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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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the draft would give us manpower the report that you mentioned about all the waste it's that same report talks about a one to one relationship ratio of sort of men in uniform men and women in uniform to contractors there were as many as two hundred sixty two thousand contractors in iraq imagine if all of them were wearing a uniform you'd have half a million men and women in uniform in iraq i would venture to say things would have been wrapped up rather quickly and now we would just be keeping a lid on it now as michael o'brien author of america's failure in iraq and not going to find out from one the stories we covered that are. there come back. this. the still feel the fear they faced. and
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remember every second of this night and. it will remain in their memories when. anything so. innocent. little. emission free accreditation free transport charges free. maintenance free risk free tickets to child free. download free broadcast quality video for your media project and a free media oh god our teeth dot com.
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it's morning the sky is quietly quiet but suddenly i hear a sweet maladie coming from the farm a lark is singing i think a bird's eye view of the people below it's fascinating now they have turned on the light in one of the houses and three barefooted boys have emerged from another one i can hear a barking dog and crowing roosters sounds have filled the silence as for myself i keep flying in the sky i'm a cloud. the twelve year old girl by the name of emma is dedicated these lines to a home town of beslan which is situated
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a thousand miles south of moscow. being videotaped she signs this recording with a simple word hello. today it we're going to interview unplanned cap. how are you that's fine and. what about your family it's. also ok right. emma loves her cat she likes to film it on video and she has a dream first after we finish school my friends and i would like to go to moscow and study high fashion. emma adores her best friends. my gina and odds are they spend practically all of their time together. finishing and one says so sure it's our viewers. emma she wants to say
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i wish our viewers happiness and help. these sharks stay back to the summer of two thousand for. the four best friends no longer live in beslan. their name is called the town of angels a cemetery. one hundred eighty six children are buried here and they all died on the same day september third two thousand. as.
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let's go. slimed says we were here for this is that right. so slow in the breeze so are ten years old they're twins. at the time of the best one school siege they were before. but they still remember every minute of it just in events of september two thousand and six.
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there was a child of the day or two so what if this one isn't gunman one of the terrorists was here and there for you fired it signifies. on the first of september two thousand and four so slow on the military so we're true you're going to start school. but in a small town like beslan at the beginning of a new school year is a great occasion slum in the research for a moment children do the festivities. were told that all of the girls should wear school uniforms on september first that's a brown dress and a white apron. if they decided at that time that occasion they wouldn't invite their mothers to take part in the history of it she asked me if i had to go to school to be
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recovered amistad and wouldn't want you around we're adults already settles. i touched my lips with my fingers bites as if send in a kiss to my daughter. i thought when she returned home i was covered with the cases which with. the death was the last one the sweetest kiss of all. over with friends to share stories from the summer holidays but that festive atmosphere was quite sure. it's. the first i thought it was the sound of bursting balloons or something. and then i were really scared when i saw people smashing windows. and running away as fast as they come plus.
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i. backed away trying to start a lawn and holding million not my baby in my hands suddenly i thought flat on my back i see a thousand people rushing towards me i thought flashed through my mind i'm going to be killed in the stampede. it's a really nice lower crowded into the gym as if we were cattle man for the slaughter house was searched wherever we could some on the floor others on the branches
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senior poles we're told just as country prior's from the ceiling only then did i realize what was a girl in on. they did the arms were in that ring. there was one in the middle and smaller ones on each side. hostages were instructed to stay on the ground more than a thousand people sat on the floor of the ship with bomb suspended over their heads the terrorists demanded complete silence the hostages were not to shout cry or talk . still a kid so crying we were told the heart of our and this is where we were then permitted to leave for hopping they came to see who was talking and who wasn't there some machine guns were always at the ready but that had no effect the kids were crying as loudly as before. witness it all the men were to get out of the room
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at one time and they never came back. the men were taken to a room on the second floor. there they were shot and thrown from the window. but they are not easy to get on girls out of the gym and reach them i mean these were very young girls what would cause us someone to do something that oil. one of the boys came up to the terrorist and gave him five roubles i give you money and you let my mother go he said and the terrorist responded of them we've got loads of money go back to your place. the terrorists spoke to each other in the church of language on the first day they made no demands. i asked the hog of my daughter in law said to my son to mark do you take that chalk it off it's too stuffy here as soon as we get out of here are you several jackets tomorrow said no
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it's a present from my mum. the terrorists announced their demands only towards evening of the second day. they said in a note that russian troops must leave the public which was then and still is part of the russian federation and. i hope somebody would turn the cloak but. somebody would kill the terrorists and set us free. was it a standstill for the fathers and mothers of the children they never left the scene hoping they'd soon see their kids again. for two days and nights their children had been bullied inch million they've been deprived of food and deprived for.
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the first day we would be able to leave that place soon and then would do to a shop to buy some dreams and as soon as we got to. school building after the terrorist attack i had a bottle of water with me i always keep a bottle of water on my bedside table and they keep the lights turned on because they cannot sleep in the dark. children to eat flowers they brought from their teachers to mark the start of a new school year. here and to quench their thirst made them even thirsty or. the only available source of water was trickling out of the tap in the toilets some of the children were occasionally allowed to go there. until the spawn stencils dawn was tory's soaked in water thirst was too much mature she for some of the
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children this sucks water. who isn't close. people still bring bottles filled with water to the gym they do it every day they always leave the bottles open to make it easier for the young angels to drink. the mass of people they gathered outside broke down on the search day. by day they expected our kids to be released there's no doubt in our minds that they'd be harmed so that they could be harmed we never entered our heads. i was pretty scared when i heard the sound of an explosion overhead but at the moment i could breathe more freely the blast had ripped open the roof allowing some air into the gym besides many of the people had stopped breathing that was.
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discriminate gunfire cannister to. hold it so she has a. blood stained children wearing nothing but underwear rushing out of the gym. some of them are shot back. they go down two or three bottles of water but couldn't force searched. when i opened my eyes after the blast i saw the girl sitting next to me but my son wasn't anywhere near me i started looking for him all over the place good god i thought could he be dead. about the first thing i saw after the blast was
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a lightbulb hanging on the ceiling and everything the wrong way. turned black i just went to look for my mother. thank. you had a boy lying on the floor blood was losing out of his had looked very much like my son and i couldn't bring myself to come closer in fact to a woman who was near me. is it my comic. fortunately for him to tell you the dead boy's name was not timberline and i tell you son had survived the blast and so had her two daughters my mom stylist go on christina. and to tell you is unable to walk or left arm is almost motionless she was injured before the main blast by a fragment from a grenade that exploded in the hands of one of the terrorists that fragment remains stuck in her head for two days as she sat in the gym trying to comfort her three children dr same to tell you it still has
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a chance of recovering from her injuries but it requires a long rehabilitation process and much money she's only thirty five years old. my dream is to be in a special forces it was such officers that saved us. i want to get revenge on. the twins salon and larissa escaped death due to their mother's heroism she threw them out of the window right after the gym blast she also saved several other children and thankfully managed to survive the ordeal herself. this is me and my dad. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money on the visual arts is a real mystery that the west federal reserve has met and decided little as the global economic recovery slow now it's time for congress and the president to take
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. a telemarketer broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. the children of beslan may have had some sense of foreboding before the terrorist
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attack after the tragedy parents found odd looking drawings startling verses and morose entries and diaries among the items of their dead children. these pictures were made by allah but target was son to morrow he hoped to become an artist though most of his painting showed landscapes for some inexplicable reason he made in a belt turn in the summer of two thousand and four. i would bet though hopefulness he joined this picture shortly before the tragedy and shows an explosion as you can see one of the school children was going to wards the building what they did while the other one was thrown up into the air it was. was our it's a boy of truth is a picture of what it shows a school a gym helicopters a fire a crowd of people around you and says and firefighters the wage was at that school
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. and i was stunned when i first saw it. this is zohar straw why did a live in year old boy draw a picture of a school in this context we will never know if the seller died in the terrorist attack. the most horrific part of it all came when the fire had been extinguished and the terrorists have been killed. parents millions searching for their children . i went through a terrible experience each time i saw an ambulance pulling up in front of the school. i never even looked at the first down the one says they were heading to them or.
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as soon as that answer one of the wards are a neighbor demetre shouts to me i've seen the color i say to him where is she to me or i come to find her to which she says i saw her in the chair. there were keys to our apartment in his pockets and they compared them with my own case it became clear that the boy was to more. i still can't we came under the pillow and i go to bed. to go. one in three hostages died in that fire i spent three days looking for my daughter
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imaan doos dead bodies before i found this. many others spend several months. there was so when i went out of the house and i saw the coffin i was so glad that i had found her. i put my arms around the coffin as if embracing it as if trying to help other is a pain in here. i'm not sure i can accurately describe my emotions but i think i was glad and by the fact that they had found her. time has not healed anymore and as for these people the simple fact is over the years these are surgeons have learned to live with their pain. children are no
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longer afraid of going to school and adults have reconciled themselves with the thought that letting them go to school is not dangerous. should mean no voids generous. today he prefers playing music to playing sports. he lost his best friend in the terrorist attack of two thousand and four and since then he's met nobody they can replace or. oversleep and now i take things easier. i would say. that six percent of what happened six years ago has evaporated from my mind. so. much as left
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a mere ninety four years. this year and yet his second daughter million will start school. and the time of the terrorist attack she was just a year old at one point the terrorists allowed mothers and their babies to leave the gym. and you take a male with a millionaire in her arms. her elder daughter along had to stay behind not long after she was killed. in memory of my little here and so over there. in russia. each sunday and year ten million or visit the
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ruins of the school to them the place is like a church they come here to pray. for you thought all people would be right same thing after what happened. and they would all understand that everything was perishable. they would realize there was only one thing worth living for and taking care of. but that never happened. million and knows exactly what she's supposed to do in the gym she picks up empty bottles lights candles and puts flowers in order seems to it that her mother doesn't cry. bathers hair is white now precious promise to try to win her go to school for the first time it will be my first day soon there will be three reasons to celebrate my
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daughter hair my birthday and i will start school. to last her only daughter in the attack the past years have not helped ease her pain you know prefers to put her thoughts on paper rather than speaking aloud. yet move mountains and nothing but if i was a missing i knew what i'm designed for it's flown was the first and most treasured flower that helped me understand my fate a spanish. doesn't keep a diary she often spends time reading those of her job her daughter emma emma had hoped to work in the fashion business she's left behind many miracle verses and funny stories we'll never know whether the world lost
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a great writer or dancer. the. one we get together at the cemetery pushchair our collections have our kids. sometimes we haven't laughed so at the answers by must think it odd that people laugh over the graves of their children and indeed sometimes we fail rather uncomfortable for. but i can't help recalling some final episodes from their lives . today many see the town of angel cemetery as a holy place these graves are kept ideally the more will always look spic and span the photos and never fade. there's not
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a single dry flower in the ribbons on the graves i mean that particular boy or girl would have finished school this year. my god there is a sense we live in an entirely different world. here's what happened then was like having your head in the clouds and now the situation is quite different and life is different. so slow in the recent now have a brother and a sister their mother and father have decided they must have many children and the more the merrier says one has decided that he'll be a policeman when he grows up and larissa is still in two minds about what she hopes to do when she's older. and the terrorist attack on beslan school number one claimed three hundred thirty five lives including one hundred eighty six children. all of their photos are shown here. take
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a look um artists musicians economists or doctors or just simply mothers and fathers of a new generation. in a recent survey people in wrestling were asked whether they wanted to have the ruins of the school left as they were or torn balance again or lose assumed they found looking at the land market in human flutie every day as traumatic experience . and yet it was decided not to tear down the school instead it will stand as a reminder of the atrocity and not just for the citizens and business on. it will be forever a reminder to the whole world that should never forget what happened on that day. i scripted our saying to wish evil people as for good people i wish there were doris day that way.
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and there was this world it is the air force the waters and even more beautiful. question is that so much of it is coming to him it will. be was federal reserve has met and decided little is the global economic recovery slow now it's time for congress and the president to take. a mission. couldn't take three months for charges. coming from and three. three stooges.


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