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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i have every right to know what my government's doing a lot to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else is here see some other part of it and realized everything is ok if you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture says. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right.
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i think iraq the bombings even want to well. we're never government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you believe your freedoms. for for for for .
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all right it's time for you said it i read it take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube you've got something to say i listen now first i'll respond to a viewer who watched our preview of the supreme court this term rather alpha's that i'm due to some very important cases coming up to about the sco this is the most right wing it has been in generations now it's very true but the current supreme court is one of the most conservative that we've seen in a very long time we've seen decision after decision prove that from citizens united which you raised whatever remnants of campaign law used to exist the hudson v michigan which blew the fourth amendment to smithereens ruling the evidence could be used after it was found by detroit police officers who stormed a home without announcing themselves and the conservative justices now hold a majority of the court he asked we that's a scary thing with so many important cases for your health and privacy set to come
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before the court in the coming months and keep in mind of course a supreme court is supposed to be about justice and not about partisanship and unfortunately things like that's a thing of the past and next i will respond a viewer who watched my interview was seen as declan mccullough on the u.s. finally signing on to act which the obama administration originally claimed was a state secret until large parts of it released make mac grasset on you tube every damn thing is a break in states a secret just a way to continuously keep normal business as usual away from the people our movement is happening at the right time sure it needed to be done years ago decades to any time is the right time stay strong remain peaceful and keep it up i think of this comment really hit the nail on the head the protesters in occupy wall street americans in general are sick and tired of all the major decisions pertaining to their lies being made behind closed doors especially from an administration who promised to be the most open and transparent in history president obama swore up and down to the american people that he would be different and yet it's very clear that that is simply not the case. now the obama administration has invoked the
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state secrets privilege time and time again to keep the american people in the dark and the pressure they try to use the state secrets description to shield a copyright document from the public as is of course i think that everybody knows the act is not and never was an issue of national security it's an example of the u.s. government doing the bidding of corporate interests not exactly with those and occupy wall street are fighting against government and corporations working in collusion to keep the american people down in the dark now lastly don't respond to a viewer who commented on our reporting of the occupy wall street protests denny hume said on facebook your coverage of this event is unrivaled on all news channels or news programs thank you alone and r.t. well thank you danny we've been covering the occupy wall street protests from day one because of all the misinformation out there about the protests now being peddled by other media outlets it's important to set the record straight and we plan to continue doing just that and i said my ranting today but i will be back with more next week. now we hear about poll after poll revealing the decline of
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american public support for our wars in iraq and afghanistan and in fact a recent c.b.s. poll determined that two in three americans think that we should dramatically reduce the amount of u.s. troops in afghanistan was sixty two percent believing it that reduction should happen immediately but what has far less what we've heard far less about the opinion of those who have actually been fighting in our wars and putting their lives on the line from pew research poll conducted a study comparing u.s. popular opinion and the opinions of military veterans and the most shocking stat to jumped out at us was the lack of popularity amongst veterans when it comes to the current wars and brought the official ones at least only a third of veterans say to both wars in iraq and afghanistan a good war slightly thirty three percent say that both wars are not worth the cost so only one out of every three soldiers actually say the wars have been worth excuse me so one has resulted so the wars that have not been worth the effort and i think personally that's very revealing but what are their views on the overall u.s. mission with the war on terror when it comes to nation building fifty nine percent
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of post nine eleven veterans are on board with the military's efforts in afghanistan and iraq the topic of unmanned aerial attacks in the u.s. military eighty six percent of post nine eleven veterans and veterans of previous arrows think that drones are a good idea of the use of drones is also growing in popularity amongst the general public but sixty eight percent of them like the idea of using drones rather than soldiers now if those numbers are kind of surprising considering the growing amount of questions surrounding the legality of the civilian death toll the first société with the use of drones i'm assuming here that for many americans of the government is going to wage war on their behalf they'd rather have to have their own men and women in harm's way you know perhaps the government should be paying more attention to those that they've actually sent to iraq and afghanistan to fight on behalf of this country well more than ninety percent of the veterans who were interviewed think of the military's help them grow and mature as an individual only a third of them think that their actual mission in the war stricken countries. has been worth it that's more than a few veterans with some radical ideas now again these are the men and women who
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are actually in our military fighting for the us seeing what our wars actually look like when a third of the veterans think that our wars aren't worth the cost perhaps it's time for the politicians here in d.c. to stop bickering about what the next move should be listen to those that have actually been doing their bidding so just let me say it again let's get out and let's and worse. as a new video out there on the web it's crazy if you questions is it really anonymous or is it a trick and we don't know yet what it promises is the take down the new york stock exchange website called operation invade wall street this is why we choose to declare our war against the new york stock exchange we no longer stay silent as the population is being taken advantage of for the sake of profit we will show the world that we are troops now we're told richards it was actually shall be erased from being. killed or chance expect again that shall be ever ever before dark.
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now if the video is real then what they're planning another d.d. o. s. attacks especially the same tactics that anonymous used to briefly take down pay pal and mastercard but this raises a larger question here as to whether d.d. o. s. attacks are legal or not secretly there's a case in santa cruz california where a homeless man is being accused of setting up a d.d. o. s. on the city's website in protest of a camping not his attorney jail lederman is arguing that there is no such thing as a d.d. o. s. attack and e.o.'s is a protest it's a digital city and it is no different than physically occupying a space it's not a crime it's speech now so far it seems like a number of indicators point to those arrests and sweeps against anonymous and law so may also use the same defense strategy so do they have a legal point well joining me for this cause that is nico muhly again trying to lecture in public policy at harvard kennedy school and the founder and president of eco ditto dot com if you want to make you so much for joining us tonight and for starters any speculation here as to whether this is
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a real anonymous attack or not when it comes to the new york stock exchange i mean the interesting thing is that it's on monday which is columbus day which is a holiday this was the web site so thought i could really disrupt trading. i mean it's impossible to say but it looks like fun one way or the other. or we get into some of the legal questions here tell us again one more time we got this many times on the show but what exactly goes into doing a d.d. o. s. attack health works well actually every website is. where she's live on web servers that are a lot like the computers you and i use every day and they're a web page or web site is just a file on one of those computers just like you might have a microsoft word file in your my documents folder and every website is just a file in a folder on a computer somewhere and so in a distributed denial of service attack what happens is that people arrange for thousands hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of computers to request the web
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. site the files on the website all at once and most websites are not accustomed to having a single file requested by that many computers all at the exact same time most of us when we go to websites and we request we open them up we're requesting a file but in truth in point of fact there's not that many computers opening them all simultaneously and so a distributed denial of service attack is everybody asking for it once it's almost like you're sitting at the dining room table and all ten people at the table will reach for the salt at once it's a very similar kind of orchestrated coronated move ok so if we're talking about sitting let's get to the legal part of this right do you agree with this attorney here that this is a protective current speech this is just like doing a city physically you know whether there's definitely there's definitely are some some there's an appropriate comparison to be made between distributed denial of service attacks and sit ins i think there's
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a clear parallel there are also denial of service attacks that are not that are not acts of protests that are criminal acts designed to break into a system to steal something but in there's also a kind of. service attack which is in fact very similar to a sit in i mean if you think about everybody going to a bank and sitting in the lobby of the bank at once so there's no other business can be transacted i mean you can definitely make the point that you distribute the service because you very similar kind of activity everybody requesting the website at once together it's almost as if we all sat in front of our computers and at the exact same time hit enter so would you say that while the details are still about haiti on this case in santa cruz that's one of the homeless guy actually. did the d.o.f. attack on the santa cruz web site when it comes to anonymous the little site what they've done in taking down master card making on paper you think about policy as protest business that in your eyes are. you know if it's about political speeches
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about political purpose it's not about some kind of fiscal financial gain i definitely think that there is there's an argument to be made that that's a consulate general form of social protest you know i think there are probably some there definitely some gray areas in the space but broadly speaking i think there's a clear appropriate parallel and here's something i thought was interesting there's a woman a mercedes paper who was one of the arrestees she's alleged to be hacker an anonymous and one of the things that she was saying is that you know president obama tells his supporters to overload the switchboards of congress that he wants them to call about something so he's allowed it and she thinks of that as a form of a d.d. o. s. attacks so why is national out a call for it and she doesn't so he thinks that that's political persecution is great i absolutely think you know i'm not as a person but lots of advocacy groups in washington d.c. and around the country they want you to overwhelm the capitol switchboard to get it
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together shut down and you know denial of service attack because that's exactly what a denial of service attack years except it's on a website and sort of a switchboard and part of the problem here is i think people just assume websites are these infinite things out in the in the cloud in the ether and in fact there is some complexity and some significant constraints to these two answers you know i think that this is something that we're going to start seeing more op then of course over the last year or so you could say that happens and has put on a much more public face so do you have any guesses as to where you think courts might go with this or is there any type of legal precedent it's already out there. it's hard to say i mean i think part of this comes down to what extent is a web site you know a public space i mean i think a big concern that you know there are a number of concerns that are starting to get serviced about our our digital lives we're all very comfortable on facebook and twitter and and on our i tunes and yet
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there are some significant political issues that are beginning to reveal themselves i mean for one a lot of the public space on the internet is actually privately owned and i think when the courts begin to look at some of these questions they're going to raise some fundamental issues about the nature of public and private space as well as some interesting compelling issues about privacy and intent that it seems like they're going to be looking at sooner rather than later which i guess is a good thing and i thank you from i don't know thank you very much. also to come tonight another u.s. government agency is caught spreading of long oh yeah what are the wonder of articles are cool final word tonight and ahead in happy hour trying to the times of the seventy's straight unveils a new or if not it classic chris christie is a rock about his weight but while female politicians get flak for being here for one hundred that back in all.
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those numbers given that we have an apartheid regime right now. i think the rock the bombings beautiful and funny well. whenever the government says they're for keeping safe get ready because you're going to lose your freedoms. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so please if you understand it and then he did something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. since.
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you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old i didn't tell the truth. i confess and i am a total get over friends that i love private care about his sex life and pretty. he was kind of it yesterday. one very. serious place.
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i deciphered sites tool time of war and generally goes through a sector of our government still doesn't understand our wrong it is to spread islamophobia especially if you're an official government agency now remember just a few weeks ago we told you about how wired uncovered an f.b.i. training course and essentially labeled all muslims as radical well sadly the justice department seems to be following in their footsteps danger and spencer ackerman got his hands on a power point presentation from two thousand and ten giving details of what was taught by an official within the d.o.j. now there are a few slides or. one of the slides called defining terrorism with a line across it saying what sets terrorist attacks a part of the political motivations of their perpetrators and the slide carries the statements all say they are muslim all believe they are acting as followers of true islam and we should know that the slides go on to explain that there are muslims and then there are islamists but as you can tell a court of the d.o.j. a large portion of the muslim population also falls under the islamist category i.e.
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the people likely to be responsible for radical acts so perhaps the slide titles our values are threatened gives us real insight into the teachings of the d.o.j. official explains that there is a war going on a civilizational jihad if you will and this war has been going on since the beginning of islam and as to how it is being waged in the us by anyone who threatens america's core values and the purpose of engaging in this civilizational jihad is to replace american judeo christian and western values with those of his law kind of judge mental to say the least but as you can imagine when ackerman asked the d.o.j. for a comment they simply replied with it part of it is today instructed all u.s. attorneys offices to review all training materials and presentations provided by the justice department personnel to ensure that any material presented is consistent with department standards goals and instructions. the o'jays only making these reviews happen because they got caught now if you remember that guy to. to get rid of similar media attention i swear up and down that those classes weren't being taught me more from to find out just a few days later it wasn't really the kates and lo and behold now the d.o.j.
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is caught doing the exact same thing and we should note ackerman is reporting that similar anti islam courses are spreading within the military so i'm really surprised that there is evidence of anti islam classes being taught in other sections of our governments will not really but encouraging and teaching methods to members of the u.s. government the basically label of majority of muslims as extremist is downright wrong so for playing a part in trying to brainwash americans and hating muslims and then being you just so embarrassed because they got caught in the o.j. is tonight's time when. ok it's time for happy hour and join me tonight r.t. correspondent christine preside and as nani heard on the hill reporter for roll call you know ladies thank you for joining me ok so sarah palin had a massive huge announcement today that she gave. it
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a radio interview she's not running for president not like we didn't already know that because all she wants his money but let's just remind ourselves why she said last time that she didn't want to present. this to whether i should throw my name in the hat for the g.o.p. nomination or i mean for twenty twelve is a title worth it it does a title shackle a person are they someone like me maverick you know i do go rogue and i call it like i see it. no one saw someone like me who's you know maverick so she didn't want to get the shadow of the presidency but the funny thing about this is so roger ailes was also giving an interview he's on the media around lately and he was defending himself against saying that he has a political bias and his defense for why he does no political bias was. he hired sarah palin because she was high ratings were his exact words which which could
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just cracks me i mean i don't really doesn't explain every other person on your channel it still has a political bias but i guess sarah palin you know is hot gets every rule has she is i don't know i think i mean i am not a person that would normally defend roger ailes but i think the majority of people who make decisions about who to put on air on all the mainstream media in this country that would be a reason why they're attractive. people are you know you don't say like she's hot and that's what i mean and that's why she can find as you say she's not biased but the funny thing about this is you know we haven't heard sarah palin say have people said but when newsweek put her on the cover a little while ago and she was wearing some little you know teeny shorts. she got angry at newsweek she called it sexist i guess it's not sexist but roger ailes well who's we part of the lame stream media ok but i mean she had
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a lot on her mind today to be fair she had this whole announcement that she was gearing up for on the facebook. so she was already she had already hearing chris christie here and now i answered a lot. longer well ok so we were just speaking about women having to be attractive obviously if you want to be on t.v. but take a listen to what rush limbaugh was going off on because of course there's been a lot of speculation as to chris christie to back to run for president and rush limbaugh had a few comments on. the truth and the fact of the matter is that female politicians get a pass on every aspect of their appearance. they get it you would never have stories about how some people politicians like there are stories about christie being fat you wouldn't have those stories which at least one is the story of bunny frankie and that you don't have but all the stories of christie being billing the place
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well you have the stamina we have the energy and we have the you know if you don't have those questions there are plenty of laundry and she women in politics. leonti of a large asteroid matters all disagree with that are you are actually plenty of lard ass women in politics number one and number two i think that if a large ass larger woman was running for president that yes we would hear all kinds of talk like that when governor christie was running for governor that wasn't so much that didn't come up as much in conversation his weight anything but when you're talking about anyone being the president of the united states the one person to represent this country around the world i think disagree i mean i think that man or woman that would come up i probably would be there i agree i mean i think politics is one of those few professions but. your appearance is pretty much how we beat you so you write for the hill i mean are there a lot of heavy like out front high profile female. do you think i actually know there aren't that many there's
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a few and i'm not going to name names you know for the most part. is wrong for the most part rush limbaugh is wrong but i mean i wouldn't say that there's there's some people who are incredibly late fit in that time and there's other people i mean it's normal and that's the truth of the matter i think the one thing that was annoying about the christie thing was how much emphasis by everyone and not just being totally overplayed it was and after giving so much flak to perry for being racist the fact that all of us were going after christie for being overweight and the else to talk about you want to know why because he's not running for president i don't know what to put in i don't know you know i think they're like you know obviously is very important or definitely a large target when you're running for. political office but i do think that people are a little more wary when it comes to maybe criticizing when you know like i feel like that wouldn't be as acceptable phase women about holding oh let me tell you you got to be fair he was a lawyer it was really good it's big ass and get away with it because they know
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what they're going to get. well let's move on to really bad of the times take a look. the newest muppets on the block her name is nearly the entire life story as she tells it seems a walled away from the normally happy times on the street. when you don't even know whether you're going to have a next meal or not. actually priyanka. said . ok so the other day we were talking about how there are hallmark cards that are saying sorry that you lost your job now we have this muppet talking about you know going hungry and it's really really depressing but at the same time you know i think that's a mystery in my case a little more realistic than our mainstream media is because they're actually talking about the fact that one in four children now don't know where their next meal is coming from this is reality a little sad and you know you kids i mean i was always i as a kid i remember learning
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a lot of important life lessons from those beautiful. and i think this is max that they're doing this i think it's important i think they've done it to deal with things like death like racism. and it is sad and it is a sign of the times but they also have i had one guy living in a garbage can and that was it and then you literally thought he was here the route chooses to live in the garbage can one question does she ever get food on sesame street like today eventually eat her i don't like she's brand new i don't know i don't know that all the things you're able to do you know that this is something she has to sometimes worry about ok last story real quick just just listen. oh. come. on. guys are pretty start for exams out there that is pulling on there's a nice hard cold story there's
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a man who's fifty who said that learning cling on actually helped him find a way of working with his dyslexia and he in fact now if you're spending twelve years learning the alien dialect and being made on a cd teaching others how to speak it's kind of thing that i love that it's a good twelve years to learn it but you know cling on people every day startrek they have cling on immersion camps you should know this bad thing on institute is via oh yeah i have friends that wanted to go to the immersion camp at night school i mean and yeah i know it's very interesting that that a strange language first star trek you call would help somebody with there's a lot of dyslexia maybe we're on to something maybe that's going to lead scientists somewhere in terms of studying at the backwards parts of the brain but very interesting that it is the language of dr spock going on saving the day are great for much for joining me tonight a great night show thanks for coming and making me come back tomorrow we'll be covering the occupation in the feed from the freedom plaza and talking to kevin
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zeese lead organizer of october two thousand and eleven and chris hedges on the meantime got to get to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can we stop yelling at you tube dot com flash heal on the show and coming up next is the. even the box office can shut land a sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic which. cross from some to religion. safe and strong in spirit is hard. touches the so much to me is going to be made into a marquee player there is
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a block of days of rain is the global economy on the brink of a double dip recession is so why can't the rich west find the right mix of fiscal. world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we dumped a few jerks covered.


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