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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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seaboard as it slams into new york and bringing high winds and heavy rain. it's yourself or ten pm and you're watching marty with the day's news and the week's top stories and we start in libya where rebels have given a resolute no to more market is reported suggestion to sit down for talks at the national transitional council says that all the colonel deserves is a rest not dialogue artie's movie if an option to haue spoken to the rebels and has more now from tripoli. we have been able to speak to the rebels information minister here in tripoli and he has made his position quite clear the rebels will not negotiate with the criminals the rebels will not negotiate with the killers they want gadhafi and they're running after him street after street district after district and as soon as they catch him they will throw him to jail this statement
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comes after the news solution news of the period that. duff is information chief has apparently called a peace headquarters and has said that gadhafi is ready for talks with the rabble to form a transitional government and even appointed his third son sided to lead this negotiations and this news comes just a week after a successful assault by the rebels on the libyan capital tripoli which became kind of breakthrough in the libyan six month long. civil war well meanwhile the rebels are progress and quite well they're currently controlled in most of the country and including the capital tripoli and they are now claiming that they are preparing for what they call this final battle an assault on cut off his native town city at the same time the rebels say that the goetia run to go in with his supporters there in syria and if it's successful they will no be any military operation if only they
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agreed to surrender if not. will start within the next two days while the people here in tripoli are struggling because currently the city is facing severe sure the show for electricity gas a line magazine and water garbage everywhere on the streets because municipal services happen paralyzed people trying to deal with it themselves they are. taken out to the streets with brooms and. trash bags trying to clean them they also now live in in fear of anarchy because there is no police but the. try to do that. you know to the streets and. kind of. checkpoints so the situation is very hard to go here in tripoli. well next we cross live to dr muslim it is
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a professor of bethlehem university for his perspective on the libyan develop. dr could see a thanks very much for being on the program more market involved in the beginning to die fighting rather than deal with the rebels why this apparent about turn sorry can you hear me. dr can you hear me. i'm sorry i think we're having problems with the audio we're trying to bring back our guest later on. now libyans are the latest in line to celebrate the end of a dictatorship following the tunisian and egypt but judging from the post revolutionary struggles the so-called free to contractors are now going through it's unclear if the changes the arab spring brought are for the better lark is going to looks at the parallels between talked earlier and martyrs square. the cadet he regime is crumbling. the rebels are cheering. the. same cheers and tears could be seen in egypt in february as the nation ousted
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their longtime leader hosni mubarak but six months on many egyptians say their hopes have been crushed by reality. you know i love the revolution when it happened i welcomed it that looked at the time like a light at the end of the tunnel you see it's not getting better we have nothing to eat don't tell me about democracy for hungry people it just doesn't matter the egyptians now are not governed by who they chose as their leaders instead it's their army that's in control of the army that has strong ties with the us and is sponsored by washington the military regime that the edifice the institutions that were the essence the fundamental essence of the mubarak regime those remain and we can see the thousands of people have been brought to military trial since the end of the popular revolution that ousted mubarak in tripoli the body taking over is the national transitional council also not chosen by the levy in people yet the
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council has been recognized as the legitimate government of libya by all allies who have been helping oust gadhafi many levy and are outraged by the fact that foreign powers are effectively making vital choices for them there is too much wealth and geopolitical strategic value to libya to let it only become reformed in democratic rights and universal participation by the citizenry. western powers need to implement a western economic and military agenda and therefore the people who will eventually command the political situation in libya and the military situation in libya will indeed be supported and buttress by western powers western powers. thrown all their support behind the leader in national transitional council giving them billions of dollars and weapons to gain control but the rebels are far from being
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a united group what libya is going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is tribe against tribe this is not democracy against totalitarian revolutions in egypt and libya have developed under different scenarios in egypt it was an on armed uprising of millions in libya it's been an insurgency flooded with weapons by the west and those weapons are still in their arms and they're not going anywhere and many analysts are saying that we could find themselves in a much worse situation than the egyptians because on top of power crisis similar to the want to gyptian they're having libyans could be facing a fresh out break of violence at the hands of the armed mom i'm going to shut down reporting from washington heartache. and coming up for you on our t.v. we're on a storm watch the city that never sleeps and brace topical storm irene as it sweeps up the u.s. east coast moving through the big apple. now the russian government has ordered
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a major shakeup of the country's space agency after the loss of yet another on about a mission a progress resupply craft failed to reach the international space station and burned up in the earth's atmosphere all six crew members aboard the u.s.s. will now have to ration out the food and water they have left jacob greaves now reports. the moment it's came crashing down. on wednesday from the baikonur cosmodrome three hundred twenty five seconds later the progress craft atop a soyuz rocket plummeted back. i thought it was a plane at first but then i realized coins never fly in that snow or quietly and then it turned into some white object and i saw that it was sparkling and i heard a loud noise it was like three. the bangs one really loud and two quieter it was due to dock with the international space station on friday delivering essential supplies to the six crew members on board rocket malfunction has been blamed for
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the unsuccessful launch as a craft ascended into orbit a signal failure here meant the third stage in the sequence in this part of the rocket was an activated as a result it failed to ignite and propel the progress out of the earth's atmosphere . teams have be sent to southern siberia out-i republic to look for signs of any wreckage amid fears toxic fuel may seep into the surrounding soil and water supply so far they've drawn a blank but already the repercussions of the bush mission are being felt much further afield but the question of how to resupply the international space station proving the most pressing. operation glamorous always keep in mind the possibility of a big cargo space ship not docking to the international space station for some reason so that go on board pairs of water and food supplies to survive on for another three or four months until their. cargo spacecraft arrive to the space station
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time then maybe on the side of ross cosmos russia's space agency but the loss has still raised significant alarm bells this or you as a rocket carrying. crew is slightly different but not more that much there than the one that lost the progress they're going to want to make sure anything that is similar could go on that why won't will happen well it shouldn't say oh it's of life there's more turbulence of russia's space program back in december when three cloner satellites the country's alternative to g.p.s. plummeted into the pacific ocean with this latest setback roscosmos says be forced to tighten quality control and hope there won't be a repeat of the problems that'll be good news for the six astronauts currently on board the international space station especially since after the scrapping of the u.s. shuttle program there's now global importance on the success of the soyuz j.q.
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greaves r.t. . well this week north korea announced its readiness to resume international talks over its disputed nuclear plants the news came as the country's leader made a rare trip abroad to meet president dmitri medvedev and discuss among other things a vital energy deal for north korea's struggling economy artie's got that he knows a lot of our reports. a man of mystery north korea's kim jong il prefers to stay out of the media spotlight the great leader as he's officially known at home constantly fears for his life which is why he avoids planes has armored cars and eats with chopsticks designed to detect poisons but the fear of ongoing sanctions and tough financial times proved more significant as kim jong il embarked on a widely publicized trip to russia making tracks from pyongyang in a special armored train gifted to kim's father by stalin the leader crossed the border with russia and made his first stop in the far eastern town of from there he
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traveled on the translate beren railway to the buy call region with the republic of video to as his final destination and a meeting with president of egypt his ultimate goal but before meeting with his current russian counterpart the north korean leader stopped to pay his respects to the first soviet leader this. is one of the biggest in the world and by stopping here kim jong il has made sure that the entire world knows that what might have been russia's past is still north korea's future as kim jong il's press service scrambled for their multitude of motion picture cameras to document the great leaders every word the two men get down to business. as far as i understand the democratic people's republic of korea is interested in the implementation of this trilateral project in which the russian federation and south korea will also take part the pipeline which would bring siberia natural gas to the hub of asia would
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mean money for the struggling north korea and a new market for russia the north koreans are not going to be able to pay. the price for gas imports from russia would ever pay but because the building pipelines of the pipeline has to be extended into south korea to the south korean market but the foremost of war between north and south korea is a huge obstacle and this is yet another situation where russia has an advantage bush is in the perfect position to play this role because of their closer relationship with the united states over the past years because of the fact they aren't seen as a lot i did with north korea as china is you know president vaclav havel once said that we must change our ray of attention from what separates us to what unites us and russia plays a unique role right now to help lead the world in that direction markedly different approach from some of the other members of the six party talks like south korea and
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the u.s. whose constant sanctioning has failed to bring results and results are what this brief trip to russia appears to have achieved with kim jong il's announcement of a desire to return to the talks and implement a moratorium on production and testing of nuclear weapons if the talks resume for north korea is a chance to recover from recent data famine and get some much needed food aid but for russia it's a chance to do what everyone else has failed so far cashman as are about r t well one of them. and still ahead for you this hour a journey through russia all the way to the region. best of all held in the name of believing that green vegetable is entertaining adults and children alike. and millions of new yorkers decided to stay in their homes as hurricane irene swept through the city bringing partial flooding and power shortages while it's now been downgraded to
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a tropical storm all public transportation will remain shut throughout sunday all i remain is sweeping up the u.s. eastern seaboard and has claimed at least fifteen lives artie's medina portnoy reports from new york. the city was prepared a way in advance before i renewed begat it's way down the eastern seaboard but at this point things seem extremely calm relatively calm the sun actually looking out of my window in the sun is beginning to come out here in new york city but that does not mean that there are not been any damage from this tropical storm now irene was a hurricane but according to mayor ologists when it was making its way down the eastern seaboard once i went through plowed through north carolina it downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hit manhattan we did see sheets of of rain coming down and the wind became extremely heavy and it was downgraded to a tropical storm as you mentioned at this point there's been severe flooding along
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the hudson river in manhattan and they involve the outer boroughs of new york city there how out in our shortages according to con edison more than three morely in people are along the eastern seaboard how about last hour now on manhattan at all the emergency workers and first responders are dealing with major flooding before the low lying areas south manhattan as we remember it was in new york city mayor michael bloomberg that order a mandatory evacuation of certain parts of new york city those are wrangled lying areas approximately three hundred seventy thousand people who live in all those different areas are a lot of people evacuated and a lot of new yorkers chose to stay and are way out of the storm as it made its way to new york according to what we are all just are saying this storm has now passed new york city is heading towards rhode island newport rhode island and new england and he could even become
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a little bit greater isaac gains momentum heading that way but it did turn out to be a lot less than what was anticipated and what was hyped up and at this point it's just about cleanup here in new york. over closely following the developments are raveling on the east coast of america which has been hit by a wave of extreme weather. you tube channels watched the most recent research and the most impressive videos from the hurricane site. now europe spreading debt crisis is threatening to draw in france as the government announced new a sturdy measures earlier this week amid concerns it could lose its aaa credit rating while the new deficit reducing package will see some twelve billion euros worth of cuts was a tax hike for the rich. bushell explains the move could be till that all too late with fears that social unrest is just around the corner. from the enjoys a triple a credit rating for now one of the hoist ratios among the world's top
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rated states many investors better follow the u.s. and be downgraded just repaying interest on its this year has overtaken education and defense as the government's biggest spend. causes presided over the biggest jump in debt levels in our history books that carry too much water. or. france is going to the tolerance limit admitted prime minister as he explained the new road of spending cuts this week but to call them is fear things. those cuts go nowhere near enough you can compare it with people saying we're going to buy a lamborghini and buy a porsche and they call that austerity doctors warn france's huge debts burden is bringing crudely of dream versus mint in schools and hospitals. getting.
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into. computers. very. fashion. the situation's explosive say experts and for olds could be next to witness roy it's like those in britain was deprived regions like the inner part of cities and the suburbs. are socially segregated to very high extent far more so than say in the u.k. or in germany so yes unrest could come from the suburbs and spread through nicolas sarkozy's flying as paul from france as he can on budget they taze pacific island of new caledonia with students planning street protests over the cuts he's left the job of presenting them to his prime minister he'll let them take the flak for it and hopefully unions students retirees can march directly and protest against the
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ministers while he's bathing in the sun because these absence in this time of crisis rights leading newspaper le figaro may be clip of politically but his failure to tackle the country's troubles now could be creating even greater problems for the future of the new push to see. and now to some news that made headlines today across the world unrest continues in syria with actually this claiming government forces have opened far protesters in a separate cities killing at least five people it comes as the arab league announced it will send an envoy to the country to hold talks with president assad and seek an end to the violence meanwhile iran has reaffirmed its alliance with syria but warned that assad should listen to his people's image of him and demands more than two thousand have been killed since out to government demonstrations began in march. a series of overnight bomb attacks as left six people
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dead and injured at least seven in the iraqi capital baghdad explosions targeted a police patrol in one of the city's neighborhoods and more than half of the casualties were officers officials say at least two hundred fifty people have been killed by extremists in iraq in july of. a superstar football striker has joined the russian north caucasus. cameroon native and a four time african player of the year will reportedly receive ten million euros a season well as a rival is a massive coup for russia's premier league and puts firmly on the map as one of the world's most ambitious clubs but in a question of what has the details. to divert from the above to go much and for the next three years most of summer at those big games will be in russia this thursday the cameroon international left into milan and each day behind flying in to join
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new club and. i'm starting from scratch. if it's possible in europe as a player and here i can start a new. crowd as before and you told me a lot about russians and i do look forward to joining the team abdo is a three time champions league winner and the most decorated african clay of all time lightening pace has made one of the sport's most prolific goalscorers increased again this still assigning houseboat of this region of russia the north caucasus into the soccer world spotlight this is the in the says. it seems that until recently few side of russia had heard off but which is now making sports had lines across the globe and it's in this unlikely setting that i team of world soap a stone house is being built the story behind this transfer began in january when the darkest on the clock was bought by sally month good enough a locally born businessman and one of the richest men in russia he valid to turn
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gene into a contender hoping to transform the republic's image in the process a handful of promising acquisitions followed among them legendary brazilian to found out about the cardless the current captain of the club the fact that one of the best wears in the world will be playing him there are some families will. america a very big impact so it's a good development of the game here in russia. i think we're give a very good team it's all for us and for all because sam is one of the best there to where he is not the star of the past russian money in european football is nothing new. back in two thousand and three russian businessmen are more men but are more beach boys english club chelsea and transform to men to local club entering you are paying pilot house i should have small enough has also ploughed his millions into english giants arsenal but this time this situation is different
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here is that that is to make a little known russian football team known across the world this deal may herald a new reality in the european game where international football superstar playing for russian clubs are asked common as those goals like the bush no r t reporting from the north caucasus. and now it's time for the latest of our close of series where we ventured to areas of russia where few have traveled before. this week were in the kid over regional located around one thousand kilometers east of moscow now the city of cuba all visited with now the cultural center famous for its folk arts and crafts well in the summer the region is host to an adult festival celebrating a common green vegetable garden have a joint in the fun. it's the pride of the cure of region
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that annual cucumber festival the governor himself invited journalists from all across russia just to showcase the region's tourist potential organizers here make the bold claim that the pickled cucumbers in this village of standards are the best in the world. but while the players sing folk songs extolling the virtues of the green staple because only one store where the actual vegetable can be bought and i've travelled eighty kilometers to be in this queue i'm curious about what it is that makes them so special but i'm a bit disappointed i wasn't allowed to buy more disheartened by the long wait we decided to take our surge to the locals it's the middle of the pickling season if you can with the harvest that put in brine. and mixed with herb's. the recipe to what makes them special is
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a strictly kept secret but the magic ingredients are deal garlic and horseradish but the truly unique part of the local pickling process is that the sealed barrels are dumped in the river for six months it's said that the cold water gives them a subtle shawqi flavor luckily we found some pickles left over from last year's crop all the stalk of cucumber has made me quite hungry for the local delicacy so i decided to give it a try myself. thankee traditionally the care of region has been known for its dim covered toys base an ancient pagan day tease these clay figurines have been handmade here for hundreds of years the handicrafts trick tradition describes that artisans was depicted very specific subjects namely peasant women and improbably colored down in malls. this is not just a trademark a very gentle this is russia's visiting card we want the world to take notice the
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toys can only be made by women and apprentices have to perfect their craft for years before they can be called masters and i suppose the most before i became a tall maker thought making the same things over and over again would be boring but actually they always turn out different and once i have most of the traditional motifs i my grandchild and it's. local authorities are hoping master classes like this one will become a tourist attraction and a recruiting ground for new craftswomen. eager of party cure of region. well that's all for this hour i'll be back with a recap of our main story shortly saying that r.t. .
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wealthy british soil but. that's not on the president's crisis much. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. is he is. easy to. see. the. the official delegation on the phone. from the dumpster. video on demand. among the old girls and streets in the palm of your.
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welcome back here's a recap of the week some main stories and today's name pub lives libyan rebels have turned reported. to me go show the power transfer as they prepare a final attack on the colonel's hometown. there's a big shake up in the russian space agency after the loss of another a matter of mission scientists now rushing to resupply the international space station and prevent a disaster. north korean leader kim jong il rolls through russia by train for a meeting with president medvedev saying that pyongyang wants a resumption of international talks that will bring peace to the peninsula. and topical storm.


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