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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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in the best of the rest of the news the recall governor scott walker effort it was constant is about to hit an important milestone today the united wisconsin coalition one of the main organizers of the recall campaign announced that more than five hundred seven thousand signatures ever already been collected meaning organizers need fewer than thirty five thousand signatures to officially trigger a recall election and they still have a month to collect that remaining number of signatures that's bad news for scott walker for the latest on the wisconsin recall effort i'm joined by andy croll staff reporter of mother jones magazine and he welcome back thanks for having me great to have you here with us are you amazed by how quickly these signatures are are coming in. i don't think anyone can not be amazed they'd be lying if they said they that they were expecting this i mean it's there it's unprecedented like you said they're you know around thirty thousand or so signatures away from meeting the legal requirement and they've got thirty more days to go in there on track to get one point one million signatures for this recall effort so i think everyone is on the
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democratic side is pleasantly surprised at how far they've got when you look at what happened in ohio though there was there was a similar heart of this happened you know with three million was you know it was it was one point one point two one point three three yes that's right through and you know which was three times what they needed there's yeah i mean there's someplace that was significantly more i mean that the key difference that reporters put up there was that that effort began right after governor case it can ohio passed his anti worker anti-union bill and wisconsin they had this huge gap in this effort started november fifteenth walker passed his bill this spring yet they kept that energy alive throughout the summer into the fall into the winter and here we are now i understand scott walker actually has he's confiding to people that he's not all this concerned about it because of a loophole in the wisconsin law that you know there's going to be all this energy
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around getting the signatures and all these people in the streets getting out the you know to to get to to pull him out of office and they'll be the recall you know election date set and then he's got a magic trick he's going to play this is sort of the smoking gun in the whole recall effort which is that by some weird bizarre quirk in wisconsin law the limits on individuals giving to the governor for the recall his recall the guys ten thousand nine thousand dollars per person is thrown out the window so essentially he can go to david koch he can go to the mega donors in the republican party wal-mart's pac koch industries pac all these all over back yet. these folks and you can basically say hey guess what the limits are gone you can give me as much money as you want i can million bucks yeah i can fill my war chest and so you know so it's almost asymmetrical warfare here because you have a very well organized energized grassroots recall organizing team but you also have
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the governor and you know in his own party has admitted at every point on this they have admitted that raising unlimited money is central to their strategy. and what they'll do with that is they'll run a bunch of ads saying oh isn't everything wonderful here in wisconsin we never had a better and do you think it's going to work. what's that what are the chances is there is there any president is there any we've seen in any other states it might give us a leading indicator would have an ohio for example yeah exactly at ohio was a good one because there were a lot of competing ads out there in ohio though the pro union folks were the ones who ended up spending quite a bit more and so maybe the ads worked in their favor. isn't though that money that we know of because the unions say we do know it doesn't have to report it so it may well be that actually the the republican forces spent more than the democrat we just don't know yet i think it's going to be a fascinating test of outside money dark money funding ads versus manpower you know can the unions can
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a democratic party can just angry wisconsinites muster enough energy to get out the vote enough to beat out what's going to be incredibly well funded recall the fairness and in a way it's going to be better to the two thousand and twelve election it's going to it's going to set the tone in that state and around the midwest and and be a hell of a testing ground lieutenant governor kleefisch is also being recalled and has to be recalled separately cited separate ballot so what's the situation there that efforts lagging a little bit. the democratic party folks wouldn't tell me but you know about two weeks ago it was about three hundred thousand my guess is it's probably around four hundred or four hundred fifty now that she's not as unpopular and they were you know it's the name scott walker you know it if it were had right exactly and it hits you in the gut and it you know it's much easier to collect signatures and get people riled up for him than it is for his sort of no name lieutenant but i mean
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again even if it's three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand for her they've got a month to go democratic party officials tell me you know that in a way they're going to redouble their efforts on her especially they want both of them they don't want just walker right now the a.c.l.u. has filed a suit against walker alleging voter discrimination a one study showed that one. five wisconsin voters are going to show up at the polls and not have id that allows them to vote that's pretty mind boggling one how's that going to affect this campaign and to what's going on with that lawsuit other efforts the attorney general weighed in a couple days ago you know the thirty seconds we have left here you know what what's what's the dynamic i mean i think the. lawsuit works plays into the hands of folks trying to recall walker it keeps in the public's public eye the public discussion and issues that frankly it's not all that great for having me he says is an important bill but you know democrats can paint it as they rightfully should as something that's basically voter discrimination and so you know i think it works in
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their favor and as long as they're having that debate it's sort of more grist to the anti walker mill if you will there you go very good andy thanks for going to bugger off when you know scott walker is learning a lesson and so too should other republican governors who've gone after union workers like john kayser going to highlight chris christie in new jersey and the lesson is don't mess with working people. we've all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away well now they have a more true than ever particularly for people with chronic inflammation cause diseases researchers at the department of immunology and infectious diseases of montana state university ever least a study that shows that apple poly phenols antioxidants found in the peel of apples
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can suppress t. cell activation and thus prevent collide as in mice columbus is a swelling of the large intestine and t. cells are a type of white blood cell the play a central role in the immune system and are at the core of that system the tailors the body's immune response to possess specific pathogens to conduct the research scientists chemically induced choli this in mice then gave one group an oral placebo and another group of mice were given an oral dose of apple polish females every day during the course of the disease the results show that the mice who ate the apple poly phenols were protected from cold light us but the t. cells were the key here because the treated mice had fewer activated t. cells in their colons and mice the lack t. cells completely were not protected from collide as even after receiving the apple policy it was only affecting the t. cells so this shows that apple polyphenols protect against collide as by the method
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of suppressing t. cell activation these findings are really important because the first to show a role for t. cells in polythene all mediated protection against any kind of an auto immune disease and thus could lead to new therapies and treatments for people with disorders related to intestinal inflammation like alters crohn's disease disease even colorectal cancer and cancer seems to come. in some cases out of inflammation especially since many people who suffer from these diseases routinely use dietary supplements in addition to medications to treat their symptoms and a chronic inflammation is implicated in lots of other things chronic tooth infections for example have been shown to correlate to heart inflammation and heart disease and other forms of inflammation seem to be correlated with a whole variety of auto immune disorders and scientists speculating on a combination of genetic susceptibility and chronic inflammation or an overactive immune system causing or aggravating a whole wide range of diseases ranging from arthritis to lupus to m.s.
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nobody's really sure it's a fascinating speculation out there so these findings could have much larger implications than just collide as and again point to the importance of fresh fruit as part of a daily diet thomas jefferson was pretty religious about a few foods ate an apple every day and had two glasses of wine every night with dinner and he was on to something since both of those things have now scientifically been proven to have an anti-inflammatory benefits and thus extend life. it's the good the bad of the very very bella potently ugly good a halt ohio supreme court justice paul eve pfeiffer the most senior justice on ohio's highest court went before state lawmakers yesterday and pleaded with them to pass legislation banning the death penalty in that state pfeiffer who is
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a republican told the house criminal justice committee the death penalty in ohio has become what i call a death lottery i believe is no longer well served by our death penalty statute it should be repealed if you are going to consider those who will if not now when if not you who well said and it looks like the rest of the country is beginning to come around to the same opinion as death sentences in our nation hit a thirty five year low this year time to join the rest of the developed world and ditch the death penalty the bad immigrations and customs in ports enforcement agency known as ice has kicked into high gear deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records according to new york times ice is also targeting legal u.s. residents and citizens for deportation northwestern university estimated that last year as many as four thousand american citizens were mistakenly detained for months
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or even deported last year by ice and since two thousand and three as many as twenty thousand u.s. citizens may have been detained or deported wrongfully. president obama hypes the fact that his administration has been tougher than any other when it comes to illegal immigration deporting as many as one point one million people since he took office but in light of this new evidence that u.s. citizens may have been deferred to the room question is that what. kloster we pursuing this. and the very very ugly john mccain while most of the nation is relieved that the iraq war is now over and u.s. troops are finally coming home warhawk senator john mccain is upset in interviews borning on an n.b.c. mccain grumpily blasted president obama arguing that he thinks the troop withdrawal is unnecessary. we risk losing everything that we gain i think it's a great risk and i think it was unnecessary we always envisioned some residual
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force and this administration they were never really serious at all let me ask you could i say yes you're seeing seeing iraq break up into three countries which is what the vice president and the remember that the president and the vice president all opposed the surge said we couldn't win and they wanted to withdraw and they have succeeded so john mccain one of the most vocal advocates of this illegal war in the first place a war that has cost nearly four thousand five hundred troops there a lot and killed or displaced millions of iraqis now want to give advice on how we should leave iraq. after nine years of illegal war john mccain has lost the right to be taken seriously when it comes to war voters it's very ugly. coming up in size daily take a christmas a villain has found a kindred spirit among the republicans primary candidates.
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but drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is you know in view with a global missionary zeal where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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this year a new nation was born in africa on july ninth two thousand and eleven south sudan officially became an independent country putting an end to decades of civil war that plagued sudan as a whole now south sudan has to get to work building and it won't be easy i was there about two years ago broadcasting my radio show for a week from machar's a small town of seven thousand people just over the border from darfur they've become home to over forty five thousand refugees from both the door for genocide and the civil war with sudan i've done refugee work and relief work in africa and south america since the late one nine hundred seventy s. and this was among the worst i've seen since i was in uganda just after etiam and amine flood that country south sudan is one of the poorest nations on the planet and has some of the worst public health regions anywhere in go quick char for example where i was there was one hand pump that well the provider water to all
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those people forty five thousand people no modern sanitation at all so that sudan is a nation about the size of texas and at that time it had less than one hundred miles of paid paved roads and we were about four hundred miles away from the nearest electricity so then sudan is still also very much caught in the crossfire of war only a thousand people have been killed in southern sudan as the new government clashes with at least seven armed groups operating in nine of ten south sudanese states but this week here in washington d.c. . south sudan is looking forward to united states and south sudan so this event are hosting the south sudan international engagement conference where that young nation will present its national development plan to international stakeholders and one important topic of discussion at the conference will be what role will women play in shaping the new south sudan for more on that i want to welcome to this to the studio sara james and chairperson of the south sudan women's general assembly and
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mary alley swirl if i have that right mary. director of the ministry of gender child and social welfare welcome to you both thank you thank you for being with us the minute. mary ice but if you're mary mary i spent a few hours with solve a cure when i was in south sudan and he seemed very this was even before the election the ballot for events and he seemed very committed to not just national independence but also a a and a gala tarion nation is how's it going what's where how is the how is the progress since independence yeah think of it i want. to put up with this going on what. he's trying he's with a few days this that would help. that's the way we have the he set us of the development plan. to implement a development plan of course we need resources and that's where this conference is
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. so that. for. us. to give us some plans he'd be able to implement the plan. we did. we need a lot of things on the ground because all the infrastructure is were destroyed didn't there were there was in fact nothing struck think this no to construct i guess constructing. so he places a lot of talent because. we have. now that we separated and in unison we hope. you have investors on the ground head of us exploit he said be able to get enough while . and with the head of our part in this he said be able to see. the. economy. when i was in
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charge of the person who ran the city was a woman women have played a very important role in. in the history of sudan certainly in the government and even in the revolution as a war against northern sudan and what is how is life changing for women now post independence in south sudan and what are you trying to accomplish in that regard. so i was in sudan they have contributed a lot as you mentioned during the war even have contributed also during that a friend and they have made it possible with their major to vote during their different and in building a nation they are going to to. going to contribute a lot but did need the support that's why we are here in the denver and.
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we discussed south sudan has tried to sell sudan development plan and we have come up with our recommendation. in. north we men and participation of women in the only government level and also we have come out. our priorities. we have a higher rate of illiteracy and we are going to walk to provide aid. literacy to improve the living condition of the women he sells sudan are you getting a good response here in the recess from other stakeholders or other international calling for the international community that don't mouse and the republic of south sudan to help the women to come out from fatigue. and marry what is what is the situation with bringing south sudan out of poverty when i was when i was there
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several years ago it was i believe one of the poorest nations in the world and yet there's an enormous amount of oil wealth there. is a moving forward is that money starting to filter down to the people. and think about how to answer them of course if they were didn't you see there's not been exploited yet in terms of agriculture. sort of the sources. or the sources which need to be exploited and the women. who do much to help the resources on the ground and that's the way. the common decency is that they were asking that we need. what women or money would load it up into. the what i want to. call it that i. didn't have. so that they're going to get.
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small businesses in which they can be able to put. food on the table. to give them some tickle my have to go to school but of course. it is very difficult you cannot. in the neighboring countries like uganda providing us with because. business is better than us so. we need. so that we can be able to empower the. income to live up to this thank you for sharing your stories both of us marian served with us and for the great work that you're doing i wish you the very very best. especially for your brand new nation.
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thank you. right now newt gingrich is the man most republicans actually want to be present in the united states and n.b.c. wall street journal poll released this week gives newt a seventeen point lead over mitt romney so if you really want to get to the heart of what direction republican voters want to take this country then what you need to
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look at carefully is the republican front runners economic plan right luckily the center for american progress did just that and today the results are in new gingrich's economic plan which is very similar to all the other republicans plans which officially turn america into a banana republic gingrich's plan is very very simple it's just a fifteen percent flat tax so whether you make twenty five thousand dollars a year or twenty five million dollars a year you pay the same tax rate just fifteen percent despite the fact that american corporations currently pay the second least amount of taxes in the developed world and you'd also want to give them a massive tax cut to dropping the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent to twelve and a half percent with out closing a single corporate tax loophole and a special nod to people like mitt romney who make their money sitting on their butts around the pool collecting dividend checks or the hilton sisters who inherited all their money from their parents newt completely eliminates the capital
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gains tax which is currently fifteen percent and scraps the estate tax all together under newt's plan mitt romney who's worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year earns additional millions a year from his investments would pay absolutely nothing in taxes. but that's not all let's just take a look at these charts this is this is actually some extraordinary stuff under newt's plan millionaires people making more than a million dollars are actually going to pay less than people making seventy five to one hundred thousand and fifty to seventy five thousand forty fifty thousand millionaires make the least millionaires or pay a lower overall tax than all middle class americans this is this is and gingrich would give a tax cut to about twelve times under news plan millionaires will receive an average of a six hundred thousand dollars tax cut this is the tax cut this is the amount the average american makes his plan would amount to an eight hundred fifty billion
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dollar a year tax cut but guess who would be getting most of that money the richest one percent are going to get fifty percent of it the next four percent are going to get sixteen percent of it and about a third of it is going to come mostly from the top of the bottom ninety five percent under news plan the tax rate for the top one percent would fall to the lowest level in modern history this is under reagan this is under bush this is under clinton this is under bush two and this is under gingrich pretty amazing in fact gingrich's tax cut for millionaires would cost our nation three hundred sixty billion dollars a year this is how much his tax cut would cost and how much you would add to the debt this is the total cost of medicaid now that his tax cut is going to cost us more than medicaid costs us it would cause more than veterans' benefits food stamps elementary and secondary education national institutes of health and the highway repair and reconstruction and here's the kicker you know republicans can't say more than two words without screaming about the debt well here's what newt's massive tax
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cuts for millionaires would do to our debt. right now it's sixty seven percent of g.d.p. by the year twenty thirty of the one hundred forty two percent of g.d.p. our debt would explode as a result of newt's ideas so this is the vision for the republican party the republican party is pretty much identical to ronald reagan's idea when reagan dropped the top tax rate on one percent millionaires from seventy four percent to twenty eight percent and as a result threw us into a recession gave us a lemon percent unemployment crashed the s. and l. banks and almost tripled our national debt and we still pretty much have regular tax rates which for thirty years have ensured that millionaires and billionaires don't pay the cost of building and running the nation that made them so wealthy this is what they want to do at a time when the middle class is disappearing with one in two americans living in poverty or in low income households as we heard today from the census bureau at a time when wealth inequality is at levels unseen since the great depression at
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a time when student loan debt is topping a trillion bucks and this is the vision that the republicans have for america. we can't let it happen if newt gingrich or any other republican for that matter gets a chance to enact this radical vision of rule by the rich and it will be the death of the middle class america as we know it and that my friends is the death of america as we know it and because all the republicans pretty much agree with newt this is the choice we're all going to face next november regardless of who is the republican nominee a lot of us myself included may be disappointed with democrats but there's no way we can let the one percent oligarchy who are banking on one of these republican lapdogs win the white house one of those lapdogs who wants to complete the transformation of america it was started thirty years ago by ronald reagan turning the last of our working class into the working poor we can't let it happen occupy something. at that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the
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for news today violence is once again fled.


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