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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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all right sorry for you said it i read it i take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube because when you've gotten to say i listen now first i want to respond to a viewer who comments on my interview with jeremy scahill on the u.s. killing of anwar lockett he's sh said on facebook i cannot believe that you are attacking the u.s. for ridding itself of a viable and real threat to the u.s. and the west let me tell you we received a number of comments from viewers questioning how we could possibly criticize the killing of anwar a lot so let me just take a little moment. explain why i have questions for the administration about the sasa
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nation first of all are a lot he is the first known american citizen to be placed on a cia hit list that should not be taken lightly the administration has taken it upon themselves to assassinate an american citizen without any due process whatsoever and as jeremy scahill said i mean president obama is playing judge jury and executioner all by himself and if that's something that the american people are and they should be you know the administration has told us time and time again he's a dangerous man who's plotted to kill americans but he's an imminent threat to the american people find great show us the evidence and make that case the administration is simply refused to do that they've used the state secrets privilege to keep all evidence against a lockie a secret they also refuse to show the american people the legal reasoning for why all of a sudden the president has the power to execute american citizens without due process so all americans think it's fine this time because the government got a bad buy this ask yourself for a minute why won't they show the evidence of why he was so bad and what's to stop
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them from doing the same thing in the future because it doesn't matter who this was done to you it's a very dangerous precedent and it's trampled all over the constitution and that should be a concern for all americans and i want to find a commenter who watched my interview with r.c. correspondent lauren lyster or we discussed bank of america announcing a five dollars monthly checking fee on all debit card users banshee eight nine eight nine said on you tube i went to my local credit union two years ago and i will never look back they give me a debit card with no fees except for one i use other a.t.m. the big banks are making a fatal mistake they think we need them they are wrong now the new fee to be levied on millions of americans by bank of america that way is a good thing but if you want to look at the silver lining if you will i think that this is a great opportunity for americans to look at their options is there a local credit union who they could bank with is there a smaller bank if you treat them more fairly you know i think it's high time that the american people stand up and the spirit of occupy wall street through the banks show that they need us more than. we need that now finally i want to respond to
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a viewer had an interesting proposition for an disparate a night nine thirty three five three set on you tube i would give up all of my constitutional rights for one day and exchange for one night with a loan and now all i appreciate the call from it i would really encourage all of our viewers to keep her concentration right no matter what her pretty important sense of my ranting today but i will be back later this week with more as usual. the last friday the reports came out that us muslim cleric anwar although locky had been killed in a drone strike in yemen after the us government placed him on the sas nation list and without any due process whatsoever now the washington post is reporting that the justice department wrote a secret memorandum authorizing the legal targeting of a law and according to administration officials that leaked this story there was no dissent no law is cases of legal debate for a long time and the second it was announced that he'd been placed on recess nation list by president obama to a lawsuit brought by a lot these father and the a.c.l.u.
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which the administration blocked using the state secrets privilege and on friday the line that we kept hearing repeated was that a lot he had a chief operational role in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and he was behind several foiled terrorist attacks and said no direct evidence has ever been given for that so now the administration has successfully assassinated a lot of the something that they're allegedly confident they had the legal justification to do then why is the memorandum any of the evidence in fact still secret so much for the most transparent administration ever joining me from a studio in new york to discuss it with scott horton contributing editor on legal and national security matters for harper's magazine scott i'm just wondering if you know if you're with me here personally i find it incredibly scary incredibly dangerous now this president has been set that an american citizen can be assassinated without any due process but if the administration claims that they have the legal justification to do this then why are they still keeping it under wraps. but that's an excellent question let's go back to the two thousand and eight
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election remember barack obama and many other politicians who were close to him sharply criticized the bush administration for its continual process of having secret legal opinions issued in the justice department to justify the way it was conducting war and handling national intelligence gathering matters in fact that they took a categorical position that while you know for individual facts that the authors of these memos learned that might legitimately be something that would have to be classified but the law of the legal rationale the legal policies that were settled upon could not be secret this had to be they had to be published it had to be known and i think frankly most people who look at the assassination. it's not that they have sympathy for him i think the attitude of most people is
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good riddance with respect to him but i think there's a lot of concern about the precedent that's been established here and a lot of concern about what's the legal reasoning that stands behind this and why is even a straight keeping it secret i couldn't agree more there and i'm actually going to play you a clip of an interesting exchange exchange here from a.b.c.'s jake tapper and of course carney white house spokesperson it seems to me like they also have been completely unaware or unprepared that they might have to answer questions about this please take a listen. oh as for the american people. as a judge in china. will you take i'm just not going to. go any further than what i've said about about the circumstances of his death and. the case against them which again you're linking and i think you know you you said
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he's wrong with these things yes but again is there going to be any evidence presented. you know i don't have anything for you on that i'm not see at all as you've been this regime so you know how a president asserting that he has a right to kill one american citizen without due process and that he's not going to even explain why he thinks he has that right. is troublesome to some people. i wasn't aware of any of those things that you said actually happening and if and again i'm not going to address the circumstances of a lot instead. it's all i can say is thank you jake tapper for actually doing that but how is a carney so incredibly unprepared how does he think of this is just going to slide over no one's been asked about it. flood's jaw dropping isn't it that he's that he's was unaware of all these things as the lead story in the papers for three
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consecutive days hardly an insignificant matter but let's go back and look at the way the white house has been managing this question and when the story first broke we saw unnamed figures in the white house on background telling people in the press that the president had decided to do this it was sort of a demonstration of how gutsy and bold the president was that he was willing even to target an american citizen and there was some description of the reasons rial also on background about a lot of information and when people pressed to learn more about it and get the information presented the way so they could be really cross-examined in question what you see immediately is the veil of state secrecy thrown up around it this is a state secret we can't tell you anything and then the that they'll either put around legal policy what is the legal policy of this administration and let's cut to the quick what's the big question here this is this band our we was not wearing
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a uniform and fighting in the war zone he was in yemen so the facts that characterize him as effectively enemy battling the united states and presenting a threat to the united states need to be put forward why is it that he presents such a threat and then secondly the u.s. has got to because he was not in a war zone or certainly not what's called a hot theatre the united states has really got to come forward and explain why is it that he couldn't simply be indicted arrested and brought to trial somewhere there may very well be good reasons why i couldn't do it maybe because of the collapse yemen but this needs to be explained because otherwise if the u.s. can do this in the name of our russia could do it with the chechen terrorists and the england or austria china could do it with a weaker terrorist and turkey. or greece and so on and so on and we know of course iran and israel both are also working on drone systems right now so we're looking
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at what are the rules for this game going forward in any they me us can do and the other power that possesses grooms can do. and you know and i think that that's where it becomes much bigger than just anwar locky and the fact that he is a u.s. citizen you know calls into question u.s. drone strikes and drone wars waging all over the world in general no matter who it is that becomes the target of it but i want to play one more clip for you here this is former vice president dick cheney who was. on t.v. yesterday and on state of the unit and so he was discussing that he can probably made him finally admit that he thinks that obama's policies in his mind are a success when it comes to his counterterrorism policies but also what he wants in the poet gys for things that he said during the cairo speech take a look. if you get crazy united states out there saying we overreacted in eleven which. that's not good if you like an apology it sounds like
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a little bit better be a not for me that i think for the bush administration and that he misspoke when he gave that speech in front of your ship. and i think the immediate reaction the lot of people have is to want to scoff at dick cheney and ask how he could possibly ask for an apology from somebody when the majority of us want an apology for the war in iraq for a one time a day for having torture on our record but by conducting many of these all season has obama you know open the door to this even made people like dick cheney stronger . well i think you know it's awkward the opportunistic dick cheney but i think on this one you know even his even this party leader john mccain's calling him out for the nonsense of this crime but he though fair point there you know he can argue that as obama is pursuing the ninety five percent the policies of the bush cheney white house it's very very difficult for obama to criticize that white house but we
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also have to note there were important distinctions you know torture was a distinction the black site prisons were distinction and there are a number of other tactics that were adopted during that period they're different but still the core of the policies we're seeing straight line continuity and you know adding of course extrajudicial killing on to the last i don't think really makes the case that much better for the obama administration i really do think that this is a huge scandal we'll see if they end up putting any of that legal to stay cation any of the evidence that they have out there for the public to see scott i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight great to be with you. still to come tonight for yet he says it's class warfare to raise taxes on the rich the most in the past political story but how why not are cool time segments of it happy hour rick perry's hunting camp spells trouble for his white house bed plus a chicken joint in china and a pretty interesting track in the snow. let's
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not forget that we have an apartheid regime right here in the lead. i think. the the one the oil. we never got the shows they're going to keep him safe get ready because in the air freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so it's more likely you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else in here so you saw the part of it and realized everything is ok if you don't. charge the big picture.
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it's. easier to just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old i just felt like further. i am a confession i am a total get a princess i love brad because he is excellent and her. mother was kind of the guest today. i'm very aware of the agency it's played.
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out it's time to time it's tool time of war and tonight because the republican lawmakers across the board i know that's a lot of people please just give me a minute to explain the last month president obama released his deficit reduction plan which included the buffett rule which involves raising taxes on millionaires and closing tax loopholes and the money raised would be used to create jobs here in the u.s. by investing in things like infrastructure social services education what we need and the plan was deemed the buffett rule because billionaire investor warren buffett says that he pays a lower tax rate but his secretary and he realizes that that is just not right g.o.p. lawmakers they were outraged they could not believe that obama wanted to tax the rich and make them paid pair fair share in taxes so the g.o.p. lined up their talking points and hit the cable news channels with one simple message. i don't think your average class warfare it's leadership looks like the
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president wants to move down the class warfare path class warfare will simply divide this country more and when you pick one area of the economy and say we're going to tax those people because most people are not those people that's class warfare. yes obama is engaging in class warfare because he wants millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes now keep in mind over the last few decades with the help of the g.o.p. the rich are in the us have been getting richer while the middle and lower classes have all been getting squeezed as a night a new slash old voice is joining the debate on class warfare this leader thinks the class warfare is going on here in the united states and in fact this man spoke out about the injustice of the rich not paying their fair share in taxes i can one hundred eighty take a look we're going to close the i'm going to change something we will be there. a series of those in the room but it. made me think of
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a strike speech and percent of mysteries. that's right former republican president ronald reagan papa class war was taking place when he was in office twenty five years ago and he told the crowd in georgia the rates should be paying more i just wonder what current members of the g.o.p. think about reagan's view on taxes after all they call him the greatest president ever he has a cult following most republicans were just a few weeks ago g.o.p. candidates running for president for two thousand and twelve took part in a bait at the ronald reagan library and everybody on the stage and broke his name numerous times ronald reagan flew this plane i served during the reagan campaign with people like jack kemp on our last ronald reagan ronald reagan ronald reagan ronald reagan ronald reagan president reagan president reagan president reagan ronald reagan i with president reagan president reagan were here president reagan were in the reagan library ronald reagan ronald reagan granted reagan president reagan stand in the reagan tradition under ronald reagan. ronald reagan so what
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does it say when ronald reagan has to be the voice of reason when it comes to taxing the rich and sort of calling his plan to tax the rich the buffett rule a real bombshell just call that the reagan rule it really shows you how far the right the g.o.p. has moved in the last twenty years or co-leader reagan wanted the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes who wasn't considered some sort of radical socialist collision position these dates maybe it's because it comes from a democrat either way the republicans intransigence on taxes is truly a dangerous overcoming society that is completely unequal and that's something that even ronald reagan knew and that's why we're giving g.o.p. lawmakers and i thought i knew what.
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i mean guys it's time for happy hour and joining me tonight is our hugh producer jenny churchill and david packman the host of the david packman show thanks for joining me guys david nice to have you in studio usually it's just over skype always always happy to have you know people in studio here with us so let's talk about rick perry and a little problem that just just maybe kind of a big problem when it comes to his campaign. the washington post is reporting at one point kerry and his family we still honey and his home state went by the name niggerhead. so this is a big deal out there claiming that when rick perry's bother bought the ranch they change the name immediately but in fact that really isn't true i think of a whole lot of the name even into his term as governor his first term and that's i mean that's just kind of a big deal right. yeah i mean now you can sit here and not really talk about it while saying the n word over and over again without saying the n.
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word because that's where we can't pronounce it that's why we had to let the. he's going to because there's certain things you just have to explain them away it's a problem like when michele bachmann twice had to clarify she's actually not for slavery she's really sure slavery was bad but whatever so there's certain things that just talking about the meaning of that good right was it michelle i said it was arguing that it was i did that because it was better for the nuclear family which is a total christmas kids were more likely to have both parents around if they were sleeves apparently so i guess they weren't auction off in different places that never happened and you know it is a different thing is going to disappear or is this really going to you know crush the rick perry campaign i'm afraid that when it comes to his base they're not really going to camp out well i think this was definitely ridiculous and they should change their name the second that it came to the president. and if they didn't that's a shame however i don't think that this necessarily reflects on his policies i don't think that it necessarily. means that he is a racist and going to k.k.k. meetings doesn't mean that for sure i agree and the thing is this maybe. her
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supporters are going to support him anyway right i mean he's done things that in terms of affecting people if he were elected are much bigger the deal than having the rock with this with this on it but again it's just yet another thing that he has to explain which just doesn't really make sense it's like the gaffe where he just couldn't get the word jumble from before he ran for the border before we were going to not start but it's not that i hear you i think it's just one of those things that these days you know if you want to be a politician in the future you have to think about what pictures you put up on facebook for rick perry were to the governor just think about you know the name of your ranch if it happens to include derogatory terms with move on to the next big this is just really cracking me up so first of all maybe maybe china just has a thing for obama because earlier this year kentucky fried chicken they used one of the commercials to look. not only for. a world not only for your home what were were you. don't. get me
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going. i could actually was an obama impersonator but that was the hong kong kentucky fried chicken that was using and but now there's a new thing it's in beijing and a restaurant is actually calling itself obama fried chicken and he looks suspiciously just like colonel sanders. in the exact same outfit with with the bow tie and everything this is really cracked me up but there could be something political behind this so apparently people are saying this could be a response to the us piling a complaint with the world trade organization about chinese tariffs on american chicken exports because they are having to pay so much more money for american take it i think that's i honestly think that is absolutely ridiculous so you think that this restaurant was like oh we're paying more for chicken let's call it. if they didn't go right for anything you know i think they're capitalizing because they
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want to use obama's and midge they want to also use colonel sanders image and makes them and it just becomes awkward lee kind of we also know that you're really good at you know copying things like the fake i apple stores they have all over the place probably i think would be an interesting study to actually. do a poll in china how many people actually know between know about the stereotype in the u.s. about african americans and fried chicken and actually see i think it be lower than than any of us think i do think it was or they just think that americans like fried chicken i don't know i don't know i'm torn on that because it's such an obvious thing to us so it's hard for me to even imagine that they wouldn't know that it's i think you would be lucky to get one in five i think you're not really rare i wonder really have or maybe the person who owns the store knows that person may know that i guess that's the one that matters right because that's where the implication is right. whatever i like obama for a taking kentucky for a lot of fried chicken i want it to be merry and. this is i guess kind of obvious.
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but the un has said that. already newspapers are going to disappear and are all going to be replaced by digital versions and this was the un intellectual property agency's chief who said that in an interview but he says that in the us they'll actually be gone by twenty seventeen sort of far from now you think that by twenty seventy we're not going to have a new or times or you know washington post people decide to still pick up there with their you know hands be able to feel and get the exposure all over their fingers i think all of the sunday new york times but i actually think it's possible that the monday through friday it could be gone pretty soon i mean how many people roughly our age do you know that read a newspaper regularly i read one if i pick one up at the airport with i'm traveling maybe otherwise i'm online looking at the paper you know but here in d.c. today there's kind of a resurgence of the newspaper because you've got all these free papers that they hand out when you get on the metro so i think that's kind of the needs of people are we all have and i mean i was there you know there any paper that's made you
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know by the homeless or in the hallway just there it is you can galbally screw it was you know it was just you can get something for free from someone on the street doesn't mean it's a stand of a business model i think now i completely agree but can we please just note seriously the important part about this why is the u.n. doing a study about newspapers and whether or not they're going to be around because it's a waste of their time people have been saying this for five years it's like oh you need to have these have been down there and exactly like your property is a big deal they're just measuring progress ok all through our last story here. what are they called again i just forgot they're called g.p.s. navigator. big could bring you closer to the future take a look at a garmin ad. thank.
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you. that is ridiculous by the way but now we're going to switch over to i.b.m. and apparently they have a couple ideas to do things that are basically to earn fees by monitoring driving activity and so one thing is they're going to have navigators take drivers down certain routes that are more retail heavy where there are stories but if the stores actually decide to pay a fee for it or by charging bad drivers a whole thing where do you think that i'm not surprised at all by this i'm surprised it hasn't happened already i think if there is public interest were at play here the g.p.s. would actually redirect you for example if it's midnight and it's a high drunk driving accident area it would redirect you away from instead of directing you towards the jack in the box or what are you going to do so i mean just are you shopping i was going to say maybe first they could you know get the bypass ghetto button but david had to go haul now there is another you know point there to play upon our weaknesses and people like me that can help us shop. i got to wrap it up guys thanks so much for joining us today and that's it for tonight's
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show thanks for tuning in make sure he can back tomorrow they have a day in from firedoglake to be on the show i mean it's a fan of the little show on facebook follow us on twitter if you miss anything a calling you got a lot of sales and coming up next release. it was traded to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening up a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of kolache run. which is what. san antonio plays and from. the brotherhood you can involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper
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radio stations television stations a cable outlet but you tell me that that sounds like a martian public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching.


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