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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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lol. oh i'm so aravind washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture one month later the occupy wall street movement has gone global people from sea to sea setting up shop in their local parks and this will buildings and street corners in opposition to wall street's far reaching tentacles we'll have protesters in the nation's biggest cities in just a moment and as the first amendment been trampled on during this month of protests in america i'll speak with someone about the legality of the occupy wall street movement and the illegality of the police response to it.
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you need to know this happy anniversary occupy wall street today marks one month since people began camping out your manhattan to protest wall street's high crimes and disastrous influence our economy and that month this movement has transformed into an unstoppable force occupying not just new york city but the entire planet over the weekend hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in europe south america and asia in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement in iran demonstrations turned violent as police cars the government building were torched causing over a million dollars damage here in the united states where protests of remain peaceful despite ongoing brutal police crackdowns tens of thousands of people filled times square this weekend in new york city and tens of thousands more
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occupied hundreds of cities across the country and as we've seen each day there were also mass arrests uttered seventy five people arrested in chicago for a gauge. in civil disobedience seventy were arrested in new york city's times square nearly one hundred people arrested in arizona couple dozen more arrested in denver and here in the nation's capital princeton professor cornel west join your early twenty other people in getting arrested in front of the supreme court as they were protesting the high court's decision to end our elections over to trans national corporations last year citizens united case despite the arrests the movement continues to grow and gain support and perhaps more importantly fundraise the original and largest occupation in new york since the coddy park just revealed that it has raised more than three hundred thousand dollars in donations through its web sites and through passers by i bet hall now for a round up on what happened this weekend and where the movement the occupied general goes next i'm joined by sarah jaffe in new york she's an associate editor
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alter net and from chicago again your mouse yes miss so gloria press liaison for occupy chicago and brainchildren forces but occupy chicago one of the one hundred seventy five people arrested saturday and joining me here in the studios in d.c. anthony allen which is about member of the welcoming committee with occupy d.c. welcome to all of you have mangled anybodies in your badly if so please correct me . let me start out i'm curious first of all. in fact with. sarah. what personally has has been your big lesson out of this. my big lesson out of it is that i was simply too cynical i went down to this is how the park protests on day five of the occupation and i had sort of been another you know another march another whatever won't make a difference and after five days the infrastructure in there had blown my mind
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a month later. it's all over the world nine hundred protests and some are in different countries i mean this is i didn't think it could happen and it certainly is i'm curious daniel and in chicago. the. well first of all can you just give us an update on what's going on in chicago we're hearing about police crackdowns there. this past saturday we've been occupying. for twenty four or twenty three days now since september twenty third this past saturday we turned out a couple thousand people to march from our headquarters at the federal reserve bank chicago to occupy or statuette michigan in congress where we pitched twenty blocks are not tense and peaceful resistance the police you know stood by and great detail but. yeah it was it was definitely an inspiring and motivating time we formed
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a human chains human links in order to defend our encampment and so you stand up for our civil rights for a peaceful and assembly peaceful protests and i felt that was one of the more heartening experiences as an activist because you know so many folks in my in my generation don't exactly know what it is liked but yourself on a line i meant to actually defend those rights and to be arrested wrongfully for defending those rights and so we were taken away one hundred seventy five of us and thorough for exercising our freedom of speech and right to dissemble and i had some of the most amazing conversations of my life. it's. fascinating we missed your very last word thing but i think we got a sense of it amazing conversations of your life. anthony you're here in d.c. and curious how are things going to mcpherson square folks what's going on there
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things are going great we had our largest march to date on saturday we had roughly about four hundred plus people in regards to our the individuals who are actually staying over we probably added we almost doubled between thursday and today so the movement is really catching steam we're getting individuals from the local d.c. area d.m.v. we're also getting individuals from new york and occupy wall street are coming down we're also getting individuals coming up from the south so of course we're in the nation's capital so if we're going to gravitate here regardless but it's a good thing it's our can can mean it's probably about fifty percent of people who are actually residents of the maryland d.c. virginia area local folks exactly who are saying this is this is our place yes this is in this is pretty unique for d.c. because a lot of times it's national people coming in church because the nation's capital exactly you kind of expect that how is d.c. trying to occupy d.c. trying to bring new people in can you walk us through how you organization was sure we were doing multiple efforts we have
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a strong web presence actually also this week we did a campaign where we went out to the neighborhoods letting individuals know about the occupation movements are taking place on saturday so we're doing a lot of much multiple multiple outreach programs that's great and and i'm i'm curious sara in new york city a new queen app. p.x. but. never quite so it has found the sixty seven percent of new yorkers even a majority are publicans both clearly understand the message of the night and percent and that's with no official most of the job had been put out but you know perhaps that the howard beale you know were medicine and are going to take it any. message but say that they perfectly understand the message and agree with it and think it should not be stopped by force so obviously so far this is working in your opinion and being there are. you know the epicenter of the place where it began and
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words and certainly the belly of the beast i mean wall street there but could make a better and what could blow it up but make it better you know i think rooting pretty well but could make it better is maybe if the police stopped arresting people i don't think we're going to get lucky but the rumors that i'm hearing on the ground are the friday morning was the last chance that bloomberg had to get rid of. the actual camp but after it he backed down there. there's really no way they can now come in and clear it and especially after this poll came out today like he said. what could blow it up i mean there is the usual things that the law of any sort of movement i guess i don't you know i don't want to start saying that there's going to be infighting there's going to be this there's going to be that i think right now we have something growing that has a really like you said the ninety nine percent message is the most clear and the most certain spontaneous populist message of this country has seen in a really really long time and it's catching on with people in new york we know all
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about inequality here in new york we know about the one percent mayor bloomberg is the one percent we know all about wall street because we see them on the train or on the street but yet they drive by us in their fancy cars while we're taking the train more likely. we know the stakes here in new york so it's not surprising at all that sixty seven percent of the city is in support of the sixty seven percent of the city can barely pay or rent a bridge i'm curious what what's the what's the infrastructure in chicago and and is it in new york they've sort of reached a rapprochement i suppose with the mayor and with the company that owns the property at least an uneasy truce with the situation chicago. well we're still building we're still developing and growing but we are entering into some negotiations to try to figure out where our home should be permanently it's we're not going anywhere where and if the long haul. do what we do.
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that stands to defend our civil rights if need be we are prepared to do that but we also realize that that is unsustainable we can't have a hundred seventy five us arrested every evening so we are prepared to take the steps that we are currently in negotiations to figure out where our home will be and where to defend it from there and the way we've gone as far as internal organization which is a system of committee it into complex merge sort of organically helping the day to day tasks of the movement. reach press education we've been all in teacher at various locations in. because you know when elsewhere. arts committees that are actively engaging local venues try to benefit shows that really just spread the word however possible and sort of beautiful thing about it is that it all it all comes down to our consensus. you know we leap from within ourselves
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we lean together we lead not a leader but as a cult leaders together under their sweeping social change this coming across this planet absolutely. anthony what's what's the logistical situation here was are. running with the mcpherson square yes well we the d.c. police have been very accommodating with us from day one there are some soft legal codes that we were able to take advantage of so we were fortunate in my chicago where there are there of searching for home we've had a permanent home from day one so in that aspect we've been able to set up camp relatively quickly and relatively expand without having the issues that some of the other chicago and boston and some of the other cities in locations are having and also same of course the infrastructure of a beautiful thing apart this movement is we're all operating in the same form in fashion so we're all operating in a consensus we all have the same teams we all have the same committees and so that's why there is really
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a lot of solidarity within the movement because whether if you go from new york to chicago to l.a. to wherever you're going to experience a very similar process in how we do things and how we get things done and. it seems like it's based on classic anarchist principles and i don't mean a negative context i mean i'm a classical political context of everybody has a say everyone has a say in it they said it perfectly you know it's not that we're without leaders we're our leaders and it's your responsibility to step up and if something needs to get done do it. that's great anthony daniel britt sarah thank you all. so much for joining us tonight thank you richard very much thanks right here on the political side as people across the world speak out against wall street banks toure's mitt romney is working hard to be their guy according to latest campaign finance reports mitt romney is drastically outpacing president obama when it comes to fundraise you know wall street raising more than five times as much as banks or cash and the
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president is doubling down on wall street hoping the bankers will catapult him into the white house and the rest of the world is shouting about how romney's banks toure's are destroying everything from economies to environments to nations and the sign of just how out of touch republicans are from the other ninety nine percent of those. it's time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's question a.p. is reporting that unnamed sources say all u.s. troops will leave iraq will leave by the end of two thousand and eleven so is the iraq war over possible answers yes that's one word out several more to go or. the iraq war is going to continue going to argue dot com let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. coming up a new video by anonymous sums up this whole occupy wall street perfectly i'll break
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it down after the break. what drives the world with the green used by politicians decision it's completely great it will be thirty people made who can you trust no one who easing in view with a global mission where we had a state controlled capitalism and school sessions we nobody dares to read q r t question more.
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between the violent police. tactics the mass arrests the suppression of peaceful demonstrations and the near a version of zuccotti park last friday there are a number of legal questions surrounding the occupy wall street like what rights do demonstrators have around the nation at the federal level how far does the first amendment reach the time is now working to answer these questions and make sure the demonstrators are protected under the law the center for constitutional rights recently released a statement in support of the occupy wall street movement their statement said occupy wall street shows the power of dissent of power and a right to law enforcement has long sought to criminalize and repress the center
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for constitutional rights condemns the brutal and aggressive police tactics employed by the n.y.p.d. and we call on them to cease targeting the odor of us participants both brookfield properties the private company that owns the space and the city of new york are obligated to respect the first amendment rights of the protesters and allow them to stay free of provocation and free of violence from the police for more on the legal rights behind the occupy wall street movement i'm joined by michael ratner professor president emeritus of the center for constitutional rights and co-author of the new book hell no your right to dissent and twenty first century america michael welcome back. nice to be with your tom it's always great to have you michael really appreciate your your insights and knowledge on this the first amendment specifically protects our right to peaceably assemble and protest for we you know. what is a petition for redress of grievances in the government and that was where i was
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going is against the government the ninety nine percent of women some see it as directed against the banks others again against the government whatever i mean where is there a is there a line here where you have the right to protest against government action but not against bank action for example you know if you can you can protest against any of those actions you're right and the first amendment is really unfettered you have an absolute right really to both write what you want to assemble as you want and then to petition the government or just in general the problem of course is over the years they've put restrictions on it they call time place and manner and they begin can narrow their right and then my view they narrow it in two ways one way is the way you first express tom which is they never went through police violence so when they arrest seven hundred people on the brooklyn bridge when they
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arrest people at citibank as they did the other day who were trying to move their money from the city bank to credit unions when they pepper spray women as they did week or two ago in new york that's a way of suppressing this and they really almost everyone would acknowledge is flatly illegal but it's done and it's done again and again and again and despite the fact that they didn't go in to liberty park or is officially called zuccotti park on friday it was very very scary because i've been in places where the cops raid like a club be in sixty eight and it's very bloody so i was terrified when i was. down there but it didn't happen so one area you have to look at is police violence whether here whether in oakland wherever it might be occurring and it's a big huge problem the second one is the first amendment and you know as i said you have a right to protest and the question becomes what happens when they start drawing
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restrictions around your right what happens like they have in washington square park a twelve o'clock curfew and cottier liberty park there is no curfew that's a park that because of the way it was opened and given it is open alone like it's one of the few places in new york city but why should it be when there's a vigorous right of protest and it's an occupy movement is that the essence of the first amendment that people should be able to stay there and stay there all night why should the state be able to say oh twelve o'clock that's the end of the right to protest you know work tomorrow they could advance and the way the law and in fact to the first amendment the supreme court has always are historically and correct me if i'm wrong on this but but i you know i think tracking all the way back to early nineteenth century in particular has always aggressively suggested bit and political speech is the most protected of all kinds of speech and and that these protections have have been exaggerated to the point that they've now been
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extended to corporations to citizens united i mean the supreme court has been all about protecting the right of political speech or the right of dissent as it were a piece of that why is why are they not so vigorous in protecting why are they so vigorous in protecting the rights of general electric for example to influence elections and speak to the people but not the rights of two hundred people in zuccotti park. i mean to things these are about public forums where people like that are in zuccotti park or in other places around the country and a public forum expression political expression should be just absolute you should be able to do that but what we see has been going on here i think you're making a very strong point here since nine hundred ninety nine since seattle and the world trade organization there has been what they call the seattle policing model and what it's about is the understanding in this country and in egypt and everywhere else that when people start taking to the streets in masses kens of thousands
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hundreds of thousands and ultimately millions that can't that can really affect and upset the so-called economic structures that they have whether it's through world trade organization or the g twenty or whatever economic imperialist way they have made this world operate and that's what upsets and governments around the world and that's why they go after it obviously when corporations who benefit from that economic structure that we have expressed their support for that structure there's no opposition the key thing we're seeing right now legally and of course politically is that there's an attack on the very economic structure of the world and it's unfairness in the ninety nine to one slogan and that's really crucial and that's why the most effective means of protest are having thousands in the streets and we stopped them on friday morning not because me center for constitutional
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rights and the national lawyers guild wrote a letter saying it would be illegal to go into the park sure that i'd love to think that had an effect but when i went down there friday morning there were five thousand people out there and what stopped the cops was that there would have been a bloodbath of a woman writes. in occupy cincinnati that group is suing the city are you are you seeing the potential for lawsuits around the country that that might even you know break president or create. here's my view about that con and on fridays a good example that happened here. and i view is this is a people's movement that is strong when it's in the streets i don't think at least in new york and maybe different in cincinnati but i would affirmatively go into a court to say don't go into the park partly because you don't want to take the struggle from the streets into the courts and partly because you don't want to lose on the other hand if you're kicked out of the park if you're prosecuted for being
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in the park if you're told you don't have a right to go into the park and they stop you then of course you're in the court because you have to be but right now we're seeing one of the strongest people's movements probably the strongest i've seen since the one nine hundred seventy s. are blank late sixty's when i was a young activist and you don't want to tied up thinking that the courts which are essentially part of this governmental system are going to give you what you're not going to win in the streets and i encourage people to go to the streets michel we just have thirty seconds left i'm curious your biggest concerns for the present in the future is. well my biggest concerns are that ultimately they will use police violence to break this up and terrify people that has unhappy views did go on after we had seven hundred people arrested on the bridge i thought well that's over the next day we have thousands of people at liberty park so we have a movement here that is centrally like it's been like dropping something into a super saturated solution it's out and sprouting everywhere and it's
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a glorious day really it's a day you can be proud to be an american and thirdly agree michael michael rather thanks so much for the great work you and center for constitutional rights are doing and for being with us tonight thank you tom lawyer. you know i've written a bunch of books and hundreds of published magazine articles throughout my life i've been a literature junkie my mother graduated from and as you would agree in english literature and read space shakespeare it's in a to get to sleep arousal i get high from reading i mean way the way other people get off on watching the super bowl or seeing the specialty was that had to do with parker allah's will the way a piece of truly brilliant literature put to music and pictures came into our world that i just have to share with you it combines my personal to passions literature grassroots political action and comes from people you and i may never know or meet it's a message to the people in new york city and frankly i'd argue to people of every
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city were occupied mission is being undertaken from the group that goes by the name anonymous this is a message from anonymous to the people of new york city street and members of the protest we are crowding your streets we are feeling its pains this might be painful but she will not open your eyes so we have been foolish to dilate them this is your protest welcome your new neighbors for they choose to sleep on the streets they choose to open their mouths when you are too exhausted they are your brothers they are here for your benefit they are young they are the children of the internet they are generation zero they are taking their future back into their hands they are reviving the country you have long left to rot and with never forget pace treat them with kindness not your heads in respect to them give them water shake their hands the smallest gratitude will incite come to st louis is it going to you soon
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with the country was brutal you saw that it was right for the taking and so you did you shouted the country and you collected the fragmented pieces to line your pockets we stand here united and. strong four years later we stand before your butcher block before your slaughtering house did you think that the people would not come to know what you have done you said before your trading screens for your analysis and you are the players of the game and you play very well your regular game even better you can very little for the lives of average americans may have pools but you have strongly misread the world your complete lack of compassion for your fellow man has left you with a grave error the game is over well street you forget that a core man will slit your belly to eat what you have already can you hear us in the street can you hear our racket goldman sachs can you hear the defiant beating of
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our drums keep trying to belittle us pundits your lap dogs are failing keep trying to sum up this movement in a sound bite this is a cultural crisis and you are simply too stupid to understand it we cannot be frightened by all the king's men for we are the court jesters we will consume everything you throw at us and we will grow from it this is our arab spring this is our time protesters say for the smell of tear gas savor the feeling of pepper spray rejoice to your bruises and your tears you are our generation's counter-culture you are our martyrs clench your fists and grind your teeth do not be moved and you will have fire bullets into you smile at the police ignore the pundits the worse it gets the strong you become the more hopelessly looks sick listening to success.
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in history the fact. that your cries go on aloud to see. this reality check i did not forget and we do not forgive expect us. this is truly a time of social political and economic revolution the forward march of history like water running down a mountainside it can't be stopped in a few years this world will be a very different place than it is the day and today i tip my hat to the authors of poets really and anonymous for speaking to these times so eloquently thank you. crazy alert x. rated sky i mean the federal aviation administration is investigating a skydiving incident in california after a video surfaced the two people engaging in a sex act while jumping out of
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a plane to go parents who got their teenage boys share in the video each other called the cops in their local n.b.c. affiliate to complain about the skydiving company whose employees had made the video. the viral video is so explicit we're only going to show you blued still images the key theory cops on blaring in the background the video was posted on each protected blog alex torrance a porn star who also blighted on weekends as an instructor at skydive taft tore it any activity they could get is a distraction to a pilot violates federal regulations and based on the video and what was going on right next to the pilot before they jumped out it's hard to believe he wasn't distracted sky diving instructor at the company skydive taft who moonlights as a pornstar has been fired as a result of the incident and the receptionist who was the partner in the high flying sex act is awaiting disciplinary action and you thought a parachute was the only part.


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