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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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into that only one military mechanisms do not work to bring justice for accountability. i have every right to know what my government's true if you want to know why i think taxes. i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sorely sleep you think you understand it and then even something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok and you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. says.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq the bombings even funny well. whatever government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you give them their freedom. for. a few.
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all right it's time for tonight's tools and award and not to go to fox news now yes we often take on fox news but today is a special day today is there fifteenth birthday so today we want to show you what box news has brought to america over the last fifteen years now since taking to the airwaves in one thousand nine hundred six boxes built a loyal customer brand to become the talking points network for the republican party so we're going to celebrate with a stroll down memory lane let's just call it boxes greatest hits secret the network hate liberals they go after democrats with glee in their eyes any chance that they get off their ignoring republican hypocrisy so just take a little look at fox news versus progressives and the obvious propaganda that
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liberals are trying to teach to our children. thank you woodstock meets burning man meets people with absolutely no purpose or focus on life they are controlled by radicals and revolutionary communist just so weird that they don't release and just get it over with it seems to me because i don't i don't doubt it just now it's getting strange that they just don't say here we're talking about creole changing the colors of the rainbow instead call them colors of the cultures they clearly said today if crayon a government agency showed kids this cartoon and handed out books that play man for global warming but they did not tell kids that that is actually a disputed fact. they hate corporations they hate capitalism and in the end ultimately they want statism over free markets so they really don't like freedom are you sure she was part of the cheers of those evil conservatives like me i've been claiming for a while he originally said. no and then went on and ramble about the budget and
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energy spent oh yeah according to fox news liberals are un-american socialists who want to bring communism to america now for fifteen years they've actually been spewing this crap here for wonder why this nation is so polarized you can thank box news for bringing political debate and discussion to a totally new level of violence in our next area that would like to highlight news is there fifteen years of promoting prejudice they never missed a chance to scare white people by making muslims black people or any other minority group the bogeyman. not all muslims are terrorists put all terrorists are muslim if you are a me twenty eight year old. you should be strip searched building that victory mosque and what's in that since a burial site would be both disruptive and cold hearted for the families of nine eleven victims the most dangerous scenario is that radical muslims seize power and put sharia law into place this president i think has exposed himself as
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a guy over and over and over again who has a deep seated hatred for white people or the white culture i don't know what it is this guy is i believe the racist and the white house judgement on inviting someone with glorified cop killing during point memorial week of all times you know the judgment it would be no wrapping of. the. you know what actually amazes me if these people think that they have a point when i broadcasting some of these stories but hey they feel good about it i can see. that's want to celebrate fifteen years of curing torture and abuse in the united states you know pox news i have a little lust for violence if you're a police officer tell me can you take that in a euro that pepper spray i think the answer is yes absolutely all right in my book it's called discipline you do not take the risk of saying well perhaps i'll get information another way if i say very conservative or the bush administration did
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exactly right with whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki leaks website he's a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. pepper spray children advocating for torture and killing anybody who leaked information those are the strategies that you have to support in order to work a pox news that's one tough crowd now lastly let's celebrate fifteen years of fox for being a bible thumping network who believes in freedom of religion only if you're christian sit there and you're skeptical every day and then you go to church and you get on your knees and you pray to the bald man in the sky invisible man and the thing about the scam no i don't know you don't want to tell you one man that you don't know i am not tell you why it's not a scam in my opinion all right tide goes in tide goes out never miscommunication you can explain it again this investigation is designed to spotlight retailers who have knocked to the word christmas out of the christmas trees are christmas happy holidays plenty of advertising space plenty room for betters in your store why do you think there's no home and excluding very close to so i were absolutely not
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going to say merry merry christmas and nobody isn't it i mean i'm not going to go there because it's annoying. and that's what fox news has brought to us childish name calling insults temper tantrums and really huge egos and they're acting like most of peter olds i know we know it when somebody else comes along with a different point of view fox news feels threatened they don't like the scent they don't like anybody questioning america's role in the world or our actions in the world unless it's then just this week they had a little problem with r t who gave actress and comedian roseanne barr a platform to voice her opinion on occupy wall street i want to go to roseanne because you brought her up she was on something called russia today you never seen it work larry is it is supposed to give me anti-american get what you do over five and it looks like it's filmed out of somebody's basement. you know it's hilarious buck's news is that you think i'm preaching hate islamophobia supporting torture calling anybody who believes differently than you a socialist and communist that's more pro-american than i don't know spreading the
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truth we cover stories of the mainstream media aka box news business or refuses to cover we're not corporate owed we don't have to worry about sponsors shareholders who focus on news and yes we're critical of the government why because of fox news and other networks refuse to question authority that's a journalist in this country are supposed to do to be government watchdogs but in our corporate culture today they're more like fox news happy birthday let's all raise a glass and hope you guys grow out of your awkward teenagers quickly and finally become responsible adults and that's part of giving you rights tools on a word. well a state department now has three weeks until schedule to make a decision on the keystone x.l. pipeline it's a plan seventeen hundred mile pipeline would run from canada all the way at the u.s. to the gulf and it sparked a fierce debate this environmentalist of call the game over for the planet because the increased amount of greenhouse gases the remitted extract oil from canada is tar sands those in support however call this a job creator
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a way to decrease america's reliance on oil from arab nations say the state department decided to hold a hearing here in washington where hundreds of everyday people showed up to support or protest the pipeline and make their case but at this point all the cards already pointing the pipeline. tempers are still reeling over the apparently very cozy relationship between the state department and a trans canada lobbyist as exposed in dozens of e-mails that were released by the environmental group friends of the earth now if there is one thing that history has shown us and which is brought out all the protesters all over the country as of late and unfortunately big industries big oil or big banks they usually win join me to discuss this is. butchering your name associate director at the sierra club the on oil campaign thank you so much for joining us here having me say your last name for me color really hollow really thank you ok so you were at this hearing today and from the reports that i read it got a little rowdy yes it certainly did and it was a perfect example of the american people versus big oil and big money there were
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over eight hundred people in the audience in the hearing room and thousand outside at the rally at lunch and they came from every walk of life it was actually pretty inspiring to see farmers ranchers and businesspeople entrepreneurs' environmentalist just a huge swath of people they came to show their concern there were a lot of pipe fitters in the audience so it was sort of a mixed bag we had this huge wrath of americans from all walks of life they came to say no and then a bunch of paid union supporters had to sit in the audience very few actually tough . they were paid to be there but they were country is divided and regards this pipeline because it is being sold as something that's going to create a lot of jobs hates of it's a massive pipeline is going to run all the way through the country well actually it doesn't create a lot of jobs and that's one of the sad things about this this pipeline is supposed to create between three thousand and five thousand jobs and unfortunately the numbers have been credibly distorted by the company trans canada. for example the
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people in the audience there today they're not going to get any jobs from this pipeline so yes there are jobs there but if you really look at the real story there's a lot more people will be hurt by this pipeline there's the health impacts in communities around the texas cancers respiratory diseases the farmers along the way this pipeline endangers one third of america's agricultural water where those jobs going to go if this thing leaks so i think it's i think it's really a mixed bag and one of the largest concerns here too is that when you have to extract the oil from the tar sands and this really increases the amount of greenhouse gases that are needed right well i mean how devastating is that's one of the reasons the sierra club came to the table about two years ago on this issue the charge stands are one of the most toxic and dangerous forms of oil on the planet they say it's game over like you said if these things are developed an area the size of england is set to be destroyed by the tar sands so i really think that when you look at the water when you look at human health and when you look at climate
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change issues it's a easy you know ok because thing is china has already expressed interest right they're saying fine if america does want it will figure out a way we're going to. develop these tar sands or extract oil from it even if they have to ship the barrels all the way to china so if the u.s. does say you know what i'm playing devil's advocate here you know then not only do we lose out of the oil but at the same time the same damage is going to be done to the environment well that's one of the most damaging that's out there right now so right now canadians on either side of the tar sands are dramatically opposed and they have said no to numerous pipelines that take this to international ports. the east and west coast sides of canada so right now the tar sands are landlocked and there is no way but this pipeline to get to china this pipeline is so wanted by the oil industry because it opens up the texas gulf coast refineries the largest group of refineries in the united states and actually in the world and those international shipping ports that are down there so many industry analysts are
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actually saying this pipeline is an export pipeline and right now we're seeing about sixty percent of the oil that's refined down in texas is exported actually found a latin america to europe to other parts of the world and so i think to say if we build this pipeline we'll get the united states actually not based on the fact that's not what's we're seeing right now in our economy and the truth is that the industry and the banks are watching this decision because this decision is going to drive investment the tar sands because it will be the first international shipping port that the tar sands will have access to now let's just compare this really quick because we had hundreds of people protesting in front of the white house against this tar sands pipeline weeks ago and the media paid almost no attention to it compare that to the cylinder a scandal and how much attention that's gotten you know is this occupied movement perhaps helping bring the keystone pipeline protests to the forefront a little bit well i hope it is i mean it's certainly true that there are some really similar concerns being said we actually had some occupy people that came down the street today a lot of people that saw that jennifer as environmentalist and are just fed up that
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we're not seeing more leadership on environmental issues. and i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and i guess the clock is ticking three weeks left to go but if you had to do it if you had to make a guess is it going to happen but what i will say is that the november sixth five thousand protesters are coming into d.c. can circle the white house that's our last big shot at say no to this pipeline so. i'm feeling optimistic when i look at the room that was there today all right thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. now coming up next we have our fireside friday and a happy hour the death of steve jobs has turned into a business boon for some clothing makers class a porn company is making n.f.l. about a something politician who recently left office back in december. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right.
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i think rocker is beautiful and funny well. whatever government says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you love your freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. see.
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if you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old like this you know lived through. i confess and i am a total get of friends that i love driving hip hop music that you prefer. that it was kind of the guest today. i'm very proud of the role without you she let's play. to tonight's fireside your who. today three winners were announced for the nobel peace prize for their nonviolent struggle for the safety of women for women's rights to full participation in peace building work
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that's according to the nobel committee three women that have been fighting to bring about peace and change in liberia and yemen but since we're on that subject a lot of talk about another name that didn't win but somebody who was nominated for this year's peace prize how did practice somebody who won in the online poll for the guardian which was chosen by their readers the private bradley manning the young american accused of leaking more than two hundred fifty thousand state department cables as well as war war logs on iraq and afghanistan to wiki leaks the young man who was held in solitary confinement in quantico virginia for months and conditions that many amounted to torture all about being convicted of any crime bradleys now fort leavenworth in kansas where his conditions are said to be better but he still awaits a fair trial and today it's actually five hundred days especially since bradley manning has been waiting for that trial five hundred days that he's been in free trial confinement that's no short run that's something the government has yet to
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explain as well as the question surrounding why it is of the obama administration is still obstructing the united nations special rufford sure on torture one mendez from conducting an unmonitored meeting with bradley manning seems like the u.n. is good enough for this president to use an excuse to get us into a war with libya without ever asking congress but when it comes to examining our own abuses our own citizens not so much let's not forget also had this was the president who once said that whistleblowers employees with the courage to report wrongdoing are the government's best defense against waste fraud and abuse is they only mean that when it doesn't apply to abuses carried out overseas in our various wars you know this past year has really been remarkable what they made of change happening around the world who. and that the arab spring revolutions i can all the crises rising global imbalances now leading to the start of a movement here in the united states to occupy wall street things are happening the world is changing and i think it's fair to say that the information that we feel
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leaks is made available to the public has played a role not change there will be to expose people from countries around the world to the actions of their governments and their diplomats in their militaries or just to start a new debate about openness transparency what it means to live in an over classified world and yet a world where the internet is challenging that classification you know we've seen our own officials support movements in the arab spring where wiki leaks cables play a role we've seen our media report on countless stories taken from those leaks and when it comes to the case of bradley manning the young army private that may be responsible for passing on that information because his conscience told him that it had to be revealed everybody likes to turn a blind eye to forget about the risks that he took the way that he's been treated the man that's borne the brunt of all the reactions to wiki leaks it's clear the guardian readers have forgotten those people who nominated bradley for a peace prize haven't forgotten and that's something that i too have not forgotten so it's the obama administration just know that you still have
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a lot of questions to answer. ok it's friday and it's time for happy hour so joining me tonight is our chief producer jenny churchill and tanya salmon a reporter and blogger for think progress or thank you for joining me ladies so anthony wiener the former representative from new york is no longer in congress right because a little texting being a scandal we aren't those pictures but thank god finally there is now a gay porn called anthony that we parody it. both. there are.
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no. i just love the reason i just cracked the studio is called studios they've also done one called getting levi's johnston so you know i kind of makes it a little corny with politics since we have so many political rights scandals all the time yeah you know i'm all bored i'm going to see it seems like a good feed for it you know but the thing that surprised me first of all two things one that it took this long yeah i mean it was practically direct material for them and two i had no idea about how you really spell winner for the longest time i actually thought it was his last name so i learned something today. by the way chris are going producers they are in there in the control room said what's next neal and pale and. that's good you know so that's. kind of you know i think it was really a shame it took this long and i'm really thankful for the part industry that our politicians are such morons and constantly giving them lots of material well if
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anthony weiner needs another job but i'm sure the porn industry would love to accept him i'm sure they all. but you know anything time ok the anthony weiner thing also is a reminder of how prudish our country is in certain respects right the fact you have to resign because you had a picture of your being in your underwear or whatever that you said to somebody meanwhile check out this woman in poland her name is kind of you know leonard and she's trying to run for parliament and this is her campaign. i mean just think about it if somebody in the us had a political campaign ad like that everyone i would vote for she's got my vote and
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i'm not going into that so i don't know you've got to wonder where are her campaign headquarters you know if she's having a fundraiser is that crazyhorse in poland like the equivalent i do not they're not afraid to use sex to sell themselves to be you know and i don't i think that what we can take away from that is we clearly know where she stands on the issues and. you know. every baby that's her way saying that she's the one that will bring world peace all around paul that she just of the but take it or. by the way we have an update there already is a part out there called male and pale and. so chris really. created by the times differently we were altered as we thought it was the best idea. we're not up on our own industry this is why you know libraries are. important titles otherwise i would say you want. to say but whatever you know i think it's kind of
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interesting i wish we would see something like that here but of course they'd be ridiculed by the rush limbaugh would go crazy let's move on so unfortunately of course sadly steve jobs passed away but i parent leader is silver lining here for for the sequel clothing brand who says that as soon as the news broke that jobs had passed their mock turtle necks flew off the shelves and they said that they've experienced an almost one hundred percent increase in sales since yesterday so. steve jobs is. like fell through the roof when you say that i'm sorry i think it's kind of forced because multiple nights are just so completely had to say well actually as you say it's not really an unfortunate thing because that means that many people are going to be walking around in that heinous turtleneck you know if you want to leave jobs if you can hear me out there i'm sorry i mean god you know great innovator you you you added so much to our lives but mock turtleneck is
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something that i hope maybe just just i mean it's cute right and so it's a nice little it's and you're going to hear all but you think that i guess you probably prefer you bought an i pad you know there is no not that the notes. are yeah exactly i mean and i mean really you're very right there steve jobs jobs he clearly wishes that you would say go buy one of his and we know it was from heaven for iraq to nine. ok so. talk about domestic abuse because it's a really fun happy hour topic. first of all let me show you a clip here of a woman who was really upset when they were going to lower the criminalization of domestic abuse and make it just a misdemeanor. i was speaking with a crowbar it was a misdemeanor. i've had both my risk that was in a small you know let's put these these victims and with control and dogs at large
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and parking tickets that's how important you are to our community. ok so you think that is after someone just beat the hell out of them in that sense it was just a misdemeanor but let's take a little. little ride over to topeka they're actually considering decriminalising domestic violence in order to save money because you know it just costs too much to prosecute these people considering consider those i got you said they were and i was there the fact that they're actually considering it see in fact they've stopped prosecuting those crimes since september eighth they could have it officially made a law get and so they've already turned back thirty domestic violence cases since that time very well i mean really really of all things you can't afford to prosecute how about nonviolent crimes don't get prosecuted anymore and then the ones where people are beating up their spouses you still bring it in spending money on. the only thing i have to say about the story is i think that's absolutely
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unacceptable and despicable and if somebody sends me the addresses of some of these people who are beating their wives i will come show you we have a good guy i would like to give you how to be happy to come show you how demeaning and awful that is and then they can even call the cops on you exactly all about it or they won't prosecute you or yeah ok so right all the gods on your table i mean it's ridiculous you know this is the city council's big idea i have one let's get rid of the city council and take their money and give it to the prosecutor clearly we're not doing it much else so i mean if that's the big idea i think i have just another side of our of our priorities being screwed up as to where we have money and where we don't sorry. cool our girl's going to have it out thanks so much for joining me tonight but there are nights show thanks for tuning in and making a comeback on monday for you have the latest on occupy wall street in the meantime there forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and you missed anything right here any other night you know he's. a flashy lot of show you'll find the interview
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as well as showing you some tired is the news. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall so. they have. even chance a good chance a chance to get a glimpse of the status of the human experiments given. the service rap music was exposed to a military trial in the sense of global economy and it's on changelings us financial temple the release of a link to maintain a confidence in markets and taking on the british wants to be seems way to balance
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its risks to keep the nation's close to sing a song like looking for clues humble. some fail simple a balance again feel a little like think is the west. feeling is it like ultimate justice in the streets the argument for me i'm just programs increase the total economy. if. the. mission is. going to take three months for charges. to make amends three. three stooges.


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