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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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welcome back here's a recap of the next top stories at today's made headlines r.t.e. live in rebels have turned down reported offer by wal-mart for the often use of negotiate the power transfer in the state for their final autopsy on the girl's hometown. there's a big shake off in the russian space agency after the loss of another on the mission and scientists now rushing to resupply the international space station and prevacid disaster. north korean leader kim jong il rolled through half of russia by train for a meeting with president medvedev saying that pyongyang was never something of
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a challenge it's policy that will bring peace to the peninsula. and looks awful storm i really believe so over four million people without power along the us eastern seaboard as it slots into new york bridges high winds at the top floors of a trail of destruction it's also a point that needs to why it's. now italy has been one of the major players in a recent nato led military campaign such as in afghanistan and libya well next starkey talks to the un luko to fail editor in chief of top italian weekly news magazine let's stress so about the country's role in these conflicts and his view that economic interests are a big factor for italian politicians. allegations of italian forces paying bribes to the taliban first appeared in the media in t thousand and nine claims that were furiously denied by rain that now u.s.
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diplomatic cables uncovered by italian us press a magazine revealed it concerns a video that's payments reached the highest levels of the us administration we're joined now by the editor of the magazine generally good thank you very much for joining us say you'll make a scene uncovered these diplomatic cables. these cables go. down so what was going on in afghanistan we have the phones and they were sort of me telling pentagon to bug spray meant. by the government plan. nine. leave as a confirmation because according to gives five. personally president bush was asking corny as minister to stop playing man in afghanistan when the. publisher of some allegation. of this or the member of the grand amount of the
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defense attorneys the. loan denied it said that the was not by him and why we can excuse the balls now or give us the evidence that the government was paying. the taliban in afghanistan ok so let's talk a bit more about what happened in two thousand in late when these allegations first came out the response from the italian government are true there was no response you have to feel that everything about afghanistan he need is a. question because of the we never say troops are in afghanistan for war we always said to the parliament for the. and so everything about afghanistan is covered by a secret. state secret military secret and most of all this information all the evidence about what italian troops do every day in afghanistan fighting.
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what all the troops knew in afghanistan you need tell me is the neither will the rebels why did you tell him forces take the separate towards easing. it's a traditional way i mean all the forces are doing in afghanistan the proof of british forces paying some tribes in. cash there was an incident in two thousand and five or. the c. one hundred eighty from the greed for the regular for the crash of the south for in afghanistan and it was for money there was this man a burning with the aircraft cash money dollar left and they were used to provide according to. many sources who's in these files.
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secret service who were just two hours some sort of quiet saying ok troops are going to stay you fall since we don't care what are you going to defer to do in the future we just want to six safe months and this is the prize we are going to pay for let's talk about. it and it's late involvement in libya what public opinion in libya is a different question because libya is. is a big economical affair for italy. traditionally leaned over to telly for. us throne a chore for the interest on. all that being entirely and factories. are trying to. lead them government. over ukraine which is the playground because rank a in the past they all have and even today the owner has more amount
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of fear share it's. very important for our economy and so that's a different question when. we have we have the cyber telegram and decided to some of the red bell seen in benghazi because there was a bigger canonical interest in it they can sense no that we could possibly see very disorganized. rebels coming in and maybe a similar situation to be seen in iraq where this organization plays out this is a big defeat. for you because of the actually the people are sol does not be made by the forces coming from the east the fault is. more link of the really thailand government not the forces coming from the west which seems more link at the with british government there i mean in italy we have
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a single. situation in libya and even with even now as like being. between entirely france trying to reach. of all the oil fields on the gas fields in libya libya is a big question we. we photograph frame church the great retain where using red belts to. see alitalia innocents in libya that's was the biggest fear eternity and you think that's the case i don't know we will see at the end of the game actually the game is going on and saw. it. violent government but mostly the italian be getting an education probably and was not strong leaning see the our county envoy has got the. personality. for an affair.
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which is very very strong i think that he was playing good in the last part of the secretly going to war but we'll see at the end which england secretly and was what was going in. the. game or trade between different tribes different group of rebels from member of the former gadhafi government now we have some very important members of the government who use to withdraw or use to prove. it is an economical groups but we don't know if these people are still. good links with the tribes and with the groups who made the rebellion and so we don't know which tribes which group which government is going to start in the
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next future so we can move will really. the. gas lines. pipelines this is the most important question for italy they describe what's happening live is a chess game and if issue reasons the nato mission in libya was for humanitarian reasons i mean really sick and how much of it does come down to political games the money the libyan mission has in america in question is a nonsense because the reason of the mission was to. protect the population and. so when yesterday there was the red bell out back to was. while the nato mission i was about to go talk to the robin some. people need to put. people living in tripoli i mean the money savvy on a mission was just
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a diplomatic mission for different things. i don't think it was and i mean you have just media and all that one that. is keeping the foreign media in the ground some refugees escaping from libya. having problems with. the way the city and the. map the ships were not packing them. nearly a billion people in the world for knowing from. the united states even our trash cans or food the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked in even get all over the other ones just threw him away
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rotten cheese from the german oh. we really like the upper front. in the dumpster one am this morning greek in the step tradition on the grill. is made from one dozen dumpster egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family eggs and toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of chatter about. trying to look for a shelter on the day. the observed nature undiscoverable using. a communicate with the wind under. test yourself and become free and. see what nature can give you only on the. wealthy british style. is what i. find with.
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market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our cheek. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these marks that's not inside the song so or should not be honest on his crimes song is the no rational person and i doubt song has been honest is being honest and will be honest. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is punishment this is not. a mention. that it's. because you've been immersed in your whatsoever. and i didn't come here just. and heard the first.
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star of the small. farmers market. in my that is now. so stressed stiff.
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minds and hearts of the libyan rebels are turned down reported offered by wal-mart of all things that could push a power transfer as they fear our final atar the colonel's small town. there's a big shakeup at the russian space agency after the loss of a mother a mathematician and scientists now rushing to resupply the international space station and prevent a disaster. north korean leader kim jong il rolls through cost of russia by train for a meeting with president medvedev saying no wants a resumption of international exports that will bring peace to the peanuts a lot. added for optical store my release over four million people without power a lot of us in service seaboard as it slams into new york with high winds and heavy
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downpours amid a trail of destruction it's also claimed at least fifty of the mobs. more news for you in less than fifteen minutes saima before that natasha seer of the latest in sports. a lot of well things in the latest sports update on our team and here are the headlines this hour of late since ation new st paul is eliminated from the one hundred meters final for a full stop the lowing fellowship make up your home plate so when the world championship gold. as part of a draw to all in the last group solving balls and leads to a five nil but true the first ones are moving though the top of the russian premier league table. and also suboxone to tell is closing in on
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a second straight formula one time off to winning his seventh race this year lewis hamilton crashed out on the number of thirteen. and let's begin with the biggest upset of the world athletics championships in south korea same ball disqualified from the one hundred meters final for a full stalls in one of the tournaments most highly anticipated events on sunday and that's allowed the rest of the contenders to battle for the top spot on with bolts a jamaican see maybe a one blake edging ever one in nine point nine nine hundred two seconds american will to dick's clinch the so and that you can call instead the bronze they're frustrated ball meanwhile can fly back in the two hundred meters and also the pool by one hundred meters relay team still remaining advance and the sears world finals . regardless on what's up with the museum or oh my god that much we can whine about been working to get it all season to get the job done more dear i'm sure none we now are considering size of earth a leader we see for starting with just traumatizing for me and feel sorry for
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a person i didn't care for the community for jimmy that you have to get the job done. and earlier russia and his first medals following want to finish in the manse twenty kilometer walk while waiting for change on the same event at the world's finals in berlin lived up to his billing by taking yet another gold the russian completing the distance in one allen lines in minutes and fifty six seconds that's they say one seconds ahead of them patrick. who is there now the lover simple on their. list of the media a bit of it was very important for me to compete in the world championships but it was also a very tough one of the first one the gold medal at the two thousand and eight olympics i was not very well known and not considered a favorite but now after winning the gold medal at the world championships in berlin and we're ready under scrutiny everybody wants to be great so it was very tough for me. and elsewhere amputee athlete oscar pistorius has made a successful debut at the top level in south africa nicknamed the blade runner
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progress and into the four hundred meters semi's with a time of forty five point nine seconds. it is. going into the record. the exactly what you're doing you have to analyze the rose continues to be good to think it's cool to soak and if you're going to force. it with all your notes. and for me the ones of us and it's our lead from start to finish to claim the seventh race weight of the season and extend the overall lead in the presence of german helping red bull train one to finish with mark webber close behind in second mclaren's jenson button improved from say it seems on the grade to said nine fernando alonso a podium finish and news hamilton crashed out early on despite starting from second elsewhere rushes with a live picture off was ninth of the town meanwhile leeds one of my ninety six
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points overall now increasing his title chances. now football in sunday's premier league games here in russia that they call the weekend's action was the whole school job a bit when spartak and says come out which has finished at luzhniki. well it's unnecessary in the first half to put struggling start again from but do be a levels after the break before tortious puts this guy had however i mean he can make it to all first part of the beautiful strike of the second confound it stayed that way after was. in the days of the highlights in meets a threat in the dark held by have trick from alexander could shock or his first two came within six minutes in the middle of the first up seventy nine minutes and the need and a penalty kick following a fall in the box there. and the same man in the circle then made no mistake from the spot for his third goal in front of the home crowd at the kickoff skeets. but even that wasn't enough thousand each year old and any added one bill each to
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complete the five meal showdown meaning that peter's book club replaced mosco at the summit. more premier league optionality no more defeated spot agnostic on home soil kevin for any open for the most rise in the seventeen for men following a low cross from my legs on the side me of and he gives himself double distorting the opening hole for the blistering effort from outside the box. now for much champions or green school the single goal against the floods in mid to doing with the winner there as are being registered and their own victory over the underdogs. and over in england both halls of manchester have plenty of reasons to celebrate after united and city claimed big wins on sunday the red devils humiliating also eight two at old trafford including have trained by rooney and a brace from young their results is the gunners biggest defeat on the manager all sound and care meanwhile city thrashed another london side killed them five one
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jeff gold with an amazing four bills to his name against spurs those wins mean united and outsold the standings with c.c. also see the nine points ahead of liverpool chelsea and wolves well they got us continue to struggle without a victory so far in the new season elsewhere full of also when this after going down to walk away to newcastle and so close to one mill to west brom. tennis world number one caroline was now he has become the first larry nine years to win the new haven open title for consecutive times now right on the wall of the use us open check beth ritchie of cool sky had a great trying to have a story of final but couldn't out match the top ranked a plenty of exhausting really is in the opening set there before the snow could see people six and some fool and she then cruised past of flagging to go in the second to play. it's six one and say away seventeenth.
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meanwhile in the practice of the rain so full of clothes on saturday as the season's final grand slam still hopes to stop the scheduled on monday despite the arrival of hurricane irene in the men's door defending champion roll call the delicate meets world number one and main rival of the season over a joke of each in the final while five times when a roger federer is now a bit of an outsider having to earn sixty three weeks ago. chances are going to go on about terms of. how i am playing he's not voting for. better. or for we will see. from this year the. way. all the. way of living is very refreshing when it comes to. stretching. three strobes. long termers ones and sometimes.
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traces of them around since. seven years ago. for a conference room for maneuver there's a group of players from or. girls now and just in johnston along the barclays two strokes down to the new jersey tournaments was reduced to three rounds because of a hurricane and so on the seven year old made up for a bogey on the said hill with excellent out of the bunker on the field to start over again proving to low five birdies. had been in the hunt for the top spot as well before the defending champions five birdies were marred by consecutive it's well and so it seems johnson found a more consistent on the day with a six on the ball sixty five winning the first predicts the playoffs and he's now top of the fed extending as the full two men tres begins the sound million dollar prize. and finally went to sportsman. preparing for the new season including play as one of the nest for the lead gains here in russia and in standing there bad
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bendy part is liked as a beta still overshadowed by some more established sports fresh talk or if it has this story. if you want anyone outside of russia or will scandinavia what is. a vast majority wouldn't have a clue however the game is very simple which is why field hockey played online. it may not be as big as full on ice hockey and the still has a strong following in russia and sweden and one of the biggest stars around this week are you a station ago there's a household name in both these nations has been a big week for the russian captain she rejoined is a lot to do not a moscow want to spend a swedish league to sit on this and i believe it is more fun to watch than the in russia as the game is a lot quicker but there is more emphasis on it sounds good doesn't get in sweden the game is more tactically based and it will defensively or you take it up with a they are very good at this sunday's big business in russia but it sure has played professionally. for international matches can be upwards of thirty thousand players
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can expect to earn over one hundred thousand dollars a year whereas in sweden a monthly salary is in the region of just two to three thousand euros he may but players have to take up second jobs here outside of what is the standard of bandy is increasing all the time the crease in salaries also helps that there are a number of other factors which are making the spooled better and more and more popular in the likes of russia in sweden for a number of factors limiting the development of binding person is not willing to export which means it difficult for associations in countries where the sport isn't as paid her to get state funding also votes are very fast it's time to change washington stands she speed again isn't suited to be full can be difficult to see as can sometimes be the case and field hockey is the most professional that we need to try to spread the game will. globally and play a tournament in countries where the game isn't as developed as they did it with
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a big championships take place in russia or in sweden so we should try to play more in countries like finland norway and even in north america people read about the game in magazines however it's only when they see band on t.v. they can understand what a school it is all about it because that's how i spy says one of the top funny stadiums around the world watching indoors can be of great benefit in the winter when temperatures are cold structures was minus thirteen however hard fans of a sporting russia and sweden not even such cold is able to put them off their favorite pastime which are both great r.t. moscow. and that's all the support. for the weather update coming up shortly after this. hungry for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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