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you know without a c. it will triple the headline that. we've been through perhaps with the dawn of a new era but the market circumstances of penalty dock is a fertile cost of not staying shut out over the nations he checked the interim government claims he died in a shootout doesn't lead to media shows and n t c rebel finds out by the state he executed the one way into. the movement in the us to build support across the world as many york city's new arrests described as peaceful demonstrations and protests in the big apple become more and more organized the police presence is also increasing. finance chiefs enemies yet again brussels for that latest round of crisis talks with euro skeptics in the u.k. push for a nationwide referendum and to quit the union they claim he membership undermines british sovereignty and cost the country and cost the country to run. on that we do
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overlays former russian agent alexander litvinenko died from poisoning in london five years ago admitted in an interview to a british newspaper that could have worked for british intelligence a corner in london has agreed to hold an inquest into the death which has been the cause of a major rift between russia and the u.k. his request for my k.g.b. agent to be extradited president rejected by the us. more news in about thirty minutes time coming up next an aussie because reports where max and stacey tell you the real stories on truth behind the financial headlines in today's edition they delve into the cars being pushed through by the greek government. we'll. bring you the latest sundstrom certainly some of. the future.
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but going to the kaiser report imax kaiser stacy herbert talk to me a bit i understand this is our two hundredth show it's the bicentennial and for it the global insurrection against banker occupation is raging this week there in athens in the streets ten percent of the population is out there max for the two hundredth episode well it's fantastic and you know the whole point of it is to bring about a global insurrection against banker occupation and you know of course the started in north africa middle east then it heated up in europe then it swung over to new york under occupy wall street and these other occupy movements and now it's i think really reaching back through europe and i think athens could be the first country to trip a banking collapse and the european banking collapse if these unions stay out long
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enough they will trip banking catastrophe and that's what we want well for our two hundredth episode of the kaiser report there are some more presence here max giago makes it to the urban dictionary that's the global insurrection against banker occupation giago is a movement and soon to be pac that advocates through the people against the large banks that have come to occupy every level of government and influence around the globe let's go to. that stacey herbert you and i have permanently transformed the vocabulary of what people use according to urban dictionary which of course is the people's dictionary so global insurrection against banker occupation we introduced the term on this show now it has become part of binocular of this global insurrection against banker occupation well i also put out there on facebook and twitter for inviting people to send in their artwork in this image here is from michael granting. every revolution needs a man with
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a vision is the report and you see the r.t. logo down there on the left and you also see two hundred zero arching deserves because they have covered this global insurrection unlike any other network in the world you know it's becoming really their signature and they are transferring the competition because they were totally out of the crowd now the mainstream of the us in the u.k. is just waking up to what r.t.d. has been covering for months well let's talk about why there is a giago why there is a global insurrection against banker occupation euro zone pushing for tougher policing of greece according to this warriors article some eurozone countries want to european commission task force to be given extra powers to oversee the sale of greek state assets and the country's civil service under a far reaching plan to tighten supervision of athens the source said there was a need to take over some of the sovereign functions of the state to get the machine
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running the proposal would involve sending hundreds of these austerity police force is what you can call it to greece this is exactly what we warned about when we were down in greece we told the people directly face to face that they were going to lose their sovereignty that the outside banking collective would take their assets based on debts that they themselves imposed on to greece that greece never imposed on themselves and now they're going forward and they will use force this is worse than the honda the troika is much worse than the hunter. well exactly and the protests this week in greece were bigger than the ones in one thousand seventy four when the junta was forced to leave but listen this source told reuters the idea is living in some capitals this idea that there needs to be an austerity police force there is no alternative oh hello margaret thatcher remember during the beginning of
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the reagan factor era which incidentally in the us was the beginning of the bailouts for banks reagan and initiated this whole bank bailout initiative at the time he said all will never happen again but of course that became the precedent for how america does business going forward but margaret thatcher said this there is no alternative tina as it became known and this was a false road then it was merely a pretext to bring in financialization to replace manufacturing got the economy put millions of people out of work and if they complained star wars and said a lot of foreign countries are getting blown apart and now they're repeating tina there is no alternative there was an alternative then and there is an alternative now it's called insurrection what exactly lady liberty should go. out of tina because she is with the monarchs of the global financial system tina is the one telling us there is no alternative but subjugation and slavery but they can still and the people of greece now the ball is going back into their court on the
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globalists are actually against banker occupation and they have it within their purview within their wherewith all right now to turn banking catastrophe in europe to save their sovereignty get through it now if americans think they're not going to be confronted with tina bank of america takes sleaze to a new level yes bank of america quietly moved fifty three trillion dollars in derivatives from its holding company to its subsidiary that holds. one trillion in customer deposits and isn't shirred by the f.b.i. see if any part of these three of it is blow up the taxpayer will then be on the hook for the one trillion in deposits this is just another example of abusing all the non-existent banking regulations to benefit insiders in the banks like bank of america of course now as part of merrill lynch and
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a couple of other banks they threw in there and they're using this technique of playing musical chairs with trillions and trillions of debt the goal of course is always to get the debt lined up with depositors and the rape of depositors unmercifully and with extreme prejudice but tina there is no alternative margaret thatcher and ronald reagan who set in motion this banking catastrophe we have were also present during the collapse of communism where the system collapsed because the people just stopped working and then rebelled against the the oligarchs who were taking everything what we see that same situation happening today max here are some really interesting headlines for america toll of heavy drinking on u.s. economy rises so heavy drinking is costing the u.s. economy more than two hundred billion dollars a year mostly in lost workplace productivity a u.s.
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health agency said on monday this is nearly twenty one percent higher than the last time they did this study in one thousand nine hundred eight the cold war ended and russia won. because affectively america continued its cold war economic policies of price fixing and crowding out of productive economic activity in favor of the oligarchs federal reserve banking economic known entity well the fact is max if you look at the charts of u.s. productivity since team arrived on the scene every single dollar of productivity every single one of those dollars went to the top one percent so why be more productive in your work why not show up drunk why not stay home with a hangover why turn up to work when the all the guards are only going to take that money and use it to increase their power to buy more ronald reagan's to buy the
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next politician well yes well i was right you know wall street i was at a firm called oppenheimer and famously when i was there one of the brokers fell over grown and hit the floor and passed out of the manager at the time by the initials d c simply walked over picked him up put him back in his chair put the phone in the sand and dial the phone and said keep dialing son so in other words drunk a drug addled automatons whose sole purpose is to financially right people is a model and it's continuing unabated because nobody in washington or no regulation is stepping forward to stop this propaganda and this article continues that seventy two percent of this alleged lost one hundred eighty billion dollars cost was due to lost productivity and most of the cost was borne by the drinkers themselves in the form of lost income but like i said that lost income you should just lose that income continue to drink more you if this is the way that americans can respond
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like the greeks and take down the banking system then just staying home drunk but remember the cigarette companies their argument for why they should not be forced to outlaw cigarette smoking. is that cigarette smoking killed so many people per year that the economy ultimately would save save on health care costs now yes if people drink themselves to death they're going to save money in health care costs that's true if people are sent to foreign occupations and get murdered for no reason other than to make bankers a few bucks so yes that i suppose could be the basis of your economy but how is that different than let's say running a concentration camp or pol pot or anybody else of these other dictators how is hank paulson a lloyd blankfein and jamie diamond now a mass murderer and send me an e-mail right now to explain that to me i don't see the difference well in fact max you can call lloyd blankfein here's a headline called goldman sachs c.e.o. lloyd blankfein on his cell phone and cheer him up the number is nine months seven
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seven four three zero nine thirty nine i'm sure he has a new one by now but apparently somebody released his cell phone number into the public domain and the reason why they're saying you should cheer him up is because goldman sachs just reported a nearly half a billion dollar loss in the third quarter some of the suggested messages are i know you just lost half a billion dollars but look on the bright side you set aside ten billion in bonuses to pay out to your thirty four thousand two hundred employees or just do what i do when i run out of money hand over to the feds discount window and borrow more at no interest. well it's amazing that goldman could lose any money i think they just do that for show because for example we know through high frequency trading they steal one hundred million dollars a day on the new york stock exchange floor gratis and the cost for that whatsoever and all the other government programs they get bailed out on and all the risk arbitrage positive interest rate cash flow currency spreads and they put on every single day or the volatility spreads that they get paid on every time they announce
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false rumors or manipulate the market in some way so these losses are just for show they're hoping to keep their heads attached to their bodies while at work i doubt it if they're going to live by the fraud they should die by the fraud but one more sign of this the collapse of america just one in seven u.s. workers are normal weight without chronic health issues so gallup estimates that four hundred fifty million days of work a year are missed because of weight and other health problems resulting in an estimated cost of one hundred fifty three billion in lost productivity again that's good you don't want that money going to lloyd blankfein anyway he would just use it to hire a mercenary army to go overthrow some other government somewhere and steal their oil and resources well in order to have a competitive economy you need to attract the competitive elements in the economy let me explain something people in america who would be competitive and create jobs
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create companies create growth. are not doing so because it's not competitive it's so easy to just put on an algorithmic trading program and make a few billion dollars that it doesn't attract any real competitors i mean myself for example i could be over there doing jobs creating companies and hiring people if it was competitive if it was interesting but it's an interesting that it's not even worth my time how to make it interesting start raising interest rates this would read out all of the posers and the lloyd blankfein and the jamie diamond suit don't really compete there are just sucking on the on the government teat and it would bring in real competitors people like myself for example but until that happens i'd rather just sit by the sidelines and watch the whole thing collapse well apparently a lot of people are showing up at work and just sitting on the sidelines called presenteeism and they said if you counted that that the the losses in productivity to the us economy could be half as high as one point one trillion dollars trillion here trillion there eventually as of the real money ok thanks to herbert you're
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coming back for part two aren't you i was going to occupy kaiser report as a special giago episode but can now write. max cash and welcome back to part two of the kaiser reports special globalism action against banker occupation show number two hundred special. double header with stacy ever yes max on occupying price report for the second half yes. so i also did you know invite comments and questions and images and artwork for the
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special prize report episode two hundred and we have a statement on our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash kaiser report from john michael or he said the chrysler report is the best show in any form of media period i hope you and c.c. can become anti wall street john and yoko we already are heading in that direction there's a film are making in amsterdam room some of the two of the after them hilton hotel we're going to have a bed in we're going to give financial peace a chance max and stacy in bed finally and this will be the topic of a special cause a report coming up in the not too distant future let's talk about amsterdam a little bit more there was occupy amsterdam and i wanted to call your attention to this video that was sent in to us from occupy answer down and you see there you notice that sign there in the background max it says crass j.p. morgan by silver that is of course something we launched here on the kaiser report
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the beginning of the global insurrection against baker occupation in the west that's right we've launched the crash j.p. morgan by silver campaign the price of silver doubled now it's up about fifty percent from where we launched the campaign we talked about another very important campaign how to leverage the global insurrection against banker occupation without actually spending any money at all but by focusing very specifically on a global boycott that would be capitalize one of the biggest companies in the world coca-cola and then inviting headstrong to simultaneously so short that stock to create a pincer movement to a blitter a company that's another action the occupy movement could take without spending any money but going back to the crashed. morgan price over j.p. morgan is the federal reserve j.p. morgan is involved in manipulation this is the heart of the global financial crisis this is the banner under which they all fly the team now there is no alternative
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but our fraud so this is why buying silver we remove a weapon in the arsenal of the global banking fraudsters which is the u.s. dollar and the derivatives the amount of unlimited shorts they can place on silver book let me just follow up on that because there is a movement there is an idea circulating amongst all the various global occupy chapters to pull money out of the banks and put it into maybe a credit union or a bank that's not part of it too big to fail banks that's november fifth they're doing that pull your money out of the banks now we've already seen people try this a couple of times and it doesn't really work so well because you're just shuffling that chairs on the titanic aren't you it would only make sense if you pulled out that fast and bought sober or gold then you you've actually done something that threatens the system but you also remove yourself from a fraudulent system so for example occupy wall street has raised donations of three
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hundred thousand dollars you know terry boule who we have on the show often she's in her investigations learned that amalgamated bank the community bank in which occupy wall street has placed their money is now under f.d.i.c investigation for creative accounting but this is the problem like i said deck chairs rearranged on the titanic ok so here's another image penton from john kraus in florida and it combines these two things the silver liberation army and the global insurrection against banker occupation history made fresh daily rise up max keiser dot com and r.t.e. excellent artwork keep it coming yes fenmore so i want to turn to you know we were talking about for. rod and i want to turn to this little clip with william k. black who we've had on this show he's the former banking regulator who saw fifteen hundred plus bankers sent away to prison for fraud in the one nine hundred eighty
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s. in the beginning of a teen on the scene and listen to this clip here on the dylan ratigan show only about a month ago the federal housing finance and ministration. fraud complaints civil ones against seventeen of the largest banks in the world in which it's said there is a paper trail that demonstrates the fraudulent intent of these banks well where is the justice department and for that matter where is paul krugman who can't be bothered to use the f. word yeah well. bill black our buddy black good point the new york times paul krugman they're siding with the terrorists also it puts in the context the recent comments by america obama that the banks committed a moral transgression but did not break the law here's a top government regulator bill black from the 1980's saying it's the only fraud they definitely don't love letter of the law and obama if you are down with someone
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breaking the law that's an impeachable offense why is he still of office you have a max this guy bill black is saying that it is the economists like paul krugman who provide the systemic propaganda for the population he's the one who refuses to use the f. word if you're not going to use the five letter f. word paul krugman you minds will use the four letter one. ok well let's move on to the for all that there is not speak its name q.e. pushes families into debt warns bank of england governor serving king so max kaiser what do you think about this this issue savers versus speculators and here is mervyn king saying that in fact quantitative easing which is meant to cover the fraud of the banks toure's in fact will make the situation worse for the average population because it encourages them not to see and in fact to spend more financial oppression that's what is called the bank of england has adopted
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a policy that is purposefully oppressive yes that's not in keeping with what you'd expect in a representational democracy you don't vote for dictators whose purpose is to oprah rests root press you to benefit their kleptocratic brothers and sisters mervyn king kleptocrat in chief and what do the likes of mervyn king and the top one percent that he represents what do they keep saying about those ninety nine. percent that are now complaining they said you were the one that took on this debt you are the one therefore who should be responsible for it well here is mervyn king who is telling you i am forcing you to either take more debt or die this is a classic case of scapegoating and we've seen this before during repressive oppressive regimes they steal the money form one group then they say all those
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groups are rats those groups deserve to be in a concentration camp after we stole all their money now mervyn king is saying ok we've stolen all your money now we're going to call you rats we're going to put you in concentration camps and then you rise up like in london when the looters quote unquote suddenly sprung out of the woodwork we'll just hire more cops never mind the fact that the entire economy is based on looting and if you really want to grow the economy we're going to you have given to each one of the leaders of banking license and the job of goldman sachs and told them get on the phone and start writing us money not only do we have a new round of seventy five billion pounds and quadrantid of using but shock killed in inflation in the u.k. to five point two percent well here's a tweet u.k. inflation should fall back sharply early next year bank of england governor sarah mervyn king says so this is a constant extend and pretend monetary policy because i'm going to show you a headline from january of two thousand and ten year early two years ago when
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inflation first jumped to two point nine percent in the u.k. chalked up on inflation is a real poser for mervyn king in the article it says the bank reckons the current spike in inflation will be short lived and will fall back below targets of two percent later this year suggesting it is no rush to put the brakes on just yet but he's learning because his actions are guaranteeing more inflation so it's like saying he just puts people to face and saying that it didn't hurt and that it shouldn't. bebothered punch in the face again look i was on b.b.c. five live i think two months ago three months ago i told the presenter point blank that the policies of the u.k. are going to cause this spike in inflation the way to the end of the interview was well thank you for the gloomy assessment so in the u.k. of course if you speak the truth is characterized by the b.b.c. as a gloomy as a downer well the people are being absolutely. ok shrink shrink by mervyn king in
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his policies of death what about just saying the truth baby sitting. mervyn king here is saying just another quarter i promise it's all going to get better and it doesn't take it doesn't get better because there is no alternative but financial terrorism and what is the same thing that you see in the political system people seek a political solution to this banking terrorism and they keep on saying oh just four more years of george bush and then we'll get a democrat in their own mouth it's just four more years of barack obama and it'll all get better but it never does and you can see this in the final headlines here max romney top ten campaign contributors whose number one goal and sachs number two credit suisse then morgan stanley bank of america and then rounding out the top ten is morgan right more of the same and they use every crisis
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to rewrite the laws to make it easier to commit more financial fraud yes but what i'm saying here by showing this is that barack obama is the front runner for the democrats his number one contributor goldman sachs. romney mitt romney is the number one for the republicans who is his number one contributor goldman sachs so choose either one of them you're going to get the same there is no alternative tina is the rule of law about the sermon and character his past includes a job actually of the kansas city fed and this final headline here max the only hope on the horizon report obama podium teleprompter stolen so a truck carrying president barack obama's podium teleprompter and audio equipment was stolen in richmond virginia sources say that about two hundred thousand dollars of presidential quitman was stolen from richmond marriott hotel and the max this is just perfect karmic justice that the spokes man for the banking industry is the one
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that just mouths whatever the bankers say the podium and the teleprompter are stolen so we can find a way to prevent any of our political candidates in america or the u.k. or wherever from actually talking but actually speaking the words that bankers give them to tell us the lies that they give them to tell us this is why i'm very hopeful about what's happening in greece they have it within their ability right now today to collapse the european banking system in the us the global banking system so let's give us the very support all the occupy movements around the world focus on greece what's happening in athens and hopefully they can engender a domino effect to collapse the banks or all we are saying is let the banks fail thank you say if you heard from every single one of the two hundred cars or reports of foreign i hope we do another two hundred or two thousand. if you want to send me
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an email please do surprise a reported r t v are you until next time this is nice guys are saying well you know .
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