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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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and in tonight's daily take the democrats claim the republicans voted to end medicare and you may be surprised who's price fall. yesterday traffic at several ports up and down the west coast was disrupted as thousands of occupy wall street patriots pledge to shut down wall street on the waterfront shipping terminals in oakland portland and longview were shut down in yesterday's day of action several arrests were reported around the country and in seattle police use flash bang percussion grenades to disperse patriots peacefully protesting at the port of seattle meanwhile across the pond in the u.k. british police are experimenting with a whole new arsenal of weapons to be used against peaceful demonstrators demonstrators moving according to the telegraph police are testing out shoulder mounted laser cannons that can temporarily blind people from five hundred meters
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away the technology was originally created to prevent pirate attacks on cargo ships british cops are also testing out new long range sound cannons and long range chemical irritant projectiles so what should we now make of this new high tech weaponry being worked on in the u.k. could be coming to the united states soon joshua holland is the senior writer and editor with alter net he joins me now joshua welcome back hi tom thanks for having me what's your initial response to these stories coming out of the u.k. blinding lasers. yeah blinding lasers i've had a flash bang go off a few feet away from me and it left me shaking for hours these these less lethal weapons are frightening they're also you know i think it's dangerous that we think of them as non-lethal we had an incident in the occupied territories just recently where someone was hit directly in the face with
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a tear gas projectile and passed away just like tasers every year number of people die from taser usage these weapons are not non-lethal they are leslie they're less likely to kill you but they're pretty terrifying what's the back story here joshua when did this whole militarization just just to clarify first of all police are supposed to be members of the community who serve and protect the community that's a very different thing from what armies are supposed to be which is as anybody who's been the military will tell you people who are supposed to break things and kill people when did this militarization of our police speak. well it began in the mid ninety's and i think that it followed you know what some of called the c.n.n. effect where people are watching these things on t.v. and it started with the blurring of lines between domestic law enforcement and military actions overseas in the mid ninety's the department of justice and the
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defense department signed a memorandum of understanding where they said look we need to think about our image both terms of policing our own domestic protest and dealing with crowds not soldiers but crowds abroad and that led to the establishment agency. called the joint non-lethal weapons program and if this is kind of a think tank of sorts they've doled out money for innovative research in ways to make people feel pain and disperse without without a. actually killing them this is a huge exploding market it's predicted that the less lethal weapons market will triple by twenty twenty and about half of that is being dedicated to dispersal means so the things that we're talking about tear gas the el rat the long range acoustic device you mentioned in the opening it's this is part of
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a long term trend this is a brand new variation on the military industrial complex. yeah you could call it that it's the military industrial protest policing overseas combatants it's all of that together i think that springs from an awareness of the way the images that we see on our t.v.'s affect the way we respond emotionally to these things whether they're gymnastic protest or crowd control and in a situation like iraq or afghanistan so is the thought that for example using blinding lasers which won't look awful on t.v. people will just start falling on the ground or covering their eyes or using sound cannons people just scatter because it hurts is that like a more desirable image then you know up off the officer tony coming up and pepper spray and somebody in the eyes and having them scream as i were saying well the interesting thing is that i think the pepper spray incident that you talk about
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u.c. davis is a great example i do believe that that's what they are were thinking when they launched this program and and dedicated a billion dollars almost eight hundred million dollars since that since ninety seven to this kind of research is that they thought well if we're not killing people if there's not a lot of blood this will all you know work to our advantage politically in terms of the media as embrace of these actions and i think that we saw at u.c. davis that it really doesn't help all that much the outrage there was about the police using force on unarmed student protesters sitting. down and it really i don't believe that the reaction would have been much different if they had hit them with nightsticks instead of so casually dousing them with pepper spray right in the u.k. the united kingdom has cameras on every corner and this week we learned the predator drones are being used by local law enforcement in the united kingdom or
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excuse me and here in the united states i guess in north dakota n.y.p.d. commissioner ray kelly bragged how the n.y.p.d. could take down a plane if they needed to are we in some ways already worse than the u.k. or are we moving in that direction and is that i mean is that all that that. well i mean in the u.k. right now surveillance is i understand just ubiquitous there's no place where you can go and in london without being on camera i think we're moving towards that and some of our cities you know the the i'm not sure that we're worse off this is not a uniquely american phenomenon this this whole back story that i'm talking about has also been true in the u.k. in canada. in other countries there there's this is a massive market and it's it's only set to grow and we're not the only ones in gauging it i should point out that i think that mayor bloomberg statement has been
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disputed by some experts that it looks like what he may have been referring to is high powered sniper rifle that could take down a helicopter but not an airplane ok joshua holland thanks so much for being with us again joshua thanks tom thanks for having me in the powers that be are pulling out all the stops and the high tech weapons to keep their grip on power no matter the civil unrest in the streets but no matter what they use as long as patriots around the world stay united and peaceful they'll win in the end so let's keep it up but there's a bigger picture here too and that is who is america in the world who are we. i've had a number of friends overseas and people actually i have friends who live overseas but also several friends who've gone overseas over the last month or two and they're telling me you know call up or whatever and say you know you wouldn't believe what the t.v. coverage is like it's like you know in in europe and south america the coverage is like america is american cops beating up all these occupy protesters i mean is this
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really the image that we want to show the world pepper spraying violent arrests and then on top of that the other coverage is you know what's going on with our election you know the president is in campaign mode he's all raising money and the republicans are all raising money and they're going to spend three billion dollars on the election this year in the united states and people in the u.k. where you can spend more than one hundred thousand british pounds on an election period it's a limit or look at us for example in other countries around the world go on that's not even a democracy anymore it's an oligarchy three billion dollar election and that's just it you know at the federal level at the present and this is all brought to us courtesy of the supreme court they have basically created a system a billionaire oligarchy an international corporations being able to buy our politicians we've stalled the durban climate talks why because of the oil barons karl rove lying about elizabeth warren she's calling him out on it but here is he's
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running ads in massachusetts he's not even from massachusetts a line about elizabeth warren to paraphrase leonard cohen everybody knows the system is rotten frankly it's time for us to clean this system up senator bernie sanders has proposed a constitutional amendment which will do just that which says that corporations are people and money is not speech you can sign the petition over at sanders dot senate dot gov and participate in that make it up you know make it the top of your to do list sanders does go check it out. just. now that would be the good the bad in the very very worst really ugly the good the broward county commission today the flora county will take on the issue of the chertoff x. ray porno scanners in airports and consider banning the use of those scanners at
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their primary airport for fort lauderdale international if passed broward county's ban on the porno scanners will be in place until further scientific studies are done to ensure that they're safe according to a p.b.s. report earlier this year between six and one hundred airline passengers who contract cancer every year just from the church x. ray porno scanners if broward county succeeds than fort lauderdale international airport will be the first major airport in the u.s. to ban the porno scanners that have been banned now all across europe let's hope other american airports follow suit the bad mitt romney badly trailing in the polls to new gingrich romney is now using his secret weapon outright lies at a campaign stop in new hampshire romney made the absurd claim that government regulations of increased under president obama. the rate of regulatory burden has increased four fold since obama has become president four times the amount
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really going to go for you as in the past and some businesses say gosh i'm sure one person. that's a nice talking point all except for the fact that it has no basis in reality whatsoever it's a lie in fact there has been less regulation under president obama at this point his presidency than there was under bush at the same time in his presidency bloomberg news the obama white house has issued nearly five percent fewer regulations. and the bush white house had done so at this but at the same point both presidencies it's a shame all these pesky facts can get in the way of republican talking points and the very very ugly world net daily if there was any doubt that the right wing propaganda machine that calls itself news is now actually news that has disappeared that's because world that daily paid for an airplane on sunday to fly over cowboys stadium in arlington texas trailing a huge banner reading where is their real birth certificate that's right there when
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a full tilt birth or mode saying where we'll continue to use other crude efforts to address one of those serious constitutional questions coming facing our country namely is obama actually eligible for office course president obama released his birth certificate almost eight months ago back in april and was given all the news outlets to confirm but world net daily is still unconvinced which makes you wonder what will it take to make burgers like the folks at world net daily drop this absurd crusade against reality actually i should say what short of the president washing off his skin color will cause the bookies to drop their act for the it's getting very very. coming up in tonight's daily take liar liar pants on fire isn't just for the playground anymore find out why one group is calling out democrats.
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what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of being made who can you trust no one who is human view with a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called fascism when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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thanks. to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. do you know what's in your dinner chances are you probably don't that's because recent rulings by the world trade organization made it harder and harder for americans to know if what they're eating is safe and exactly where it came from for example last month it struck down a law passed by our congress and signed by our president in two thousand and eight
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the required labels on all meat so that we know what country the cattle was born raised and slaughtered it think about that for second laws passed by our elected representatives are being struck down by foreign bureaucrats and foreign corporations through the world trade organization also this year they were struck down dolphin safe to no labels arguing that it would do economic harm to foreign fishing fleets that slaughtered dolphins in the process of catching tuna. so why is this why is it suddenly illegal for us to know what's in the food we eat and why are we as a nation bending at the will of the. time tucker joins me now he is the research director at public citizens global trade watch todd welcome thanks for having me great to have you with us. what you dinners and in fact i'm on our producer at great personal risk went to mcdonald's going to slam frank was noting that we can
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our floor director that will probably use it for a hockey puck later and i shouldn't pick on mcdonald's like that it's it was a cheap but shot but. is there any way to know and you know assuming that it wasn't from a fast food restaurant but you know so you went into a store and you bought something with a label on it i realize the rules are somewhat different is there any way to know where that beef came from and why shouldn't we be allowed to know after we the people through elected representatives in our elected president said that we had the right to know you know what you know consumers have been fighting since the one nine hundred sixty s. to try to get consent country of origin labeling and be found in ground beef and the reason is obvious i mean you get cattle from dozens of different animals from dozens of different countries inserted into the single the same patty you know consumers want to be able to not only have the information about where the country the country of origin of the beef but it's also useful to be able to track back food borne illnesses disease exactly exactly so from the one nine hundred sixty s. up through two thousand and eight we were fighting to try to get that on the books
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we finally got it on the books and before the ink was even dry mexico and canada were challenging it at the world trade organization at the behest of big slaughterhouses and agribusiness corporations the didn't want to comply with the labeling requirement. now i remember when i was young there was now it all got out but but i remember like in my teenage years it seems to been a little older than that that that was when the whole dolphin safe tuna thing starts right started by the humane society wasn't a threat of those mainstream organizations and you know they wanted to because apparently dolphins which are mammals very smart marine mammals swim over schools of tuna because tuna eat very same mess a lily and and so the dolphins eat the food the little the leftovers basically and they actually after twenty five year campaign got americans i mean there were serious campaign school kids were on this thing and so what happened well you know
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as you mentioned i mean this is sort of a real rare environmental victory where after decades of campaign. we finally get dolphin safe labeling on the books this was enormously successful in reducing dolphin deaths right now and thinks to the thinks the dolphin safe labels consumers can vote with their feet and say that they want dolphin safe tuna mexico mexico and again sort of the big fishing fleets did not want to have to comply with that those regulations so even though there's no evidence that this is actually more burdensome to mexico than it is to say u.s. fishing fleets or fishing fleets from ecuador or other countries nonetheless because of the way the rules are written unelected judges sitting in geneva can route pass judgment on laws that were passed by our congress that we fought for in our u.s. courts that were affirmed by u.s. courts so a lot of consumer environmental groups are saying why why do we have this set of rules that again goes
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a lot beyond sort of traditional trade and really gets to the core of what how we can how was we as consumers can can make informed choices about what's on our dinner table national sovereignty is about a nation being able to make its own rules live its own way and conduct its business the way it decides to and you know for a long time right wingers in american conservatives were very hysterical about our joining the united nations because we surrendered to certain amount of sovereignty by signing those treaties that said that we wouldn't make war on somebody except. under the rules defined by the un and there is some truth to that it was a small surrender of national sovereignty in exchange for world peace now with the general agreement on trades and tariffs the series of treaties that we signed and agreements. we and entering the w t o have we surrendered national sovereignty to trans national corporations i mean is that what's going on here that's absolutely what's going on and if you know look among the major presidential
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candidates for anyone talking about this you've basically only got ron paul who sort of we're not only hearing them play and we don't get world peace out of it we gets right just more profits for the transnational corporations that's right and to hell with the tuna and or the dolphins and you know god only knows what's in the beef as a vegetarian am i protected in my safe i have to worry about vegetables coming because well you know the country of origin labeling law that passed in two thousand and eight was not just for beef but also for vegetables for juices and the real worry is that ok well now we have mexico and canada going against the labels for beef what's next is there is that brazil going to be going against the orange juice labels what's going to be next so it's a very worrying precedent what is the impact of the car on our farmers on our fishermen on our ranchers on the people who are producing food in the united states but i think you know both consumers and consumers want to consume local and you've got a lot of farmers and fishers that want to produce local that's good for the environment
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it's good for jobs there's a whole lot of different reasons people want to buy local tents crackers do you know that's correct for the local economy but because of the way the rules are set up they're basically local and sort of an empty localism it's you know if it can be shipped from china it can be shipped from halfway around the world then by god it's going to be shipped and if the consumer wants information to to make sure that they can buy local that needs to be challenged at the w t o as well so it's really a fairly ridiculous set of rules but it is binding on the u.s. and. what we're really looking for is to see if the obama administration is going to push back yeah just just twenty seconds left but george bush famously just pulled out of one of our nuclear treaties simply by saying we're out can we do the same thing with the video we absolutely can and i think consumers and citizens need to make sure that their elected officials are hearing that that is really what's at stake just pull out and just say that's it we're we're done with this todd thanks so much so much great having you with us welcome to the new w t o america rapidly
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becoming the world's number one third world nation it's time to bail out of these so-called free trade agreements or go back to an america that's of buy for americans. for some reason pull little fat pulitzer prize winning website the checks facts for various political claims they're giving paul ryan and the republican party and the republicans allows representatives cover you might remember earlier this year budget chairman a right wing young gun of all ryan introduced a radical new vision for america in the two thousand and twelve republican budget proposal the proposal championed by ryan ends medicare as we know it and when it was put up for a vote in the house of representatives in april two hundred thirty five republicans
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voted for two hundred thirty five republicans voted for trashing the national health insurance program and guaranteed coverage for america's seniors that has been in place since one thousand nine hundred sixty five and voted to replace those guarantees with an eight thousand dollars voucher to cover their medical expenses in the private market according to an analysis by the center for budget and policy priorities in twenty twenty eight thousand dollars voucher would only cover about sixty two percent of the average medical costs for a person sixty five years old. and by two thousand and thirty two that a thousand dollar voucher will only cover a third of a typical senior citizens medical expenses just a third so to recap the paul ryan plan completely transforms medicare from a government insurance program that actually covers medical expenses for senior citizens into a voucher program in which the government hands over an eight thousand dollars check to seniors and says good luck finding your own coverage now knowing that
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republicans are just dismantled one of america's most accomplished and popular social programs democrats seized on that vote and ran a few campaign ads calling out ryan and the republicans for any medicare. did someone call the fire department because it's a good hot food or. the democratic national campaign is responsible content of this advertising. but now political fact is going to bat for paul ryan and naming the democrats claim that he and his colleagues voted to end medicare as one of the year's biggest lie.
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according to politico fact to say the republicans voted in medicare as the does is a major exaggeration. a little fact goes on to argue that the democratic side claim the democrats claim is a pants on fire lie because a seniors would still get coverage in the medicare in quotes program although they would have to buy that coverage on their own in the private health insurance market with an insufficient. b. the ad doesn't clarify that the paul ryan plan doesn't affect people who are fifty five and older and see the budget resolution was nonbinding as in it couldn't go into effect until it was passed by the senate and signed by the president so essentially what political fact is saying is that despite completely gutting the program and changing the primary way senior citizens will receive health insurance coverage it's a pants on fire a lie to point that out because the new voucher program is named medicare and
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because ryan's plan only wipes out full coverage for people younger than fifty five and because democrats would oppose in the senate therefore democrats are whining when they saved republicans voted and medicare not only is polluted fact and the republicans they are pants on fire line and they're responsible for one of the biggest lies of the year it would be like if i took this can occur coke poor out all the coke fill it with milk and said i now have a can of milk and then pull out a fact comes along and says i don't pants on fire liar because hey it's still in a can labeled coke and if you want to look at it would identify it as a coke can but it's not coke i mean assuming i actually pour it out and put the milk in and under ryan's plan medicare is not medicare it's a voucher program all the while a political act actually admits that yes the republican plan would be
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a huge change the current program and both republicans and democrats would no doubt agree that ryan's plan for medicare is a dramatic change of course. so why did they give the claim its lowest rating and then parade it as one of the biggest lies of the year our nation right now is in the midst of one of the most radical assaults on our social safety net ever seen and for a so-called principled fact checking organization to ignore that reality and play a game of semantics to cover up the republican effort to destroy medicare is not only sloppy it's downright irresponsible and here's the kicker remember when rick perry said this. the republican candidates are talking about ways to transition this program and it is a monstrous lie. that went on to they rated it false but not pants
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on fire like they did the democrats it was just false it's not one of the wise of the year according to political act it's just forms so they're basically saying rick perry's claim that social security is a ponzi scheme which by the way is a completely absurd statement that has absolutely no bearing on reality since social security is an insurance program and is not a scam it has worked great for seventy five years and will continue to bat that alive by rick perry has a bit more truth in it that the democrats claim that republicans voted to end medicare so the question in my mind is what agenda does pollute fact. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our web site at thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org an r.t.a. dot com you can also check out our two you tube channels there are lots of thom hartmann dot com also thom hartmann dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there
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and get active tag your it occupies something suitable. he.


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