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religion is never really really this real estate these are it is made and decided little is that maybe economic recovery slows now it's time for congress and the president to. welcome back here's a recap of the main stories we're covering today on r.t. people in libya say their lives are now at risk from a massive weapons falling into untrained hands as nato says it will stay in the region for security. police identified two out of the three suicide bombers who brought death and destruction through russia's north caucasus republic of chechnya killing nine and leaving more than twenty thousand dead. it just doesn't compares the euro zone membership to being in a straight jacket as a loss leader is growing ever more desperate to stall the death epidemic of that which is yours. and you won
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a gold medal say israeli settlers ahead of september's vote on the recognition of a collison state but as they prepare for a possible authorising as per se they might just be called in for it. and i was cited for a special report which covers the natural spectacle of the far flung commander i was in the russian far east that's next in our team. this although i've been around for forty years and going to. still don't know what kind of magnitude fracs people here. unlike when a man comes here for three years. he will stay here much longer but if he leaves
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and never comes back he will miss the place. was. perhaps the best expenses he's three been elements the land the pacific ocean the stars over your head and when. they purify you. opinions is there here people are more hard it was. good in the city but i know that this place is better because here a piece of heaven belongs to the. bearing on island russia's far east again or still a ship has dropped anchor in a bank in the village of nicole square each year this ship from scientists from all
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over russia to the island they come here to study the unique natural environment of the commander islands. which is the box our third day should we grab a sure thing it's our generator. fix in a cool and has done a good deal of research into marine mammals he spends each summer on the island. you learned without a doubt the nokia was and a high powered telescope our research is most indispensable tools here we mostly use them to record the number of first seals we count them every five days. because base is only twenty five kilometers from the village of nicole square the best way to get around is an all terrain vehicle with caterpillar tracks.
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the island's main road goes along the beach where traffic is possible between times . vehicles move along rocky paths along the tundra. these islands at the top of an underwater mountain range stretching across the pacific from russia to alaska the commando archipelago in flames two large islands bearing and near two smaller islands called the fuck off and are a come. they were named after commander victors bearing the seafarer who discovered them in seven hundred forty one born in denmark vetus unison bearing served in the russian fleet he was in charge of geographic expeditions organized by peter the great. belling ship ended up wrecked on this island. and you know hardships they suffered
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during the winter define description of high winds a bitter cold blizzard and sludge ice. that was an agonizing winter just terrible. saying a pass a new came to the commander rollins when he was seventeen years old. since then he's worked as a sailor a fisherman and a hunter. he singlehandedly crossed the pacific not for reaching seattle. he is now a permanent resident nichol's where he's preparing illustrations for his book about the commander island's. little bearings crew was lucky to be stranded at this place there must have been a guardian angel watching from above because the ship was thrown over a reef into this cozy day. most of the varying crew
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managed to survive precisely because they had learned as sure of the commander died unable to withstand the harsh winter for a long time nobody knew where he had been buried his grave was found only in nine hundred ninety one during an archeological expedition organized for the purpose local residents. was on that expedition to meet. with. scientists tested the soil in several places to see how much phosphorus it contained they found the greatest amount of phosphorus around bearings grave. burying was not put in a coffin he was buried on the plank survivors were too weak to dig deep graves all the greys for shallow this is the place.
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where the members of the bering expedition were amazed by the diversity of the island's foreigner particularly the huge amount of marine animals according to their records the first seals breeding grounds took up nearly the whole coastline now there are just force illness and rays on bearing island one of them is in the northwestern part of it the scientists space situated next to. the roar of sea mammals can be heard many kilometers away from the beach the shores advantaged by the highway rocks into several sections and cannot be seen from one point in the full. to count the sails scientists have to look in. every little day . it was. the first seals of playfully for licking on the beach seals of the largest animals here but around looking forward to the arrival of females after they come here the place will be teeming with aramis the
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smaller seals will be driven away they will move to the edge of the beach. in winter the first seals head for the sea of japan but they spend some of on the commander on it's only a quarter of a million seals gather here each year as is almost one fifth of the world's total. there are only males on the beach now instead the seals of busy dividing the breeding ground into plots for the hard rain's once they have moved into that territory they will stay there until late august. after the famous seals arrive the beach will be off limits to outsiders the males will kill anybody showing up there. these powerful animals quickly respond to any sign of danger so strong that a brief jerk of the neck can send a forty kilogram carol flying over several meters. because of the beauty and
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your ability that copes first seals quickly faced mass extermination much like the seals the other inhabitants of the island like up to foxes and sea otters were not faithful of humans as a result then the easy prey for the hunters came to the island by the end of the eighteenth century valuable fur bearing animals but found themselves on the brink of extinction. every now and then russian merchants pillage the islands arctic foxes a sea otters where in an incredible numbers here and then they were killed by the thousands to seek ours. made extinct within twenty six years late commander islands where the only have a chat over that marine mammal. in one thousand nine hundred three almost the entire territory commanded violence was
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declared a protected area counselling and other economic activity were banned as a result there was a gradual growth in the population of rare animals. thursdays i give bill me as an employee of the reserve a moment as the population of birds and animals and keeps a record. that we are going to ari cameron on top of the call of we are in luck today the sea is camera and the weather is nice there is a big hurry there are lots of sea birds and there are also many animals sea lions harbor seals and sea otters we will try to take pictures of them. each year about a million birds nest on come on the islands there are real cories on almost all of the coastal cliffs the bird population on talk over island is one of the most impressive. up to one hundred thousand pairs of tough to. gather in an area of some
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five hundred square meters they are called northern pirates because of the bright plumage. of each year we catch and tag about a hundred birds it won't let me go now i'll have to open it speak it's ok it happens. i'm going to try and hide it now it's best to let them get back to the holes or else be taken far beyond the places where the other tough the puffins nest if one of these birds gets into coffins nest the only viable guess might well be killed by another puff and you know where we usually let them go by tossing them into the air. in the courts though it seems he doesn't want to fly today. these birds cannot takeoff from the ground which is why they look clumsy instead they use a steep slope as a launch pad tufted pathans feet in the open sea it dives the depths of up to three hundred metres in the hunt the small fry. quite often
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siegel snatch fish from tufted puffins that can't fly fast enough they swoop down on puffins to make them drop the fish and then they snatch it up in mid-air. sure and foreigner from both fuel asia and america and how to command the islands the glasgow swinged go is native to north america the commander runs of the eastern most tip of its habitat proper call for island hosts russia's biggest nest and colony of glaucus when those scientists put the numbers at over one thousand five hundred pounds. with. these eggs were laid by a glow causeway and go such birds protect their nests by attacking intruders we've disturbance to from their nest should we stop here they will attack us from above sometimes they might even walk because the where the head with their wings i would recommend but you should not hang around here too long. a soon as they feel
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safe it goes waste no time getting to the nests otherwise neighbors may destroy the clutch. from the harbor seals are only thirty meters away from us we are going to approach the big rock and try to get a closer look at them. park called the island a rare subspecies of harbor seals have the breeding ground close to the water during low tide the animals usually on the shore they slide into the water the slightest sign of danger if. the commander islands are a kingdom of rain falls on relentlessly cold winds winters here last for nearly eight months most of the year low clouds to the ground rare occasions some good sparing on and the chance to reveal its true in. the northern part of the island
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is flat with no shores. so than pot is covered with mountains and versa cool cliffs sticking out into the sea. a warm can see the two highest waterfalls on the island which are especially stunning on the snow melts in spring. the move you can take a boat to see the rocks. the sun millions of birds it all looks like a pillow that has been torn into pieces. i might never send you. there are countless childhood was already shattered by this tragedy. they still feel the
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fear they faced. down remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. the town and using soldiers. innocent victims. of the bomb. a little angels on our cheek.
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airplanes arriving at nicole scoria airport are a welcome event for the population of barren island in winter time flights are often cancelled because of gale force winds and poor visibility.
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sometimes regular service does not resume full weeks at a time the islands are known for their rigorous climate. here cold arctic waters class for the warm currents coming from the southern seeds to create a humid sub-arctic climate. zimmermann it's winter is here very long and may snow in may or in early june. in fact i'm sure you will see snow. and his paintings surrogate past the new york tries to recreate the beauty of the local nature over many years he's traveled around the thermometer islands. most of his works were inspired by his trips. now surrogate family lives in a quick and teaches our children as
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a local studio. here you need to somehow make the nansen of the wing look more prominent try again. and you won't want to have those dark spots in your picture the rocks the bird and the wayne. and children usually draw sea birds which are the most common habitants of the command the nature of. many of the nest in a room called out a common which is a fifty seven needs a high rock and sledge is accommodate more than fifty thousand birds of seventeen different species reserve staff a very careful about taking stock of the island's alison's they have to avoid starting the birds such an incident could accidentally make them not eggs down the side of the. go most have a long breeding period guillemots female can lay up to seven eggs at
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a time if one of them goes missing she is ready to produce many more the al you would choose to take advantage of this behavior before the nature reserve came into being they would counter are a common islands to move the eggs that are being late in order to get fresh ones a few days later. sea lions a fund of relaxing on the alley common island this animal is closely related to the first seal but it is much bigger in the eighteenth century the loud howls signal danger to seafarers in that they should stay clear of the animals and the hazardous rocks in the area. the sea lion population on the under islands a shrunken we simply is about a thousand sea lines come here with some of the females affair from a few minutes they leave the beach as soon as they see.
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that the sea lions are building hiram's for themselves by gallery and together a group of cows they always try to keep the cows by their sides because if they leave they may not come back this is a last ditch battle for the males. bearing islanders well away from normal sea routes and fishing boats in the rain giants will completely secure. the beaches and whales often enter the bay with a local see them and say look at the whales to each other with friends as a common thing for the residents on that because whales migrate past the commander islands so it's very easy to observe them a little. dr
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old a philosopher and even fit buton i've been studying the behavior of whales for many years the scientists are in luck a recipe she says beaked whale was approached barren island. they were first discovered off the sort of man. right. in with you they don't let people approach them and that is why we're in such a hurry if they come to the surface where we have only got a couple of minutes to get a few pictures up close but even that's not always the case nobody knows anything about these species they always stick together. whales can dive from the depths of several kilometers in search food after getting a gulp of air they swim down disappearing without a trace. of this place is terra incognita each time we discover something new
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there's a simpler way of doing such research by studying mice or birds for example and you do get quicker results that way but we don't know much about this species it's a good deal of hard work to study them in your movie. and some of tom's millions of fish driven by natural instinct strives to get to the spawning areas in the northern part of the bering island there is a small fish farm. fishing is an essential part of the local economy. the fishing season means very hard work and i think any fisherman will agree with me see it would be just specially rough when you're a part of
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a team of fisherman. that. you get up early in the morning and go to bed late at night you wake up before the cigarette between your teeth goes out. the fishing season last throughout the summer is very hard work indeed but people are virtually dying to do it. fish dominates the local cuisine and the fishery is the main source of income for local residents in early june the valuable red salmon is the first to life for spawning. so this caviar isn't right it's small and very fact later when the fish enter the fresh waters and begin to support this system gets transformed the fish stop eating
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and thoughts lose their fat and become red. the vision caviar gets bigger and ripens. us a very fish the red some and is the favorite food of first seals sailing a pass a new observe this many time. was written there are real hunters this animal is very pretty it's impossible to tear your eyes away from the beach if the seals come here for summer the beaches are full of them it is a strong beautiful meanest. master of the sea. routes in a cool and getting ready for the most dangerous part of his job along with his son so gay he's heading to the very center of the breeding ground in a special plywood box for check on the health of the first seals but right now he's worried about what one céline is going to do next the lion pricks up his ears when
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he sees something strange appearing each. pierce he can crush of plywood box just as easily as a human can emerge box what is no problem for him to destroy the shelter of the same lion weighs more than seven hundred kilograms according to published figures they can weigh as much as a ton of plywood is a little a thing as far as this seal is concerned. first seals dislike any sort of movements he explores trying to walk as slowly as they can to avoid startling animals. but it would help one of the seals came up to us to say hello to you couldn't sniff us out because the wind was blowing our way otherwise he wouldn't have come anywhere near us. first seals liven up towards evening when the temperature drops marine mammals are quite comfortable at this time considering they spend most of their lives in icy
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water. the scientists are going to monitor the first seals every day during the whole summer period. for an urban resident customs and hossam cities lie from barren island may see monotonous and boring. regardless it will still come in droves to the commander runs. although i've been around for forty years. i still don't know what kind of magnet tracks people here that line up of it but that.
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doesn't account for hampshire as the vast expanse of us here there's nothing the i can stumble against. evil evil here are different these three big elements the land the pacific ocean and stars will rear heads and wins they purify ale of food is just people here don't fool around they behave in a definite way not like they do in the metro here people are more one hundred. where waggle was no no this place is better for here a part of heaven belongs to the island.
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and. hungry for the full sun we've got it for us the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news.


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