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well you. really do believe science and technology from the realms. we've. covered. it six thirty pm in moscow these are the top stories on our libyan rebels have turned down a report that all four by tomorrow negotiate the power transfer as they prepare a final attack on the colonel's hometown. is a big shake up in the russian space agency after the loss of another unmanned mission scientists now washing to resupply the international space station and prevent a disaster. north korean leader kim jong il rolls through half of russia by train for a meeting with president medvedev saying pyongyang wants a resumption of international talks that will bring peace to the peninsula. and
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hurricane irene is now downgraded to a tropical storm but leaves over three million people without power alone if you were asking some seaboard as a slams into new york are you high winds and drop of the rising sea levels. well italy has been one of the major players in nato led military interventions including afghanistan and now libya banks are teaching talks to the editor in chief of one of italy's italy's prominent news magazines about the country's role in these conflicts and says economic interests are a big factor with italian politicians. allegations of italian forces paying bribes to the taliban first appeared in the media in two thousand and nine planes that were furiously denied by rain but now u.s. diplomatic cables uncovered by italian less press
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a magazine reveal that concerns aided the alleged payments reached the highest levels of the us administration we're joined now by the editor. jenny kay thank you very much for joining us say you're magazine uncovered these diplomatic cables. these cables go. down so what was going on in afghanistan we have the. source and you can intelligence about this. by the government. nine. do we can mix. give us a confirmation because according to this fire. personally president bush who was. corny as we need to stop the in afghanistan when the. publisher of some allegation all of the ten are part of this or the member of the government of the fans means the. sort of the boost calling person won't deny that
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they said the was no crime and why we can exclude balls now or give us the evidence that the government was paying some tribes and the taliban in afghanistan ok so let's talk a bit more about what happened in two thousand in late when these allegations first came out the response from the italian government there was no response you have to feel that everything about the afghanistan he needs is a. question because we never say that the pelion troops are in afghanistan for war we always say to the parliament for the. and so everything about afghanistan is covered by a secret state secret military secret and most of all this information all the evidence about what italian troops do every day in afghanistan fighting.
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what all the troops knew in afghanistan in italy is the night of the roll the levels why did the telling forces take the separate towards easing for it's a traditional way i mean all the forces are doing and can stand the proof of british forces paying some tribes in. cash very was a means of them in two thousand and five or. the c. one hundred pay from the bleed for the regular for as crash of the south or in afghanistan and it was full of money there was this man a burning. cash man a dollar and they were used to pay bribes according to. many sources including these files. secret service were just some sort of why it's saying ok ok and troops are going to stay here for six months we
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don't care what they were going to do in the future we just want six months and this is the prize we are going to pay for let's talk about nato and its leaders involvement in libya the name in. public opinion on that and it is a different question because libya is. is a big economical affair for italy. traditionally lean with the telly for oil and gas throne a chore for the impressed on. all the big italian factories in libya are truly. the libyan government. part of what you created which is that i am because bank a they even today they own a small amount of fear. they are very important for our economy and
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so that's a different question i mean. we have we have the cyber telegram and decided to sue the red bell seen in benghazi because there was a bigger canonical interest and they can sense now that we could possibly see a very disorganized group of rebels coming in and maybe a similar situation to be seen in iraq where this organization plays out this is a big fear. because of the actually the people are sol does not be made by the forces coming from the east or the false is. more link of the really thailand government forces coming from the west which seems more link at the with the british government there i mean in italy we have a similar. situation in libya even with even now as like
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a big chest amen between entirely and france going to be trying to reach the cause of all the oil fields some of the gas fields in libya libya is a big question we. we thought of that french great retain we were using red belts to. see al italian assets in libya that's was the biggest fear of anything and you think that's the case i don't know we were seeing at the end of the game actually the game is going on and so. well in government but mostly they. get an education probably and. was not strongly leaning seen the out of county young boys has got him he is. foreign affairs. department which is very very strong i think that and he was playing good in the
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last part of the secretly being wards but we will see at the end which emerged secretly and was what the rose growing in. the. game or between different tribes different group of rebels the front room of the former gadhafi government now we have some very important member of the government who use to withdraw or use. the free outside of it is and the pallium economic groups but the we don't know if these people feel. good links with the tribes with the groups who made the rebellion and so we don't know which tribes which group which. is growing. in the next future most of all with them nor
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will really. the. gas lines. pipelines this is the most important question for it are they described as something living is a chess game if issue reasons than a commission in libya with humanitarian reasons. i mean how much of it does come down to political games. the libyan mission has in run a play in question is a nonsense because the reason of their mission was to protect really and protect population. when yesterday there was the red bell back who was three put me while the nato mission i was going to do can stop the rebels. creepily to book a people living in three poorly i mean humans that i am in mission was just a diplomatic cold of a mission for
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a different the interest. i don't think it was an amount they mention and you have just made me up and i'll bet the one with any grounds escaping the form need any ground so refugee escaping for lead where having problems with. world the way of the sea. not the ships were not packed in them. as you know she was sixteen years old when he committed these moms that's not the same song so it should not be punished for his crimes shawn is being no rational person and i. have been punished. and will be punished.
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by sours must be executed for the group. this is a punishment this is no. mention. that it's. been immersed. i didn't come here just. heard the first. it's time to smack down. martin. and i'm just. were. nearly a billion people in the world for going from prison every day. in the united states
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even our trash cans are full of the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked didn't even get all over the other ones just threw them all the way about and she's from the german oh if we really like the upper crust. of the dumpster at one am this morning at three pm this afternoon on the grill to take hake is made from and one dozen times tr egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family aches and toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of food. the beach undiscovered is buzy the.
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the be a communicate with the wild under. test yourself and become free. to see what nature can give you the nazi. blues. just say. it is the book the family.
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come up. there tommies childhood was already shattered by this tragedy. they still feel the fear that is faced. and remembered every second of the slightness. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and since all. i am going to see the be. a little angels one ot cheek. well for british soil it's sometimes paid. for. with the.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in her report on. libyan rebels had turned down a reported all for by moammar gadhafi to negotiate the power transfer as they prepare a final attack on the colonel's hometown. there's a big shake up in the russian space agency out for the loss of another on manned mission with scientists now washington to resupply the international space station and prevent disaster. north korean leader kim jong il rose through half a brush up by train for a meeting with president medvedev the same count gang wants a resumption of international talks that will bring peace to the princella. and tropical storm irene that leaves over three million people without power along to the west eastern seaboard as it slams into new york bringing high winds and heavy downpours. more for you in fifteen minutes time up next in sport with caution.
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thank you any so welcome to the latest in sports analogy and here are all top stories a flake sensation you same qualities eliminated from the one hundred meters final for a full stop allowing fellow jamaican new york and blake to win the world championship gold. meanwhile body of work and once that's once you can love it so walking and blood seem to come like you claim so russia's best models and sentiments. and also carolyn does not he warms up for the u.s. open would be pulled straight title in new haven while the start of the last major all the year could be postponed because of hurricane irene. let's begin with the biggest upset of the world athletics championships in south korea you same ball
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disqualified from the one hundred meters fun for a full start and one of the tournaments most highly anticipated to pounce on sunday that's allowed the rest of the contenders to battle for the top spot with golds jamaican teammate yohan blake had ging everyone in line going ninety two seconds america on the wall to addicts clinch the so call and two bronze the frustrated ball meanwhile could fly back in the two hundred meters and also the pool by a one hundred metres relay is to remain in events year's world finals. and earlier russia and its first medals following a one to finish in the man's twenty kilometer war fortune who won the same advance at the world finals in berlin lived after his billing by taking its not of gold the russian completing the distance in one hour nineteen minutes and fifty six seconds that stacy was seconds ahead of compadre plugs in the time i came in second place for man the lot as of cologne bear came third. just to give me a little start
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a little bit it was very important for me to compete in the world championships but it was also there it sort of one of the first ones the gold medal at the into lympics i was not very well known and not considered the favorite but now after winning the gold medal it world championships in berlin and the under scrutiny and everybody wants to be so good spirit so for me. elsewhere m.p.t. athlete oscar pistorius has made a successful debut at the top level of the south africa nicknamed the blade runner progress thing into the four hundred meters semi's with a time of forty five point thirteen night seconds. but if. this is. going to be very very strict exactly what you're doing you have to analyze the rest continues to be pretty good school too so if you're going to force. you with the result of your yes or no tears if you go to.
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formula one and sponsor matelot from start to finish to claim his seventh race win of the season and also extend the overall lead in the proces german helping red bull to a two one finish with mark webber close behind in second place mclaren's jenson button through from thirteenth to third denying fernando alonso finish while lewis hamilton crashed out early on despite starting from second rushes the valley was ninth. now it will go on sunday's premier league games here in russia the pick of the weekend's action is the most current job even. says guy inspired by which to himself just a few minutes time at the luzhniki stadium in while too much is a finished my had no problems against carter beating them to kneel and fresh grass in the dark thanks to how tricks from alexander to get a shock or should rock offend done he added one girl each evening five neal victory meaning a pittsburgh club go top of the table at least for a while elsewhere would be the host really a soviet over and look mighty trouble to face goodbye later. meanwhile mention city
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one top of the english standings following a call for the big tree at spurs and sky blues winning five want to overtake liverpool at the summit zac cole with an amazing full goals to his name in this one city rivals manchester united could join them at the top of the can beat in the latest match elsewhere full of stay when listened to going down to walk away to newcastle and stoke are currently in their action against was drawn the latest school that neil neil. a bit of tennis now and well number one counting was not he has become the first player in nine years to win the new haven open title for a fourth consecutive time just days before the start of the u.s. open. of course had a great chance to have korea final god couldn't match the top ranked dane plenty of exhausting really isn't the opening said there before was not going to be six games to four she then cruised cost of floating she course going to second to claim at
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six one and see only seventeen for big match these tournaments. in the. meanwhile and i'll do a practice at the rain so to use open closed early on sunday as the season's final grand slam hopes to start a schedule on monday despite the arrival of hurricane irene in the men's draw defending champion rafael adult could meet world number one and his main rival this season novel the joy of reaching the final while five a roger federer is now a bit of an outsider having turned thirty three week. soko. the good sense is going to go by turns his friends. how i am playing how he's playing rope over here. for we will soon. think the best year of the. big bird would be doing all the. very first when it comes to. stretching. stuff so for the long term as well as an on time
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member. traces there from around since. i'm sort of years ago. it's one of the corporate super committee where you're going with the placement of . golf and dustin johnson wanted barclays by two shots to the new jersey john meant was reduced to three rounds because of the hurricane and the seven year old made up for a bit of the order over this excellent eagle out of the bunker on the field is start on the day included a total of five birdies matt couture had been in the hands for the top spot as well before the defending champions five birdies were overshadowed by consecutive bogeys own feet swell found thirteenth johnson apparently more consistent on the day with a six prostates the five winning his first winning the first but it stopped playoff bound he's now top of the fed ex standings as the forward to an untrained speaking hold it's how million dollar prize. stateside in the n.f.l.
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the dallas cowboys seem to be putting last behind them after wrapping up a preseason victory of the minnesota vikings former washington quarterback donovan mcnabb appeared comfortable in minnesota's new york found the veteran found a very very important opening for say mind your touchdown pass them by the cowboys gerald sounds ball came up with a great special teams boy blocking the ryan longwell field goal. was recovered by alan ball who made it down. and selig's jones prove these ready for an crazed dallas stretching out for a red zone punch down the final score and this one twenty three to seventeen into the cowboys. and that xander can remains undefeated in twenty two fights out the baiting wrist launching guy for the vacant w.b. heavyweight title their twenty two thousand and four olympic champion to clear the bout on a unanimous decision and he is now the mandatory challenger to oblige the medical
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corps the younger of the creature brothers vacated his belt following his picture with david haye in the unification belt but the thirty five year old gave it up as if the event years before he could to found that title however five get together should get how these day in the rain with the ukraine and by beating another former w.p. should guide. and finally went sportsmen are preparing for the new season already including players of one of the most popular games here in russia and in scandinavia bendy but as liked as it may be it is still overshadowed by more established sports as it reports now. if you want anyone outside of russia will stand the view of what is randy but those majority didn't have a clue how well the game is very simple just right field hockey plain or minus it may not be as big a sport even on tokii a band he still has a strong following in russia and sweden and one of the biggest stars around. as
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a household name in goofy's nations it's been a big week for the russian count in which she rejoined his beloved you know must go all in the span of the swedish league is it going good and i believe it is more fun to be in russia is the game is a lot quicker and there is more emphasis on it. in sweden the game is more tactically based and defensively or you treat it with who they are very good at this sunday's big business in russia where the sport is played professionally for crimes for international matches could be. what's a thirty thousand players can expect to earn over one hundred thousand dollars a year whereas in sweden a monthly salary is in the region of just two to three fires in euros many many players have to take up second jobs. the standard of danny is increasing all the time the increase in salaries also helps there are a number of other factors which are making the sport better and more popular in the likes of russia in sweden were a number of factors remitting developments
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a vandy first place will fall into exports which means it difficult for associations in countries where the sport isn't as popular to get state funding also abodes a very fascinating science and game to watch one understands the sheer speed of the game isn't suit t.v. the whole can be difficult to see as can sometimes be the case and field hockey are the most rational that we need to try to spread the game more clearly and play tournament's in countries where the game isn't as developed over the big championships take place in russia and sweden we should try to play more in countries like finland norway and even in north america people read about the game in magazines however it's only when they see burned on t.v. that they can understand what the sport is all about because hey ice palace is one of the top funny stadiums around the world and watching indoors can be a great benefit in the winter when temperatures outdoors structure's was minus thirteen however for hard fans of sports in russia and sweden the team such cold is
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able to put them all fair favorite pastime which are both late r.t. moscow and salesforce for the alice thank you for the weather. hungry for the full story we've got to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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wealthy british style. that's not the type of. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on r t. great.


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