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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EST

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we don't come. back you're watching t.v. our you know josh these are the top stories one of the longest standing off by movement against the word by police in los angeles with hundreds of protesters arrested processed the move comes after an eviction order put an end to that two month occupation with similar raids taking place across the country. diplomatic meltdown britain orders already in an oyster leave the country within forty eight hours and the closure of ron's embassy in london response to the ransack of the u.k.'s mission against iran several you countries are doing germany and france also
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recalled their ambassadors from iraq. italian taxpayers are fighting against plans would cost a country billions of euros in the middle of it's not a crisis the military spending comes as a nation attempts to tackle its two trillion euro debt just to any one of the arab spring was fast and dramatic was dictators disappearing into knees or egypt and finally leaving all syria and yemen were quickly on the brink of civil war and bahrain protesters were driven from the streets by a massive military force well r.t. now gets the thoughts from the country's foreign minister who says bringing democracy and the rule of law to the gulf states was never going to be easy. yes let's start with the syrian dossier some say the corporation council of the arab states the gulf plays
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a larger role than it's intended to in resolving this crisis sometimes it even substitutes the arab league to believe its position can help. me god knows this crisis is very important and very dangerous that syria is one of the security pillars in the region if syria is stable and secure its citizens would live peacefully and quietly today's events in syria however are quite scary because people die daily and a number of cities are in chaos and on security some areas are peaceful but generally there are big problems in the country the arab league assumed responsibility for resolving this crisis and interacting with the conflicting sides of it let's look at libya where the international intervention took place and the arab states acted according to the progress there in syria's instance it was the into arabic intervention especially on the part of the council states it was intended to resolve the crisis in the interests of the entire region and i hope that we the arabs and residents of this region will be able to resolve a problem on our own or
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a famine that it can comb through on the stand you correctly that you are against any intervention in syria situation except for regional forces. when you write firstly nobody outside this region wants to intervene in resolving this very complicated problem the consequences of an intervention would impact all countries of the region keeping this in mind we believe that the syrian leadership and opposition forces should reach a solution without direct intervention with support of the arabic community and the neighboring arab states. that in your opinion what should be the main contents of the program i mean taming military political impasse food security in the persian gulf states in view of external threats. that there are many and you want us here one thing's for certain. maintaining security in the region is a large responsibility for the entire world our region and its economic and energy resources are very important for the economy of the entire world of the us china
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and russia this region should be stable the council states such as iran iraq egypt yemen pakistan india and turkey are all interested in preserving stability in this region and they bear a certain responsibility for it and i think that our mother does the council have a body for coordinating all adequately responding to the security threats which we're discussing today now when. the council states don't see a need for establishing this body the council itself is this body recently especially in view of the events in bahrain the council proved to be a consolidated force which understands its responsibility to the world community in maintaining security and stability in the region a good example is the economic help provided to bahrain and oman by the council's members in the instance of an external threat to security and stability the peninsula shield force which was established to respond to any danger will come into force in less than a month the council will hold a very important meeting the first summit since the turbulence of the arab world.
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he said at this summit we the first one since the revolution the so-called arab spring what does the kingdom of bahrain think about these events. bahrain's position on the arab spring revolutions was clear and comprehensive from day one even before the events in bahrain itself after the meeting in istanbul our crown prince stated the changes which are taking place in the entire arab world are very important and significant these changes should be successful because we have to ensure that they don't result in an escalation of tension in a number of countries however some of the ones aren't related to the arab spring particularly i mean my country rain these events hadn't happened in the history of the countries protest movement before demands had been expressed in the past with the recent events had a different pretext it's also worth mentioning that this spring is not limited to arab states and indeed started in the arab world in tunisia but then moved into the arab heart egypt where it received its title what it really stayed within our
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borders many countries out there are in need of a so-called arab spring which is yet to reach them the arab spring gives a warning and how the. do you believe threats of an air attack on a rainy of facilities a real o.t. there of intent to escalate tension that region so as to push countries towards buying it dition a weapons some are saying that it's blown out. i don't believe these threats are blown out of proportion considering the sources which express these threats of using force they're quite real we remember israel threatening to attack from the air and indeed israel bombs nuclear missiles in the region in iraq what would keep it from attacking around the same way this potential development is very dangerous the region will end up on the edge of an abyss of an unknown depth and with we don't want to hear any military threats against the iranian nuclear facilities or anything else all we want to see is a peaceful development the only thing required from iran is transparency in its
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nuclear program this is a regular requirement we confirm arounds right to a peaceful nuclear energy of all kinds today we have the i.a.e.a. report on iran's research on the military use of nuclear energy this is very dangerous as it's a threat to the whole region why does it need nuclear weapons if iran's program is fully transparent and new observers are appointed to replace those who've been fired then the door is open for dialogue what's there to be afraid of if this energy is used for peaceful purposes only this is all that iran's required to do when this is done we will be the first to defend their right to this energy and the nuclear program they should prove that their program is civil peaceful and fully transparent today we don't see this therefore we cannot take any steps to defend them at. this deeply integration in cooperation between the countries of the cooperation council has reached a level as european countries have one currency political economic and social area
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solidarity and openness of the whole society. i have absolutely no doubt about it just look at the components of the persian gulf cooperation countries either within the council or economic agreements within the customs union or advisory council directions are many i have mentioned those that have just occurred to me all these issues have been on the agendas of the e.u. and other unions assy on is another example in southeast asia all these components will certainly lead to integral unification the cooperation council is exactly that kind of union in terms of integral unification it's a union addressing the problems of its brothers in yemen as are other important affairs the cooperation council acts as an integral union you could say that these moves by the council testify it was created and developing in the right direction to consolidate all the positive forces in the region have there do you think the yemen crisis is closer to end after president ali abdullah saleh signed the gulf initiative and agreeing to resign. in yemen. yemen is not
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a simple country i have always stressed that when addressing conferences on security in yemen and meetings of the council i said yemen could not lose as a state the policy of certain individuals under the group in power may lose but a country like yemen may not and that is why the documents signed by salek in riyadh with the king of saudi arabia and ministers from cooperation countries attending is very important in setting the yemen crisis it testifies that yemen is aware of its responsibility and i am sure it will overcome its difficulties. burning question iraq dossier of the us announced its full withdrawal of troops from iraq the government led by nouri al maliki asked the u.s. to leave about ten thousand troops in the country if this issue under the constant tension of arab states. it would be wrong to say that the arabs have left iraq to face its problems and we should not say that at all let me give an example after
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saddam hussein's regime was overthrown and during the transition period was it not the arab league the peals to all parties of iraqi civil society to hold a conference for all political parties and layers of iraqi society countries such as bahrain kuwait saudi arabia jordan syria turkey and iran to open their embassies the iraqi capital it was us bahrain egypt opens its embassy it was killed he wanted arab emirates opened its embassy what is most concerning to us is security in iraq the issue of terrorism penetrating the country is also very important if you ask me what kind of iraq i would like to see i would say iraq should become an example of a country where human rights are observed and the bright future of the country is guaranteed that iraq has been part of the arab nation as well as member of the arab league providing security in the country remains a burning issue for the our presence in the country there are very many threats what here a whole war there is your assessment of the relation between the kingdom of bahrain
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and russia has been exchanging mutual visits the king visit russia recently bahrain is becoming a major partner of russia in the region. we are watching developments in russia our relationship is getting deeper and deeper the most important is to gain practical advantage from such visits for our two countries the goal is to develop the relationship not only with bahrain put other countries to members of the cooperation council but when talking to one of the council countries it is necessary to keep in mind that you are talking to all its members we strive to be partners with russia in security stability and development of this region thank you very much for taking part in our program. whether it's life in the fast lane. has slowed but today anyway the bakeshop
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alongside malta moscow belgium science and technology taking advantage for the city of this land gives the book on oxy. magine assets that the home watches young every single leg. and waiting for you to stumble along. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me so. we realized that we're following everyone from early in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to repeal him explain. the
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basic chemical operation keep going and place the book for. the. wealthy british scientists play such. a. hot. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on r.t. as russians take for parliament who are the main contenders in the race for two missing school hockey league it folks. you know he's your god of. the achievements of communism before his chime but his criticize islam with the last church
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campaign slogan the policies of the majority is made to live will return the motherland the most trying to teach free education using the illegal immigration and interests here in the cities towns impossible it's the success story in sections of the old presidential elections since the end of the u.s.s.r. criticized for exploiting soluble stones with pensioners but it just continued industrial working class no no rules for its red flags with the hammer and sickle up the communist party of the russian federation the duma election two thousand and eleven on r t. the law. the law. the law.
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the law. the lead. the longest standing on my movement cam says we are vitally small samples with hundreds of protesters arrested in the process and the move comes after an eviction order but in answer to a montage of patient with similar rates taking place across the country plus diplomatic melt down britain orders already down the lawyers to leave the country within forty eight hours announces the closure of the bronze embassy in london in response to the ransacking of the u.k.'s mission into iraq several e.u. countries including germany and france have also recalled their last there's a problem in. italian taxpayer. as are fighting against plans which can cost the country billions of euros in the middle of its kind of a crisis the military spending comes as the nation attempts to tackle its two
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trillion euro dad just to a new prime minister. to advise here in our town i'll bring you more news about thirty minutes time before dad oh well take a look at what's happening in sports with maytree. i know their sports are not signatory company again in the. europa league like marty made it draw all bets against things on thursday night to advance to the. new swing where water athletes going to be in when competing at the olympics staying longer. than the boss a three point zero for most adults should be good says come on school and it's run says a trick trick by the balls it can bust the balls you really. always start with
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a ball where in the europa league rubin have gone second in group a that threshing irish outfit shamrock rovers and cazan for one double from nuts about us and girls from paper it's not about the premier marks or maybe it was just a bit too late tenement noise on the scoreboard for this because the bobby davis man will includes time big breaks have already called grass from the group concept break team told them awakes who won despite being reduced to ten men ok end of the post office so i drove for green on the fifteenth of december will be enough for the rush so this could have a place in the playoffs in other games but that's commensurate transference of the knockout stage for the one mil away win at celtic mean fosco this hostile place who denies it in the second part that it's. also a premier's mattel least made it into the playoffs following a convincing four one win against all three i'm sorry again there were no other group g. game twin studies and house model the netherlands proof up on top will prove
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a true to four for a victory of the civilian side mara but while last season's runners up progress also confirmed school in the knockout rounds as they were up one no one is against . europe and a group stage matches will come. on thursday where another russian side we're going to have more score everything in their hands to book a place in the knockout stage as their host of stress sturm drawer will do for the muscovites in their last european home match this here set about out of his more. well come on chief suffered only one defeat in four matches of the europa league in a clash against under lect uncomfortably seed second three points behind the belgium side with two matches still to go in nice years year in contain a host can look at their place in a knockout stage in the upcoming match against third place from grass. we have a very strong will to get to the beach on thursday and to win so that we can be
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positive of our future in the europa league i want to remind you that look on what t.v. alongside will be lindsey need are the only three teams still participating in the premier league the russian card and european competitions just like a serious man look to close the door for sure and to repeat their success in the opening match today where the that i mean and maybe situ of netted goals in a two minute spell in the first part that's only real way man coming from behind to clinch at two one away when we needed it and there are no concerns about the match there is no snow the weather is good and the pitch is in good condition so we are eager to win our last time match however is going to be a tough challenge for the committee as five key players are still injured in the moscow side suffer two straight defeats in the domestic league being edged by rival sparta and zinni mission it always happens in football when you're on a good run everyone is happy and you hear only positive comments but as soon as you
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start losing everything is vice versa and the manager is blamed for everything but i'm confident that our team is ready for the clash still to us have outside hopes of french in the knockout stage as in this measure alone the austrian side needs two goals and victory to keep their dream alive while a committee of can secure their place in the round of thirty two with just a point from their last home in this year because they about out of the moscow. westin art of have crashed out of the carling cup following a shock to one defeat to crystal palace at old trafford in the quarterfinals the visitors from the lower league opened midway through the second half with a fantastic long range short form during ambrose ferguson's men responded pretty quickly three minutes later had to mccarthy felt for directing the chairs in the area and then chose to play made no mistakes on the spot sending the people the wrong way so the game went into extra time where glenn had assailed the way for
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crystal palace. their award last fall made against fellow championship side cardiff city wildman match the city host of a ball in the semifinal. and other football news feature is taking steps to clean up the organization and that's a corruption programme gets underway in syria courts have grown for faith to tighten its ethics rules following allegations of bribes and barcena thresholds including executive committee members of those world governing body. professor not as the chairman of an independent governance committee spending officials under criminal investigation and examining ways to make the election of people president more transparent but. if we assume that this is a multinational organization then they have to have a very clear conflict of interest police see clear anti corruption
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rules clear financial. management structures they have done quite a lot on financial management but the rest we have to do we. go over to europe in what it will no way to come moscow have won their seventh game out of seven in the group stage around the big thing brought up in germany on wednesday night. started well. but the russian side managed to find a game to finish the first off seven points ahead of brawls at germans broad background after time closing the deficit to just one point and sending the match into some last minutes and that trying to turn your league m.v.p. in medicine and nailed it three points so with the boss to give them and each one. so it's a scar on top of grouping standings with now trees as many games. in the meantime say stars main rivals in pole be infinite case the hopes things are
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great to frank in the second the group session and it will gain throughout the first city hall to stand in for a surprising five point lead for the crowds. continued gaining control over the game after the second break ran out ninety four seventy six when it and now feel very comfortable second place. in the last to kill good beat spanish only travel to shell greece with both teams chasing the knockout stage the hives had won just once in their criticisms games but they started brightly with an impressive and they'll run this time calgary stand managed to stay clear all the way until the fourth quarter when i started to storm back to let them inside and to the game sixty seven sixty five claiming their second victory of the competition. while in group c. the robbery is not struggling for the post took
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a shot at playing away at the local terms of belgium that led to seven trades it's a tough time mainly thanks to discus it one of each to finish with sixteen points and ten rebounds in the second try it is best for the home side but trying to one points in the night were just not enough it's a fast huddle to win six to six six to stay in the table. now. to take part in the upcoming summer olympics had a chance to take a look at the need. to be worn in london a time a limp a champ and michael phelps and the reigning world swimmer of the run among those try them on the president in new york as you can see there are no full want to say it's a sign remember a band in front of ten that's nearly two hundred world records were broken by athletes then introduction from two thousand and eight helps welcome the chance to show that hard work and the strong sense when with a culture. you don't have to shoot but there are still people that are swimming
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faster times that we ever had before. last year sort of faster times that we have right. we were in the bodies so you know it's nice he clearly shows that people are wanting to work harder and are working harder to be able to surpass success. i know that's your he's doing you know that's what i'm doing so now we always have to try to get that sort of one step ahead of each other i know that after they've been the suits the. whole body suits and urging there's a lot of people that said there won't be another world record broken ever. and i wanted to really prove that's what i want to do in this war story is. make believe is leavers and i think that's what i did and i want to be one of the first people to do something like that. well that's all from me for the moment i'll be back in sauce time with more sports news from around the globe.
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as russians pick for parliament who are the main contenders in the race for a do list seats the multis ever present to blossom years even though it's by far russia's most boisterous and controversial bully politician current campaign slogan . we are for russians priorities food housing transport and science the consensus cheering on ski poles there are two issues first presidential election critics cry over racist remarks personal violence and populist
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slogans and the old pushing the mud and says it wasn't alexander the free nicole on the partial list and ensuring his parliamentary protection. the liberal democratic party of russia to the election two thousand and eleven fun party. it's. calm the fuck. am. i.
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