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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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thank. in the. getting vocal over the boat afresh rallies on the streets of the russian capital after thousands marched in moscow and st petersburg both for other against parliamentary elections. moscow slams washington's criticism in the polls saying no one should question the choices made by the russian or. the treaty installed europe's power players not to change the fabric of the e.u. while passive national leaders get ready for a fight as they prepare for a last chance on the. european debt slowing growth in china and political tension
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at home the russian markets just don't know which way to turn. a very warm welcome to you this is our live from moscow a pro-government rallies underway in the russian capital organized by united russia party supporters thousands of people have marched in moscow and st petersburg on tuesday in protest both for and against the outcome of the country's parliamentary elections in central moscow opposition protesters complained of alleged voter fraud and faced the supporters of majority united russia party riot police were dispatched to arresting around six hundred people including several prominent opposition members in st petersburg at least two hundred people were detained during the demonstrations tuesday it was the second consecutive night of large
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protests in both cities with smaller rallies elsewhere or talked to our correspondent in moscow on the rallies a little later in the program. now the russian foreign minister has also reacted to washington's criticism of the election he's on his way to brussels for russia a nato summit has asked city is there. foreign minister sergey lavrov had said that by using the always seen as a platform to express those grievances referring to the russian elections was a disrespect to the o. a c. simply because that wasn't for him that wasn't the place for such opinions to be expressed so he did question the intentions of hillary clinton but. regrettably some of my colleagues prefer to use this platform to make statements which have nothing to do with. this was exactly the case with hillary clinton who apparently came here for the sole purpose of scoring points with voters in america she left
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after making her speech and many other ministers last early as well which only underlines the critical condition. but it's also made reference to be a protest in moscow comparing that kind of action up you know with the o.e.c.d. is not a place for rallies like the places in moscow where people came out to voice their grievances and then walk away he also said that if the us would have problems with the results of the russian elections they should have gone straight to the kremlin so that they would be able to settle it bilaterally instead of bringing it on to an international level another thing he pointed out is the state of the west to see that it is in a messy messy state and that it is weak at this point and he claims that some of the countries deliberately trying to keep it weak so that it's easier to manipulate those are the words of foreign minister sergey lavrov and again he is on his way to brussels for a meeting with a nato russia nato meeting and of course the sticking point that has been going on for a long time is the issue of the missile defense system the european missile defense
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system which is of course a facilitated by the u.s. the nato shield that russia has not been satisfied with the response so far russia still has not gotten any legally binding guarantees assuring at the. defense systems are not directed towards russia the reaction of russia so far has been to step up its own capabilities so again this is a sticking point that definitely will be discussed on thursday here in brussels. well we are closely following sunday's elections of course on the protests that have been taking place in russia's can you can channel has lined up all the latest videos of what's happening but also find updates on our web site salty dog home and while that you tell us what you think about the protests taking place in russia at this hour. but if you see it as a war want to big protests that we can expect off the next waring's presidential
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election. you say that the rallies are nothing more than just a few dissatisfied people twenty two percent of you put it down to being with the developing civil society while the rest he says politicians just well being for our attention what do tell us how you see it all. to have you'll say. the american anti corporate occupy protesters are being allowed back into a new orleans pagasa getting permission from a federal jobs lawmaker has already called for an investigation into claims of police misconduct in dealing with activists but we've been shows no sign of dying down across america with thousands demonstrating it in three months after the first protests in new york the heavy police presence isn't being scaled back either as many poor not reports. when the very people employed to protect americans. leave thousands with bruised bodies. burned eyes. locked
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behind bars tasting their own blood. the land of the free by jobs and entirely new image. or. are you going to. walk. in recent months. us police officers have made an enemy of those citizens using their freedom of speech to protest against corporate greed and corrupt politics today's breed of american law enforcement is dressed in riot gear and armed with heavy weaponry body armor flash bangs tear gas and lethal projectiles. as tens of thousands of americans assemble cops have been accused of creating confrontation not diffusing it.
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sat on. a level of police brutality so bad a former marine sergeant couldn't stay silent and was. a world veteran who survived two tours in iraq was seriously injured by local police officers using flash grenade canisters against occupy protesters but you do what you wrote twenty four year old scott olsen was hospitalized with serious head injuries. in seattle the oldest victim of the police turned paramilitary was an eighty four year activist temporarily blinded by pepper spray the united states which bills itself as the pillar of international law and democratic freedoms has consistently placed itself on the world stage as the self-appointed beacon of moral authority we call upon the iranian government to abide by the international
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obligations that has to respect the rights of its own people instead of respecting the rights of his own people. chose the path of brutal suppression. innocent civilians were imprisoned and in some cases beaten meanwhile at home as dissent in america grows louder many say washington's glasshouse of hypocrisy has shown beautiful symmetry they want people to. able to have freedom of speech but they don't want that freedom to interfere with them in any way to be in any way disruptive or challenging to them the line that traditionally separated u.s. soldiers from civilian law enforcement has arguably been overrates replaced by what . the american military zeeshan tock tick tock tick for a major pop in the foundation of american principle that just democracy and human
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rights that leave the same principles as. all other countries about bring up or not parts of new york. on the way here on r.c. a change of power that is yet to have all the peoples prosperity forward on how libyans are trying to piece their lives back together while keeping their weapons close to hands. now the eurozone is facing immense pressure to come up with a rescue plan to its worst ever debt crisis a summit in brussels later this week is considered the last chance for the euro leaders are expected to poor over the french and german leaders idea to revise the lisbon treaty the two thousand and nine agreement which reorganized now the entire works further back all the chancellor merkel want tighter euro zone controls and the power to impose costs on bailed out members greece at the epicenter of the crisis is just to prove next is austerity measures but as you've got this cannot of
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course for some it's too little too late. it's crisis time for the euro with a vital e.u. leaders summit on friday in brussels which could determine the feet of the single currency there has to be a quick and solid fix of this instability and political conflict on some kind of a common basis between especially france and germany in the next days or weeks or we're going to see a systemic crisis erupted out of this which would be i think to no one's interest yet more problems with us readings agency standard and poor's downgrade ing six eurozone members states why the markets are now so alarmed is that the market down me also include the two economic powerhouses germany and france there isn't real and see the huge of the eurozone as fiscal union centralizing economic control over sovereign budgets they blame the crisis on
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a lack of discipline with some member states breaking budget rules and running up huge deficits but some critics say this is precisely. the wrong approach. the members that have become part of the eurozone project are very much different from one another and cannot provide a common homogenous currency space that's what has become so obvious under the present situation now they want to resolve the problem by introducing more centralization centralization is the root cause of the problem. up to no the use rescue strategy has been based on patching up the weakest economy with bailouts which some say is merely a band-aid solution and the wrong medicine for a terminally ill patient. to save the euro zone however. trying to arrange chairs on a sinking ship the fiscal union queue is no quick fix and also could open up
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a new minefield as it needs domestic political approval across the e.u. to revise the lisbon treaty the block's effective constitution and rule book london has already warned of a veto if its interests are threatened while hostility towards europe e.u. citizens suffering austerity measures to be banks and reckless governments could mean stiff opposition as well as anger at losing domestic control over national budgets yet another obstacle for france and germany they know they have already lost the battle so we are in a prison of eleven people have taken the wrong decisions from the very beginning. they don't want to admit to the public that they are wrong and that they have been wrong because if they admit this they would have to step down right away the fate of the euro has occupied the headlines for most of the year but the failure to stem
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the mounting difficulties puts friday's summit in a different light the end is nine for good or for bad with most observers saying this crisis is nearing its day of reckoning. r.t. germany. now there's one thing that's been repeatedly called for during the drawn out euro crisis of leadership franco shively from germany's freedom accredit parties as tiny leaders took full responsibility for their economies more on that next hour here on r.t. . while a danish. messerschmitt told r.t. that the single currency is the root of all the euro zone's problems. here the very course for the for the catastrophic economies in the south of europe is to euro i mean we have these countries which are now fixed in a currency with a. rate which is not accepted into their economy put it to their level of offer
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competitiveness and therefore these two these countries are suffering under the years of the euro and it doesn't matter how much power more power you give to brussels or to poor little paris you will never solve this problem as long as these currencies. these countries are within a currency that doesn't fit their economy that doesn't fit their society so the only solution here is actually to set these countries free regardless of how much money regardless of how much power brought of this using spending or claiming this will not solve the problem because the cause for the problem is the euro. as corresponds to our main story this hour now but a pro-government rallies underway in the russian capital by running to russia party supporters will fowles and the people have marched in moscow and st petersburg on tuesday protesting for and against the outcome of the country's parliament she and lections this course live now to our correspondents are furthermore this sara tell
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us more about what's actually happening right now in downtown moscow. where you've got the pro-government rally protesters turning out at the maidan in central mosque a. night continued protests where we still have thousands of people taking to the streets both pro government and opposition protest is now we still some of those clashes with riot police happening again and a large number of arrests made last night is around six hundred arrests amongst days the well known opposition figures and members of the opposition parties as well as he said not just happening in most a lot so i will say still protest movements in st petersburg and again. arrests made as we said the rallies continuing today you know that pro-government movement voicing their opinions and the post-election debates we see hillary clinton also waiting and with her opinion saying that she didn't consider russia's elections free or not those comments were planned but most go he described them as an
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exceptional saying that the u.s. needs to look to see an electoral system first and foremost and that is going to be for the russian people to decide the future of russia. the conclusion about the sufficiency or insufficiency of parties is an area of responsibility for the russian authorities not for international organizations if they monitor the quality of elections and violations that's one thing but the issue of the country's political system is none of their business they will soon be telling us how to write our constitution going to get to. know one of the main things that the opposition protesters have been demonstrating about is what they claim were violations in the electoral system another was around seven hundred international observers to the whole process and although the mix of the reaction was mixed it was certainly hope that their involvement in the whole process was gay some way to easing concerns in criticisms and president the fate of has said that all the
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claims and over allegations of violations in the process that have been. that have been talked about going to be fully investigated and the makeup of the new do without russia's lower house of parliament of course is it's pretty clear to us now it was the details of that he would. no surprise is that you know it's a russia came out in front in second place of the communist party there russia was good and the liberal democratic party were in force now the final votes all still being counted but it is more or less clear that that's what the outcome is going to look like what was a surprise though was that united russia did fail to pass the psychological percentage barrier fifty percent but no it's a proportional representation in the state so how that percentage translates into see a little united russia going to hold about two hundred thirty eight seventy seven less than they held in two thousand and seven and it means they've lost that he
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says constitutional majority if they want to make changes to the code to teach and we've already heard the government saying that they know this that they're going to have to work in the feature much more closely with the opposition parties to come to some compromises certainly that drop in public support reflected in these results is being seen by many people as reflecting a wider shift in the political mood of the vedas here in russia thanks aaron many thanks. for pushing for us there on the elections from central moscow. to libya now in the new government that has vowed to see all and militias out of the capital by the end of the month tripoli has been flooded with former rebels ever since they stormed into a gadhafi in august since that it takes is killing the needs of rebuilding their lives but his reports challenges still lie ahead. after months of waking up to gunfire residents of tripoli now have to get used to
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a new alarm until the city of two million people has an extensive rooster population and the birds have all but replaced a rifle charter as the heralds of the million dollar. there was no exchange of gunfire the situation is ok. while the revolutionary rush has spared how to meet any wall in tripoli people here are clearly fatigued by eight months of civil war this may be deliberate complete it's very few wanted to break free from the obligations of the old regime on the surface it seems that the normal full flight from tripoli has been restored the city where many homes didn't have access to face to face life in few months ago already has its fountains up and running but the new leaf it is still facing the danger of running in the shallow waters of international politics much of its absence remain frozen limiting the government's ability to pay salaries and subsidies it has already become
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a major part of the revolutionary spirit we first met muhammad in august on the frontlines of bani walid one of the final strongholds of the get out here regime a former and nearing student he joined two of his brothers in what he says was a win or die fight for freedom because at the beginning everything was absolutely peaceful there were no guns we want to freedom and fairness but then the dictator used going far against him we lost money on rebels three months later mohammad is definitely in the driver's seat revels of the country's new heroes popular with women and the public at large if not with a rifle by his side mohamed would be like a twenty seven year old in any army country cruising around on a saturday night live the good news. and it's not like he was under privileged under gadhafi regime he certainly leaves in a three hundred square. i mean their house in the prestigious area of tripoli they see the revolution that has brought them along the way to democracy but is yet to
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translate into concrete benefits we had free education on health care on the gadhafi of course we expected to remain free but it also needs to be improved the new authorities also have to decrease prices and raise salaries so that ordinary people can join all the benefits of the revolution. here exactly how the new government can afford to do so in a country a ruling by war and stripped of much of its budgetary income is every bit as good as the forty two years of his rule had told libyans to rely on government for just about everything and the level of expectations and they knew our storage is very high is that i have big plans for my life in a year or so god willing i want to finish my education get a good job and save enough money to mari it's all become possible for us now. and in the national economy is. being i think the fact that they were willing to
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destabilize a regime that had demonstrably one of the highest living standards in north africa goes to show the fact that they were not so interested in what benefited the people as a whole and in the first place they were more interested in forming their their economic ties to the american oil companies yet for the moment the future seems bright not least because it's also very blurred actually what you are to see tripoli. that kind of technology and more well into the border between israel and the gulzar strait where an israeli airstrike has hit a group of militants leaving one person dead and several injured so they're saying erupted on tuesday after israeli troops moved into a buffer zone east of gaza city palestinian militants engage them in a gun battle which was followed by israeli aircraft firing a missile israel's military claims it was targeting insurgents squads who were preparing to. follow rockets into the south of the country. yemen's prime minister
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hughes the country is on the verge of civil war says a newsroom government before wednesday there is little of clashes between the military and anti regime protesters resulting in the deaths of more than thirty people in the city of tal is trouble began ten months ago with opposition protests and forcing president saleh to quit he's now signed a deal to hand over power to the vice president. egypt's new prime minister says the ruling army will grant him an extra powers as he works to appoint his new cabinet come. up wanted a new finance minister on tuesday and is expected to reveal a new interior minister later on wednesday the new powers come after critics accuse the government of not to give the last company it an awful force. on the way the diagnosis for a current on the critical list as we look at whether the euro is just too big to fail before that day the business is with you.
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hello and a very warm welcome to the program the russian markets have slipped into red the softer falling the most in two weeks on the tuesday analysts say reports of street protests in moscow pushed investors into cash. is up the r.t.s. stock exchange for us. it's been overall a coaster ride today markets kicked off the trading session higher then they made a u. turn slipping back into the red and now as you mentioned markets are flats now it's important to mention of why this is all happening at all sort of after sunday's parliamentary election when we saw a drop in support for the woman who lied to the russia party and the markets extended their losses even further after prime minister vladimir putin said he would push up the government if we won the presidential elections in the morning now investors are mainly concerned over the impact any substantial political
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upheaval could have on major state owned companies or analysts we spoke with to say that if tension continues pushing markets could drop by as much as its hand percent but others say that the drop is merely a reflection of fear by international investors rather than the russian ones and of course other factors play him into the volatility that was seen on the russian market is of russia's continuing capital flight which is goodbye to five billion dollars this year and of course is a choice and in europe is not helping matters ratings agencies that emperors has warned that it could make a blanket downgrade all the euro zone countries if a point is these summits fails to agree on the franco german plan to impose fiscal discipline that forced the currency blog so we have capital flight election jitters and of course the e.u. debt crisis all playing into the volatility that we're seeing on the russian markets. let's have a look at the latest ficus off to choose days to decline the russian markets moving
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between gains and losses and the mice of some of the r.t.s. are extending losses the r.t.s. is down home percent in the market six is shedding point four percent for the sol let's have a look at some of the individual share moves in the minus six gas problem is the top decline a half shutting one percent look oral is low about the same pot nor michael is high as eight point five percent. european stocks on. high on wednesday off to report in the financial times that european officials are in talks to potentially double the firepower of the eurozone bailout fund. current prices a makes as investors are staying with the sidelines ahead of the summit of european leaders light sweet us currently trading at one hundred one dollars a barrel while branches hovering at one hundred ten dollars. the privatization program in russia could get off to a rapid start next year the boss of the country's biggest lenders burbank said it will be ready to go to the market as soon as the global financial situation
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stabilizes is also upbeat about the bank's prospects and twenty twelve saying it will be difficult for the sector but he will outperform the market. however the world economy develops the next year will not be very easy for us we call our business plan moderately optimistic so according to a top critical for you should grow to about twenty percent that's better than the market which we expect to grow to around twenty percent although we also are ready for a more pessimistic scenario where the situation in europe worsens and the oil price falls to between sixty and seventy dollars per barrel not about that but. that's it for now europe today it's you can always find more stories on our website dot com slash business.
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culture is that so much i can't get out you know i heard rumors of your work tell me to for thirty year old state germany and france agree in principle at least that fiscal union in the eurozone is the only way to. the close of team has been on the black sea coast for future developments depends on the good way. articles area place too many fine champions and the most ambitious. has
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ruined the lives of many innocent families across the region. where the oldest city in russia is found clocking in more than five thousand. to dagestan russia close up on r.t. . wealthy british style stock. that's not on the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. download the official antti application to go on the phone all i pod touch from the i choose ops to to. want.


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