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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i've. welcome to the la nischelle we'll get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can be live in washington d.c. now tonight we will take a look at u.s. foreign policy secrets being aired in public from iran releasing a video of the downed u.s. drone that has its hands on although officials are denying that u.s. officials at least to a new report detailing where in romania a secret cia prison was located colonel lawrence wilkerson is going to join us for that one then just days after russia's parliamentary elections hillary clinton and
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lattimer putin are involved in a war of words so why the sudden rise in tensions and what will it mean for the reset marchetta manas is going to be here to hash it all out and today hillary clinton gave a speech at the hague about internet freedom we're going to take a look at whether her words of wisdom for the world match up with internet policies right here at home or have all that and more fit and i couldn't get us happy hour but first let's take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. so today the president gave a press conference after his pick for the consumer financial protection bureau richard cordray was blocked by republicans and the president came out swinging saying not only that a recess appointment wasn't off the table but the once again republicans have put politics before the interests of the american people and i totally agree here that it is ridiculous how much opposition republicans are showing towards putting somebody in a position that's supposed to look out for you and i the consumers but that's not what i actually want to talk about today you see after he spoke about that and the
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payroll tax cut then the questions started coming about the g.o.p. attacks that are being thrown at the president specifically towards his foreign policy as we discussed on yesterday's show after the g.o.p. hopefuls hurled insults of the president at the national republican jewish coalition to just take a quick listen to what the president actually said in response. to ask osama bin laden and the twenty two out of thirty top al qaeda leaders who've been taken off the field whether i engage him appeasement. or whoever's left out there ask them about that. while that is some cold blooded stuff it's the president gloating about all the people that been killed under his command and on his orders so i guess that's what he feels he has to do in the face of our of again attacks although from an outside perspective i think that any normal individual would be disturbed by this statement when asked if this is really what it's come down to in our political discourse so what was the mainstream
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media's response. well but here's what brought the president out today there was a vote in the senate and it had to do with the man that the president wants to head the consumer financial protection bureau his name is richard cordray the main reason why the president came out was to speak about the blocking of the nomination of cordray now that the senate has refused to move forward on cordray is nomination the president has the power to do a recess appointment. congress recesses for the end of the year when you talk about a controversial appointment to this new consumer financial protection bureau you're getting right at the pocketbooks of the public and that also ties into the payroll tax cut extension which the president has been advocating so fiercely over recent days there has been a great deal of criticism of the president when it comes to his policy regarding israel whether he's being tough enough because of iran and you heard the president's answer there and most republicans would concede most publicly and the rest of them privately that there's not much to be gained in saying the president
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has been weak in the world when he can say what he just said go ask osama bin laden how weak i have been in the world. yeah that's right with the exception of john king over at c.n.n. nobody even paid attention to the comment the president made they just went on about the payroll tax cut the consumer financial protection bureau all of which are also incredibly important issues and it shows just exactly how broken our political system is how far removed the actions of our politicians are from the needs of everyday americans but you think that just for a moment we would see people show some pause reflect upon this other statement of the president may not so much even john king took it as a buoy to say that the republicans have nothing to say that to the president because he just totally gave it to them has already gone completely crazy here when unfortunately i think the only answer is yes in a way the collective establishment mentality of our politicians our pundits our journalists has become one where killing rather than capturing the drone strikes the special ops missions rather than using the criminal justice system upholding
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the rule of law or all that's become the norm and unfortunately i thing. the people in some respects have followed suit we all remember the images of hundreds of people gathering at the white house the night of the president made the announcement about osama bin laden cheering and screaming and waving american flags about his death and was the reason for americans to be happy that osama bin laden the man that change this country forever after nine eleven was gone you have course but it's the way that we showed our emotions but it was a moment of reflection a moment to think of exactly what happened in the ten years since then that was disturbing it's that we now suffer from a blood lust that has to be quenched and in the meantime forget about the fact that our politicians of exploited nine eleven to their own advantage to suit their own interests those who defense contractors to wage and loose global war to erode the civil liberties of americans and justify an expansive surveillance state the people have moved on from the torture from remembering want out of obey the fact that there are people that we've deemed on trial who will be detained indefinitely without ever seeing a day in court that's all just celebrate killing rather than gathering because
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capturing has been proven to be way too difficult because of all the bad things that we did the now we can't deal through we deal with them through our legal system so like i said i find this disturbing i don't find this kind of tough talk from the president to be inspirational or to give me the impression that he's a great leader but i think this is another example of how we as a country have changed the mainstream media they don't seem too bothered by it they choose to miss. it so it looks like more and more of the covert operations of the us past and present started to come out for starters an a.p. investigation revealed the location of a former cia black sites prison in romania one of many black sites prisons that were officially shut down in two thousand and six this one code name code named bright light was in the basement of a government building in bucharest and at some point house amongst others a fast forward to say and the covert war against iran of the us has been waging is
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also no longer seeming so covert as. eventually after iran got its hands as it says on our q one seventy sentinel drone and they released a video today for all to see but u.s. officials for now are claiming at that video is a fake so let's break them some of this down and discuss with me is lawrence wilkerson retired u.s. army army colonel and former chief of staff to colin powell or is thanks so much for joining us tonight the interim first before we get into what i was just talking about i want to go back to the president's statement today when he said you ask osama bin laden the twenty or so other guys if they think that i practice a policy of appeasement that you see that statement can you imagine any of our first six presidents president lincoln. president eisenhower making such a statement i can imagine george w. bush making such a statement bring it on. it's unbelievable to me that we have a president the united states in any guys making such statements as if he's bragging about killing as if that's the end all and be all the measure of the man
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is whom we kill in the world all right well i guess i feel. a little sigh of relief here that i'm not the only one that was so worked up about this and actually kind of disgusted by that comment that was out there in the way that everybody just glazed over it so let me tell you about but experience my wife and i just had a room where watching t.v. in the room or watching the t.v. in italy in italy we're watching italian being spoken but we're listening in the background the english in the background is american citizens in atlanta georgia which happens to be my wife's home town and they're talking about very articulately talking about being beaten by the police in atlanta this is the occupy wall street if you will for atlanta this is what italy is seeing about america i was in seoul korea the week after that same thing happened to me and so with regard to new york city this is what the world is seeing about the united states of america they're not seeing our declaration of independence they're not seeing our freedom and our
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liberty they're seeing our military power they're seeing our drones they're seeing us killing citizens even our own citizens without due process we've lost it. we've lost it that's the way the world still uses star troopers to come down from the great battlestar to inflict damage and injury upon them that's the way the rest of the world views this country now but then why can't we see it that way for ourselves right this is the whole problem goes when it is your normal for the president to say the media doesn't have ever say anything about it and now if you look at what the current republican candidates for president are saying is they want more covert war and get out as if they want to torture be clear and they want torture it's disturbing and so let's move on to something else that the president said with regards to iran today and where that might take a listen. no options off the table means i'm considering all options iran understands that they have
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a choice they can break that isolation by acting responsibly and foreswearing the development of nuclear weapons which would still allow them to pursue peaceful nuclear power like every other country that's a member of the nonproliferation treaty or they can continue to operate. in a fashion that isolates them from the entire world. how far do you think of this mike with iran right now because of course we see a lot of the rhetoric heating up i wonder what we would do if somebody was flying a drone over our airspace and how we would you know respond to that our retaliate and yet here we have the president saying that from our perspective all options are on the table and it's an excellent question as to how we would react if one flew over our cities we would get a chance very shortly very shortly because this is not technology that only will ya . your bigger question though is are we marching down
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a road not dissimilar from the road we marched down in ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine all the way to two thousand and three to iran but with due to iraq but now with iran absolutely we are the same neoconservative the same republican the same strategy that was used then this is what baffles me they don't even resurrect a new start there and bring out a new strategy they don't even try to apply and it's the same thing it's the same people making the same comments same remarks boxing in a president a president who thinks he's. capable of voiding the box they're building for him but you heard his rhetoric he's not avoiding that box we're marching down a road for yet another war in western asia a war that will be disastrous not just for the region but for the united states of america too but said to you there's no there's no question that there is going to be of war here between the u.s. and iran at some point if you if i were running a hedge fund and you wanted me to do a little short betting
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a little long batting i'd bet all for the war right now well i think that's probably about three years away that would be my guess the president will have to be reelected he will have to feel comfortable in what he's doing and israel will have to have probably a different leadership and we'll have to have a different set of circumstances to take us into the final leg of this but i think it's going to happen. well i hope iran lawrence i don't look like her and these are all right like that israeli leaders from the israeli defense force military from a saw. everywhere across the leadership spectrum in israel there are people coming out and saying where they're retired or in one case active they're saying this is crazy netanyahu and lieberman and the rest of that gang are leading us down the road to armageddon that's what they're saying and they wouldn't be coming out and saying these things if they didn't think there was a distinct possibility that israel was going to walk down this road to israel walks
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this road i guarantee you we will walk to twenty six twenty seven standing ovations for netanyahu in the congress the united states that's how the name imbecilic idiotic that body is because that's an indication of where we'll go with israel goes that route and israel is going to go that route according to the leadership that they have right now and if you listen to what any of the g.o.p. candidates had to say yesterday when they spoke at the national republican jewish coalition forum it was the you know very much the same two that they were trying to outdo each other in who is a greater ally to israel and just criticizing the president now you mentioned that we're not the only ones to have this drone technology but how dangerous do you think it is in the hands of iran and now officials are saying that that video that they released today is not a real video that it's fake it's not their real sense and i'll drown if you have any idea i don't see iran as being the problem we've taken our eye off the ball as to who might be the problem the people who are probably than the nation state that is probably working on this technology furiously right now is china the state that
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wants to be able to claim this technology and to be able to use this technology where and whenever it might is china so they're in iran right now taking out the president of their own you do this wait until one of these things just to recognizance drone is flying over new york taking a look at times square it might not even be an armed drone people forget that we presented at the united nations in february two thousand and three that saddam hussein who was no technological genius was capable of flying remotely powered apology vehicles off the decks of tramp steamers off. the eastern seaboard of the u.s. and delivering chemical and biological biological munitions in virginia and washington in maryland well people believe that there was a little bit of a stretch for saddam hussein but it is not a stretch for other people who have the same kinds of technological capabilities that we do and the resources and eventually the intent to put those capabilities in the air they have had to have had to i mean they say they have this around intact
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it has been damaged well if i were if i had one intact i'd probably ship it to beijing i learned so last i just want to ask you another question to you going back to the statement the president made earlier and as i mentioned the a.p. investigation revealed where one of these secret cia black sites was in romania right there in a suburban. area it really wasn't so hidden are you i've seen a map i know who are these kind i know romania was one of the countries i know the other countries that were involved and i know that there was complicity at least from the law enforcement entities within those countries if not from the government in most cases i think from the government to this is something that you use going to have to deal with with regard to money and the other countries like poland that were involved in that but is this part of the capture or excuse me the kill rather than capture strategy so that in the future they don't have to deal with more lies like this coming out i think you're right i think what we're doing though i think we're probably putting those that we capture somewhere else where they can be taken
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care of rather than having to bring them into a system like the e.u. or a system like the united states i don't think we're bringing them to guantanamo anymore i think what we're doing is sending them to places where we know they will be in the language disappeared. i learned i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks for having. i still have a closer look at how the u.s. media has been covering the russian elections i want to talk about how the official responses on both sides might affect the race relations. internally or military mechanisms to do the work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard look at the big picture. if. i'm laurie mr.
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you don't believe the repetition of. what a test. nobody seems to know. the number of pepper spray to face time but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. on monday we pointed out the mainstream media's tunnelvision style coverage when it came to the russian elections fast forward and us we outlets are still covering what's happening in russia except making some very large factual mistakes but who cares if it shows that things are bad right and it's very important i reports even showing the wrong video to prove that point. america has its fair share of
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protests and political dissent to be dealing with instead of keeping an eye on the ball the country's mass media machine has turned to protests in russia and dropped the ball on reporting the facts. the protesters have gathered in moscow lashing out against prime minister vladimir putin and his really united russia party the only problem is that this video is not from russia fox news channel aired a video of fires and chaos in athens convincing viewers that this mayhem is playing out in moscow the fair and balanced network paid no mind to the greek lettering in the background in case you're wondering it says greek national bank what matters is that this is what moscow protests have looked like it's not surprising whatsoever that at the moment that there would be any kind of protest no matter how small it be in russia against the russian government that it would be greatly exaggerated in media and used by the u.s. government as well as a way to try to somehow push for
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a change in russia that would be more favorable to u.s. interests journalist and author eva golinger believes mass media is washington's most valuable weapon in encouraging revolt elsewhere under the mantle of spreading democracy such as the so-called orange revolution in ukraine. or ruse revolution in georgia. perception is created that something is happening in a country that's not right and that the government is somehow responsible and so therefore if that government ends up being removed it somehow is justified that you know the media has played a key role in creating a justification for regime change similar anti-government demonstrators have been reported and other city in russia u.s. leaders have leveled harsh criticism against russia in the aftermath of sunday's parliamentary election and critics say it's free press. has worked to reinforce the narrative the media tends to march in lockstep with the government it tends to take
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its cues from the government it tends to you know mobilize its resources to showcase what the government says is true even when later it turns out not to be true as was the case in this erroneous c.n.n. report well in eastern russia more than three thousand people protested against proposed changes to the country's time zones the video shown by c.n.n. is not of protesters but rather of soccer fans writing in moscow all over the killing of a fellow supporter the problem is that we showed the wrong pictures only after the error was repeatedly noticed c.n.n. owned up to its mistake and to apologize to the ara and a great many russian viewers who've pointed out to us the sloppiness of it all is reflecting you know the lack of awareness of the journalists themselves many of them are completely uninformed about the world they have opinions that have no factual basis to him but it doesn't stop them because it's what looks good that
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matters more than what really is true the truth is that america has its own social economic and political challenges to be dealing with and while washington works on getting its own house in order powerful mass media outlets can work on getting their facts straight marina portnoy artsy new york. now to the reset between russia and the u.s. beheading a rough patch since russia's parliamentary elections last sunday we immediately saw a lot of critique coming from u.s. officials particularly secretary of state hillary clinton was at this point made numerous public statements and called for an investigation into election fraud. asserting russia you know we're watching the election results with great interest clearly the duma is going to have a different makeup than it did before this election. and we do have serious concerns about the conduct of the election. now president dmitry medvedev has also said investigation should take place but it looks like the tensions are heating up
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between clinton and putin today said the clintons accusations of help to instigate protests in the country and the russia should protect against foreign interference in its internal affairs so why is it that stands been so aggressive and where could this war of words lead it the relationship between the two nations here to discuss with me is mark at a modest blogger at forbes dot com mark thanks so much for joining me tonight now you and i were just talking about you know how to look at what's happening in russia today and you were mentioning that you try to see it from every angle that you could but what i feel feel like when i look at the media it's been really difficult to find more than what angle i feel like there has been a lot of collective tunnelvision if not believe over the way you know the way they're looking at it to sort of think that's accurate i guess i tried to look people from all over people from non-establishment press organs and stuff like that twitter make it easier than it used to be to do that sort of thing but now i think it is true i think the western correspondents that are covering this understandably
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have a pretty direct kind of side and they're taking this and they're obviously pretty excited about these sorts of protests think that means that you know they're necessarily bad people i think it's pretty understandable it's pretty easy to sympathize with people students who can speak english and are much easier relate to in other parts of russian society i think is broken understandable how someone would sympathize with that sort of group as opposed to another one but you mean i don't think it's up for debate that there's been a certain slant to the coverage i think it's pretty direct that the western media outlets are kind of rooting for these protests and hoping that they grow yeah i think that you know it's even more than just about the protests necessarily before the protests even started immediately everything was that united russia is losing putin's party is losing but then i feel like you have to talk about what else might be happening within russia right now to write this let's look at the way that hillary clinton is going after this the u.s. has taken a very aggressive stance and i think you know where else have we. seen that in terms of other foreign elections well i mean it's pretty selective i mean you look
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at how the u.s. has dealt with some of stuff going on in egypt right now and they you know the statement that we've made compared to that where the u.s. troops getting people down in the streets been much more stunning than what you have and russia where obviously there's been some pretty kind of shady practices in terms of elections going out but there's nothing that compares the violence that you've seen in cairo and i was angry over the past couple weeks and i don't think it's exactly shocking revelation that the united states you know is relatively more forgiving of these sorts of violations in countries that have good for a nation's with it or that it considers its allies and is relatively more critical of those kinds of things when they happen in countries that we don't get along very well but there's a reset going on right so how do you see this war of words this exchange that's going on right now between hillary clinton president obama by the way hasn't said anything about it which you know why do you think he hasn't spoken up at the same time you have who wouldn't responding to hillary clinton is that going to start damaging the relationship along the way you know i've never been a big believer in the reset i think a lot of people oversold it i think everything's been a bit i think it's certainly if you look at how united states russia relations are now it would have been hard to get much worse than they were in the kind of summer
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of two thousand and eight or after the war in georgia i mean that was openly antagonistic it was the worst it had been since the cold war there are certain lot better now than they were then but i don't think it's really a surprise that you know the u.s. and russia are going to just kind of on very basic facts of geopolitics are going to disagree and the reset can kind of maybe change the verbiage that people use and kind of you know we can be a bit more polite about it but i don't think it's a surprise they haven't agreed on stuff and i think hillary clinton is what the administration when they need to be nasty they kind of roll her out when they want to be accommodating they will send biden and if they really want to send a good message obama kind of say something so i think it's not surprising in this instance that clinton kind of be the bad cop and have obama kind of sitting you know to the side and whereas you know if something you know works out of my bit of whatever and they all some good proposal maybe then obama can come in and say a couple nice words about it but i think that's kind of in keeping with the way they operate i don't think they have obama deliver the tough talk clinton tends to do that. then obama comes in once things are been worked out so the mean time she is just flying she's the playing bad cop as you said now i also want to talk about
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you know from a western perspective too because obviously you see united russia starting to lose some seats there and you see other opposition parties start to gain a little more room but do you think that people understand too you know there is a large communist surge there because you wonder when you know when western i guess you could say officials see it as a positive sign that united russia is starting to lose some points there are starting to lose some seats what does it mean that there is also a common assertion well you know this is the washington post entertainer yesterday calling this a democratic we've been saying how we should support it and it still amazes me after seeing what happened in the arab spring i mean look i can totally understand the desire of people to overthrow autocratic government you look at the groups the political groups that have actually benefited from those sorts of uprisings they're not the people that started they're not the educated young liberals the facebook generation there's some pretty at least in the context of egypt some of those countries some pretty nasty folks no i don't think the same necessarily is true i don't think all of the people in the opposition groups in russia are as western or kind of backwards looking as a muslim as a muslim brotherhood in egypt
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a nationalistic element you could say within russia i don't think that is true and i think the west needs to be very careful i think there is a very easy assumption that you know in washington consensus that democratic equals they like america or they're pro western and those can be very different things you know so there are yes there are people that have benefited from this the protest vote in russia are by and large not particularly pro western and they're not the sorts of people can you kind of change that someone would want to see you know market liberalization increased openness sorts of things like that you know if you're looking for the communist to deliver that you know good luck i mean because they're just not going to if you think you know putin and negative are pretty nasty turns out to talk about us and we go read some of the stuff that the comments are put out it's you know it's quite a bit worse once again at least get the video right we give very very of how they decide to put grease in there and that they're showing everybody moscow mark i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight. are coming out secretary of state hillary clinton travel to the hague to exist to speak about internet freedom come
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ironic considering the state department banned their employees from the wiki leaks website all that is next. to the police corruption is. what a protester nobody seems to know. but never a pepper sprayed the face by part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly please you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know.


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