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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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hello i'm tom are in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. park and into people's living rooms occupy wall street movement has moved on to a new phase or at least parts of it fighting foreclosures by occupying people's phone the latest on today's round of action around the nation as patriots stand up for the banks stealing our own and it is the one nine hundred thirty one bonus army about to make a comeback looking at the events from capitol hill today the answer might be yes
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more on the ninety nine percent storming congress on this day and president obama's channeling one of the very first progressive teddy roosevelt examine our president has finally heard the message of occupy wall street loud and clear. you need to know this despite three years removed from the financial meltdown the foreclosure crisis continues more than a fifth of all u.s. homeowners are underwater in their mortgages meaning they owe more money than their home is worth that's roughly ten point seven million homes in danger of foreclosure reacting to these gut wrenching numbers and recognizing the socio economic and racial inequality present in the foreclosure crisis occupy wall street is sprouting off in new directions one of them occupying a home. it's
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a divot day of action is planned today or was planned today in twenty five cities across america including new york los angeles and chicago to help americans hardest hit by foreclosure occupy wall street patriots took to the suburbs to stop cops from a victim people from their homes and they'll begin occupying already foreclosed and vacant homes according to a press release from the occupy our homes movement we the ninety nine percent are standing up to wall street banks and demanding they negotiate with homeowners instead of fraudulent lee foreclosing on them for more on this latest move from the ninety nine percent movement i'm joined from new york by sarah seltzer reporter for alter net and from los angeles by christina livingston with the alliance of californians for community empowerment and occupy our home so welcome to you both. having me thank you great to have you both with us christina have any occupiers yet confronted police during their occupations like happened during the one nine hundred twenty s.
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and the early thirty's with the hoovervilles. i haven't gotten reports of actual confrontations with the police today but we certainly expect them and these aren't the first occupations the sort of the launch of the occupy our homes campaign but there have been a number of occupations where police have certainly come sheriffs will come to the door so we do expect that to happen but i haven't gotten reports from any of our friends yet that that's happened is there a strategy for dealing with that sort of thing a ok will we'll let them do it or no we're going to sit here and block arms or whatever i mean or is every every is this everybody is still trying to figure out how it's going to work out. well it'll certainly look different depending on where people are occupying we have gotten a lot of legal help from folks that have been doing this type of resistance for a while so it'll look different from place to place we certainly expect folks on our end to be peaceful but they will resist the eviction and they will help to
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bring furniture that's been taken out of homes back into homes so we'll sort of see how it shakes down but our intent certainly is to stay strong in supporting people who are supporting their homes and to remain nonviolent that's great you've been reporting on the evolution of the occupy movement we're going to stand today and how well today's actions on the east coast we go to occupy homes and also words the occupy wall movement in general. i think this is a really important moment for the occupy wall street movement particularly i mean nationwide but also in new york today's movement into into homes is important for a couple of reasons number one the optics of it make but ninety nine percent versus the one percent. so clear i mean these are the most victimized people the people who've been victimized in the foreclosure crisis are literally. kicked out of their homes by bankers trying to make a profit on subprime mortgages so it's great optically it's also really good for
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outreach to communities i think that today certainly from what i understand in east new york it was extremely emotional very moving day people on the street were inspired to start telling their own stories just heartbreaking stories about children killed in iraq and vixens and people having no hope and the and the occupiers i think even at one point chanted don't give up don't give up so there is there are bridges being built and this is good it's good for the movement's more out because it's are minding these activists this is what they're doing it for this is what they're out on the streets putting their body on the line for real people with real stories and heartbreak who have genuinely in truly in a direct way been victimized by the one percent it's remarkable christine what happened today on the west coast and what are the plans there for the future. so today on the west coast we had a number of actions some of them were people gathering to block sales on the
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courthouse steps and there are a couple of folks who have already gotten even notices and have said that they will resist the eviction when the sheriff comes so we had rallies that a few homes of homeowners who are doing that and people stay in tents there and then we also had a few folks who said that they were going to go back to homes that they had been forced out of homes that remained vacant in their communities and were bringing in blight crime further reducing home values so they were taking back those homes and folks were standing behind them and setting up encampments so this is sort of. a launch as it were but of course that will continue on and we'll see what unfolds ok and sir is there any sort of coordination among the various groups around the country that you've been able to see other than the idea of doing this or is this an evolutionary process where each group is kind of finding their own way and learning from others and what about that spanish group that's been a role model in many ways for this part of the movement. i think that there is
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a little bit of both i mean certainly you know through social media and the internet and there even the joint occupation conference calls once a week people are definitely giving each other tips and inspiration there were some impromptu. occupations that joined with local groups like take back the land in places like rochester in atlanta that got the media attention i'm sure inspired activists in other cities too and there were also people during that the big protests in spain there were also these spontaneous and the affection actions that i think were very successful i mean this is a time time honored technique as you referred to the great depression before there were eviction resistance actions just like the great depression for several years so this is them yes this is sort of returning to a very basic form of resistance in the heart of time so i think it's a little bit of both you know it's both spontaneous inspiration and there's also been communication as well christine
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a year in the midst of this action to what extent are are the people who are showing up drawing from existing occupy activists and to what extent of the people who've been active in anti-poverty anti almost public defender types of work you know who've been out on the streets and on the ground for years and years long before occupy participating. it really is a mix in los angeles and in oakland particularly the occupy folks who were recently evicted from their encampments have been working with community groups and with homeowners to make sure that their real part of the defense is here but there also are a number of organizations and of community members who have been fighting this fight for years that are also a part of what's happening here and you know thousands of people across the country have taken the pledge and so it is it is a real mix and in some places we've been fortunate enough to coordinate in strong ways with the occupiers what's the pledge. the pledge actually you can find it on
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save our homes occupy our homes dot com and it basically just says i there i am a homeowner who will resist eviction if it comes down to it or i'm someone who will stand behind a homeowner who will do some very interesting and nationally you know there's been a lot of pushback against anybody who's perceived as trying to exploit or co-opt the occupy movement and yet this idea of pushing back on foreclosures and things is i mean this is something has been going on for a long time with a lot of existing groups do you see a merger you know christina was just talking about or or synergy or overlap or you know what how is this going to evolve in europe and i think this is a great example of synergy and not co-optation based on what i was you know what i've heard from activists in the ground in new york both from community groups and from the u.s. so the community that community groups are offering training and deep understanding of the issues deep understanding of the local community of the problems that are
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facing them and just along you know a lot of experience what is bringing is you know this unbelievable passion this energy and this this willingness to really you know do the audacious as one person told me the bold actions the willingness to get arrested the willingness to you know to really stand up and shout about it and i think that that has really inspired some of these local activists to say yes we're going to take we're going to take this to direct action what we've been doing for all these years isn't crazy it's we've been doing the right thing and now we have all these people to affirm it so at the moment i think there's a very synergistic relationship and occupiers are showing up at listening at at local groups squatters groups and things like that at their meetings and then learning from them so it's could be a great model for partnership sara christina thank you both so much for being with us. thanks thanks in the banks there caused housing crisis sucks seven point seven trillion dollars in wealth of the middle class i say it's time to start
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getting that money back home by home bank by bank. time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's that is question wealth inequality has surged twenty five percent since reagan was like the one nine hundred eighty will there be a backlash your choices are yes the study dispels the myth that economic trickle down economics works and that we become and shows that we become a nation of or no the richest ten percent in o.e.c.d. nations make on average nine times more than the poorest ten percent will prevail log on marvin's dot com let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. after the break occupy congress occupy k. street occupy fundraisers today's actions in the nation's capital could shift the debate in washington in the interest of the one percent the interest of the ninety nine percent. and what
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drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it through to be made who can you trust no one who is you in view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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in other occupy news while some of the ninety nine percent movement took to the suburbs to raise awareness of the for quote closure crisis others were taking to the nation's capital today thousands of unemployed americans and activists from around the nation flocked right here to washington d.c. as part of their take back the capitol day of action in hopes of channeling what the bonus army did back in one nine hundred thirty one days patriots are setting up camp on the washington mall and then occupying congressional offices lobbying firms and expensive fundraisers the message is simple and clear our government should work for the people and not the corporations and lobbyists but the message isn't exactly being well received by all the lawmakers on capitol hill as many including right republican congressman joe walsh from illinois did their best to avoid being
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confronted by the activists. here. and this is the scene that unfolded outside of congressman paul ryan's office where the doors were locked and no one was permitted inside. tripoli fifteen hundred you know i think. that it was right. and free if wealth like this story strikes the. first. time you think he's not going. north. for the latest on today's a day of action in the nation's capital i'm joined in the studio by andy gabble gabble gabble and shanny smith. and participants in today's day of action catherine
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morel bugs in the recurring communications cord needed for stand up chicago so thanks to all of you for joining us thank you andy and shiny i'm wondering what your stories are what brought you to washington d.c. if i could start with you. well me to washington d.c. it's important that i'm here to be an advocate for my community because it impacts our community hard. my family is facing foreclosure we've been our home has been in between forbearance and foreclosure since the big banks and greedy corporations crashed our economy i've been in between i'm doing ploy and unemployed myself. and in the end i been unemployed for twenty eight months and i've been looking for work and when this action came up i thought about what your say about you know get involved and to do that i'm going to get involved and come see my
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representatives and tell them all i think. you called into my radio show today from joe walsh is office right now that go we waited about five and a half hours we saw congressman walsh a couple of times usually as he was running past us or slamming the door i will say that he finally i spent two minutes with them since i live in his district he was going to talk to me but only behind closed doors with no cameras and no water. so he least but he did hear your message he did hear my message he was upset with us for occupying his office but he listened to my message and i told you he said he disagreed with that i told him i disagreed with his standings and shiny did you have any experiences or successes yes well we had quite an experience we had spoken to or we had gone to speak to senator kirk and he conveniently he has told us that or told his staff to tell us that he wasn't there. so you hung around for
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a while. certainly we were there for about four hours today little bit over one through a little bit over four hours katherine you're kind of the professional. educators the wrong word. this is this is what you do was is we're going to change things so you know how did this come together well it was basically a lot of different groups across the country working together realizing they were working already in their communities in their cities on issues of economic justice and standing up for the ninety nine percent some groups were occupy groups some groups like our group stand up chicago coalitions of community groups and labor groups but we were already working on these kinds of issues and then we started talking to each other and with some other groups helping us coordinate like they move on the american dream movement we put together something really big you know we're all working on this long before the occupy movement came along or as a consequence of no actually we've been working on economic justice issues in
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chicago as a coalition since early two thousand and eleven so we were working on these issues as a coalition for many many months before occupy some of our to school back and right coalition members are saying go back right there safely precisely economic justice i mean fighting for economic justice and the idea that people who work for a living deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor that people deserve to have a decent standard of living if they work full time that's not a new idea and it's gotten more relevant since the economy was crashed by the big banks and come inequality has grown to levels not seen since the one nine hundred twenty but it's nothing new and we were already working on it in chicago but we were really excited when occupy chicago came along and helped to amplify our message that's great shawnee i'm curious your thoughts on the juxtaposition of how the tea party was welcomed in washington d.c.
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and how the occupy move. it seems to be striking fear into the hearts of members of congress. politicians seem to react to pressure what's your sense of the way the winds are blowing. the way winds are blowing i believe that eventually they have to listen to the ninety nine percent and we are the ninety nine percent it's good to know that i'm not the only one that's experience that's experiencing unemployment or under-employment because one in five people are having a hard time finding a job you know what do you do with that you can't house put a house over your family see it you can't feed your family we are out here have been a hard time you know begin able to provide for our families so they have to listen they're here to represent us we are the ninety nine percent we're in a great depression functionally i mean if you look at you six the number the actual number of unemployment with under employment and discouraged workers it's like
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sixteen percent of the population and arguably as much as twenty percent and the what what do you what's your sense of what's going on and and what kind of feedback have you been getting in as part of that that long term unemployed group what are you hearing i'm assuming you're raising the issue about the extension of unemployment benefits what are you hearing from that have been heard anything like if they were just talking to congressman walsh he favor of taking rid of all regulation getting rid of it that that will increase employment and you know i told him i disagreed with that. i want to see the economy stimulated somehow to start causing more jobs and did not cut the social programs like social security medicare and medicaid and i feel like most of the congressmen most of standards are not listening to is tomorrow are you going back and you spent a day with your congressman you also two senators are going back to their offices to mars and continuing it was this kind of a one off no i believe tomorrow is going to be here yes. and by the lobbyists this
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. year though there was something better than our congressman do so catherine tell us about how this is how this is going to be moving through the week well tomorrow as andy was saying we're going to be focusing on k. street which is crucial because you know the reason that our congress people aren't listening to the people they represent is because they're representing the interests of big corporations and big banks there's a reason that corporations and big banks gives so much and campaign contributions to certain representatives and certain members of congress because they get their money's worth out of it it's a wise business decision to invest in the congress person who will you know do your bidding basically and so we're taking we're taking the ninety nine percent tomorrow to k. street to say we're paying attention we know we know about the influence you have and we're going to shine a spotlight on it and we're not accepting that anymore that these are our
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representatives this is our government and we're taking it back we're taking control away from the big companies the big banks and making making congress listen to us shaunie when you when you visited congress today you were on public property and you were talking to elected representatives who. arguably by law certainly by morality in american tradition have to pay attention to you when you visit k. street tomorrow you're going to be on private property you're going to be talking to corporations and you know private employers who have every right to basically have you arrested for trespassing. how are you going to approach it differently. i don't see that there's any different approach i'm human they are human and they have to understand the needs of the people we need to be able to support our families we need unemployment benefits extended. we need homes to stop being foreclosed on within our communities we need jobs to be created and big
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money cannot run this country it's time to take back our capital it's time to take back our country there you go. sorry we're out of time but thank you all for being here with joe here in china thank you so much. one person who didn't likely get the message from the take back the capital is mitt romney ten percent of all the billionaires in america have now contributed to mitt romney's presidential campaign now the words felt were fellow republican candidate buddy roemer is dead when he said that mitt represents the one percent but romney now trails newt gingrich in double digits by double digits in the polls really doesn't matter right now what does matter is that it appears that the message of the ninety nine percent movement has finally moved president iraq obama. politicians are not leaders they follow the they follow movements movement politics drives look at the president's speech today president obama's speech today he's following the ninety nine percent movement now first he elevated their cause and acknowledge that this
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is in essence a revolutionary moment. he then should he he went in the in the context of that he went into a lengthy rant in his speech today about how we are at a turning point a revolutionary point he then went into a conversation about teddy roosevelt theodore roosevelt the republican roosevelt not the democratic roosevelt franklin roosevelt who brought us the the new deal out of the great depression but teddy roosevelt who brought us the square deal and he was president from one thousand one in one thousand eight and then ran for president again as in the bull moose party as a progressive and the present the united states that i was calling out the republican teddy roosevelt theodore roosevelt and saying that that was an example of how the one percent was beaten back one hundred years ago and how we can do the same today in fact president obama even went on to say that the ideology of the one
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percent today is one of the things that is destroying america he it was one of the first speeches frankly that has ever been given by at least by a president well here's here's the next clip. a certain crowd in washington who for the last few decades have said let's respond to this economic challenge with the same old two the market will take care of everything they tell us and that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. but here is the problem. it doesn't work. it has never worked it didn't work when it was tried in the decade before the great depression. it's not what led to the incredible postwar boom of the fifty's and sixty's and it didn't work when we tried it during the last
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decade he then took out of wealth inequality and unfair political influence. look at the statistics in the last few decades the average income of the top one percent has gone up by more than two hundred and fifty percent to one point two million dollars per year the typical c.e.o. who used to earn about thirty times more than him his or her worker now earns one hundred and ten times more. and yet over the last decade the incomes of most americans have actually fallen by about six percent. now this kind of inequality a level that we haven't seen since the great depression hurts us all inequality also distorts our democracy it gives an outsize voice to the few who can
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afford high priced lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions and a runs the risk of selling out our democracy to the highest bidder this kind of gaping inequality gives lie to the promise that's at the very heart of america that this is a place where you can make it if you try and then he echoed the primary message of occupy wall street it's about a we society and not a me society. this isn't about class warfare this is about the nation's welfare it's about making choices that benefit not just the people who've done fantastically well over the last few decades but the benefits the middle class and those fighting to get into the middle class and the economy as a whole that's how america was built that's why we're the greatest nation on earth
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that's what our greatest companies understand. our success has never just been about survival of the fittest it's about building a nation where we're all better off we pull together we pitch in we do our part we believe that hard work will pay off that responsibility will be rewarded and that our children will inherit a nation where those values live on. now let's hope the president actually goes beyond talk and actually does something we need to keep the pressure on him keep occupied. crazy alert the nine nine snakes movement after the cover might land registry office in india failed to approve a land request application submitted by a snake charmer by the name of oh a call took matters into his own hands he showed up at the office with three sacks
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full of snakes and unleashed the cobras to occupy the registry office told a local news agency. the. new. school. and will keep you off plucky mungana bonbon. they what i. got up to. cover workers desperately tried to shoo the snakes away as they slither around desks and chairs luckily no one was bitten or injured and according to reports no snakes were pepper sprayed. ob next will the united nations step in to stop the right wing assault on voting rights in america answer coming up right after the break. what.


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