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the tree could be dragged further down it can only be on for the pretend experience and social unrest. has ended in a policy as presidential elections with exit polls suggesting an obscene vice president alexander on the job is the front runner the bomb that was triggered by the death in office of sergei for god may be about the country which declared independence in the wake of the sound of such a complex three years ago. up next it's technology update where where it will take to russia showcase international by annual asho months to check out what's new in the world of aviation. welcome to technology update and welcome to mocks the world famous moscow air show
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where the planet's premier aerospace pioneers have come to show off their latest high flying hard to supply water too deep for the best of the best to soar above the rest and the legendary to coast the airfield in suburban moscow the very place named after an early russian aerodynamics genius this year was the tenth time around for this festival flight since its starting nine hundred ninety three with over eight hundred companies representing thirty countries the biggest draw for the year shows more than half a million guests will surely be in-flight action movie business was also on the bill racking up some ten billion dollars and deals even with all the international big shots bringing their wares russia's open secret made the biggest bush the su hoyt cockfight t fifty finally broke out from behind the closed doors covering its development flying for crowds and cameras for the first time it's a fifth generation stealth fighter jet propelled russia's air force deep into the twenty first century each maxie's new headlines and highlights like this to hoist
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superjet in two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven is already a new decade with new projects like a whole batch of a musician cargo and passenger jets in russia's civil aviation pipeline. undoubtedly the most notable newcomer is here could see m c twenty one with a full scale cabin model on display for the very first time its final boarding call for a glimpse to the future of this short and mid range commercial line. to single narrow bodied mc twenty one is actually an emerging family with two hundred three hundred and four hundred modifications forthcoming to be capable of transporting anywhere from one fifty to over two. passengers per flight at a range starting at thirty five hundred to five thousand kilometers potentially up to seven thousand in the future cabin designs are easily transformable to increase comfort capacity the total order to make these planes into internationally competitive aircraft rests on the shoulders of the corporation on the strength of over seventy five years at its factory in the siberian city of europe could become
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any hopes not only to bring in reinforcements for the aging domestic tuple f. one five four fleets but also challenge the dominance of giants boeing and airbus in this market segment thankfully they're not starting from square one with a steady flow of skilled scientists and engineers from russian aerospace schools making the project all the more promising. we're designing this plane with a wide range of international partners inside russia this means working with research institutes for aero hundred dynamics aviation materials and aviation technologies. of aviation systems is helping design the airplanes digital components for a. twenty one will be offered with engine options. p w fourteen hundred g. or the specially designed new p.t. for teeth a project of russia's. is to provide the advantage of cheap engines without compromising performance parameters and available resources most
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importantly in terms of the lifecycle cost as compared to competitors abroad it's important to point out that we're regarding this engine as the plentiful on the basis of which engines will be designed for the home run of the place p.t. fourteen is projected to meet and exceed international standards on fuel consumption emissions and noise pollution new engines are restored but they aren't the only innovative rethink for the year could jet. are leading aerodynamics institute soggy made a crucial contribution to this project their experts produced a new concept for wing design. it has an altogether new profile for supercritical airfoils all of their work helps greatly improve the plane's aerodynamics in addition to this super critical design the high wing aspect ratio on the wide reaching airplane is a further aerodynamic advantage but it's largely what the wings are made of camps. you can see a compass it wing books for the m c twenty one airliner it uses unique advanced
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technology what's called vacuum in fusion in a joint project between the main design an aero composite and the sukhoi companies design bureau on the russian side as well as. the material supply side to it from the us these materials and technologies have made it possible to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the wing could use its weight and as a result increase the airplane fuel efficiency by up to twelve percent of the. awful lot of parts that have to fall into place for a passenger plane to break into the cutthroat commercial market but the m c twenty one is already taking its first strides into a sunny future. board the prototype cabinet to moscow air show i could already get a feel for how a flight on the airliner might one day be automated latches open oversized luggage bins spacious seats in both business and economy and of course a screen at every seat. as passengers were most concerned with smooth sailing to
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our destination enhanced by every available amenity the carriers are all about the bottom line three m. c. twenty one models allow for everything from spacious mixed class layouts to the tighter tour operator scheme that makes the most out of every last row in any combination airplanes will remain wider than traditional single aisle jets just enough extra aisle space to eliminate the annoying service card squeezed by a dream scenario time. both from the flight deck pilots also enjoy every perk of twenty first century aviation with multi-functional l.c.d.'s. put panels to integrate the latest in digitized flight controls if only i had those pilot wings i'd have had a thing runway ready obviously this model's not exactly airworthy but here could explain a production from twenty one by twenty fourteen so there should be more progress to report at the next mux this year's most triumphal entry went to the brand new long
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awaited seven hundred seven dreamliner from boeing which has just wrapped up test flights for u.s. federal aviation administration certification at its home base outside seattle washington with one of the nine trial seventy seven is freed up for a short getaway mox visitors got a glimpse at the latest widebody boeing billed as the company's most advanced most fuel efficient airplane ever and with russian flagship airline said to take twenty two of the new dreamliner. crews from faraway seattle gave future customers a good preview of what the modern machine is capable of. it was a very enjoy a bowl of easy flight we used a lot of the automation on the airplane to make the pilot work road a ways down a little as possible. so the auto pilot course was used all throughout the region this monitor through those systems the airplane is equipped with c p p l c an automatic promotion reporting and so forth so we took advantage of all those things
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we didn't have to make the standing position reports on the h.f. radio airplanes system did those reports for us so very very enjoyable flight. was hardly a random choice for the dreamliner visit as moscow is home to boeing's biggest engineering office outside the u.s. the eleven hour time difference from the west coast headquarters to russia's capital means the company has round the clock engineering operations with an aerospace tradition they grew up alongside and even at times ahead of the american and european schools. provides a rich pool of specialists that was a big deal in developing the dreamliner if you think about the russian contribution to this airplane i think that i would say that materials. two main areas where the partnership in russia made it possible for me probably to say that this wouldn't happen without putting those in terms of design russian
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engineers can lay claim to the nose cone structure that leads to seventy seven skyward they pitched in on electrical systems and conditioning they designed a crucial beating image of the wing that provides lift the pylon for mounting the engines and even added some flair to the passenger friendly interior. when it comes to similar airplanes there are parts in their parts and it's largely thanks to unique new components that boeing is promising a twenty percent bump in efficiency that could help the dreamliner is operators cut two point four million dollars per plane per year this efficiency would be impossible without key parts like this body cord connecting the wind to the fuselage made entirely of russian composite materials to source of these olympe order materials this would all boeing a joint venture between the aircraft company and via sim p.o.v. small producer of fully a quarter of the world's titanium it's a boeing in russia's speed last region the unique titanium alloys are turned into
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the backbone of the seventy seven breakthroughs in material science achieved here are a major reason the world can expect a lighter stronger more eco friendly airplanes in the coming years. we are no design in seven eight nine that's the next medication of this airplane which will be bigger will carry more passengers. two hundred eighty passengers to a longer distance that airplane. and two in service in two years and where there would be the design of this airplane would also paid a lot of a. to the other there were interest and. eight that brought it. in flight tests and will continue to work on the improvements of this airplanes and i'm sure that there will be. including the small airplanes that the russian he has
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will continue. for now all eyes are on the upcoming commercial bailout of the first dreamliner due within the next month for delivery to japanese carrier a.n.e. and that's just the beginning. eight hundred sales for the new standard jet before it even made its first test flight so expect them soon in an airport near you not all of the new music box or commercial jetliners and for many of the far flung sparsely populated russian regions bigger isn't necessarily better it's with an eye on regional small craft aviation has been developed and it's already won attention and mocks for greater than its size the assembly lines that some. progress helped put the first soviet cost not seen orbit and propelled generations of the air and space craft skyward for more than a half century of its history so it's an auspicious starting place for what will be the first post soviet small aircraft first serial production designed by engineers at moscow based technology it's intended to combine modern performance and avionics
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with the brotherhood all condition reliability needed to serve russia's regions. designed as can be seen in several solutions employed on this airplane it is excellent properties including the ensuring great performance even at low velocity its landing gear is very good and allows you to land the aircraft on sub standard if it craft withstand strong winds very well with the engines also shows very good performance which is particularly important for a multi engine aircraft and also is a significant advantage in training a craft. before riseth flew in to take its place of the air show in moscow we had a chance to climb aboard for one of its certification testing flights in the western russian city of smug.
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new conditions at the former military airport or luxury as compared to the remote airstrips the research is built to access but it's a good base for monitoring and servicing the newborn aircraft while it gets its wings in the field it can take off and land from dirt lift off with one of its two engines disabled and provide crew and passengers with emergency oxygen if flight conditions demand a climb above thirty six hundred meters experience test pilot. whips the light airplane around curves with performance parameters to establish these trial flights are no relaxing total jumps but once it makes muster with russian aviation regulators the first batch are due for delivery to a flight school in lenin's hometown. really stands for its modern flight control equipment which in practice and i mean students who have mastered this machine to transition easily to modern passenger jet line is. good when research oh kids the market won't just be raising a new generation of skilled pilots it will also help revive an important sector
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that suffered from post soviet economic belt tightening and an aging fleet of light aircraft would reduce a choke and recent changes to airspace regulations the range and flexibility of multi-purpose general aviation should be back on russia's enormous map. this excessiveness a choke and a potential for expansion in russia's small aircraft sector has drawn the interest and the involvement of some of the country's biggest producers that includes makers of many i'm against it now work on a domestic legal tension. both at their moscow airshow display. in on their assembly lines salute is most distinguished for powering the skies bigger beasts in the soviet era there are fifteen three hundred push the record breaking make twenty five interceptor unprecedented speeds in altitude today they're updating and repairing engines from the air thirty one family boosters behind
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a big chunk of the russian air force's fighter fleet. twenty seven to its descendants thirty two thirty three and suit thirty four salute also collaborates with ukrainian partners to power several large passenger and cargo planes as well as the firefighting amphibian video from the two hundred with all that under their belt the company agreed to an order for what would become its first light airplane engine. how did salute come to the decision to expand from the production of engines for fighter jets into the arena of small aircraft the decision was made to to the existing need for a new engine in this class of aircraft since the engines currently in use were designed back in the one nine hundred seventy s. and accordingly it was quite obvious that the demand for a new engine will be high jus to improve technical and operational performance as well as economic advantages resulting from the improved fuel consumption rates and entire engine power performance that it used to turn a proxy five hundred s.
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consists of the production gear attached to the propeller the combustor the compressor and if the rear the excess free gearbox what's called the gas generator comprises both combustion compressor essentially part of the engine. the gas generator is the biggest piece produced in salutes a project for the turbo prop engine along with it they've developed a custom made experimental stand to confirm their balance for the appointed performance figures. since it is already flying on the check made him six zero one f. and might see a replacement. general electric t.v. five hundred s. meet specs to set it apart. here we joined said you'd see engineers to fire up the gas generator for another round of tests draw power is important but not the only objective given recent shocks diminutive stature a lighter less powerful engine it still has that thrust to provide the desired
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cruising speed in takeoff distance less gas is a more profitable formula. so far seventeen seems to be the engines lucky number projected to be seventy kilograms lighter than the walter model and you seventeen percent less fuel so it's still just figures the t.v five hundred s. is shaping up to be a highly competitive engine for small turbo prop planes go through a few technical solutions have laid a good foundation for the development of future engine right now we are talking about the gas generator but we're hopeful to complete development of a new engine by twenty twelve from the outset we've been developing our engines to complete the older from techno there is such a project it could be used in patrol flights for example aerial monitoring of border areas for the emergencies ministry's risky fleet full medical aid operations and we expected to be in good demand full light transport aviation.
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aside from frustrating journalists trying to make sense out of our trials of paper when there's an ever present variable in aviation for aircraft of all sizes for generations me kind has been playing and occasionally catastrophic we losing a dangerous game with wind shifting weather systems every time we take to the skies fortunately now we're increasingly prepared with advanced equipment to keep us from getting. wind shear where wind changes in direction or speed over a short distance can quickly turn a smooth flight into a dangerous one given enough hell of a. pilots can easily recover but options are much more limited around takeoff and landing that's why brushing scientists mean how can you have steve has developed technology to provide pilots and air traffic controllers with improved wind shear warning. the atmosphere around airports is unstable in some cases and airports have been built in places with complicated landscapes for example hong kong where
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roughly one in every two hundred fifty landings and takeoffs is performed under house or just wind shear conditions airports of diffuser will be fully covered with advanced sensor equipment to map out wind and other hazards information that will help relieve congestion increase throughput a goldmine for the industry old school we ensure detection systems rely on. three hundred russian firms laser systems and aircraft engineering is ground based shooting laser beam skyward and then determining wind direction and speed by detecting the frequency of the backscatter light at least in principle one liner when profiler should give more detailed information over shorter distances crucial around airports and low flying aircraft then several anemometer spaced out around the same territory as other sources so the task is actually quite simple our device here will now measure the wind profile at an altitude of three hundred meters in
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the vicinity you can see a tower with special platforms where wind gauges like the one i'm holding are installed. in the office of the so our goal is to prove that the measurements of our lead are wind profile or correspond to the measurements obtained through the sensors installed on this high meteorological tower was posing with. up against a whole host of spinning anemometers just one scanning module on the l.w.p. three hundred is left to paint an equally accurate pic. of the wind over this kaluga region test site the stakes are high since the losing system may soon be consigned to the dustbin of aviation history the physical benefits of replacing the towers in the already cluttered space around modern airports is obvious servicing the ground based lighter systems would also be less of a challenge but if the numbers don't back up the win profiling benefits then the
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towers are better left in place fortunately the new technology for ferry perfectly and may soon be ready for full time action. commissions put on your person in the test have been completed successfully and most importantly in the near future we hope to get certified by the interstate aviation committee of the organization that deals with equipment certification once we've got that our task is to provide this equipment for russia's first wind sheer detection system and installing bloody will stalk which will be hosting next year's major international some of those be should be we should ensure maximum flight safety for the high ranking guests and naturally all commercial passengers flying to and from volleyball spoke every day months edition two thousand and eleven features more than ten american military aircraft something unthinkable in moscow when this airshow first opened nearly two decades ago improve relations i thank you at least in florida to a multinational treaty and high flying surveillance technology this story starts in
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the darkest days of the cold war when an arms race and mutual suspicion held the world both east and west in a state of great tension moved by the constant threat of all out war in nuclear destruction and we're trying to do then you leave this great fear a surprise attack so now our allies are still proposing inspection of all what america north of the rio grande. and all of your. energy training for the same. russia and or satellite. japanese eisenhower's main message of the geneva. summit of nine hundred fifty five but soviet and western leaders failed to agree on a mutual inspection regime and the idea was put on ice for a generation it was reborn in one thousand nine hundred two however as the treaty on the open skies the united states and russia were eventually joined by thirty two other signatories to date they've completed more than eight hundred flyovers it
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generated both valuable data and at prices boost in mutual relations then took on thirty in the two believe one five four have carried out most of russia's flights to date but like their counterparts in other countries the planes are aging and have to. go in electronics equipment company vega is responsible for bringing russia's open skies surveillance capacity into the twenty first century cameron sensor equipment allowed within the treaty has to be fine tuned like maximum ground resolution for photo and video material strictly limited to thirty centimeters. after years of work to get kingdom ops two thousand and eleven ready to unveil their brainchild the first specifically built to believe two fourteen zero s will be the most advanced aircraft in the history of the open skies treaty. this beautiful aircraft is not simply the first plane in russia or any other treaty on the open skies countries that incorporates all types of equipment allowed for use on board it's also automated to a remarkably high level the equipment is controlled electronically all the data
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displayed on the screen where they operate the monitors them up without. standing by the forward equipment by the aircraft tickle electronic equipment is installed and while the tail compartment contains airborne ray does and the infrared camera the best place on board the plane is reserved for photo and video cameras because we expect them to give us the main bulk of information one fixed photo camera shoots directly below the a craft that one another one takes panorama pitches plus two side view cameras and three video cameras all this photo and video surveillance equipment and they told us to cover of a. very large stretch of land and gives us a detailed picture of the landscape the aircraft process of a photo a camera has a separate port protected by sliding doors that are designed to prevent us from sticking to the lenses during takeoff and landing generally speaking the equipment is very reliable and fully automated. with the cameras and sensors installed in the
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planes underbelly crewmen and women on the planes operated them right from that tiny camera but to to go live to fourteen zero s is moved to remote control and automation lets the mission commander the individual camera operators and host country observers all sit comfortably in the passenger cabin up a little bit where entering the compartment where the equipment operators sit. this is the key part of the plane because this is where we receive the desired information. you'll notice that there are two additional seats located behind each operator who is there for the representatives of the country the plane is flying a. little this is a necessary provision exercise in constant control over the treaty flights. and here is the equipment that operates the infrared camera. mention that this is the first time in the history of the treaty on open skies that surveillance has been installed on board an aircraft. to live to fourteen zero zero zero s.
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is already flight worthy and ready to fill all its treaty obligations a second plane is on the assembly lines set to join in the formal flights as soon as next year international observers came to motz agreed the plane is a big step to making sure this guy stayed in the future it's the end of an airshow here in moscow and the end of an era for technology opting to catch one of these jets back to the states but the rest of the tech up team will be back next month with more from the ever changing world of russian animation. enjoying the ride.
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news today valentia is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to cope for addition to rule the day .
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the top stories in our c nato golems moammar gadhafi is gone kate show that despite denials the alliance is assisting bubbles on down the kind old as concerns grow over security of the country's weapons of mass destruction and growing evidence of atrocities committed during the call. also russia had a draft u.n. resolution calling for syrian president assad to implement quickly reforms he's previously announced and start negotiations with the opposition meanwhile thousands of people have once again taken to the streets in protest against that sound regime but several demonstrators reportedly killed by troops. new french austerity counts of twelve billion euro and more times hikes small thing is among the critics is that the country could be drowned by the donna canonically and port of richmond and experiencing social unrest. and voting has ended up causing his presidential.


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