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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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oh i'm so hard in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture occupy l.a. and occupy philly are no more at least physically so with two of the largest patriot cancel wiped out by law enforcement what's next for the ninety nine percent move and in this week's long liberal rumble inquiring minds want to know how much water is in the g.o.p. justify protecting the interests of the one percent at the expense of the rest of the country.
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you know this more midnight raids against the occupied movement forty eight hours after a victim deadlines came in philadelphia los angeles police moved into both occupations dismantled the camps and arrested hundreds of things for patriots in los angeles home of the nation's oldest and largest occupation roughly fourteen hundred police surrounded demonstrators gave them a ten minute warning to leave and then moved in arresting upwards of two hundred ninety people and trashing hundreds of tents and supplies already reports the l.a.p.d. selected a few official journalists to cover the raid and then blocked others those who were selected were banned from tweeting the event life i too am the occupy l.a. and camp it was no more following the raid the los angeles mayor via or goes there issued a statement reading at approximately twelve thirty am the l.a.p.d.
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begin enforcing the closure of city hall park after getting those in the park a final opportunity to leave without facing arrest or in a park closure a first amendment area will remain open in the spring the street city hall steps i don't recall the first amendment giving people the right to peaceably assemble as long as it's in a designated free speech zone as determined by a mare always going to figure the free speech zone was this thing called the united states of america the entire country. anyway meanwhile in philadelphia it was the same story take a look at riot police on horseback forcing occupiers out of the city of brotherly love in camp. this is getting a little out of control. theory ok. all right we do this. this is well live right now. this is playing out right right here on succeed you see dogs. out sears on their horses.
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are using the horses to push the protesters back. around fifty people were arrested there joining me now on the phone is a man who is the middle of it all in philadelphia jane said his juniors the president of the united steelworkers local town day one he was arrested during the raid on occupy philly it was released from jail just within the last hour jim welcome thanks doc thanks for joining us tell us what happened. yeah i'm glad you're out and what happened last night. well occupy actually got evicted. most of the occupiers. sort of took off for a noble protest through center city of a group who stayed there to the work plaza. and we got a deal was going to russia was was the arrest the consequence of your not moving on
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when asked to or simply being there at the time of the you know when they came in a crash down this. was actually we were on the street street right outside of the work plaza and they gave us several warnings to. to get out of the street which we . respectfully declined and. one of spend a day in jail for right here the president of one of the local unions the local steel workers union what what's the profile these days and you know that the occupy movement is portrayed so much in the media particularly by g.o.p. t.v. . news as basically you know kids teenagers whatever unemployed. hippies is the phrase the economy comes out and yet you know that's not the image that comes to mind when people say united steelworkers is is the is the group as the group is the group as diverse as your presence there would
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tend to represent. the certainly certainly a lot of young folks there that are that are really did do a great job on hippies whatever they want to call these kids get it you know they're being handed for the first time and in this our country's history to be handed a country with less opportunity than their parents. you know pretty upset about that but you know we've been supporting you know we we can't necessarily occupy out of the sort of my so some occupy our. were up there today that they set up their tents the first morning maybe a dozen times of the three days walk around to support them and i went up sunday when the when the eviction was supposed to take place. last night we found out that it was going on so we took off from work just to support
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them and. look these folks are saying the same thing les would move us to say for thirty years. just about how they get portrayed in the media you know we will but that for hopefully. you know part of the reason i'm there is to spend our flight nor message any other portas. maybe it's a little bit harder to train them as these dirty hippies now i think it's the message is getting out jim adds so that we can read rick perry today was calling for banks to go to jail and that tells you that that the occupy movement has changed the dialogue so thank so much for being with us tonight and for for standing up for your constitutional rights last night the shade of the work thank you too and now for the latest on the crackdowns in los angeles and where each movement goes from here welcome back r. davis media point person with occupy los angeles and from new york sarah seltzer journalist and associate editor alter net rocking the belt of indiana let me tell
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you clark what happened last night in l.a. . it was unbelievable at every level basically a blitzkrieg from the l.a.p.d. fourteen hundred police officers pretty much storming and surrounding the entire city all within a matter of minutes. i've never seen anything like it before i don't think the l.a. police department has never done a thing like that before. lots of media. james or or actually clark or praising the police for their restraint. i don't i haven't seen any reports of serious injuries we didn't see any video people being pepper sprayed things would you agree that you know setting aside the fact that this took on the movement that at least the response was was reasonable. yes i can absolutely say without a doubt it was reasonable considering you know well what was happening there
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considering what had happened there. there was a literally not a single incidence i saw either police brutality in any way shape or form we did have a few people shot with beanbags who were held up in a tree there were the last you know occupiers to be pulled out of city hall at the park there. but other than that i think they behaved incredibly well and not actually got to commend them for the ok and what are occupy always next plans. yeah that's the real question i we had a very difficult time getting organized there it was a very challenging environment to work in right in the midst of you know one of the biggest on the spot relations in the country we were overwhelmed with issues that we were basically incapable of dealing with effectively we're not police officers we're not social workers and yet we spent most of our time dealing with issues that we basically weren't prepared to deal with so it really kept us i think from doing
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the work that we that many of us came there to do. i think last night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the movement is a peaceful movement in a nonviolent movement i think it's going to bring a lot show a lot of you know bring a lot of light to what we always said that we were we prove that we were that last night and i think that i think is going to be very positive for us i think the real issue now is can we unite under a common a common message in a common vision we are unable to do that we are on the ground this may help us move in that direction i think the next couple days will get an idea of how we could possibly regroup it's a little unclear to me. as you know has some of her thoughts on that sarah without the occupations the physical occupations now where does this movement seem to be going. such an interesting question there's sort of two sides to it on the one hand
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it's absolutely true the sort of day to mechanics of running these caps is no longer a hindrance to the met you have to negotiate over text and big kitchen and some of the every day logistical issues that were inspiring and also difficult for the city occupations on the other hand there isn't that point place that serves as kind of the umbrella a barrier for everyone who wants to come down you know on their free time on their lunch breaks because you are going to get help and in some of those physical occupations were great because they were kind of the coalition this physical space because she's you have any fracking people and you know the people who are most passionate about the banks all kind of meeting together in one place so the challenge and i think i think what's happening in new york is people are continuing to organize around some of these incidents we have people tonight demonstrating have rocking out in here and demonstrating at an obama fundraiser there's a there's an art installation being planned on broadway so the movement is
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continuing forward and you know there's no lost momentum but the question is what will that will that that common space and back you going to your reading and the add in liberty plaza on sunday to talk about that very issue and how they can how they can recreate that without occupation i think it will be possible but i think that is the major challenge that the activism will continue the flashpoints will continue the rallies will continue but what will what will be the out overarching bridge between all the different constituent groups in the last minute we have here the nurses and the innocence of a rally in solidarity with the british strikers and basically shut down that country today that. it seems to me like that's a logical point of intersection with the occupy movement here in the united states is that is that perhaps the direction of things will. absolutely and i really hope that even more i mean i know that protesters in europe and here and people like
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nurses and different groups do you see it certainly see themselves as being part of one global revolution and i hope that technology and communication will enable. it with that local creeks to continue to be built and that sort of n.t.r. stary and these general strikes and you know these massive new events in europe will be a big inspiration for what happens next year that's great sara thank you very much and clarke thank you very much for being with us tonight you're welcome thank you appreciate it it's by the fact that one by one police have moved in to break up occupations all across america will lives on as the best thing america's got go on for years right now. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think a new report says states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a nine percent drop in traffic fatalities so here's today's question will poppy
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legalized your choices are yes states of legal medical marijuana see a nine percent decline in traffic deaths or no states want to adopt a commonsense drug policy that saves lives. or you think the poll will be open until tomorrow morning. are you ready to rumble when we come back i'll take on conservative commentators another zero daniel halper this week's liberal rumble. drives the world the fear mongering unipart politicians who need to see committed to break through it through to be made you cry no. it's to do with the global scene where we have a state controlled capital school that's when you'll be terrorists weak you aren't see question more.
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it's wednesday the night when i'm the lone liberal and go up against two of our nation's best conservative political commentators to debate the week's biggest stories of our panel tonight another surrogate service strategist associated blueskin solutions also was you know. and daniel helper deputy on live editor of the weekly standard so let's get started over four thousand people have been
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arrested in occupy wall street. what he calls whatever's exercising of recent rights and raids in the middle of my journals banned police using chemical weapons egyptian state t.v. says that they were justifying. firing tear gas into the crowds because the police here are doing it at the senate is now on the edge of passing a law that will make it possible to indefinitely detain anyone to say you have there you daniel are a terrorist and therefore you're going to go to jail forever without ever seeing a judge without ever having a well oiled laws that tom this is the defense authorization and. i'm serious and i know you're serious but actually has an interview with a guy i am i actually have i think what you're referring to right here and what it says this is just it's thousand page bill and this is just the small provision and it says the covered persons are only the people who were involved in the september
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eleventh attacks were be are are the taliban associated fear of the n.r.a. here i read it yesterday but the language and it goes on to say which is frankly not everyone it's only a couple and they are terrorists and they have the clear board us and it's a it's a it's totally different than how they're described so it is defining these covered persons who just defines every person's. we have a rule of law we have a system in place because of yes yes i do yes it was you know you have to show you have to you have to get a warrant from a judge you it's not as though look you don't have the same you don't have the same stuff i did you know that that's the way the definition looks the the the one that i the rest of it says that it's up to the executive branch to the present case yes and so if the president decides that you are a terrorist you don't get to see a lawyer you can see a judge you're telling me this is consistent with the fourth fifth sixth and seventh and eighth the members of the constitution well if these people are in
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pakistan it's all right for us to know in your own this is that it's all right for us to send drones although if they're in america how come it's not over all right for i don't know the all right if people don't think it's all right for us to be targeting people for death in pakistan either but that's not the issue the issue is that is this one a police state looks like is that the direction that we're going well i think that . to be fair you know people have said that senator mccain and levin to this dark of night and kind of put this in you know without a lot of was knowing about it was during the day that it was an instigator in secret i'm using dark at night meaning that you know when knew about it if that's the case then you know it should be reviewed it should be and we should have a lot of these bills we have are you familiar with. yes i am i did not pass and only and you had two republicans who said yes to that when it was rand paul and rand paul came out and said this bill is going is going to turn the entire united states i mean that republican democrat who are forever when say thomas don't make this a democrat republican why wasn't this again democrats voted for that you'd all amendment
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that stripped this this it's a war forever of the president can put anybody who wants in prison and the only two republicans were. grand paul and he has another amendment he has an image that does something very similar and that i don't think that's been debated or decided on yet or what i'm going to do with this is why is this partisan you know i'm it's more love and i was i was a great guy it's not dispose not partisan work bipartisan opposition i think that's what it does not translate in the house it was it was a publican's them across support it republicans democrats were against it and in the senate got the same sort of thing i think some people they were the rand paul amendment more than that so they're pretty much saying well i'm wherever reason you know for my or differences they have more support for their home as a result well that's whatever as i said it's only two republicans voted for that's fine all i'm saying is that there there are many of these representatives and senators who have reason to pas and that's fine and unfortunately these bills are
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huge i mean i do not like the whole process of how he is he worth following up on this court has ruled supreme court but this is free speach. but if you were to stitch this into a tent bunch of these it's not free speech but of course just you know ruled out last week what you have every right to stitch that into the tent though i i wouldn't advise wasting your money like that i think might be cheaper but sometimes . it's i don't think it's waterproof so there is actually the metadata you know and so it sounds i didn't notice i'm going to get what other film. what is happening to for you know free speech in america we're turning the world into a battlefield we're touring america and i'm about what i know probably was there is no where in which you cannot express your freedom of speech i don't know in the united states exists and it's thriving it's the best place in the world for it and
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there it's not compared to what we have free speech zones that is that is created by the occupy movement which is it which in turn zones were first actually created during the clinton that's strange. i don't i went with the president that's that's big it's really doesn't exist i mean it's like a real thing it's like this it's a real thing if you step outside you get arrested. but one of the one on this republican said today that they'd agree to extend the payroll tax cut this payroll tax cut but only if the proposal of the democrats in the president was ok and he is let's extend this payroll tax cut that that is only paid as the taxes only paid what you were making from zero literally from zero from the in their first dollar from zero to one hundred eighty six thousand dollars a year after that people don't pay a penny of this so they say what the democrats said was let's cut that tax by three percent and make up for it by saying anybody who has an income over one million dollars won't see a penny a tax on the first million additional tax but after that
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a million one dollar will see an extra three cents on the dollar taxed and republicans said no we won't go along with that instead what you've got to do is fire a bunch of federal workers and she's going to make the recession worse it's going to increase unemployment what the republican the republican position has been that that payroll tax. should be permanently extended that the cap kutch be put about the gate and it. guests that they don't want or should be don't want to just. because of the joy much good it doesn't do much good if you know that you're going to get this tax break for the next year and you know that the time economic times are tough and most people i think save money and invest money rather than spend on people might want to go because you know you're not to be saving money does not save there's not i think it's iran has to says yes to that cutting federal jobs you know how you know further economic ruin whereas taxing millionaires doesn't mean
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they're the job creators to make sure i mean no seriously though and i keep my money in there i didn't try to pry into. their add on creator so you know i am also using three cents on the dollar after you were on a million bucks is going to cause somebody to say. romney has made it has made it clear that he doesn't pull out some points now now he seems to have changed and even he has at once believed that and so did president j.f.k. and various others that one shouldn't raise taxes in a recession i mean i don't see why i don't see why you're taking such a radical position on this were to raising taxes in the middle of a recession hampers growth that's close to recovery first of all is not i don't know why your take there is there is generating no demonstrated the fact that there is there is none and you've seen taxes raised during recessions and during times of growth and you seem to actions cut during this is a decision that there are times of growth i'm talking about like from twenty percent to ninety percent and from seventy you know from ninety from seventy four
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percent down twenty percent it doesn't significantly affect the economy. it's not it's not the tax rate but what the tax rate does is it affects whether or not you're going to bubbles when you've got the top marginal tax rate of both if you are saying you don't have bubbles in your comments below fifty percent you do that's demonstrably you i mean look at one hundred years of tax history i think though that what the democrats solution seems for all of our ills is to tax millionaires i mean this is their overtaxed but they really had we had for decades of incredible growth in this country when after you made a million bucks you paid seventy percent of the income tax but you just get a tax for don't really have anything to do with growth so what is it the tax rates have something to do with growth or do they not have something to do with your statistics that was what is really in the euro just need to have something to do with growth that was stable growth that was not a bubble driven growth we've had bubble driven growth when you drop your tax rates and we've had so i was able to give them growth projects riis. i guess i am somewhat to contradict here's my thing is that i think you even if you even with
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it's and i've crossed it before but even if all the millionaires in this country gave all everything that they have to our government we'd still be in a hole so that can't be the solution we there's enough people who are really rich now that like you know you could tax the people who have an income over a million dollars and raise about a trillion bucks that's a lot of love you know yeah well hold it so it's not a solution so let me know it's it's good with the debt and it's a beginning ok now we have to drop here's anywhere and then when i have a question this is this is kind of a. cultural question i guess a conservative liberal call cultural question because i'm baffled by this herman cain has now been accused of having sex with more people than most men have sex with their wives and or something close to it and first of all he was it when it came to light that he had paid off eighty thousand bucks on social harassment claims pretty awful stuff he was defended by everybody i mean sean hannity was out there defending him everybody was defended and they went after the
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women they call them names that you know bloody bloody bloody didn't didn't hurt him in the polls didn't hurt him with the republican base now it comes out that he's had a thirteen year affair at lee friendly in a loving relationship with somebody and all of a sudden his base is horrified it was so harassed going to talk about sexual harassment charges which in the ninety's as a box which is not sex by the way sexual harassment charges verses an illicit extramarital affair ok so it's that it wasn't consummate the no no this is they are they were charges of what i'm saying these are charges unsubstantiated you know a thing as a totally non substantiate all i'm saying is you can easily say that those were not very well was not safe and sure that he had to have a relationship with this woman either he's denying it but also there are times you know what unsubstantiated the premise of your question is wrong anyway. i mean over the last week newt gingrich has that lead taken the lead then mitt romney and and
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herman cain has fall down to to the teens and even lower in a lot of the polls i mean then i heard him give. our viewers a sogginess to i mean years and years ago i read that susan levy who divorced papers after he was why should you say i said i can't choices about herman i mean i didn't and his latest accuser only came and only came out a couple days ago i think the problem with herman cain i don't look herman cain had i was problematic on a number of levels but any of these phrases problems as far as being the next president didn't have anything to do i don't see it was ever seriously running for does i think he's going to forever serial cells but it appears my serious question is and let me just rephrase it why is it that massaging me doesn't seem to upset the republican base whether it's new or this guy and and extramarital affairs make them crazy as they did with bill clinton as they are now that i mean that's why this example isn't good because because which is the wage sexual harassment happened to the allegations of the sexual harassment happened then within
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a couple weeks herman cain had fallen from the poll so to your question your question i don't think is is back there what i argued that he would fall from the polls regardless and it just so happened that that it coincided with his i mean he wasn't a serious candidate i think republicans do care about sexual harassment charges i think it made him look bad i think they care about family they care about these things and i think there were he had his defenders there were people who believed in him and and his character i want to they wanted to have the heather as you say that as a woman they death and those charges definitely concerned me and i think what happened was he had a sexual harassment claims and then you have this on top of that that is it that made him so i don't mind this is the struggle yeah yeah i mean you have sexual harassment charges which you know a lot of people can be have that opinion finger pointed at them for that but you're talking about an illicit sexual affair this wife had no idea about she seemingly is baffled by it and that's why he's gone. dropping out and unfortunately he never has a campaign set up to deal with these sort of crisis communication issues he wasn't
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ever a seriously innovate again you know and i think you can purchase could have a similar challenge in front of him he supposedly had you know a conversion experience that gives him a clean slate and you know we are forgiving people in that we do recognize that you know christ does give you a clean slate if you actually do you can really have a conversion. challenge that was going to be to convince the evangelical vote you just did that he actually had not just because you know this jailhouse conversions we have to go we have a lot of it with her question the ron paul campaign has announced a hot new item in the campaign a cookbook on paul's wife carol paul has published the ron paul family cookbook it's healing for eight bucks plus shipping and handling yet one now for christmas according to the book description there are twenty eight pages of tasty recipes from the paul family and friends unclear from cain who will likely be returning it was the job for it was soon offered any pizza recipes for but for cooking enthusiasm and libertarians is one heck of a great book so what's your favorite recipe it is a brand run balls filled with return you psychopathic b.
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and the fed funnel cake maybe seven point seven trillion cups of sugar or c. pot brownies laced with all the new we legalize drugs. interesting enough i was reading about this kid but today and he abstain from alcohol so there are no rum balls in there there if apricot coconut palms so there may be pot brownies but no the recipe for pork in there he's sworn off. that i don't probably has enough work i don't know if you score he has a little bit of i don't let him think political oh i do but it's puts i don't trust a skinny chef ok that's my suggestion is what my suggestion would be that it's a sauteed road kill squirrel for people who have lost their food stamps. or their you know think about things thanks from coming up on the big debate about the big picture the next big financial bubble just inflated to three trillion dollars you should be surprised when i tell you who stands to profit from this but.


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