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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EST

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from stupid. stunts on t.v. . if you're just joining us a very warm welcome to. the headlines for you now. formally announced he's running in the presidential election next march the country's good wealthiest person of the political stage earlier this year when he headed up the right course of political party only to quit over disagreements with party members. thousands flood the center of moscow again but this time it's the supporters of the victorious united russia party. rallies staged the results of the parliamentary
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vote. second a multi-billion euro rescue package amid skepticism over the efficiency of the emergency measure that's also wisecracks within the e.u. widening. the franco german plans to create a common school give me an. occupy protesters take their rallies to the new level they plan a shutdown of america's west coast ports from san diego all the way to the move follows a series of police raids the result of dozens of arrests. israeli airstrikes on gaza a palestinian bid for statehood and an arab spring in the background the middle east peace process is facing more challenges than ever so we spoke to influential palestinian politician mustafa barghouti about what happens next.
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with me i have dr mustafa barghouti the president of the palestinian national initiative and a member of the palestinian parliament dr thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. what palestinian still push ahead in the state what but despite the fact that it seems a two thirds majority in support of it is highly unlikely there can be no vote in the security council now because the united states already obstructed that by. denying of a committee that are it to ask for what has american pressure paid off yes more from one side i mean many countries are doing what the united states and israel want. but at the same time i think many of them feel shameful about it we've seen an example of that of the french what the newness call france is that will opportune in the security council get it what it taught us and. many countries like
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spain and france. and belgium and others have the people on our side their governments cannot go against the will of their own people but if the people are with the palestinians why then is it so difficult to get a two thirds majority in the security council because the united states still has the power of pressuring many countries because the israeli lobby is playing its cards pressuring many many world leaders because of the hypocrisy of western politics you know this speak about freedom of the syrian people respect of human rights in libya but they feel the thought of god knows that this is also needed for palestine once you have membership in the general assembly you'll have access to the international criminal court how do you plan to use this and do you think the israelis are concerned by it they are totally concerned about this this is maybe one of them in reasons why they are trying to obstruct our membership in the united nations. why because they know they have committed war crimes why because they know
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that many of their leaders and officers. generals have committed crimes against humanity and i think we will do everything we can to give these guys one due to the court to the international court of justice when president obama came to power they were high hopes that the united states would play a positive role in the israeli palestinian conflict do you see his opposition to the statehood bid as a stab in the back totally we see it as a stubborn about but also we see it as a great feel you big failure of an american president who failed to respect his own words he himself promised that palestine should become a member of the e.u. and by november two thousand and eleven and how now he's leading not only not voting for us but he's leading a war against our membership what the american administration is doing and what the american congress is doing is in total contradiction with everything that they
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speak about in terms of the principles of respecting human rights and some of them a nation and the principles of freedom you see the palestinian issue has become in a way. some kind of and instrument or some kind of a method to explore the very oppositions of each comes to the cost of what mr obama did and his administration has done has been that the united states has lost its position as a mediator in the middle east process and just how difficult is it to go back to negotiations against the backdrop of the u.n. statehood bid it's not difficult to go to negotiations it's impossible. as long as allowed to continue to build settlements as long as government is the government we have there would be no negotiations and that's why i feel sorry for the waste of money. spending so much taxpayers' money on travelling and moving and coming and
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going without a new visa as long as the people in the court the governments and the courts that as long as they don't decide to pressure israel seriously have to stop settlement activities we will see more progress just how much of a mandate does the palestinian president mahmoud abbas have to negotiate on behalf of the palestinian people or has his position in the statehood bid been weakened his speech in the united nations give him a lot of support but did not give similar support to his political movement people gave him support because they thought he had to preserve palestinian dignity and palestinian resilience and he can continue to do that if he really at the moves in the direction of motion of a conciliation and national unity is how mass ready for national unity yes i think most of the people in hamas and fatah have already what they need to see is
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a courage of their leaders what they need to see is dating taken by the leaders where they would put. what they can put the palestinian national interests above their own factional. parties and interests in a conversation with obama the french president nicolas sarkozy caught the israeli premier netanyahu elia do you think that there is disappointment with as well among its allies and what options does this leave israel with. moving very wrong about the problem in israel is that. it's not just not any. shift to the right among the israeli public because you have an explanation that up to now the israeli public opinion till now the israeli public benefit in from occupation is benefiting from the apartheid system is benefiting from confiscating and i will water ninety percent of our water it is good for you to buy them with the passage of it with the
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creation of every new settlement block israel is killing the very last opportunity of two state solution which means they will have to deal with one. left solution and that is one state. which means they can never dream of something called the state which means they have to respect a situation where there might not be even a majority and one democratic state that is the price that israel is paying if they continue this path while israel suffer if economic problems continue to mount in the united states i believe i believe so because united states is becoming weaker with the passage of. unfortunately make some forces in the united states like new homes more aggressive. unfortunately this economy weakness is dragging out the driving some people in the united states toward very dangerous military adventures
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like attacking iran for assistance. because they think of the control of oil completely they would control energy and this with we can control the economy of russia china many other countries in this world with israel's isolation growing are you concerned that it could take an even more aggressive stance against the palestinians i think they are already aggressive enough. and there are acts of war crimes that took place in gaza beyond the scope of their policy in the occupied territories of some of our system of apartheid that is much worse than the apartheid system that prevailed in south africa at one point of time is shameful. if i was an israeli i would feel very shameful what about internal problems that the israeli government is facing particularly visa vi the social protests is the search for an external enemy whether it be iran or palestine a way to divert attention away from the problems the government faces at home this
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is one possibility and i think that any on but our guard but i think to divert attention from the internal social problems from their internal divisions by creating a war maybe with or by mobilizing the united states to conduct a war on iran that's their game each time you speak to them about the palestinian issue of the stop speaking about iran do you think israel would attack iran i think they are looking for an opportunity to do that and probably the first scenario is that the united states attacks iran first and then to contribute or to the attack iran first and then that are going ited states into a war with iran what israel is doing here is a continuation of their policy that was declared the back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one the dual containment of iraq and iran they finished with that arc now they want to continue and i think they are going to proceed with that because they want to have the possibility of becoming. regional power.
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i don't think we would succeed do you think there's a chance that turkey might one day replace israel as the u.s. says the main ally in this region if you look for example at it hosting the nato made all at it's turning its back on iran and syria it certainly seems as if turkey is wanting to play a greater role in the region then pured was was an american ally it's not new it was always a member of nato. but i think i see the changes in turkey in a more positive way i think. you see in the seventy's israel had two big allies in the division turkey and iran and then then there neutralized egypt to come divide the courts so they were in heaven then they lost it or now they've lost it and egypt i see all these things as positive changes i don't see the role as a negative one i think the change is ted key and egypt can practically change the
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whole regional situation but there is one obstacle which prevents this vision the main obstacle that is the palestinians. i am sure that the vast majority of people would buy the stuff as much as the vast majority of egyptians and model cars and tunisia what happened when they were on was very important it short on the t.v. that the arab spring and the usual excuse me good luck to make the palestinians for a modulus on the contrary it is still in the same total for this was for the future of the stability of the season of peace and this illusion of economy development unquote policemen season is the diet a key to solving the person and so on i would palestinians to be free from occupation and having the right for freedom as well dr mustafa barghouti thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you.
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for sure is that so much of it was about the feeling that i think if we're going to give a real commitment full almost immediately to collapse of the soviet union twenty years ago the commonwealth of independent states would stop its regional can see by many. lose. its hts. us.
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wealthy british style. holds the time to rise. above the. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our. little. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. he.
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says. the headlines on our t.v. russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov formally announced he's running in the presidential election next the country's third wealthiest person in the political stage earlier this year when he headed up the right course political party only to quit over disagreements with other party members. thousands flood the center of moscow again but this time it's the supporters of the victorious united russia party that follows mass opposition rallies station would claim is the result of a parliamentary vote. on greece's a second a multi-billion euro rescue package skepticism over the efficiency of the about the
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measure that's also was a practice within the e.u. wide with britain vetoing the franco german plans to create a common a fiscal union. and occupy protesters take their rallies to the next level they plan a shutdown of america's west coast ports from san diego all the way to anchorage followers of series of police raids the result of you know pictures of camps and dozens of arrests. those are the headlines here on r.t. the next though it's kate and the sport. well welcome to the sports update and here are the top stories. road to recovery in the uk i want to be honest all the ice hockey team prepared for their first game since the september plane crash that was. plus we were all
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tired right now blames the referee has taught them lose it's job loss you know they're mixing wood in stone with sunderland. back in training fresh from saturday's al classic a victory either way on madrid or barcelona stopped at operations for the effect club world cup in japan. however we begin with ice hockey as look i want to be honest level are getting ready to face off in their first competitive game just three months after the plane crash which is why judge their entire squad forty three people died after their plane burst into flames that crashed into the banks of the river volga nearly got us level on september the seventh among them were thirty six players and coaching staff from la county if since the tragedy other teams have donated players to the club to help continue its running and they will take to the ice of their first match in just a few minutes it's a home game against mechanics against an anticipated so that crowd below it will also be a very chill league match a division lower than the top to tell after the club took the decision to drop down
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a level then you team to have time to gel. quality care challenge on sunday night to atlanta ended a two day losing streak with a three two shootout win at home to patch of place gun went ahead to do it after forty minutes how do you think you saw them double dare meet in the same period again this fall and either to start getting them back to the east caution. in the final play. young men threw caution to the wind by taking up their keeper. gamble paid off. robbing the allies are two minutes left to send it into overtime well goes all over the next two period penalties we needed that you could start off the man on target the wind kept out long for the western conference while test guys losing streak scratched a five game. football now and then going martin o'neill made
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a winning start to sunderland manager as his side snatched a late to one when over fellow strugglers butler and while some of the manager harry redknapp was left fearing after his side lost two one in a controversial game at stoke both first at the stadium of light sun church growth is ahead after seventeen minutes to give their three hundred sixteen away fans something to cheer about however with six minutes to go david bohrman won the strike and sebastian lost insinuate time winner only up to davie victory and move the black caps after the drop zone at the britannia stadium mathieu everington first half brace against the storm was enough to see stars go right to victory after ten months and that eleven game unbeaten run emmanuel adebayor also pulled a second home penalty ban for spurs for eunice cable sent off late on a decision which angered redknapp who also saw tottenham should have had two more spot kicks have a call in fact it is the last off side. go read off a good. ball down the law in. to your zone so it will be nice you know going to
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balls. just so we can why we nothing in the end we were poor first go of an old wind up we didn't play well which idea of joint circle back to them and i'm faltering a couple of decisions have been completely and utterly wrong with us if you watch t.v. and you'll see. while this monday night fifth place chelsea will look to bridge the ten point gap to the top and keep the title hopes alive with a win at home to leaders manchester city the blues will line up with that strike a nickel and elka whose agreed to join chinese sinfully shanghai i think the win for city will get them five points clear at the top i mean while they've turned down a bit by ac milan to take strike a cost curve as also the key to signing him permit in the summer the twenty million euros city wants to sell him in january. meanwhile just two days after beating out rivals real madrid three one in el classico european champions barcelona are
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preparing for the semifinal of the free for club world cup in japan was opening matches in dhaka harbor on thursday but they didn't waste time getting their first taste of the local training ground. what's his bias to relax and regain focus head of the game and will take his charges on a tour around the city for what ensure their paces once again barcelona won the year ending tournament back in two thousand and nine and anything but sweet climates i think it would be considered as a big blow. the match against real madrid was a good one we were very satisfied with the quality of that game but we're always looking ahead to the future back at the past to come into this computer we've had a very tough time and we would like to make the best of the super tuesday and rise to the top. secret. world cup winning coach we need to this has been a free spending russian side and she reports suggest the former liverpool and into
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milan manager has entered talks with the dagestan club the fifty one year old spaniard who led in the thirty club world cup victory just last year a tournament in which no energy star striker samuel eto was named best player and sacked trainer. in september. golf now and world number one luke donald says it feels amazing to be the first man to top both the p.g.a. and europe into a money list in one year after the englishman finished third the season ending to buy world championship the englishman was three shots adrift of without heroes the spaniard ending a long legal pot here at last hole might even the oval two shots where second by scott who lawrie rory mcilroy was the only man who could have finished ahead of donald on the european money list but he finished ninth donald and second successive sixty six to tie in third spot and his place in history. feels amazing you know it's something i've thought about quite a lot i don't think it's quite sunk in yet but. i look back at this years it's been
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my greatest year for sure hopefully i can continue to improve like i have a lot to achieve in this game but this is something i'll never forget. now russian cycling team katyusha have reached an agreement to sign one of the country's best road riders than these men shelf the thirty three year old is expected to put pen to paper on wednesday before joining the team for a training camp and then competition next season is a double spanish and well to champion here and cyclists also when they hear the tahlia in two thousand and nine kenyan third overall sort of front last year to show also signed a three time former world champion cost of spain in october. and finally to two wheels of the most of our icy as russia will host its first ever stage of the world superbike championships next summer and or the track just outside moscow almost
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finished the design it hopes it will be a challenging addition to the just port calendar because it is the top of reports. after winning the right to host a stage of the formula one calendar in the black sea resort of sochi in two thousand and fourteen russia has gained the chance to see one of the most fascinating racing events in the world of motor sports as a stage of the superbike world championship will come to moscow next august marking the first time ever world scale motor sports competition will take place in russia the construction of the moscow raceway circuit is entering the home stretch and should be finished by july the track was designed by the famous german architect haddam until kit who has produced numerous formula one circuits we have a lot of kids in this district. and so if you have the start and finish line then going downhill this path is a downhill car as a very fast car not liking in the car to have to make this slower going uphill and
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this makes it very interesting because if you go war then one time you go up and down upside down that makes it a dimension that is very. good next year the superbike world championship will celebrate the twenty fifth season the serious has a great history and a determination to expand due to economic crises in europe and it seems like the sport's top stars are excited to discover a new venue in a new country while champion countless czech who arrived in the capital hoping his mike will soon be running on a russian track while thousands of fans are expected to flock to the outskirts of moscow for one of the most exciting events in the racing world arrive in moscow and this coalition force like a very very special no remembers me some failings some border areas historic. plays where for me is a great way to be here of course is in my mind the places to visit i didn't expect
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. to visit and they're here for the race there's a lot a lot to that. just everything everything is very very different so. very very excited when we are in all respects there. is a rush interpreter from the financial sector and. more a sports team who moved into the sport following the interest of his wife and enthusiastic more bike racer. signed a ten year deal to organize and host the russian superbike stage however it's going to be a challenge not only for the organizers with the two x. two under construction but also for newly signed our team right now i do know one of the last mission but eilis i've already seen the track and it looks very challenging and interesting for the riders as well as for the spectators who will be able to witness even more because of the difference levels as for me i'm really looking forward to racing at the circuit next summer despite the whole pressure
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finally along with formula one world class motorsport championships are coming to russia with fans hoping the superbike stage one be a one off due to they can on the crisis but that russia will become a regular stop on the maps of the biggest motor sporting events in the near future . i think.
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