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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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foundation has spent forty two million dollars to make american scared of muslims the report and titled fear corporate it the roots of islamophobia network in america documents how huge amounts of money have been funneled into the so-called experts and scholars to infect the internet and cable news outlets with false and muslim narratives you've probably heard that president obama is a secret muslim that mosques are being used around the nation as terrorist recruitment camps and that shari'ah laws of hurting our legal system none of that is true. but all of these myths have taken hold in the national debate expression on fox news for more on this report and the manufactured fear of muslims gripping this nation i'm joined by one of the authors basher care vice president at the center for american progress and editor in chief of progress at work as well come. so fast in your opinion all of us here campaign i mean what's this all about well there's been a small network of experts who've been working for
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a decade to try to scare americans about the presence of islam in america they have been at it with vigor and with a great deal of commitment and what we've now learned is they've got forty two million dollars behind them to conduct this campaign and that forty two million dollars it's not a huge sum but it's enough to convince enough americans that muslims are scary and it's working i mean if you look at the public polling of some sort of america people are so more afraid of muslims than they were even after nine eleven and if you look at the park fifty one controversy you see that they have an ability the islamophobia network to drum up false controversies in the entire nation's attention for things like forty two million dollars is enough to convince the likes of herman cain newt gingrich michele bachmann who are all part of the current republican field candidates for president i mean how how that. how dangerous is that that there are people who are who could have their fingers on the button or
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you know win the presidency when the white house that they have been bought into this and that they believe in crazy things like a secret muslim caliphate yeah we'll take the gingrich example that you just cited bachmann k. and they all go this talking point this is taking over the nation that it's going to supplant the constitution that it's going to reverse american law where did that come from it came from the report issued by a conservative think tank called the center for security policy which is headed by frank gaffney one of the core of the. most of the work they produce that report disseminated it out through a group of activists. for america to its freedom center runs a few conservative blogs to reproduce this information saying bush really is taking over america soon it was on fox news michael savage rush limbaugh we're repeating it on the radio and then you've got it coming out of the mouths of republican candidates it's asked at a republican g.o.p. presidential debate and so that's how you start these kinds of things and it just
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shows you that if you want to have this long it actually isn't quite that hard because we know where it's coming from and if you can stop the early initiators of this nonsense you can actually do a lot of damage to the to the overall goal or goal of yourself or your network so you're kind of saying cut off the head and the rest of it that's about right i think if we're going to do which is our goal with this report look at the money trail words that start from the auditors are being sincere about their views on this matter i think they're going to say they don't want their money to be funded hates i think that a lot of them are in the dark about what kinds of activities they're helping to fund well i don't think many of them know what frank gaffney and daniel pipes and steve emerson are doing with the money that they're giving up we're letting them know you're now on notice here your here's what you're funding do you stand for this or not and i actually i think that's a really great point that a lot of people don't realize that you know various corporations that trying to foundations or are you know part of their philanthropic work they really do the due
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diligence to see where the money's going and really know what it is they're doing kind of bringing this out to light but where are the other experts i mean where are the people calling them now i mean you know peter king had this this congressional hearing to talk about the radicalization of muslims in america you know when we're going to get said that point where we're having congressional hearings that we have these g.o.p. candidates you know why aren't more people or what can people do to kind of kind of cut the beast off at the have had. you know this first level you need some media accountability here if the media's going to continue to give a platform to frank gaffney to robert spencer which i wouldn't call an expert on really anything but. experts for about a decade because they had some knowledge of. foreign policy or they worked in the reagan administration. and so they had the label expert thrown on them and the media hasn't done a good enough job of questioning whether that label still sticks whether it's worth
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it and i think that reproducing a lot of the anti muslim hate that comes from the mouths of this is on top of that word they are part and parcel of the problem the media is they should take a close look in the mirror and say do we want to continue to give these guys a platform or is it worth it to start checking yourself and say these people just don't deserve to be guests on our network any longer and i think one of the things that example that was during the nine eleven kind of accident they were building a mosque near the nine eleven site and we saw this controversy brought up consistently and people were brought on to date as though it were you know an actual kind of an issue i guess the last thing i really want to ask you is the more that we can allow this kind of you know allow the false premise that this is actually a concern to be repeated you know are we radicalized saying you know other muslim terrorists are be radicalizing you know lay muslims to be fearful of america i
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don't know if you radicalize them but you're certainly ostracizing the american muslim community you're saying that your contributions to american society aren't valued by any efforts that you make to try to counter radicalization in your communities we don't we don't respect that we say freedom of religion we actually don't need you but i think the other problem here is that we do have global muslim terrorists people who are acting out because they think is that war with the west and what they see. in the u.s. media the u.s. press. that we are at war with them that gives them. to recruit abroad and i think that's a problem so both at home and abroad we're basically big our productive in the way we approach this problem well thank you so much for coming on and thank you for working on this report this is really i mean that's been rather startling and hopefully we can put a stop to that they can get their head attention thank you. beyond that rhetoric and the anti muslim here machine has a devastating effect on americans across the nation recently tom had this take on
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how fear in particular arab muslims is it working this nation apart and what we need to stop that. last night a man in texas was executed his name was mark strawman and he was given a lethal injection by the state of texas because he let himself get consumed with eight ten days after nine eleven strong on one of the shooting spree hell bent on killing as many muslims as he could on three separate nights he walked into dallas castrations with a shotgun opening fire killing two muslim men and shooting another man in the face the third victim. just barely survived the shooting. and will be partially blind for the rest of his life because of his injuries he wasn't interested in i for an eye justice why because his muslim religion preaches forgiveness all the way up until the day that strawman was executed bullion petitioned the state of texas to spare strawman's life launching
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a global petition to have his sentence commuted to life without parole. for your monster many years ago in fact i never hated him i knew he did very good for what happened to me i believe he was ignorant and not capable of distinguishing between right and wrong otherwise he wouldn't have done what even my faith could be miss is that because it. doesn't allow for a hate and killing. and strawman. took notice he was struck by the compassion that was afforded to him by one of his victims and he changed his way in a message to rice and from jail stroman said in the free world i was free but i was locked in a prison inside myself because the hate i carried in my heart is due to rice's message of forgiveness and i am more content now than i've ever been and last night strawman built on the message and used his last breath to issue these last words
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for us all to hear. is going on in this world and it has to stop hate causes a lifetime of pain as a result of what a group of hateful men and not what a religion did on nine eleven our nation just like stroman admitted to is often consumed with hate. we have a man running for president who's disqualified muslims from serving in his administration and argue that our nation has the right to deny muslims a place of worship. would you be comfortable appointing a muslim either in your cabinet or as a federal judge no. if you're saying any community if they want to ban a mosque yes they have the right to do that we have a prominent member of congress who is using his powers as chairman of the homeland security committee to whip up fear in our nation and investigate american muslims for radical islam i believe it's important to have this investigation on
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radicalization of the most and community we see what happened in england we know that al qaida is trying to recruit people over here such as they did with the subway bombing in new york chrystia the attempted subway bombing times square bombing these are all people living legally in the united states we have the most popular cable news network saying that all terrorists are muslims and warning of warning americans about victory mosques in new york city in tennessee and hate fueled caliphate springing up to bring shari'a law to america. not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim and if you are an eighteen to twenty year old most wanted man you should be strip searched and if we don't do that there's a very high probability we're going to lose an arab building that victory mosque on what's in essence a burial site would be both destructive and cold hearted for the families of nine eleven victims the most dangerous scenario is that radical muslims seize power and put sharia law into the place same thing these are all components of the hate
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machine killing us all with fear and driving some of us like strawman to lash out in violence but islam is not the real threat to america our own hatred our own fear is the biggest threat to this nation. as the southern poverty law center points out there are more than one thousand hate groups operating across america today their numbers have grown by fifty four percent since nine eleven they are neo nazis klansman white supremacists black separatists and border vigilantes they're all over there all over the country it's the various militia it's it's. still in america but they are not however are muslims. in fact according to f.b.i. data ninety four percent of all the terrorist acts committed on u.s. soil over the past decade were not from radical muslims but instead from these very
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same hate groups that are popping up across america and well our news media will feast once every few years on a muslim attack that was thwarted they ignore the hate crimes that are carried out every single day in america in leading families devastated and communities in distress. as mark strawman said just before the lethal cocktail was pumped into his arm. hate causes a lifetime of pain. so let's not. this story of forgiveness and frankly of enlightenment he forgot. how to end this hateful so-called war on terror and focus on really in this nation of the far more discreet destructive force hate and fear. coming up tom breaks down the real threat of global warming and night faily take. what
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drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to dribble break through get through it have been made who can you trust no one who is human view with the global machinery see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions
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considered breakthrough good through people have made who can you trust no one who is in view who with a global mission would see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sessions when nobody dares to ask what we do our t.v. question more. the good the bad and the very very jew meant to sleep the good. marathon county central labor council in the mine with just one week away but was in wausau wisconsin are planning their annual labor day parade and this year some people are not invited according to randy radke the president of the marathon county central labor council conservatives are not allowed to participate in this here's labor day parade he told the malaki journal sentinel. usually they've been
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in this parade but it seems like the old they only want to stand with us one day a year and the other three hundred sixty five days they don't really care it should come as no surprise that the organizers chose not to invite elected officials who openly attacked workers' rights or stood idly by while their political party thought just for public workers of their right to collectively bargain. i'll take it one step further and say those that don't recognize the rights of working people to organize shouldn't get the day off either. the bad. ron paul as a one thousand mile wide hurricane ripped through the eastern seaboard of the united states leaving at least seven billion dollars of damage in its wake and killing more than twenty people congressman rahm ron paul figured it be a good time to bash fema the federal emergency management agency the guys who helped out when hurricanes hit but it's a system of bureaucratic central economic planning which is
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a falsity that's deeply flawed anybody who wants to be fair in this department in this agency they have a powerful argument to argue for. here that america under ron paul presidency whenever a natural disaster strikes you're on your own maybe it is a good thing that the media ignores ron paul every once in a while and now the very very very ugly republican that he was the former rican senator of a virtual rainbow. the senator who also served as the vice chairman of president george w. bush's reelection campaign in puerto rico resigned the this weekend for you know the usual reasons posting nude photos of himself online. for you know posted lewd photos in an i phone app known as that caters to gay and bisexual men. but the real kicker is that are running as if here's anti-gay advocate spearheading efforts against gay marriage rights in san juan. of course he initially tried to defend the
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photos by claiming short term amnesia. or whatever you're the one you mean bill come on the phone to say when you're one hundred he's a little humble it's almost a little girl and they're going to go to him with a lot of a little accusing them of the most of the negative like what are the rules well he did take out and i'm not sure which is ugly or is anti-gay hypocrisy or the photo itself we call them both very very very very very ugly i. the hurricane i read in crisis along the east coast is now over though the storm this weekend considerably before skirting some of the most populated cities in america from washington d.c. to new york she still left a mark on the millions of people the rains of irene more than the winds caused
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damage as heavy flooding swept through upstate new york and vermont as irene passed over estimates put the total storm damage at about seven billion dollars with five million people losing power and more than twenty people were killed as a result of irene so and don't expect any federal relief soon as both the speaker of the house john boehner and majority leader eric cantor said that any disaster relief must be accompanied by budget cuts like to schools and police departments. though this nation has a far more powerful storms in the past a massive one thousand mile i think storm like irene is is really rare and fortunately as global weirding continues storms like irene and these midwestern middle mile wide tornado it's maybe the new normal. recently tom took on this new reality of climate change and the underhanded tactics climate change
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deniers resort to and its daily cake. right now as sea levels around the world are rising at a rate faster than any other time in the last two thousand years that's just the latest inconvenient truth coming from the world's leading environmental scientists and it's clear this is the result of manmade global warming is for much of the last two thousand years sea levels were stable arose at a fraction of a millimeter a year that was until the turn of the nineteenth century and we found a way to harness ancient sunlight like coal oil for energy and spew billions of tons of dirty greenhouse gases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since then sea levels have been rising more than two millimeters every year and speeding up as this graph shows it is very this is this is pretty remarkable zero millimeters a year changes two thousand year period two thousand years. and then the green is
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the actual observed numbers and then the glue is what they were able to calculate from looking at things like you know ice chart you know ice things and tree trunks and however they do this so here we are in the last fifty years or so whom this conclusion comes on the heels of a new report by leading the ocean oceanic scientists warn that thanks to global warming and pollution the oceans are actually turning more and more acidic and threatening to wipe out half of all across the world an extinction not seen on this planet in a low. fifty five million years so given all these dire warnings of a rapidly changing planet that could kill or displace billions of people why are our politicians not doing anything about it and more importantly why is our news media not holding them accountable for their inaction. al gore knows why in the most recent edition of rolling stone magazine who are penned an essay titled
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climate of denial or why it is global warming is still question in america and not viewed here is a fact of life as we and most other nations on the planet the analogy that gore uses spot on has to do with professional wrestling to someone just watching professional wrestling for the first time it seems real guys look like they're just beating the snot out of each other there's blood groans of agony kasia all serious injuries one of the tip offs but it's all fake it's all a show it's how the referee acts if wrestling was real the referee would be on point and impartial fulfilling his duty like any other referee in professional sports baseball basketball football but wrestling the referee is just a character playing an important role in the scripted theatricals inside the ring ever notice that any time the bad guy is breaking the rules like smashing his opponent's skull with a metal chair the referee seems to be distracted. to. thank
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you. when the good guy finally pile drags the bad guy and lays on top of him for the pin the referee is nowhere to be found again distracted. with. it's simple the referee is there for the drama for the show it's a show and when it comes to the climate change debate here in the united states our referee is the news me and instead of acting like
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a legitimate impartial and competent referee al gore points out that our news media using this metaphor is acting like a referee from professional wrestling the media seems unsure if they're supposed to be reporting on the facts of climate change or if they're just part of the entertainment referee in an absurd today between actual climate scientists who devoted their lives to study the issue and on the other side pseudo scientists and pundits were just saying what their big oil corporate overlords pay them to say as al gore writes the referee appears not to notice that the polluters and ideologues are trampling all over the rules of democratic discourse they're financing pseudo scientists whose job is to manufacture doubt about what is true and what is false but i know like that officials also bribes but the politicians themselves have made legal and can now be made in secret spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year a misleading advertisements in the mass media hiring for anti climate lobbyists for
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every member of the us senate and house of representatives. in other words climate change deniers are cheating hitting the legitimate scientific community in the head with the metal chairs and all the while our news media is looking the other way when the real story should be this blatant subversion of science in america. but when it comes to fox news the media isn't just distracted while climate scientists get kneecapped with fake science there andy the metal chair is directly to the bad guys as media matters noted late last year fox news managing editor bill sammon sent a directive to all of that networks and journalists instructing them to go out climate change science salman's e-mail read we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed or cooled in any given period without immediately pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question it is
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not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts especially as this debate and some. other words it's not their place as journalists to report on facts that's because their job is to be a crooked referee in a shy in a sideshow as long as the climate change so-called debate remains a sideshow in the corporate media then it will never be taken seriously anymore unless it water cooler debates across america are debates in congress and the bad guys the big oil polluters with their phony science chair shots are going to win match after match after match until the entire arena is under. the threat of mass extinction in our oceans is not entertainment the threat of american cities like new york los angeles miami drowning under rising sea levels is not entertainment and the threat of billions of people around the world being displaced is not entertainment it's real life it's what we're all facing right now. and we need
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a legitimate referee a news media that knows how to do its job and can't be bought off by big will corporate interests to make sure that americans are informed about the very real threats of climate change and that our political leaders are held accountable al gore is so right on this and told it so clearly in his rolling stone op ed it's time to disqualify pseudo science and give the world title belt of legitimacy to actual climate scientists and start listening to what they have to say. so that's the big picture for more information on the stories we covered visit the web sites at thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org and our team dot com also check out the shows to you tube channels there are links that thom hartmann zack com entire show is also available on free video podcast on i tunes and there's a free time hartman i phone and i pad app at the app store you can send us feedback
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on twitter at tom underscore hartmann on facebook at tom under sparrow underscore hartman and on the blogs message boards and the telephone comment line at thom hartmann dot com and don't forget as always tom says democracy begins with you get out there and get active tag you're it.
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will. bring you the latest in science and certainly from the room. we're going to drill. mission free to seventy three hours for charges free. range lists priests to religiously blood cells splitting video for your media
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