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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the president has total be fair old. rights movement she's talking about the same president who promised comprehensive immigration reform will explore the two faces a bronco obama and house his secure communities project is leaving like tino's insecure . and they're called friends of libya a group looking to mount out the country's future so as world leaders gather in paris to discuss the pros get off the era are there added benefits to this libyan friendship we'll have a report from brussels home to nato. and it's guitars and guns seems the f.b.i. is fretting over an american classic gibson guitars so after agents have raided the
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guitar company what's next you better hold your strings tight. since thursday september first five pm in washington d.c. and christine for south and you're watching our team. i want to begin tonight with a promise made by president obama on the campaign trail and when he first came into office he spoke a lot about comprehensive immigration reform for america's estimated twelve million undocumented immigrants that's one in every twenty workers but three years later immigrants here is say they're still living in the shadows tonsil fear the police and not seek help because of enforcement programs like the one the administration just announced it will be actively inforcing it's called a secure communities project and basically requires local police departments to run background checks on every person booked into police custody whether or not they're
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charged if they are illegal they will face deportation so this is not just robbers and rapists this is people arrested for trespassing in home depot parking lots looking for work people with minor traffic violations or even people who call the police for help artie's kalen ford has the story of lund woman who soon could represent a large portion of the population. one of the us. she's an unlikely hero. a working mother in undocumented immigrant. thank you thank you thank you for your courage to stand up to us immigrations and customs enforcement as mater of the face of a movement. and shed light on president obama it's inconsistent with racial. hearing for her safety during a fight with her husband. called the police. only to be arrested later for
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allegedly selling a ten dollars phone card charges that were then drop when she asked if she could go home to nurse her infant daughter one of them disagree with her to me yes you can and then a police officer stopped him and said no you can't go home we have a deportation order and we're going to deport you back to your country were as case isn't unique it's part of a program called secure communities already in forty two states the obama administration has mandated that the program be taken nationwide by two thousand and thirteen eliminating faith ability to opt out federal statistics show that twenty eight percent of immigrants to court and under secure communities have no prior criminal conviction thirty percent had minor offenses like traffic violations ripping apart families the very people that barack obama promised to legalize. being deported under a program he says is for serious criminals leading critics to accuse obama of making poor teachings more palatable by criminalizing undocumented immigrants.
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responding to immigrants rights groups obama agreed to review three hundred thousand pending deportations of quote low priority immigrants including undocumented students like gaby pacheco who is frustrated the president has totally failed the immigrant rights movement mainly he has filled this community of young people that stood by him and when now you know to register people to vote to ask people to go out and vote for them obama has supported one point four million immigrants so far a record that contrasts sharply with obama's campaign promises of comprehensive immigration reform the third. of the united states the birth of a little sherry says it's still possible he is president has executive authority that could change things now why isn't he doing this because quite frankly obama and his people are afraid of antagonizing white swing voters who are going to be very important in his reelection but immigration reform activists say ability no
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vote in or in swing states like florida and arizona isn't a guarantee for obama in two thousand and twelve and if he really wants to ask for the latino bored af as for the immigrant vote for the two thousand and twelve he's going to have to deliver something and until then maria says she wakes up every morning wondering if this will be the day she is sent home. i have my daughter who was born here will have to go back to a country that she doesn't know she will lose many opportunities that she could have here that she won't have there but i can't leave her she's my treasure illinformed artsy washington d.c. . all right so i want to talk now not only about the secure communities or eskom i want to talk about president obama's schizo friend schizophrenia immigration policy it wasn't too long ago i was there on the campaign trail working as a local news reporter who invent senator obama told an entire auditorium of
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hispanic voters that he wanted and would get comprehensive immigration reform passed and you know what maybe he really did intend to but the numbers show that under president obama more than any other president more undocumented immigrants have been deported as far as the eskom program there was previously an opt out option for state and local governments no more this is the across the board policy that was not voted on by lawmakers it was simply enacted a prospect's community organizer ron goes has believes is setting a dangerous precedent ron joins me now from our los angeles studio. ron what's the deal here the president can't seem to make up his mind on immigration like you know the right hand is disagreeing with the left what do you make of all this. yeah you know i think our community goes completely rejected and lightsome you know we were promised immigration reform we were promised and so the deportations we were promised a lot of things at the end of the raids but we've seen
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a historic number of not only deportations and raids but also as the types in our community so we were promised one thing we were given the exact opposite and that's why i think you know it's very clear that the democratic party cannot count on that you know vote but it's upcoming election if we do not have a real immigration reform that will give legalization to millions of people in this country who are here simply to work all right if they're in a real they're in a real bind because if they don't come through they're not going to get up you know you're saying president obama cannot count on the latino vote you know it's one thing for you to say you know you promise something why don't you deliver what you promised but it's another thing entirely to say i'm going to take my vote elsewhere i mean ron is there a candidate in the republican side out of the you know ten candidates or whatever they you think the latino community would be more likely to vote for. you know our community they call working class the presence that is dynamic they tell us well you know it's the it's the devil that you know instead of the devil you don't know or they say this is the you know the lesser of the two evils but i think our
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communities are tired of that we're tired of voting for the democratic party simply because they said this at their worst in the republican party i'm sorry they're not as bad as the republican party but we have to go out there with some dignity itself as a people and either vote for someone who really does represent our interests and then maybe a third party or simply you know what on voting day they may just stay home and that's sending a clear message to the ministrations saying that if you don't compete on your promises in our community cannot continue to support you because you're reporting this at a record pace and you know we're talking about over two million people that will be deported after the end of the first term so that we cannot continue to support a party that is attacking this on an everyday basis whether it be at the border whether it be in our communities whether it be you know a woman who calls the police because of domestic violence and she ends up being deported because of what simply called the police for help this is a secure communities need for so many people and millions of people are really really tired of this you know the dream act students feel completely rejected by president obama and many people feel rejected and i think it's something that if
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they don't in the eagle ization in this first term big cannot count on our communities votes and i think on the surface of what the administration has said is that you know what let's not focus our efforts on students you know the dream act let's not focus our efforts on veterans let's instead deport convicted criminals if we have to deport someone why i don't see that until i met first glance it seems like kind of a good idea saying let's focus on the bad guys talk a little bit about that. sure that's absolutely rhetoric because the show including their own statistics show that the great majority of people who are being deported because the secure communities absolutely do not have a criminal record and some of the people who have a criminal record or something like you know traffic violations so when you talk about the rapists the murders those types of individuals those are at an absolute minority a fraction of the entire community so the rhetoric really it is not proving true at all we know that there is simply attacking anyone and everybody using secure
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communities as a way to attract people it's almost like they're going to mission for immigrants and they're trying to deport twelve million people in this country so you know they use the line to secure communities we say we call it what it is it's in secure communities because our community does not feel safe they cannot call the police or anybody else to come get help because they feel that they're going to end of being deported simply for calling in a real crime and i think the real crime years in the hands of the administration not in the hands of the majority of people in our community who are simply working class people who don't commit any crimes at all and i'm wondering just on a little bit of a lighter note president obama's uncle i guess its dad's father was recently arrested for dui outside of boston i'm wondering do you think that he's going to have his uncle supported. well you know this is an issue a couple years back with one of his aunties you know i don't i don't think anybody should be deported but i think you know it or you know we'll see what he does about this case and just label them as uncle there's millions of other people in this country who are here they need
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a legalization of some way and if you do get caught for drunk driving while this you know something that's a crime they should be punished for it but i don't think he should be deported to another country simply because of that you know it's really interesting we've been hearing regarding the president the big story today is kind of how he said he was going to do his jobs speech on wednesday but decided to change it after speaker of the house john boehner said we don't want you to wednesday so we'll do it thursday so you know it's really interesting to see this process. of president obama saying you know working with people but love is actually the vision here it seems to me the president is you know not so much outlining a vision he just today said you know the obama one side says they're going to unleash a new website called we the people talk about how you feel with this we the people websites kind of being put on the internet now. in regards to the bigger picture and terms of what he's done and hasn't done well i think this shows a clear dispraise on behalf of the administration they're feeling they're losing
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a lot of the support from a lot of the people they really believe in the whole and the change that they promises during the so that the two thousand and eight campaign so they're trying to rescue their presidency they're trying to you know insure against reelection in two thousand and twelve and that's why they're coming out with all this rhetoric and that is for our community as far as immigration reform they gave us this thing of three hundred thousand people which is only about so we'll have percent of the twelve million people that need legalization so i think they're trying to do anything to rescue them so that this moment i think it may be a little bit too little too little too late for this administration right community organizer ron gotos talking to us about the security communities program i'm sure we have not heard the last of us. moving on now to u.s. involvement of a different kind this in libya and what will happen next there there's a meeting going on in paris it's called the friends of libya conference leaders from sixty countries are there to discuss libya's national transitional council and life after khadafi argues the e.u.
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correspondent daniel bushell is in brussels and has more on what's shaping up in terms of this planning for the future. hey there danielle i know that this was a long and costly military and intervention for nato what are you gathering this transition of power will look like based on this conference. boat from tripoli it's a mess there's no people lease on the streets the hospitals and schools aren't working and we're plans stores of libya have been raided in the chaos. and told me that everyone now has a kalashnikov of the streets and they're being traded for pennies and even more worryingly the rebel leaders themselves don't seem to know who the voice is a composed of as well as the minutes that you might expect from the. arab nationalists president of the new president of libya was amazed to find that's a column of voices who joined his offensive on tripoli and hillary clinton has just
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. continued to help militarily the libyans as long as they need it which suggests the problems have only just begun it's really interesting though i'm curious how nato is justifying what's happening now especially in light of the fact that you know as you say i think some crazy things are going on the streets in tripoli and originally nato said their stated goal was the protection of the civilian population but what i understand the rebels are continuing to push through and storm areas that are still you know somewhat under the control of khadafi supporters so should it nato then still be protecting those who are in danger even if they now happen to be in places the rebels are attacking you know how do they justify this. length of justification at this meeting in paris they reiterated is that because there is a threat to his own people it's not quite clear who gave nato the right to be judge and jury on whether the gadhafi should be hunted down with they have the right to
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hunt down and kill gadhafi certainly not the original international mandate giving them giving them permission to intervene in the country now if the eastern part of libya which is traditionally more and the gadhafi supported and they to involve very much under dealt with the tribes to hundreds of tribes across the west and which are traditionally more proved to be bombed in this way by nato that certainly on the question of the moment i want to go back to something you you spoke about just a moment ago about al qaeda being involved in the rebel movement how do you know u.s. and other western leaders justify sort of being a friend of libya when a there's a lot of confusion about exactly who is in the national transitional council and who will be the future leadership i mean is that being discussed with all. well it is being discussed when you will so that the loads of people so it's getting
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worse i mean the we were talking about afghanistan also iraq and libya and certainly the transition here seems to be seems to be more chaotic this seems to be little question about that. i mean the stability of the country has been totally blown out of the water i mean one diplomat says people used to seem so the united states is the home certainly if you speak to people on the streets now they're full of hatred and anger for the west so it raises the question have they created a hornet's nest for themselves because if if gadhafi certainly was no one was no one's favorite person across the world but the question is has has the transition created by this. bombardment creates an even worse enemy for the west i think that's such an important point that you bring out a lot of people sort of trying to make some historical connections here and make some comparisons with other places i know it was about ten years ago after all that
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many nato countries were pretty excited about a new leader in power and talking about hunting karzai in afghanistan i'm wondering from what you're gathering there do you think as a result of things working out not quite the way people expected in afghanistan that these friends of libya will be a little more reluctant to support and be excited about future leaders in libya. well look i was talking to a woman's rights activist yesterday she said that tunisia courts of bullsh and rights twenty years before women here in the in the west women here in belgium where i'm speaking to you from so under the previous regime women for example are allowed to walk freely on the streets that's just one example they had abortion rights they had to divorce benefits as we call it here and in europe they got money from the government and now that libya is in chaos and the islamists and religious extremists have got a foothold and they using libya as a base from which to spread their ideas across north africa and beyond there are
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fears that they'll rights that were actually limited they may be under the previous regime and now being a reason you're absolutely right i mean the comparison with afghanistan of course iraq is is often also quoted but many people will say that the roi is that people enjoyed before on the under the previous regimes were perhaps even better than the ones they enjoy now in the chaos now is actually correspondent daniel bush . and now a story of an attack on something so american you can almost put it in the same category as they stall and apple pie talking about rock n roll and more specifically one of the most well known instruments that has helped create a kid rock n roll alive that's mentioned jazz and country music as well for decades talking about the gibson guitar well apparently federal agents in this country are taking issue with the one hundred year old company. last week to give some guitar
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factories in memphis and nashville tennessee were raided some of the workers even told they could face prison time it was the second rate up to gibson factories in two years and this time agents confiscated wood imported from india was apparently in violation of indian export law let me say that again the u.s. government issued warrants based on its interpretation of another country's law now there is a law in this country called it requires companies to make detailed disclosures about wood imports and also gars the purchase of goods export it in violation of a foreign country's laws are still lots of questions about whether or not gibson violated about it all a let's get to the bigger picture here and look at whether or not grades like this are part of a bigger trend in this country i know one man who says yes earlier i spoke with radio host alex jones he's in austin texas another music capital of this country however at a loss for words i asked him to elaborate on his recent comments comparing this
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incident to agus tempo style attack on u.s. industry. well it's not an isolated incident too that's why for decades we've had tax incentives to move out of the country that's why the president others want to put carbon taxes on u.s. industry but it won't be on chinese indian mexican or one hundred plus other third world countries also this was a non union shop and the c.e.o. have interviewed several times now mr jessica which is a republican donor and so this was clearly politically targeted just like general electric since the head of the president's economic council they're called power plants are exempt from the new carbon rules but all the other companies aren't or of you're on the inside with the government you're exempt from having to buy health care for your employees but everybody else has to get it so it's about unfair trade advantages and now i just talked to the c.e.o.
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again today and i just aired on my own radio show and they now have gotten the documentary about to put it out today or tomorrow this is big news breaking here on television that in federal court the feds have told them leave the united states go to madagascar or we don't want industry here and we've heard about a post-industrial america this is about shutting down all companies that are not globalist fortune one hundred what alice through i mean what would the benefit be for this president for this administration for lawmakers to encourage companies to make if the jobs go elsewhere i mean clearly this is the number one thing every single lawmaker here in washington says is at the top of their agenda creating jobs i know that that gibson has actually created more jobs in the last few years instead of cutting down on the what would be the benefit for president obama for any of these people who you are blaming end of the incident since then jobs
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elsewhere. well john d. rockefeller the founder of the dynasty. who was a big robber barron and openly for consolidating power having monopolies he said competition is a sin and gibson has now become the leader in american make a tarter sixty percent of their sales are overseas they were exploding and annihilating the market share of two big democratic party donors and so it shows that more than ever the white house is basically passing out favors here's an example that came out in the news two years ago and again on non partisan republicans. do things like this when they're in power as well but remember when the government took over general motors and then openly announced we don't care if you have an eighty five year. franchise of general motors if you're not a donor to us we're taking your franchise away and giving it to someone else who still had a car dealership you just can't sell chevy's that came out so big mega business in
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all of history has always been about coming in and saying we're we're going to let you operate but you can't operate this is pure fascism corporate fascism and you can argue with the fact that they've had two raids and wouldn't tell them what was it what this whole thing was about and now they admit oh you work for the wood from india even though india says it's legal and the wood is not endangered you did that the manufacturing the value added here in the u.s. so we say that's the legal even though india says that's not what their law says so this is all about global governance global corporate in forstmann of rules selectively enforced to shut down insiders competition this is what the oligarchy didn't russia fifteen twenty years ago this is what the british did that started the war two hundred thirty five years ago when the u.s. seven hundred seventy six this is the same system over and over again were insiders
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use government control to shut down their competition it is as old as humanity and civilization itself it's really interesting i mean it seems to me alex that you're asserting that this was you know kind of an inside political job giving favors to friends and why not i haven't seen any concrete evidence of this but regardless of that i want to make this a little bigger i mean when i saw the story it sort of reminded me we've been doing a lot of stories and i think you have to on some of these you know lemonade stands run by kids they're being you know taken down by police though are some of these other things people in california who want to sell that's two goals on their front lawn are the honest people who want to sell their new. abers raw milk i mean this is a larger trend talk a little bit about the benefits sure sure and i mean look it's a fact that general electric's exempt from the regulations they wrote had obama put in so i mean that's what we know what's happening here with gibbs and they they told him i don't sublethal get out of america ok everything they've done tax
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incentives to move to china has been to be industrialized and now it's been going on for years swat keening amish arresting people live in a stance going after people growing gardens you know ninety three days in jail they face arresting people and charging them with life in prison in illinois for videotaping police in public the keep iraq were to see knows that the foreign banks of conquered the u.s. they didn't plot of the economy by that sign they know that the people who are on the edge of revolution so they're trying to break our will dominate as exercise power over us to get us just to accept tyranny it's really happening it's happened in every other culture why does anybody think it can't happen in america going to stores obama goes he's a teleprompter reading up it it's the military industrial complex owned by big mega banks that is trying to break the will of the american people and the rest of the world for that matter and regarding this specific case alex that's
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a good thing guitar case that's really interesting on because from what i understand the wood that was imported here it would have been fine if it would have been finished in india but it was it wasn't finished and it was face here by american workers so there's a lot of things that i as far as i know charges haven't been filed yet i know some people worried that this is just the government sort of bullying the company have you heard us. well they've threatened some of which hilton they've pulled employees according to c.e.o. in it and basically threaten them to make stuff up or bill go to jail they're going after janitor they're going after people that actually carve the wood and yes they're now finally after three years of investigation the first right and you know ninety two and a half years ago they're not telling if that you work but would they have all the paperwork and the union government has said no you know we did take that they were value added our law says they've got to be value added not finished but the way our government interpolating is they got as should the whole guitar part totally carved
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to spec and american workers can't touch it since lyndon signed it doesn't have these restrictions on their people and if you have everything just about assaulting look they're going out to people that have garage sales now and trying to arrest them and now you have one language just because we're running out of time i want to get in a question about another case here on one that may have similar implications this is a man in illinois forty two year old michael allison who's facing seventy five years behind bars i think we have some video of him from what i understand the crime that he committed is recording police officers this is a crime illegal in a dozen states including illinois where he's from recording audio of law enforcement without their consent now he faces the same punishment as a rapist as murderers alex what is going on here what is the bigger picture invests . ok well it's just like the government says it's the law you got to take vaccines
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there is no law just because they can get a jury to convict somebody doesn't mean that the statute was applicable and the first circuit court of the us before the supreme court ruled yesterday that all of this is illegal but you're right in twelve states they're arresting people who filmed police on the street city council and some people have gotten five to twelve years in prison are serving terms because the police get upset it's the legal the jurors believe that. ease dropping or are tapping is when it's secret and the other person doesn't know but when you're in public there's no perception of privacy that's why a police officer can have a squad car camera or why when you go into a store they can have cameras because you know it's a public area so it's a giant hoax there it is illegal and it really is the scariest thing i've seen a long time but the police would knowingly credit put this guy in prison for life
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or simply video taping them in public it is incredible and yes they are trying to claim the audio out that video is the wiretapping but wiretapping is coming up to the side of your house and political reporter on the wire it's not filtering police in public and it really really interesting applications a lot of critics of these laws saying you know the police might be out there to serve and protect but there are so many examples of them doing some pretty harsh things there who's going to watch them just a lot of interesting stuff here radio host alex jones in austin texas. and they sort of join us later during our seven o'clock hour we'll have much more on the f.b.i. picking on gibson's guitars also take you to music city usa where you can hear from gibson's very own c.e.o. every desk of its class a we'll look into the red hot fight students in chile pet for a free higher education that's all new at seven o'clock. for now that's going to do it.


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