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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the latest news on the week's top stories on our t.v. russia sees the biggest protests in recent history as people on happy with the parliamentary election results demanded a report the culmination taking place this saturday with a thousand strong rally that peacefully despite predictions of violence and arrests . a fresh a rift within the e.u. britain vetoes the new treaty tightening fiscal rules for sin a move that many believe is a first step in the u.k. towards the exit door. liberated but desperate for money libyan authorities pleaded to the u.n. to release billions of the country's assets still frozen months after the end of
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the military conflict that. a very warm welcome to you here watching the weekly with me rory sushi russia has seen a post-election frenzy this week with those dissatisfied with the results taking their anger to the streets this weekend it culminated in the biggest opposition rally in the country's recent history but despite the ominous predictions the event did pass peacefully as ati's arena go to scott reports. now there really was sick place in the center of moscow on saturday has gathered more than twenty five thousand people that's according to police estimates it began of the revolutionary square and there was the prevention about that particular gathering because most because it is thirty seven not allowed for people to gather there so people were
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worried that some skirmishes may break out the color everything went peacefully those who have gathered at the relief nearest great have proceeded over to the below this square which is right nearby really essentially next door to the kremlin where again tens of thousands of people have gathered and voiced some of the demands and the primary demand among those was a recount of the votes now in the central electoral committee has already said that they will launch recount the votes and those who were protesting during the rally yesterday have said that if their demands are not met they will meet again in two weeks time to protest some more and of course also you have to remember that some of the nationalist parties have also said that they will gather today for every rally and the same place that is in the square now we have to stay put and observe how events transpired from there on after this is the hc week for moscow in particular several a protest rallies were also held at the beginning of the weekend those protests rallies have seen dozens of people being arrested and their worst the worry is that
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that this may be repeated during the rally on saturday however none of that has happened concerning the reaction from the west to russia's elections u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has a stat that she believes the reflections in russia are neither free nor ferry get we have to remember that united russia party has come out a winner in those elections with just under fifty percent of votes so hillary clinton's remarks were not met kindly neither by of the of russia's foreign ministry nor by prime minister wasn't which it was essentially accused washington of meddling in russia's politics and sponsoring those who are willing to so discontent in the wake off the elections also an interesting fact for you there one of russia's new source. has obtained information which they have said directly shows the involvement of the united states state department in the election process in those documents see if you basically see the exchange of emails between the
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russian non-governmental organization which was monitoring the elections and the us state department and they were discussing the tactics and financing of the the observers by the us state department. reporting rather well more than two hundred nationalists have gathered on the same square this sunday there waving russian imperial flags and chanting slogans against immigration in russia but today is the first anniversary of a major outbreak of violence during a rally in a central square where i was twenty five thousand nationalists to run amok following the murder of football they accused the authorities of failing to punish the killers who happened to be from the north caucasus five people are currently facing prosecution for organizing last year. in a one russian a city demonstrators took a more playful approach are organizing a protest you can check it out about you got com of course our website from space
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aliens to penguins and dinosaurs all of which were waving banners protesting the election results to log on to our website r.t. dot com to see. the election rallies in russia certainly didn't fail to catch the attention of the international media america's fox news contributed to the coverage with an exciting report capturing the violent chaos and streets ablaze the only problem with the footage was it wasn't taken in moscow it's more important explains. america has its fair share of protests and political dissent to be dealing with instead of keeping an eye on the ball the country's mass media machine has turned to protests in russia and dropped the ball on reporting the facts. the protesters have gathered at moscow's lashing out against prime minister vladimir putin and his united russia party the only problem is that this
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video is not from russia fox news channel aired a video of fires and chaos in athens convincing viewers that this mayhem is playing out in moscow the fair and balanced network paid no mind to the greek lettering in the background in case you're wondering it says greek national bank what matters is that this is what moscow protests have looked like it's not surprising whatsoever that at the moment that there would be any kind of protest no matter how small it be in russia against the russian government that it would be greatly exaggerated in media and used by the u.s. government as well as a way to try to somehow push for a change in russia that would be more favorable to u.s. interests journalist and author eva golinger believes mass media is washington's most valuable weapon in encouraging revolt elsewhere under the mantle of spreading democracy such as the so-called orange revolution in ukraine. or ruse revolution in georgia. perception is created that something is happening in
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a country that's not right and that the government is somehow responsible and so therefore if that government ends up being removed it somehow is justified that you know the media has played a key role in creating a justification for regime change similar anti-government demonstrators have been reported and others living in russia u.s. leaders have leveled harsh criticism against russia in the aftermath of the parliamentary election and critics say it's free press has worked to. reinforce the narrative the media tends to march in lock step with the government tends to take its cues from the government it tends to you know mobilize its resources to showcase what the government says is true even when later it turns out not to be true as was the case in this rooney is c.n.n. report well in eastern russia more than three thousand people protested against proposed changes to the country's time zones the video shown by c.n.n.
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is not of protesters but rather of soccer fans riding in moscow over the killing of a fellow supporter the problem is that we showed the wrong pictures only after the error was repeatedly noticed c.n.n. owned up to its mistake and to apologize to the era and a great many russian viewers who've pointed out the sloppiness of it or is reflecting you know the lack of awareness of the journalists themselves many of them are completely uninformed about the world they have opinions that have no factual basis to him but it doesn't stop them because it's what looks good that matters more than what really is true the truth is that america has its own social economic and political challenges to be dealing with and while washington works on getting its own house in order powerful mass media outlets can work on getting their facts straight marina point nine or r.t. new york. times writer pepe escobar says the use of the wrong images by fox was not
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accidental. look you can take folks news seriously that's a major mistake but i am merican said by people all across the world this basically is a p.r. operation of the republican party really a real we need not faction which is most of them of course c.n.n. basically is a mouse piece of the state department a pentagon and a cia they will never really is anything that was not free of truth we instances of american government so don't take these people seriously what we should take seriously what's really happening inside russia and then you have to pay attention to russian media ok there were some irregularities in the election just like very real averages in any election in european countries in the us in two thousand and slower in the us in two thousand and four in ohio what's more important in my opinion is what united russia should do to address grievances from barts of the
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russian population this is the real issue. and you can log onto our to talk calm to see how the election rallies have been developing in russia take a picture gallery to see snapshots from the biggest rally in moscow in about twenty years i'm going to r.t. dot com and head to the phone line exclusive section. now at ten minutes past the hour here in moscow it's already being dubbed europe's great divorce this week britain vetoed franco german plans to impose a fiscal agreement within the e.u. three countries will take the pact to the national parliaments with all the other e.u. members agreeing to hand brussels absolute oversight with that bunch its. brings us this report. reaction has been muted to the e.u. summit deal with observers looking sideways wondering what to really make of it a two speed europe is be formed almost all of the e.u. members have said they will forge ahead with the franco german plan of
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a new treaty resulting in a fiscal union with a tighter grip on finances there was only one clear no the u.k. decided to go it alone with british prime minister david cameron essentially saying we wish you the best but we're out i think what we saw was the biggest split in the european union in fifteen years whether david cameron knows it or not what he did was the first step towards the exit door a european marriage has soured britain was dubbed isolated but the rest will give it another go and those at the helm are determined to make the european dream work so e.u. leaders have agreed upon a general plan which as expected was no magic solution markets are still on shaky ground and economic growth prospects are still bleak for several countries and while the euro live to see another day leaders will have to go home and explain to their people why it should and what it would really cost the proper implementation is crucial to get us back on the growth spec past and member states i believe need
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to do more to fully implement the country specific recommendations so what does that mean for greece for example european leaders have just approved an eight billion euro trash of aid to prevent the country from going bankrupt in exchange greece promised to cut its deficit to five point four percent of its g.d.p. from a projected nine percent this year translation more tax hikes and spending cuts for greeks still reeling from previous hysteria measures. if we were to put this you're a package to the electorates of greece of portugal ireland of italy of spain they would all say no and what of sovereignty the whole concept of national sovereignty has become a very gray zone ones we have bond each other together by means of a common currency. the great worry at the moment is that we're being asked to make sacrifices in the context of a plan supposedly for saving the euro and keeping greece solvent which is not going
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to work specifics of this new treaty have yet to be drawn up and approved by march two thousand and twelve with so much at stake there will no doubt be a lookout for the devil in those details does or celia r.t. brussels meantime the greek prime minister lucas papademos expressed his support for a brussels centric e.u. but patrick young of investment firm dva advisers says the struggling members of shouldn't trust the e.u. leaders as they are simply creating an illusion of action. everything greek has been devalued for the course of the last year months well democracy as we all know is an instant greek world and that too has been quite clearly devalued over the course of this agreement i mean we are seeing here a curious kind of i mean france and germany are basically saying we know best we know how the euro zone should be run and this is what should happen not to might be
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a reasonable idea if their own behavior had actually been exemplary but for those who look back say a decade we used to have a thing called the stability and growth pact and the stability and growth pact said any person who has a budget deficit of more than three percent of g.d.p. will be strictly strictly told of what they've done in the eurozone what do we find nearly a decade later well we've got you know this physicist turned girl wonder politician . and her chair while i was sarky running around saying well what we've decided is if you run a thirty percent g.d.p. deficit you're going to find yourself in deep trouble nothing's changed no one wants to obey the rules and france and germany are trying to dictate on the rest of europe why they should run their economies and essentially of them have their own domestic political difficulties that are causing problems. you with artie it's good
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to have your company today still ahead of you this hour british police seeking to review extradition policies with the united states. we need to make sure that we are all being equal and we're all being fair to all citizens and that is not the case that the boat we look at our lawmakers are demanding a more level playing field when it comes to handing over their citizens to america . and what came out of the global conference on afghanistan's future and why the key player in stabilizing the region that of pakistan decided to boycott the event . quarter past the hour here in moscow with libya's civil war now over its people are now waiting for the new government to fulfill their promises but the authorities say they are struggling for cash and asking the u.n. to release one hundred fifty billion dollars of frozen assets to pay wages and as artie's oksana boyko reports many libyans wonder just who will now provide for
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their future. after months of waking up to gunfire residents of tripoli now have to get used to a new alarm until the city of two million people has an extensive rooster population and the birds have all but replaced rifle chatter at the heralds of the million dollar. there is no exchange of gunfire the situation is ok. this may be deliberate. it's very few wanted to break free from the obligations of the old regime on the surface it seems that the normal full life in tripoli has been restored to the city where many homes didn't have access to face to face or laffin few months ago already has its fountains up and running but the new leaf it is still facing the danger of running in the shallow waters of international politics much for its absence remain frozen limiting the government's ability to pay salaries and profit if it has already become a major part of the revolutionary spirit we first met muhammad in august on the
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frontlines of bani walid one of the final strongholds of the get out here regime a former angie nearing student who joined two of his brothers in what he says was a win or die fight for freedom three months later mohammad is definitely in the driver's seat revels of the country's new heroes popular with women and the public at large if not with a rifle by his side muhammad would be like a twenty seven year old in any country cruising around on a saturday night goodness. and it's not like he was under privileged under gadhafi regime he certainly leaves in a three hundred square meter house in the prestigious area of tripoli they say the revolution has brought them along the way to democracy but is yet to translate into concrete benefits we have free education on health care all the gadhafi the new authorities also have to decrease prices and raise salaries so the ordinary people
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can join all the benefits of the revolution. yes exactly how only new government can afford to do so in a country a ruling by war and stripped of much of its budgetary income is anybody's guess the forty two years of get out of his rule had told libyans to rely on government for just about everything. i have big plans for my life in a year or so god willing i want to finish my education get a good job and save enough money to marty it's all become possible for us now and in national economies i'm not stopped being i think the fact that they were willing to destabilize a regime that had demonstrably one of the highest living standards in north africa goes to show the fact that they were not so interested in what benefited the people as a whole in the first place they were more interested in forming their their economic ties to the american oil companies yet for the moment the future seems breivik not please because it's also very layered some way to artsy tripoli.
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and i don't forget you can always find plenty more stories and comments and analysis on our website let's have a look now at see what's in store for you the moment spy seized iran displays the intercepted cia drone plane days after the pentagon admitted that it lost touch with the high tech. also. driven to despair and enraged mother called the trigger on her children before committing suicide in a us food stamp office after being denied a systems. we're watching the weekly her. an international conference on stability in afghanistan has promised to continue to support a couple of the planned withdrawal of nato troops in two thousand and fourteen the
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meeting in germany the world powers pledged to provide financial assistance to the afghan government up until two thousand and twenty four that's when it's hoped the country will be economically self-sufficient the gathering was boycotted by pakistan which is viewed as a key player in restoring peace in the region of islam about refused to send the envoys in protest over a u.s. airstrike in the border area two weeks ago the killed twenty four pakistani soldiers conn hallinan a call in a study of foreign policy in focus magazine thinks that washington's role in the region is both reckless and dangerous. the attack itself it's hard to see that as an accident because of the way that it took place and then the response of washington afterwards i think what's happened is that the united states has made some decisions about its strategy in the region both in central asia and in the south in south asia that essentially is going to cut pakistan out of
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the formula and i don't think united states cure is very much what's going to happen after withdraws its troops in two thousand and fourteen and i think they would rather not withdraw their troops which is the nub of the problem because just on november second russia china iran and pakistan had a meeting in istanbul which they all agreed that they would pressure the united states not to leave troops in afghanistan and i find it very difficult to imagine it is fallout in relations between pakistan and the united states is not somehow try to their position i think this i think this chess board is much broader than we then we imagine it to be and that it includes really multiple zones some of them worldwide. and the next hour here in our two we also hear from russia's spokes person on afghanistan about his views on the country's future coming your way in
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our special interview. russia says it may withdraw from a meeting with nato shuttles for next may in chicago the statement came after thursday's session between the sides failed to resolve the deadlock over a planned allied missile shield in europe moscow has repeatedly asked for legal guarantees that the project is going to be aimed against it which the the alliance continues to refuse to give president here to finance a number of military measures to protect russia's army potential against the plan of the us claims the shield is meant to deter aggression from iran and north korea but lawrence krauss from arizona state university says it's only needed for political reasons. there is no threat right now neither country has missiles that could carry nuclear weapons and only one of those countries has a nuclear weapon in the first place and also you what it would be very difficult to imagine a country of that size aiming a ballistic missile at the united states because it would be like marking the their
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country for annihilation with a big x. is a ballistic missile is ballistic that means you know where it came from we're using a defense that doesn't exist against an aggressor that this point doesn't exist the worst thing to look like is that you're weak on defense so if people say we could build a shield that some people say that why not do that so i think the idea is that political pressures at home if they don't continue to push that way this is miscreation will use as weak and it doesn't want to be viewed as weak right now from a strategic perspective going into a national election. you're watching r.t. live from moscow a quick pause in the weekly here to check out the world update for you some other headlines from around the world this hour fresh violence has killed at least twelve people in syria as clashes between activists and military forces continue many of the deaths were unarmed it's where dark clouds of smoke filled the air during the violence syrian president bashar al assad recently rejected accusations that he ordered the deaths of protesters an estimated four thousand people have been killed
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in syria since clashes began nine months ago. argentina president cristina fernandez has been sworn in for the second time making her the only female leader in latin america's history to be reelected later she addressed supporters from argentina's presidential palace reminding them of successes during her first term fernando's that won the last month's election by a wide margin the bulk of her support comes from the working classes who have received pay and pension increases as well as more public aid under her. british m.p.'s passed a motion to review a controversial extradition treaty with the u.s. this week and drawn up in the chaotic aftermath of nine eleven it allows washington to demand the extradition of any u.k. citizen regardless of criminal evidence but as artie's i've been it reports from london britain's patience is wearing thin. all take and no give
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that's the growing feeling in britain's parliament against america's controversial extradition treaty it was signed in two thousand and three in the post nine eleven panic and makes it far easier for the us to take people from the u.k. than the other way around now forty five m.p.'s from the three main parties have crossed the political divide and joined forces they finally forced a debate and parliamentary vote on what they call an injustice was it a mistake in the first christmas tree i think it was a mistake it's not a level playing field even with a partner like america we need to make sure that we of being equal and we are being fair to our citizens and that is not the case of the britain must present evidence for any extradition but america doesn't need to a long awaited independent inquiry recently ruled this relationship was balanced but the numbers suggest otherwise one hundred twenty three people have been
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surrendered to america under the treaty since two thousand and four only fifty four have gone the other way america's ambassador to the u.k. has branded these figures myths and in accuracies they were figures he's embassy refused to reveal he's even accused m.p.'s of willfully distorting the facts in the run up to this crunch vote in parliament that could shift the balance gary mckinnon a mainstay on america's extradition wish list he was arrested ten years ago after hacking into pentagon files he says he was merely searching for u.f.o.'s gary has asperger's syndrome and according to his mother should be tried in the u.k. on medical grounds but america's not giving up on one of their most wanted and so then people. you think uses some of the widen it is so over the top they left him one is entering it three and a half years after the arrest. if gagne was this latest threat that wouldn't have
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been done there are nine cases currently fighting extradition to america richard o'dwyer is the latest he's wanted on copyright charges for creating a search engine for pirated content it's not even considered a crime in the u.k. but at the moment that doesn't matter the us can still get their man the coalition government promised to change this while in opposition nails the chance to deliver either bennett r.t. london. i thought he was coming here live from the heart of moscow a reminder of the headlines are with me in just a couple of minutes seems to. wealthy
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british style. but i'm tired. markets. can go find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.


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