into a paradox. should close on. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza report on
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our team. right now eleven minutes past the hour here in moscow that's about to our top story now the battle for the libyan capital. tripoli to a correspondent to get the latest him high you were in tripoli a few months ago blanket off he was in control of the capital in the eastern part of the country what is the situation like right now. well rory what we saw while driving from tunisia only been a border to the capital tripoli differs a lot from what we used to see here in libya in june or july when the western part of the country had been controlled by khadafi forces this is absolutely this is a completely different picture right now on the ground here new flags are hung everywhere all the buildings are covered with and to conduct a good tunes and gravity's chiefly and arabic but also in english and french saying welcome to new libya welcome to freely beer welcome to liberated leisure and of course you cannot see any portrait of her coming from duffy as it was before
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trademark rebels pick up trucks are the ones we used to see in benghazi and in the western libya. a kind of symbol of the fight against the regime are here everywhere well we cannot we can say for sure right now that this part of the country is completely right now in the rebels' hands although reminders of the recent battles are numerous on the ground we've seen many burned cars on the road abandoned tanks and there are quite a lot of checkpoints we've seen police twenty of them with a gun in there welcoming everybody with the great three shootings. so i would drive by the way was among the freedom fighters as well this is how the rebels call themselves and he was quite happy you know sharing with us his feelings about this victory how they call it well and we can actually feel it the victory is
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in the air but we also good feeling that the rabble is if the rebels are the only people left in leaving because the cities we've been driving through looked abandoned looked absolutely empty lego cities. you know we've seen many many cars loaded with personal belongings with furniture heading to towards the tunisian border well the reserve feeling that people will. live in the fleet in libya right now and that's quite clear because this is not saved here and politically that's quite unclear what's going to happen next and there's still another problem no fuel in libya and this is what we used to see here when we were here before in june and july so long the long lines to gas stations remain calm and picture here in libya but the closer we get to tripoli the more checkpoints we mad here in the city south . like every two hundred three hundred meters and people.
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smiling gunmen at the checkpoints and welcoming us with. again meanwhile we are receiving information the rob reports that the rebels have flooded the streets of tripoli and especially in. the south of tripoli in the district known as abu salim and this is traditionally a stronghold of his supporters and khadafi is thought to be hiding out now there so the rat reports that the rebels are now fronting for coming to duffy but unfortunately we cannot confirm this information. you talk about. rebels who these anti-government forces you say are patrolling the streets and yet also you describe a sense of calm there in the libyan capital certainly we do get some conflicting reports coming out of the water uncontroverted the end of the day i do but i do believe you when it comes to the atmosphere you paint a picture of optimism for a post libya but rebel rebels claim they have
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a small cities now four of them that are still loyal to gadhafi how capable do you think is the opposition of governing the country there for the control we've had many say that those who do and to become part of the transitional government are a mixed bag of rival tribal factions. he jacqueline laurita coburn the situation here on the ground is very complicated the country's economy has been badly affected things the structure has been dramatically has been damaged actually following six months of fighting well the rebels are now facing many many problems and politically terms are quite unclear what is going to happen next the rebels leaders have repeatedly been talking about elections and constitution changes but there is a huge problem that you just mentioned in leave is structures these countries from two at least two thousand tribes and the one who wants to control who wants to can. one who wants to rule this country has to have good relations and you know
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good dialogue with all of them while the right among them still those who support could argue well we can expect that that will be quite challenging for the rebels for their leaders to communicate with these people of course the rebels are now facing financial problems and being constantly claiming that they need money and these money urgently needed for basic actually services like electricity for instance and of course for political support but i think this is something they will be able to deal with quite soon with the u.n. pledging to release millions of dollars to be exact one point five billion dollars in aid within days this is the situation here on the ground. about one point five billion dollars in aid is actually distributed what to see how about pans out. exactly exactly or if this is yeah. i just was at the the right. place continue yeah absolutely we're still here. yeah the us kept. claiming
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that. the rebels are not well organized little be very challenging that will be very hard to control exactly where this money goes and whether this money goes to what. was supposed to go actually. do keep us posted life in the heart of tripoli thank you. all right more world news for you if you're on r.t. the world update now to nigeria where a large explosion has struck the u.n. complex in the capital of buddha leaving at least ten people dead dozens of injured have meantime been taken to hospital witnesses say a suicide bomber drove through the security gates in a car laden with explosives and smashed into the building the blast happened in the same area where the u.s. embassy and other diplomatic posts are located police say islamist militants could be behind the attack. japan's prime minister has formally analyses that resignation
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is paving the way for the country's six leader in five years his move follows nationwide criticism of his response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that took place in march and triggered a nuclear crisis at the fukushima plant but when another disaster claimed the lives of more than fifteen thousand people of my writing about the road for cover yet it's a new leader of the ruling democratic party whose most likely become japan's next prime minister will be chosen on monday. at least fifty three people have been killed in an arson attack at a casino in the mexican city of monterrey gunmen burst into the venue sprayed it with fuel and it started on fire around one hundred staff and customers were present at the time many people were trapped inside and up choking on the smoke authorities suspect which was one of the deadliest in several years was connected to organized crime. well it's a big day for the little republic of congo which is a letting
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a new leader it's following the sudden death of its president so to get back out passed away in may having led his country of more than six years in a struggle to retain a hard won independence from georgia on his top button is in the abkhazians capital for us are covering the presidential vote the country's interior ministry says the votes going smoothly not a single complaint is that it is not the view backed by the international observers . well at the moment rory in the capital here so cool people voting they're coming and playing their part in the future of their country and choosing its next leader the central election commission and earlier on the the foreign minister both told the dates that it's expected to appear turnout of above seventy percent and that's a very high figure that is yet to be seen whether that actually does materialize the voting has been going on throughout the day all of this because of the surrogate baggage the former president passed away suddenly on may twenty ninth
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leaving a vacuum at the top of this tiny republic in the caucasus three candidates have stepped in to try and take his place the vice president the prime minister and the former vice president all of them at the moment strong contenders it's not known whether there is a lead contender at the moment as far as russia is concerned russia plays a big role here in helping to maintain the stability of the region they say that none of those none of those candidates really are a very anti russian or very particularly over pro russian it wouldn't really have a problem with any of those candidates having having one so it's yet to be seen what will happen tomorrow as to who will win this whole contest watched also by many international observers at the moment of cars is independence it's recognized by only five countries in the world but there are representatives of twenty seven
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countries here to watch these elections some indication perhaps of the interest in the elections here and also of the fact that georgia's calls for people were observers not to come to watch these elections georgia still considers. to be part of its territory for non on some deaf ears twenty seven countries worth of deaf ears we talked to one. those foreign observers earlier a representative of the swiss couple. when i was invited to. have. a very quick reaction from the georgian who says oh no don't go zero but my impression is good they can exactly support what you are doing because you are fighting for your silver into your turn to be independence democracy appreciates the context of this country than i was of the people fighting for the freedom. if you would talk to us about the main priorities for a cause here right now i made this election well there because people are going to
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want a lot from the next president primarily rebuilding and restructuring the country after a long fight for independence from from georgia since the collapse of the soviet union right up until two thousand and eight when independence was recognized by russia however all that fighting has left its main industries tourism and i would culture in a pretty poor state and and that's to be the main priority for the next president to try and get this country economically at least back on its feet right there monitoring the election live from the capital so cool thank you. i do stay with us so now it's our time for the latest installment of our close up series that's where we venture to undiscovered parts of russia. today where in the keynote off region it's located about
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a thousand kilometers just east of moscow the city of kirkuk off is a renowned cultural center famous for its folk art and and away of museums and theaters as we explore the region. explains how communities there are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to tackling local problems. they got what they are asked for to slides a sandbank and it be charred might not seem like much but for a small community in the kunar of region they've become a leisure hotspot there used to be no one here it was abandoned now when the sun is out you can get a place. this type of project only cost five thousand dollars but it was no money in the local budget to build safe access to the lake and so the regional government introduced a local initiative scheme when they heard of it the village club together and applied for a grant from a special fund with the beach was laid. in the face of a pretty fifty people who were consulted over this was our decision to build it and
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i think as a result people look after this property properly the idea of micro projects was thought of jointly by the world bank and the cure of administration they provide about two thirds of the money while local citizens have to fund the rest often go round houses to collect the cash nearly two hundred micro projects will be built in this region by the end of the year and. we want to change people's attitudes instead of expecting things done for them we want them to take initiative we are giving power back to the people this might look like a women's institute meeting in a village hall in fact the participants are thrashing out the details of a new road there is heated debate about the quality of the works and what are the builders are falling behind. unlike other projects the financing of the road is completely transparent we know where every rouble has gone. the village of color checky has just over
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a thousand residents several hundred of them petty criminals serving their time in a labor colony that has one poorly stuck shop and for every road built there are tens more that need to be repaired. one micro project will not solve its problems but it is a start now the government can't just rely on its citizens to come up with a solution. for every single infrastructural problem that faces russia but in a place where major decisions are often made with little consultation for the foreseeable future this program is a good idea either a garden of art see here a region. right now a plenty more to come this hour here on r.t. including the latest in the champions league draw in our sports bulletin but whatever the business with marina. hello and welcome to business here on arts and zero hour is approaching for ben bernanke outline his vision of how to save the u.s. from slipping back into recession the markets will be keenly watching the federal
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reserve's annual meeting in jackson hole and they'll be looking for hints that the money prints in price will once again be started however to mccutcheon from the volcker gold believes the fed has far the time in the sion and all it's got left are blanks. all of the money has already been printed there's already massive cash reserves both outside of the us on a corporate level as well as at the federal reserve bank. and their own balance sheet when they bought up all of the mortgages and everything else back in two thousand and eight so no matter what they do they're really sort of a rock and a hard place if economic activity picks up in the u.s. then velocity picks up money starts moving more and more and there's a lot more money than there was three years ago that's inflationary if the economic cami doesn't pick up then they have to print more and more money to cover the the budget deficit shortfalls they have which again is inflationary so they really don't have much choice the only thing they can do is raise rates but if they do that they're going to kill all the homeowners in the u.s. who are underwater on their mortgages so there's really not much more bernanke you
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can say frankly on friday than what's already been said. let's have a look at the markets oil prices are down the spine fears that hurricane irene could disrupt refinery production on the east coast of the last and afterwards the thirty six ourself in the gulf market the precious metal is once again climbing on monday at which the record high of nineteen hundred dollars per ounce and this was followed by a three day correction silver is also on the rise as an almost one percent this hour. and the three day european stock rally ended on thursday much like it began with a sudden turn the negative momentum is continuing on friday with many investor side life ahead of the federal reserve statements the dax is losing almost two and a half percent this hour and let's take a look at what's happening here in rush hour both the arts yes and the my sex are trading slightly in the eye after seeing some losses earlier in the session let's
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take a look at some individual share moves on the my circs fertilizer x. kong is gaining after it almost tripled first half of that profits meanwhile steelmaker and. the company posted thirteen million dollars net profit in the second quarter of the year well below expectations and another. still major seven us dollars bounced back from earlier losses posted as sixteen percent rise in second quarter profits also the low for talents. that's all the business is for now for more stores you can had so our websites are to dot com slash does this but in the meantime states and for the headlines of henri.
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there are countless childhood was on shadowed by this tragedy. they still feel the fear they say just. don't remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and if you saw. a little angel on r.g.p.
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. welcome back you without your love from moscow a quick recap of the top of the nato bomb. in his hometown in libya despite claims the coalition is not involved in helping rebels the colonel down as concerns grow over who will get their hands on the country's weapons of mass destruction. gloomy forecasts for economic growth in front of the country announcing new austerity measures of twelve billion euro cuts for the rich but fears mount it could lead to public outrage across the country. the republican votes for a new president with much of the country lying in ruin after years of struggling to maintain independence from georgia over half of all of the voters have already cast their ballots.


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