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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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i know what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. here with our t.v. live from moscow our top stories nato says it plans to continue its presence in libya as the alliance keeps calling me the town of sirte the main program south and stronghold in the now mostly rebel controlled country revolt people on the ground claim the latest threat to their safety comes from weapons falling into inexperienced hands. russian authorities say two of the suicide bombers who carried out the deadly attacks in the capital of the chechen republic have been identified multiple blasts watts calls me on tuesday evening leaving at least nine people dead
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and over twenty injured. and israel trains are reportedly arms west bank settlers ahead of you want to vote on recognizing palestinian statehood in september but experts warn it's the anticipation of violence that could actually spark a conflict in the saddle months. to global energy giants america's exxon mobil and russia's ross nafta have struck a multi-billion dollar partnership agreement on monday a sweeping deal focuses on the exploration of russia's vast arch and shouts. second ice breaker into the region to talk to a norwegian diplomat about his country's stake in the untapped resource rich territory. today we're talking to mr harry klein signed state secretary of the norway's ministry of foreign affairs about the arctic region and the role his country plays in the region this insight thank you very much for joining us today let's go
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straight into it's admitting to some estimates that the arctic region holds about thirty percent of the world's i'm sorry gas resources thirteen percent often discovered oil resources so it comes estimates doing to prove to be true what portion of those resources is in the are we looking past claiming as their own this is a very easy because the countries of the arctic has agreed about we will fully comply with international law one law or the sea not malays are very deep field roots for these areas should be divided between because the states and norway as it's the. continental shelf being recognized them all over the border issues are settled so basically will be. will be found potentially within our borders that will be. utilized going away do you believe that anyone nation has what it takes to work
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develop those resources singlehandedly will not only very countries in the arctic need to operate for the message through the world is there are countries want to cooperate with other countries and companies from all over the world can utilize these resources so this is the top of me all the normal process in the opinion of the region scientists are who do you believe their loss of riches should belong to to the scientists and it's a lot of facts that needs to be collected these products need to be presented through the right body for review and until the experts are you and given day considerations it's not for us the ability as a politician says. commute too much about now will the melting of the icecaps obviously that is something that has been established is already taking place do you think it's an ecological curse in a way or from a financial economic point of view it's a blessing i don't think it's possible to weigh these two against each other the
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climate changes are pretty hurriedly seeing that extremely worrying. no where on earth it's felt stronger than in the arctic changes temperature it happens twice as fast here as the global average and this will dramatically influence the last little bit big to do this people animals plants live. we might see quite severe frags old so globally because of the changes in the environment they are here the effects are felt in africa and asia all over the world because the climate change it's a changing future of the changing conditions in the arctic and this is so for it's extremely worrisome but at the same time this opens up new possibilities commercially and there is no reason for why we should not use these opportunities and so on for us the politicians we will continue working against climate change but it has already started. to go on for at least
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a couple of decades until we hopefully are able to study to stabilise the situation the resources will be more accessible and we will utilize this the best for the people in the arctic region and for the world population that not only me it's minerals energy but also. demanding larger production or for hardball to approach and so i'm very we have the richest some of the richest fish stocks of the world obviously norway is a major player in the gas market so would you expect that role to change with the developments off the resources in our in the arctic region or do you think it will stay the same while norway is the first country in the world. started production of liquid natural gas in the arctic with most of the first in the north of norway so in the way we have already experienced increased business because of our work gas resources in the arcade russia of course by far the
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greatest resource potential but of course the costs related to developing these resources are very uncertain and it's also the international market so it's difficult to speculate a whole large distance of change just a little be what is evident is that in a way this investing a lot of human capital and infrastructure so that we are positioned so international companies will find nowhere else to relevant partner whatever development for the seed in the arctic you probably know about russia's stock when the mall projects if those pipelines are right there when those pipelines are fully developed do you think they will somehow ways affect norway's role as the major player in the gas markets basically the world needs more energy and it must be taken from some of the way the arctic is one of the most promising regions norway has its you know physical share of the arctic it feels of how to compensate it's
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extremely valuable in other. regions and be seen that the russians are inviting not only or no way in but also of the country saying that if you put in the region companies are playing. rose in different projects also in russia so in one way or the other no we will be very much involved in the development of these resources in the arctic would you see that with norway will look to play a similar role. canonically and logistically as the middle east is playing in the world right now at the time it's it's difficult to envisage but we can approve it. really. but this development is in such an early stage that it isn't very useful to speculate where this might and. we are focusing on the political leaders that we have ready to take the new first new steps are we are investing heavily in there in
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research with regard to health and safety and environmental so that we can assure that. the business activity that will most probably take place in these very volatile waters can be done in a very responsible way and both with regard to the environment and human lives that will be exposed to the city others also has a certain forecast which says that by twenty fifty at the arctic countries will be the richest countries in the world that will form a so-called hard to crim do you believe in that prediction in that forecast currently norway is one of the richest countries of the ready. and these resources will further your relative position is difficult to say. what's our political focus is that we make sure that utilize these resources in there and very mentally in a robust and sound way so that we can prove to the world we are up through the
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responsibility that they are taking on russia of course as you have heard on numerous occasions russia's claim to intensify its northern sea routes how does norway that is that from that project but obviously people benefit from increased security because again very often in the international press there is a hypothesis that it's a conflict between the arctic sites i would say you've got a measly you have a joint interest this is just another case if the succeeds in building capacity so that this route via is already accessible and commercially viable becomes even more attractive for the shipping companies that will attract more to. witchy and also more business in no way i'm a force of the norwegian government house put its own money into projects preparing for that and we have a very close cooperation with the russian authorities run workshops to identify critical stickles is currently not making this group working up the
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middle optimal for commercial points and our final question of course is concerning the security at the end of the arctic region how does more we perceive the importance of maintaining security and possible military presence in the region what do you believe should be done and i was assuming team peace and stability in the r six the most striking correct restricted authority to start this is an area of peace and stability and a very open close cooperation between the arctic states and we have a very robust situation and my impression is that political corp is becoming even better from a sort of a good starting point i know world peace i would most to ensure that it remains in this favorable situation very constant student secretary for the minister of foreign affairs often are we thank you very much for joining us today.
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i got out of the military in ninety sixty six i got out because it's the same site saw the things i was doing and that's the reason he said we were killed for doing that it was a personal protests during the vietnam war and she war movement emerged that altered the course of history this movement to take place on college campuses but it merits and on ships penetrated elite military colleges like west point and it spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam. today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam. after the army we always said free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant the army. nearly a billion people in the world were going hungry every day. in the united states even our trash cans are filled with food you just have to go get it all of these
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perfectly good eggs because one was cracked didn't even get all over the other ones just thrown away rotten she's from the german oh. clearly like cup of coffee. in the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill they made one dozen. egg whites. delicious breakfasts for the family cakes and toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of.
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would be soon which brightened a few pounds from finest immigration. his flu starts on t.v. don't come. touches the so much of the taxpayers are limited but i seriously have a real serious problem the us federal reserve has met and decided little as the global economic recovery slows now it's time for congress and the president to take .
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party's top stories nato says it plans to continue its presence in libya as the alliance keeps bombing the town of search for the name probe example stronghold mostly probably told contrary meanwhile people on the ground claim the latest threat for their safety comes from weapons falling into inexperienced pounds. russian authorities say two of the suicide bombers who carried out deadly attacks in the capital of the trojan republic have been identified multiple blasts promised growth on tuesday evening leaving at least nine people dead and over twenty injured . and israel trains and reportedly bombs the west bank saboteurs ahead of the u.n. vote on recognizing palestinian statehood in september but afterwards foreign it's
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the anticipation of violence that could actually spark a conflict in deciding that's. the farmer joins us now with the latest from the world of sports and only one of the world athletics championships today but a good one for russia i understand yeah that's right taking gold in the women's twenty kilometer walk a significant way into which news russia level. gold medals tonally you see the top of medals tied with the u.s. of cold war not. hello there welcome to the sport and these are the headlines walking away with gold gold we can these wins the twenty kilometer world title for a record third time in a row. djokovic needs just forty four minutes to reach the second round of the u.s.
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open as the main seeds priest through. and hundred million dollar man court about michael vick lands a massive deal with the philadelphia eagles just two years after being released from jail. but we start with the athletics and he has won her third straight world crown the russian claiming gold in the women's twenty kilometer walk in south korea that her olympic and european titles are draped in the country's flag she was beaming after finishing in just under one hour and thirty minutes she broke clear of the pack two thirds into the race and the picking up a trickle will crown said she never lacks motivation. let you go which i'm very happy that i have won and always prime motivation ma'am on the start line like i always feel i have something to prove i never think of truth is that i have won and just always try to compete as an ordinary athlete and yet each piece and then he will avert a victory there which russia joint top of the medals table along with the usa both
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have four gold medals each kenya. three. because as we can these can his way and also does something else it breaks the what has been called a cup of curse at the world championships each day the events program features an athlete on the front cover and until now there has been a genius with you saying bold they run rob less and a leader is and by it are all failing to deliver isn't by their is the world record holder in the pole vault having cleared over five meter. but yesterday the double olympic champion jumped well below that the finish stakes there for me to sixty five centimeters by twenty centimeters lead in the winning here from brazil fabiana muhtar fellow russians but honestly a fan of a kind of bronze alison by the blames herself for choosing the wrong type of zero. thought a subtle change cool immature stamp of course i do think that would. be trying to fix it so they didn't make the mistake that led you to feel safe to say what you
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saw was something that. i began to suspect was why we all have left and i like i. think you think back on the track there was better news for russia is that a poll lead from the start to the finish take gold in the women's three thousand meter steeple chase here while two thousand and four olympic champion it was of course the got bronze in the men's eight hundred meters which is one my can use they get the share and that ended the day which started with brushes happy on it you know that winning the heptathlon. hundred thirty two. code today and. i feel strong for my so called this. super me that i can do everything i can to any executive in this competition and then a few to to the tennis not the u.s. open world number one never joke of it you safely through to around so you along with defending champion rafael nadal djokovic is job made easier by the fact that
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his opponent has poisoning parish one conon oil and lost the first set to love and then retired at five one down in the second the whole thing only taking forty four minutes alleged jock of age isn't complaining. i don't think lacking any any time for serious b. . has been a very long view so. i really don't mind explaining that it was that when the court . i think i played well for this forty five sixty minutes that we had before it's unfortunate morning or use the poisoning but. you know i felt great on the court and that's something that's really important for. elsewhere the world number two when defending champion rafael nadal joins him in the next round he got past six ounce under glue in straight sets six three seven six seven five and he finished the match off with a scorcher down the line. also russia's top
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seed because usually suffered a shock defeat a lot of years in the school this nicoletta change to scrape through in a five setter against even as the fed a russian eagle continued sid but no such luck the eagle under here despite taking the first set against fifth seed david fair he went on to lose three secs the one. in the women's draw top seed car i was nasty still after her first grand slam and beat spain's new. veevers in straight sets afterwards the dane saying she was bored by questions about never having won a major. it's actually been nice the last three four weeks because i haven't got many questions about them or i'm so you know. them it's you know it's i know that everyone has to write their stories but i think it's. something else something. here we can talk about the shock of the
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day with your six easily now crush and it's the unseeded remain in simona halep however rushes fell on the business over and to see how the changes that have made it to the next round along with american serina very comfortable opening win for her six one six one her finished against job the north williams this last year's tournament through injury and the season before that was disqualified after arguing with a line judge but it could start this time round the former number one. russian coach the gap has every confidence in standing keeper my left ear the head of two crucial euro qualifiers they host macedonia on friday and then ireland four days later and victory in each would put russia top of group b. which is two games left to play a really great winners are guaranteed a place at make some of the european championships and is currently very tight.
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russia have thirteen points along with slovakia and ireland who lead on goal difference goalkeeper fuck yourself not a year has been called in. here could be at the six months after suffering crucial need ligament damage interior scars to draw with sparta at the weekend but africa has every confidence in mallett here he knows well from his days in charge as any. i have a lot of confidence because we're short of those and it was well he was moment one . from. over in the states court about michael vick has signed a mask. if it contracts he will be paid one hundred million dollars over six years by the philadelphia eagles they took him on after he'd been jailed nineteen months for dog fighting two years ago vick vick has brought a son since then and is now being made the third highest paid player in the n.h.l. behind quarterback tom brady and peyton manning it hoping to repay the faith show
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in place employees. the difference makes him want to work or you know just you could see. to show that you know we were going to get. when i first got here and the commitment to my so. there won't change and i've always been a girl who work or. i've seen the progress that's with me in my career. and we will end with ice hockey and the first world junior club cup is being held in the siberian city of arms and saw moscow's red army get off to a winning start but is roman quarter of an hour reports the event is aimed at helping all young players develop whether they win or lose. for the next few days will become the world capital of youth icehockey the choice of this siberian city for the first ever club world cup was
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a very calculated decision for one ice hockey is the fans' favorite here beyond the year old mountains so high attendance is almost ensured well at least for the games that involve the russians and number two which is probably the most important factor in staging an international youth sports event is the huge support from the local government that at the moment i can say that says here's a red hospitality it has a reservation. is there from italy. to the disappeared so the pressure cooker thank you very much since this is the first time the youth club world cup has been held it's only fair to talk about the competition format eight teams have been divided into two groups and the side that earns most points qualifies for the final match russia's red army from the european junior hockey league were drawn in group a with the best teams from the united states and slovakia while battling for a place in the final from group b.
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will be teams from canada sweden czech republic and bella ruse. and a victory in instalment of any level is everybody's dream i think the guys who watch it play today wearing the red army t. shirts realize how responsible their task is the responsibility they have to schumer's was quite unexpected there are a lot of young gifted guys who will be able to show their skill in the support of the siberians let's wish them success i repeat there are very talented boys among them i'm sure that they sold him and will provide them with the international experience needed for further professional growth and let's hope that this all comes true so four matches were held on the opening day of the tournaments were the american eastern junior hockey league's all star it's a huge defeat in the rivals from lott the up for two swedish side red hawks. were thrashed four nil by the czech side energy while canada's oil barons were also scoreless in their three nil defeats against denominate from villar roost and the
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locals tournaments favorite red army were up against slovakia is down from wolves by the way this team is the newest member of the junior hockey league which in compas is six countries including russia for three was the way it ended with the red army earning crucial points on the opening day the finals of the first ever junior club world cup will be held on september the third year announced a russian fans will certainly be hoping it will be their seemed to miss the trophy of this inaugural thirty minutes but if they don't they i know all the other teams will certainly benefit from this experience as the world balkans and your eye sockets are going it's on its calendar koester of artsy homes. and bring you some reaction over the coming days that is all the sport for the moment whether it's next.
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hungry for the full story we've got it from the time the biggest issues get the human voice.


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