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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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police sweep through the occupy los angeles county arresting almost three hundred people but the anti corporate movement is still gaining momentum and picking up support from the other side of the barricades. moscow denies because of conservative russian passports the promise is eight off the rails and plead for citizenship to escape discrimination and still iffy from ethnic albanians. before ministers agree on more sanctions against iran which is facing further isolation following an attack on the british embassy in tehran. and in business our european union wants to exempt russian companies from some of the provisions in the new energy regulation or third energy package join me for more on that and other
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business stories business for. international news in comment twenty four hours a day this is r.t. one of america's longest standing occupy can stationed at los angeles city hall for over two months has been cleared by police almost three hundred people were rounded up by officers in riot gear for start the protesters after they ignored and eviction order the city also cleared over twenty five thousand tons of paper in personal belongings from the park and fifty people in service to the protest a camp in philadelphia was evicted testers are now feeling of a winter of discontent planning to turn their attention to rallies and marches promising tents will make a reappearance in spring the mix movement is also seeking to define more specific goals and attract more supporters and is across from report now has been finding
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out recent converts are even being recruited. from the ranks of police. occupy wall street has become an undeniable american household name. and police crackdowns against the democratic movement have become something of the norm not so normal is seeing one side endorse the other. retired philadelphia police captain brady lewis became the game changer on nov seventeenth arrested while demonstrating with occupy protesters on the streets of new york city the twenty four year veteran was held in police custody for eleven hours and received one comment from a new york cop nobody this one individual said that i had the testicles of an elephant although all of america's police force is part of the ninety nine percent captain lewis says cops secretly supporting the us face dire consequences by going
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public oh a tremendous fear of losing their job being disciplined being fired and then what they do everybody in the ninety nine percent has a fear that police officers also they cannot risk they have children. what would they do once a far there are no jobs available the nighttime raid on zuccotti park and subsequent arrest of dozens of journalists covering the story are among many reasons captain lewis says he temporarily transplanted to manhattan that's close to a dictatorship where you actually the media. as with dictators around the world and that is very scary brutal scare tactics such as pepper spray tons and flash grenades canisters have been used against occupy camps throughout the u.s. oakland california resembles something of an urban war zone this fall leaving a war vet in critical condition and the eyes of an eighty four year old burning from tear gas oakland police officer fred chavez is the only active cop who's gone
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on record with his support. but i totally agree with occupy wall street even told us they would like to broker i am a part of the ninety nine percent but most of our people are peaceful they want to see change many believe the biggest change could calm when or if u.s. law enforcement officials stop suppressing the right to assemble and begin supporting despite his arrest captain lewis is back at zuccotti park showing unwavering support for the occupy movement standing roughly ten or fifteen feet away from him a group of new york city police officers yes they're here securing the area but some are beginning to show a little interest for the first time i had an officer break ranks yesterday at the barricade line a white officer named officer and introduced himself and he started asking if you question i said do you know the risk you're taking and he was so brave they said this is still america and until
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a supervisor ordered orders me back to the line i'm going to talk with you i hope to get mainstream america involved the police involved realizing that we're all victims of corporate america and america has got to be stopped. r.t. new york. moscow has pledged aid to cause of his sons who it says face a desperate situation the foreign ministry has criticized authorities in kosovo for violating the rights of the minority that subsidy they face discrimination and hostility from ethnic albanians a nato peacekeeping forces in the course of a less painful peace in the region since july that's when the standoff started between one thousand forces and sort of protesters putting up barricades to prevent kosovan officials taking control of border checkpoints the foreign ministry says moscow will do what it can to help. is the serbs in kosovo only desperate situation to effacing livy take the ship of the so-called republic of course or vote they are threatened with being stripped of their basic rights such
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as local symphony street in watts and that's why the president did of his all of them to be provided with humanitarian aid and also help rebuild churches russia will continue its diplomatic efforts to help protect the interests of serbs living because as i see it. with russia's response to a play by the serbs to grant them russian citizenship thousands had submitted their signatures to the russian embassy in belgrade and our correspondent got out of trouble to cross over to see why many opted for such a drastic measure. once led to war george first started walking around the roads of course were with his writing who paid a pension after all he was just an elderly refugee a man who lost his job as a lawyer and his home when he was driven out of by kosovar albanians in one thousand nine hundred nine and now everyone here knows who hears since the summer around a hundred thousand people or most of the kosovo serbs are signed up for his petition
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their cause a plea for russian citizenship. we don't want to live in russia but belgrade is two weeks to protect us the minority here that's why we hope that russia will step in to help us same as the americans and the europeans have supported the interests of the albanians in kosovo. postmen there you should which are which constant blackouts lower wages and ethnic violence are a normal part of life here yet he says he will not leave and nor will his three children because this is where they spend their entire lives for him russian citizenship as a last resort. we live in constant fear every year we see great and great intentions from the albanians to drive us out even of the few areas where there are still serbs their country has been recognized by the west but we are no part of it just like belgrade moscow has refused to recognise the albanian controlled kosovo as an independent state following its conflict will serve it in one thousand nine
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hundred nine and a declaration of independence three years ago and that petition has gained attention in moscow it is because this is an unprecedented outpouring of desire to become russian citizens so there is no past guidance on how to deal with this situation but we do think this is alarming it is a direct result of how western forces have tried to deal with the problem by favoring one of the sides. meanwhile serbs in kosovo continue to build barricades around their pockets of population ready to stay off anyone trying to force them out whatever the rights and wrongs of the conflict that happened here in one thousand nine hundred nine you can't help but feel for the serbian minority here in northern kosovo surrounded by hostility increasingly abandoned by belgrade ignored by the international community so they believe the russians as a jew perhaps should be taken literally but on the side of just how desperate the situation has become. r.t. kosovo. welcome to live from the russian capital with twenty four hours
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a day this is r.t. still ahead for you this hour first hurdle greece's technocrats are having their leadership tested early part and massive strike with thousands on a walkout over walkouts to secure yet another bailout. and weeklies releases hundreds of spy files exposing how a person's smartphone computer and facebook account make them easy targets for the secret service is. a story still to come but first foreign ministers from europe have agreed to impose fresh sanctions against iran over its controversial nuclear program and head of the talks in brussels british foreign secretary william hague called for increased economic pressure and isolation on iran's financial sector but correspondent syria has more. well coming out of the e.u. foreign affairs council today fresh actions indeed have been put on iran specifically on thirty nine individuals and one hundred forty one organizations they've been put on a sanctions list of asset freezes as well as visa bans this is
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a rather watered down version of what some countries in the e.u. would have wanted to begin with for example the u.k. and germany have been calling for definitely stronger sanctions center earlier this week france had been urging e.u. countries to immediately impose an acid free and asset freeze on the central bank of iran as well as suspend imports of oil from the country however this didn't go down well with some countries such as spain and greece and italy because they significantly rely on rain at all and they have said there will be sanctions on oil in iraq that this is coming at a time when their economies are already battered as it is so divisions among you countries clearly this is coming on the back of course of an angry a u.k. after hardliners had stormed the embassy in tehran in the u.k. had already withdrawn its ambassador to the country and this move was followed by france germany and the netherlands in support of that support of the u.k. smoove in showing their condemnation of that attack on the embassy now all of this
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again is coming after that report that came out earlier this month in november so this is still part of that big umbrella where they want to introduce fresh sanctions because that report suggests that iran had been pursuing nuclear ambitions which is not peaceful this is something that has vehemently and has repeatedly denied. silly of them the e.u. is also ramping up pressure on iran's allies syria imposing a fresh set of sanctions on individuals as well as the energy and financial sectors there it comes in the wake of punitive measures from the arab league aimed at putting the violent crackdown on anti-government protesters as was already dubbed the sanctions economic war the un human rights party says there are four thousand people in eight months of honest in syria the latest figure comes just a day before divergence the u.n. meeting on the crisis and earlier this week a un report accused government forces of committing crimes against humanity in their actions against demonstrators also discuss the latest sanctions imposed on
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iran and syria on the whole situation in the region i'm joined now by international law and political activist franklin well first to iran international pressure is escalating could it lead to a military strike and if so what would the consequences be. well we have to say that the radically it could. lead to a military strike and then the region would be up in flames as you know and i believe by i think. if there's an attack on iran levanon reacts against power signed israel syria gets involved and the region presumably burns. the point about the sanctions so the course is that they simply target the individual lower income population and the idea is that the population will then break with the government that is not been the case historically
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sanctions have not been effective they have elements of the cold war and elements of psychological warfare also but they really hurt the population and what history teaches us about iran with what they've gone through with the the american support for iraq during the year rock around war is that they're not about to yield to sanctions and there's ways to lessen the effect of those sanctions they were so you see it so it's hard to say you say they won't yield to the sanctions but will we expect some sort of response from iran over this pressure. sure sure what we saw with peter club vatican although i think it was badly handled on both sides there will be said for tat there are ways that the iranians will be able to target the west with sanctions and even the americans i've got saying it will be you know even
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through the pressure that the americans can put on in the europeans particularly interfering with a banking system but both sides will pay a price i think the ratings will pay. a heavy price but i don't see reacting militarily i think they'll be able to survive be sanctions even though they're going to be painful so ok so you don't think sanctions will really have a great effect as you say they will exert a pain on iran but the sanctions being imposed on syria will that do anything to stop the bloodshed there. you know i don't i'm afraid it's a similar situation. the national. the national fervor in syria is very strong and i was there recently and they're not about to yield also and in the case even more than with iran in the local community here with lebanon
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interest and jordan. the sanctions in syria and ricochet and in fact those countries so i don't think sanctions are going to bring down the regime because being interested in the nationalistic and the and i think the enough of the population takes underage at the vis western interference in terms of the sanctions that they will also resist and i think that history going back to iraq and before teachers because sanctions you know are not really affective in changing the behavior of a regime they're dramatic they're for local consumption i know the u.s. congress is thrilled with these sanctions against syria and against iran but in real political terms i don't see the fruit of you know of of those efforts.
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obviously both sides have got to find another way to defuse these. dangerous situations and i think that it's going to have to be something different from sanctions sanctions are just going to work i think trying to lamb always good to hear your thoughts on this international lawrence lessig like the rest joining us stand by rick thank you for your thoughts. greece's ground to a halt as public service employees walk out of a new pay cuts job suspensions and emergency property tax the protests is the first major test for the new technocrat leadership in athens which secured the next e.u. bailout tranche by pledging to go forward with austerity thousands of people went out on the athens main square while the strike closed schools disrupted public transport and that hospitals rely on emergency on wednesday the e.u. military affairs chief warned the euro zone is just ten days to stabilize a single currency and stem the crisis the european central bank said it's ready to
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play a bigger role but nations should tie their budgetary policies closer together financial analysts overdeveloped says tighter economic governance is needed but country's sovereignty could be sacrificed in the process. the sense of urgency certainly has not only to do with greece's it has to do with what is happening overall in the monetary union there are a lot of going to resign under pressure don't forget for example the situation of portugal the spain problem is also very much on the table and then of course there is the italian problem it's very basic you can't have a functioning monetary union without a political union that's a choice you have to make and you can't have one without the other that has been very much proven now in the last two years of crisis what we do lack is political authority now of course that needs to be build up there mark radically but we have cornered ourselves so much in this euro crisis that we don't have the time left to
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build up the political union in a normal democratic way so we will have to do it in another way that this through the representatives of the different countries being the heads of governments of the different countries it still leaves a lot of questions with respect to the democratic value of all this on the table but there's no more choice either you do that or you let the euro in the monetary union go down the drain. well there were more stories and videos for you to calm here's a taste for you. going to stone is lord russian minorities say they're having their voices silenced as the government forces people to speak sternly and risk losing their jobs. from the robin hood policy to groups which infiltrated the un circle have joined forces to steal from the banks in order to give to charities for more no stories and. it's been revealed barack obama told russia's president he had no intention of signing any legally binding
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documents on the anti missile shield in europe. pushing hard for some kind of agreement on a number of explains obama's unwillingness. according to the president's new video joining a bilateral meeting that was held behind closed doors between him and president barack obama the u.s. president has said that it would be no political gain for the u.s. in such a decision in providing russia with any legal agreements that nato has and see missile defense shield in the euro will be posing any threat to russian security of course nato has been saying all this time that the main purpose of the shield is to protect nato countries from potential nuclear threats coming from iran and north korea but the shield will be covering a large part of airspace over russia so it could not speak not to russia's concern of course there was a response to that earlier this week russian president dmitry medvedev launched radio location system not against against the west as seat and for slicing cells but located at russia's western western most points in the region. and russian
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president said that he's still willing to use that radio location system together with nato to targets common threats and goals however if nato is not willing to negotiate and corporates it could be a first step for russia to building its own and say missile defense shield adds in your strike mr l's to russia's borders so. missiles that are called their nature is already labeled as twenty two or so once again the president says that she doesn't want this to be the case and the last thing russia would want to do to be forced to do rather is to pull outs from the security council duction treaty that president with and president barack obama signed some two years ago she that signified the reset of relations between the two countries this ending of the cold war but if that security continued to be threatened that that's will be the case.
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because of the poor intelligence and paranoia about russia was behind the spoils scandal involving a russian woman in the u.k. that's a view suspect cut years of a litter who had a deportation order against her over ruled a tribunal earlier this week she spoke exclusively to r.t. about her experiences while under investigation from the very beginning and realize that they don't know anything about russia they don't speak russian language the questions they were asking are absolutely stupid and that's when i actually got scared extremist not because there wasn't a relation with my fine but because they were unprofessional and they locked any knowledge about the area they were working in and they were extremely paranoid during my cross-examination all asking a question how can you speak english language if you are not a spy and not show a lack of knowledge about russia they don't know that children learn russian now or
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english language in school from the age of seven sons even where these kind of extremely simple things they don't understand them. so to leave it to was arrested a year ago after claims she was trying to siphon information during an affair with a british m.p. she worked for. as a member of the defense committee the british government said it regarded her as a threat to national security a lot of trouble however ruled she could stay in the u.k. after deciding verify was genuine. the whistleblower website wiki leaks has begun releasing sensational information on the multi-billion dollar global spying industry the database contains hundreds of documents showing a lot of the methods being used in secret services all over the world will smith has the details well maybe there are two hundred eighty seven of them that have already been released but that's just the beginning according to wiki leaks and they detail what wiki leaks is calling mass surveillance that's going on on a global scale they say that ten years ago this is an industry that really didn't
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exist but that nine eleven provided essentially a license for companies to start developing spying systems basically affects all of us now there are one hundred sixty companies in twenty different countries all developing this software and it's an industry that's completely unregulated and just sort of bring it down to the basics today and i saw said you know he did a quick survey around the room in this press conference that we were out this morning and he said to an i phone or uses g. mail or has a blackberry and puts their hands up and he says basically you know you are under surveillance and that is without a doubt these systems are able to spy on e-mail be able to track track what you look at on the internet they will to track keystrokes what you. will search for example and that means our inherently tracking devices in their own right your carrying around a device that enables people to know where you are at any given time there's also software that can be remotely installed on your telephone to record conversations
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that you have and also mazing you to take photographs of you and whoever your with and said them. who wants to see the relevant agencies the cia apparently has is using software which can detect a voice print in matches instantly and know who it is you're speaking to identify callers on the telephone and in fact just as he's been working on this for some time and he told me when i interviewed him some months ago that facebook was the perfect tool for the cia that the cia essentially track everything that was going on via facebook this is the software that's being made by western companies and it's not being used anymore to track individuals they they were pains to point out that it's used to track whole communities whole ethnic groups whole nations surveillance on an industrial scale and i didn't have any advice to us as to how we could protect ourselves against this kind of tracking he said counterintelligence software must be developed and it hasn't been developed yet more files coming out
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as i say more smith reporting that i'll be back with the summary of all news stories for in about five minutes from now the meantime the business is next with kareena. hello and welcome to business news here in r.t. thanks for joining me european union has agreed to discuss exempting russian companies from some of the provisions in its new energy regulations so-called third energy package requires the separation of energy production transit and sales something russia strongly opposes acosta reports of a meeting between russia's energy minister sergei. europe's energy commissioner good auditor. talks between the two have stalled since may and today was the first time since then both sides try to argue their case now even though there was no resolution the european commissioner did say that amendments could be considered to the third energy package next year and this is crucial for russia because the
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package does require the separation of gas transfer production and supply going against everything that russia's gas monthly gas from the stands for got the same type europe is currently trying to build its own pipelines trying to lessen its dependence on russia its main gas supplier and this is seen as the main rival to russia's sounds simple logic and even though russia insists it's far more efficient than the google pipeline does have europe's seal of approval so right now russia and gas really are trying to get the trans european network status for south stream which will increase confidence in european investors many analysts believe that everyone should leave we will see a compromise from both sides because not only is a europe essential to russia to maintain its profits but europe itself sees a russia as an entire group part of its energy provision. let's look at the markets now european markets fell in choppy trade on thursday after
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a key index failed to break a significant resistance level pretty valuable low investors took profits from the previous sessions rally bank stocks turned out among the worst performers they were exposed in the sovereign debt crisis here in russia markets posted moderate gains with both reality as a noise it's finishing nearly point four percent in the black let's have a look at some individual shovels their oil majors and of the world look over the last wrong wrong point two percent russia second largest oil producer plans to invest forty eight billion dollars in two thousand and twelve and fourteen as it seeks to revive oil and gas production growth gazprom games three point four percent are reports that the company plans to pay record high dividends in the uk. years front and souls who are mostly high with the t.v. bank over two percent. manufacturing activity in russia is speeding up the age of the seat purchasing managers' index rose almost fifty three points in the birth a reading about fifty signals growth in the sector ages b.c.
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says risks of stagnation have diminished orders are on the rise. however that's mostly due to a stable price and state investment well that's it for now about the war financial news website r.t. dot com slash business that's very much. you.
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feel. the limited. to a few pieces. it's. good . to feel. the book. thank you.


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