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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 3:31pm-4:01pm EDT

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launched another viral global. stays to her bird ranks first there was g.i. bo then there was crash j.p. morgan by silver and now there is david cameron s t f u incredible this has gone global tell us more well first let's look at this headline here from nicholas our cozy tells david cameron shut up over the euro he bluntly told cameron apparently at some staged events for the eurozone crisis and he said you have lost a good opportunity to shut up and stop talking about the euro but i want to turn back to two months ago this little clip here that has been turned into a music video from kaiser report.
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that is a snappy tune and you know the thing about stacy herbert is that david cameras just an easy guy to kick you know because he has a look of the of us a positive or a dozen thing and he just mallows these plotted to do this and a dime claptrap down there the house of commons and you know he just has a big fish on the back of his shirt like on april fool's day like kick me kick me this is begging to be kicked and how are these not clowns running the world and i have another headline here to show that every time these clowns meet they get into all sorts of buffoonery spat erupts between france italy over be nice maggie e.c.b. seat well. apparently berlusconi's mates don't want to leave the e.c.b. even though they promised sir cozy that if he supported mario draggy as the head of the e.c.b. that he could put one of his french buddies in there into one of these cushy civil servant jobs that get to dictate to the war. world where our economic policies will
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be well apparently now this guy beneath maggie won't leave so anyway berlusconi ended up saying at a certain point i asked her cozy what should i do kill him. nice well you know i was rereading the currency wars book by james r. records and he makes a fantastic james g. record yeah and he makes a fantastic point james g. records as i write yeah oh yeah that the relationship between france and italy in the cross sovereign wealth bond. race to see who's the most vulnerable is between france and italy apparently france owns half a trillion italian sovereign debt so as you see this on winding of the eurozone all these banks are collapsing in the euro zone because of their overextension by each other's debt in this huge ponzi scheme the siege daisy chain of fraud that one
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relationship if that blows that's really the most spectacular is the france italy well that's a good point max because they're fighting over who should be running the e.c. b. and the e.c.b. is the one doling out on behalf of the taxpayers mostly of germany but all of europe that the bailout funds for the banks of certain countries favored countries so i guess maybe sarkozy in berlusconi are fighting over which banks which national banks what is it going to be m.p. perry about soc gen in france or is it going to be unit credit that gets the ultimate bailout from the f.s.f. yeah in a fine may digress again briefly i was listening to ben davies who's been a guest on our show he's being interviewed by eric king over there ten world those and he was talking about the are paying facility this new fund they're being they're ramping it up they're inflating the balloon by creating this wrap around. insurance products which is similar to the model line insurance industry in the
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united states which famously blew up just before the two thousand and seven two thousand and eight crisis so what they're doing is they are creating another trollish multi tens of trillions probably hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of completely unplayable insurance fake virtual insurance products that they are going to collateralize the one or two trillion in in new credit facility and then call it's say that it's good for twenty or thirty trillion based on the thirty trillion in insurance that they just wrote like here here's thirty trillion in. surance that's about as valuable as that is as we saw from the two thousand and seven of two thousand and eight period so this is a whole gram wrapped in a kind. inserted into an illusion well it's all at the heart of it right now is greece of course and because we only have clowns at the center look at this
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headline max is greece a failed state and i want to answer that from riaa granny and this image here you see right granny well i think she's saying no greece is not a failed state it's an occupied state because they're not asking this question about iceland are they now know because iceland stood up to the bankers whereas grace is still being subjugated by the tyranny of the bankers and this granny here who you say throwing rocks at the police sees a good emblem for what the cops have a store for them and the politicians are greece as the things heat up in greece hopefully the banks in greece will completely collapse and this will be the only saving grace for greek sovereignty while this granny is throwing rocks at the police because not only has her pension from been depleted by the bankers in italy and france but joblessness is particularly hammering greek youth an astounding forty two percent of people between the ages of fifteen and twenty four are without
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work doubled the level from three years ago before the troika came to rescue the people of greece no well they are consigning this whole generation to the dustbin of history basically they want to push him onto reservations this is the model they want to they hope that these people become drug addicts and kill themselves that's the. solution to the unemployment problem the final solution a where i heard that before and you know you mentioned all of this fake debt and leverage that that is one of the solutions being offered up but in the article they say meanwhile worries are spiraling that greece may events. default indeed some experts believe default is inevitable they've already default it and but they're maintaining an illusion that they have a default to and they're using that period between recognition and reality to impose austerity measures and to steal all the assets in his dry greek sovereignty and then max also from greece this is from
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a football game this past weekend hash tag toe underscore panic from greece and you see this big banner hanging across there it says corrupt politicians ensconced parliament you will drown under the anger of the uprising so i was treated this at stacey herbert you can tweet me there oh oh you're trying to keep me on twitter you're trying to get more followers to the twitter so after the soccer game apparently the police started searching vehicles leaving the soccer stadium to find who posted this banner riot police also came in once they had identified the vehicle carrying the banner they started beating people randomly the police finally arrested the passengers of the vehicle carrying the banner without giving a reason for their arrest the hash tag means the banner in greek well this is an interesting development in the information war because they're using a mass media that does pay attention to a football game to put
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a subliminal message on the television which gets picked up by twitter that uses the hash tag nomenclature to communicate to the global mouses which then fed back into a police action so i see this as a very encouraging sign that's right now max i also start at the top of the show i mentioned khadafi being killed now here's some post mortem propaganda how convenient it is for him to be disposed of could often be worth more than bill gates warren buffett and carlos slim combined yeah so you ninety nine percent of america and nato are acting on your behalf getting rid of the top one per. sense well this is where gadhafi got it wrong you know he should have simply opened a bank because a two hundred billion here one capital this is the highest grade capital he could have and he could have leverage that by ten to twenty times and created a bank facility large enough to buy j.p. morgan by goldman sachs by berkshire hathaway and fire all those drugs yeah but
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it's also propaganda because look at this he's they're saying according to the article most of the money of that two hundred billion was under the name of government institutions such as the central bank of libya the libyan investment authority the libyan foreign bank the libyan national oil corporation and the libya african investment portfolio so is national wealth it was a national institutions but they're adding it to his wealth well that's correct and this is where again gadhafi could simply instead of allowing tony blair come in to advise him have to invest this money as he did which was the start of his downfall because he let a true terrorist in the country tony blair he should have really just picked up a book by somebody who knows what they're talking about and figured out that he could a leverage the sovereign wealth fund of libya to ten to twenty times of size and taken over all these crooked banks in the west and you know basically done a leveraged buyout of the west that would've been great for africa but this is the
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thing max is like we are run in the west by debt addicts because they're looking at this and saying oh my god could die off he had two hundred billion in cash that's thirty thousand per citizen well look at the u.s. we have only debt per citizen is it any different that our military industrial complex and our financial industrial complex and our prison industrial complex and our drug war complex has added what is like three hundred thousand in debt per u.s. citizen that means their futures are are collateralized and sold already at least the libyan people can just chop off the head of their dictator and take the cat. well stacy herbert disc is back to the war of savers versus speculators gadaffi was a saver he had stuff he had cash he also let's be honest shariah law is favors. banking activity he had banned shariah law and it's now been reintroduced by the national transition council really had to make so much money it was just
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through the oil they have light sweet crude why do you think they're mad so he had yet another gusher while all right they're banning predatory lending they're banning usury and that's ultimately the conflict between libya muslim islam and the west is the propensity in islam not to give into ponzi schemes well and speaking of ponzi schemes. under colonel qadhafi they were partially occupied in libya by j.p. morgan and i want to show you this little video i made of a screen grab from j.p. morgan dot com this past weekend when you see here they were occupied by some shouting protests. with some funny little banners there yes well this dr pyne movement which is you know come in the wake of the global insurrection against banker occupation the chapter in london occupy london is now merging or getting together with u.k.
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uncut to stage an event so you see now that they're starting to be exactly what i said must happen there needs to be economies of scale have to kick in these groups have to begin to figure out ways how they can act together to leverage their global presence ultimately they will all come together and they are in the occupying money of movement right somebody has started the occupy money pay with silver to beat the banks they're saying stop using dollars and you silver all the occupy movements are heading toward occupy money and using silver instead thank you stacey or her pink humax stay there don't go away we'll be right back.
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the official. touch from the. lights on the good. video on demand. smiling. and omissions feet now with the palm of your. question on the comb. your welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to new york and speak with the thomas jefferson of the internet john perry barlow barlow is an essayist songwriter founding member of the electronic frontier foundation he was also a rancher for nearly twenty years john perry barlow welcome to the kaiser report. all right. john perry barlow you were on cross talk recently this
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way talking about occupy wall street but i want to follow up specifically on the group called anonymous not many people talk about their involvement but what do you think of anonymous as an activist group i think it's a very interesting and new form of activist groups i mean they are anonymous even though i have an awful lot of. discourse with them or is that i haven't actually physically met any of them and at the same time i find that they are showing admirable restraint given who they are. as far as i can tell and and how they feel about things i think they are a hugely supportive force through the occupy movement and i think that they're ready willing and able to. punish the institutions that they i think legitimately feel are overreaching so far they haven't been gauging in this way the
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sorts of things that scare those institutions which would be one bendel is a more or completely unjustified assault all right john perry barlow we're seeing something i guess you could call it financial activism it's something new i think especially in this day of the internet and connectedness in the global economy and we're seeing it with things like people pulling money out of the bank we saw this in france a few months ago people again are talking about pulling money out of certain banks people are talking about we had a campaign crash j.p. morgan to buy silver for example as a way to capitalize a lot of the derivatives that make up the balance sheets of these banks it is financial activism is this something that the people of the occupy wall street who are certainly sitting there for the stock exchange do they have enough of a. grounding in how these things work to launch a financial campaign doesn't matter i guess my question is they're sitting there for the new york stock exchange so how do they leverage what the what they believe
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into something that's going to affect the floor of the new york stock exchange i mean look most of the people in the occupy movement are broke. in fact an awful lot of people are broke and if the folks that are upset about the banks all withdrew their money it wouldn't change things a great deal what has to happen is that the people who are in the one percent have to develop an awareness of the unhealthiness of the current financial structure and start to make decisions with the money that they have that they've amassed and i think that's starting to happen i was writing on an. and day before yesterday with a guy who was on the board of directors of one of the big pharma companies and you would think a natural enemy and he said something very interesting he said i i am very concerned about the concentration of wealth even though i'm part of the problem. and i don't know what to do about it from my position i feel like
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a single cell inside a tumor i mean one cancer cell can change the whole tumor i think of the no for those cancer cells start to change the tumor then we can address this but but the first order of business is that everybody start to understand the extent to which there is this political rhetoric concentration so that we can collectively as a society do something about it that's never going to happen you know i worked on wall street for many years the mentality there is pathological and it's never going to give anything back and of course throughout history i'm not counting on their conscience counting on their sense of practicality i mean you know that if they start to feel like the banks are not safe. are not supported they're going to they're going to put their money someplace else they're going to change the things that they do i'm not counting on their on their being anything but sociopaths down there and understood but you know it's faced with a similar circumstance as the past for example let's say gandhi in india you know classically taking the poverty stricken indians who had no money but he figured out
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that if you could turn a boycott and do a strategic play you could take down an empire amar luther king similarly if you boycott the bosses you would change the dynamic of the political and economic what's going on in that region so that boycotters have no money the psychopaths that run the show have no morals and i want some would also posit that they border on suicide banking where they are willing to kill themselves with their practices they can't even rely on them being rational in any sense of the word so what can the occupy movement do taking. advantage of the economies of their size of their movement something along that boycott half that's going to push back in some meaningful way if you have any thoughts on this john i don't think we know that yet i mean one of the things that the occupy movement is being wise in doing is not suddenly grabbing on to some ideological solution. for
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a problem we don't yet know how to solve the first order of business is that as many people and institutions as possible recognize that it is a problem fundamentally and illness that what we have here is a cancer on the economy that has to get dealt with by everybody and then i think that we can start to put in the fine grain correctives and regulatory measures and those kinds of things that will make a difference i mean i think it's a very difficult problem to solve but the first order of business as i say is to is to recognize that we have it in the first place in london it's just been reported that a one group u.k. uncut that's been very active in pushing back against predatory corporations in the u.k. is now joining forces with occupy london to launch a campaign do you see a future in having groups come together across the spectrum to increase their size oh absolutely i think one of the problems that we've got with the occupy movement right now is that it is somewhat monochromatic it's it's a little too young it's
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a little too long haired it's a little too academic in the in the humanities it's you know it doesn't have enough enough guys with with thick necks and broad broad arms it doesn't have enough of the the ordinary folks better in real trouble and one of the biggest things that has to happen that really important thing that has to happen is we have to figure out some way to help the folks understand who are in that that you know what they call the fifty three percent the the lower middle class people who are paying taxes an r r. actually directly serving the one percent and the concentration of wealth in their practices that it is not sufficient for them to just be above the bottom rung because i mean i think that the story that's been talked to so sold by fox and and other networks abroad is that you know the important thing is for you to keep
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the lower lower class below you and not to not to come up with a way to spread the economic wealth throughout this is it's simply toxic for an economy to have this kind of concentration the whole infrastructure starts to fail and that's what's going on here very rapidly all right john perry barlow you're also on the board of directors of the electronic freedom front tear and you one of the organizers of that this came around at about the same time as an explosion and open source software collaborative efforts online or people were working together not for pay and not in any capital sense of the word but to create a better environment to create a better digital environment there was a self-interest in creating a better environment against the opposing view of things which i guess you could say was more of the microsoft view of things but this open source tech mentality which is really digital really purely on line in nature can this spill over into
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the general economy in some way in people's day to day lives oh i think it already has in quite a few ways you know it's not a matter of not getting paid it's a matter of how you get paid and how you how you think of value the problem is that we have trended toward a society where value is only majored in the things that you can count. and primarily monetary things the internet got built by people who were willing to retrieve their value in a lot of more intangible ways and i wouldn't say that the open source movement. about not getting paid it was about getting paid in the environment but it was also about getting paid later for what you were doing for free today it's kind of like the way in which the grateful dead for whom i wrote songs for many years. recognize that if we gave our songs away that would be great marketing so we ended up you
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know for quite a while the most popular performing band in the united states in spite of the fact that we let everybody tape our concerts we essentially were inventing viral marketing in the music business the same thing applies in the open source movement in general ok so john perry barlow you wouldn't call yourself anti-capitalist at the grateful dead which is so therefore why why do people call this movement anti-capitalist it doesn't seem to fit well i think the problem is that we have we have very loaded terms when we say capitalist or or say communist there are ways in which the internet the the real economy of the internet has been communist like. from the very beginning but i wouldn't use that term just because it immediately summons up the soviet union in leninism install an ism and maoism and all of the misuses of marches and i actually think that there are at the heart of marxism. you will find the evolutionary processes that are actually coming to bear
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on the internet where property is increasingly considered the wrong way to to mediate human economic interaction where we're people know that it's about service it's not about ownership and people recognize that they are the means of production themselves you know i see things within the occupy movement and cultural manifestations out in the in the general population whether it's burning man or the festival culture where people. the younger generation are much more into sharing then they have been in the past much more into. recognizing that there are many values that can't be measured entirely monetary only and i think you know those evolutionary processes are slow but they're taking place capitalism is just the operation of a free market and i think that free markets are great but we've been selling this
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free market notion. in the united states anyway as the be all and the end all solution and it is i would say a natural system that works very well as long as it's a free market but the problem is that free markets only exist until you have the monopolistic concentration that naturally comes out of a completely unregulated free market and then you don't have a free market anymore then the monopoly controls the market so what we have to do is to is to figure out ways to stop the monopoly so that the market actually is free right so if this is really about the very phrase itself too big to fail and applies a monopoly position at a concentration of wealth that's inconsistent with a free market approach so people who call this anti-capitalist are really missing the boat all right john perry barlow like to go on but that's all the time we have thanks so much for being on the kaiser report happy to be here and that's going to
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do it for this edition of the kaiser a par with me max kaiser and stacey ebert our thanks i guess john perry barlow if you want to follow me on twitter please just at twitter dot com slash mastitis or or stacy herbert at last stacy herbert or you can follow us on facebook at facebook dot com slash kaiser report if you want to say i mean email please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot are you it's a life time it's the mask guys are saying. tonight
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on r t nato gets his marching orders from the u.n. to leave libya and then struck strikes but leaving the country. to deal with a population of arms of the city. a pyrrhic victory for the eurozone as leaders
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agree to probably get more financial fuel into the bailout machine buying some much needed time and a buffer against a greek bailout. greece itself its ancient ideas of the driving fight against poverty people go back to fostering. other arrests in new york or antiwar protesters encounter police resistance during a show of solidarity with those open that fell victim to an earlier crackdown. but not really friday morning here in moscow right now you are watching r.t. and you're most welcome kevin zero in with our top story for you and no more war planes or air strikes in libya the u.n. security council's unanimously voted to lift the no fly zone on my.


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