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joined up thinking russia finally becomes a card carrying member of the world trade organization later on friday. and anxieties. russia's w.c.l. entry may have some sectors of the russian economy but he will eventually the big winner is going to be the consumer we talk to experts in business in twenty minutes . moscow breaks down the syrian crisis for the un with a sanction free draft resolution calling on both sides of the conflict today down arms and talk. and an indian summer in the midst of the russian winter prime minister singh is in moscow for top level talks join me in a few moments to find out what's of the discussion.
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there world news and comment twenty four hours a day this is r.t. well the wait is over friday sees russia finally get to join the world trade organization after nearly two decades of talks is expected to provide an economic shot in the arm and help strengthen bonds with other nations but it will also raise the competition stakes as daniel bushell explains. for russia w. tear membership will become a leap into the are known some states have benefited enormously from membership china's exports to the west of skyrocketed in the decade since they joined the third tier worked by cutting countries import tariffs to make international trade easier but others have found the hold to compete with an increase in cheap for import the w.t.
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a world wide consensus building every country could veto talks the latest objections came from georgia has taken some last minute mediation from diplomats here in switzerland to find a compromise but membership also provides opportunities brussels low cost space could allow it to export more products to of the w.t. or whoever's if the signing ceremony goes ahead as planned on friday evening that removes the most of horrible to russia for membership russia's chief negotiator here back to medved cause there's that should happen in the first part of next year the real test will be given as much as companies begin to face new international competition. reporting that while russia's deputy a membership will see many winners but also a few losers as artie's for national explores. with all my studio caves of hard talks now over it's still not clear exactly what russia's w.t.r. membership is offering the country and with amazed all the details the league remains still firmly behind closed doors experts are left to try and little crystal
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ball gazing. their predictions begin with agriculture one of the most vulnerable areas it who probably the most seriously affected to enter the w t o russia had to pledge to reduce in-state support to farming which amounts to nine billion dollars annually today is expected to become just half of that in just five years we've already travelled to hundred and fifty kilometers away from moscow and what we see here is a sad picture goes through it is like this one us road all across. russia and with a struggle in agriculture industry their number is only crazing thirty percent of the countries are well and are currently not in use and the raw fear is that cut of foreign subsidies like sessional grain well we make things dramatically worse russia though will hardly be starving lowy puts taxes will help fill the gap with
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foreign goods for customers which means bigger choice and lawyer prices while local producers may suffer with russia's currently importing forty five percent of all food products and may soon become fifty to seventy percent local producers will be unable to compete will go down. meanwhile those competitive enough will stay afloat and benefit alexander and his family run a small business just outside moscow there one hundred twenty goats give enough milk to produce killers of high quality cheese and a w t o entry could be seen as a double edged sword on the one hand washing producers like these small cheese factory could cop against tough competition but at the same time could see that product. mart broda market. but back in the crystal ball the future doesn't look bright for wrong constantine a young engineer at one of russia's largest farm machinery factories is afraid who
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join russia's jobless once the country joins the w t o. we make great machines but we can hardly compete on price with foreign makers the fears of the young father of two a far from groundless the car industry is another risky area with an open market this is soviet era facility is going to have to go head to hand with the latest technology that mystic up and uses have been among the biggest audience at the w t o lobby critics say russia's making history will be i'm able to meet the crazy competition the accession of attractive offer in a gloomy prediction that once the country's in bad lines will stop factories will shut and thousands of people will be left out of work and out of la ukraine stew thousand and eighteen change to the lead to a fifty percent loss of employment in its all to industry in russia however the effect should be more gradual due to securing a certain privilege entry to the w.t.
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have doesn't mean you instantly have to drop all customs tires and comply straight away there's a transit so-called transition period roughly seven years or so this time should be enough for the industry to build up some muscle russian manufacturers for example have to invest more in order to. increase their efficiency their productivity and this is one of the instruments in order to promote the monetization of the russian economy and the predictions continue to go with foreign investments said to be ready to rock it the cumulative gains we believe or roughly three point three percent of russian g.d.p. in. early years after accession after more like ten years with the grocer would gain about eleven. percent of g.d.p. european business already acknowledges the many positive signals and the many reasons to venture into russia was russia joins the w t o european carriers will no
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longer need to pay a premium to use the trans-siberian routes currently five hundred million dollars here the drive the prices of tickets. the. foreign companies here. but apart from economic achievements the country's political image should benefit and maybe what's more important russia will no longer be an outsider but a part of the prestigious club north korean part of the global body wood of the past a little strange russia has been the biggest economy not to be integrated into the w t o but after an eighteen year marathon of negotiations all the world's key players finally come together under the same umbrella. mosco. but in a few minutes time r.t. business has more on how russia's membership could make a big difference. than the man who allegedly humiliated the world's biggest
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military machine gets his day in the dark. undermining our national security and there's something wrong the truth. keys wiki leaks whistleblower bradley manning are funny and here at court martial later. after his arrest. the un security council is mulling a new draft resolution on syria which russia is putting forward it condemns all sides in the ongoing conflict calling for violence to stop but there's no mention of sanctions the kremlin's u.n. envoy says the balance draft should be passed. from the outset. our assessment of the situation that was that various violent groups were taking advantage of peaceful demonstrators in order to pursue their agenda so those concerns were reflected in the draft resolution but there is also very strong language in terms of knowing purity and support of human rights and. the need to stop violence and
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make sure that. transgressions do not go unnoticed. for russia has been actively trying to mediate a peaceful solution for months syria's vice president will hold talks with officials in moscow on friday there is little letup in the violence which most recently saw a desert is gunned down two dozen offices the free syrian army claims to have more than twenty five thousand troops to bring down president assad and western nations to refuse to acknowledge that anti vision protesters are armed u.s. based nature of the. admins says washington is siding with the opposition to force change they have had this vision to train the rebels there they also help the rebels smuggle arms into syria but also they have a communication division there in order to actually increase the number of the factors from the current syrian army it's not some kind of simultaneously
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authorizing situation where people are rebelling and that suddenly they are mysteriously armed and mysteriously arms are being smuggled into syria from turkey who who is providing this arms all these are u.s. arms shipped across from turkey it's being smuggled into syria we went through this with iraq we went through this with libya we went through this with so many wars that we have had since nine eleven and this fits the pattern we have had before you don't start anything without crap at least that's not the case with the united states military you start doing the prep work while this prep war started in may two thousand and eleven in case of syria. but it's the end in iraq where u.s. forces are finally packing up and shipping out as r.t. reports online for the tree top brass watch as the american flag is symbolic you know it drawing a line under a trillion dollar war that's killed more than one hundred thousand civilians see
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the sun dance party dot com. in other online reports hacking the mind medical technology developing quickly but still the science fiction prospect of controlling the human brain could become a reality the civil feature in advances in d.n.a. programming. now there's plenty of good karma in the air in moscow with the indian prime minister manmohan singh on a state visit he's currently meeting president medvedev at the kremlin and they have plenty to talk about correspondent peter all of is following the trip. both russia and india are part of the bric group of emerging economic powers and we're expecting to see around half
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a dozen deal signed on friday which will further the economic ties between the two nations now one deal that we may not see on friday concerns the building of the two units at the. nuclear power plant in india and russia did build to two units that are on site there already they're expected to go online very shortly and staying with atomic energy we could see a deal signed on friday which would see. russia and india enter into an agreement to build a joint nuclear enrichment facility now this would involve scientists from india and russia that would be built in russia terms of defense we are expecting to see a ten year lease on. all russian nuclear submarines handed out to the indian navy as well as joint cooperation on development of fighter jet technology being signed as well but it's on trays where it gets really interesting this is occurring the
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trade between india and russia stands at around ten billion dollars a year both countries want to see that double by twenty fifteen to twenty billion dollars which would see the two countries becoming already major trading partners but ext well increased amount of trade that goes between the two nations by twice as much to see from them there so that's those the deals that we're looking at right now aid to the president to be to be made to get if we will be meeting with prime minister singh and said this issues including what's going on in north africa and the wider middle east as well as iran's nuclear program will also be on the table for discussion. of our first child there from the school of international affairs says moscow and denny's partnership will strengthen the global position of the brics and islands of which they are both members. the relationship between russia and india has always been very tight with no iraq paul it's always been
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a close embrace and these are summit meetings between heads so stupid just go on to reaffirm the importance of the relationship and the fact the they are happening so frequently implies that both sides realize that we are on the cusp of a major transformation of the world order and bes to along with the rest of the bric countries need to come together a partnership with russia is inevitably going to drag you in here into taking a stand on important global issues we cannot be a bystander and many of the media have been advocating that we need to coordinate our positions closer with russia the fact that russia has very very strong strategic ties with china and historically very good relations with india mean that russia actually we would position to be able to bring the bric together and the brics and to make them you know a meaningful entity that can change the world order. on the way we literally get to grips with why doesn't stern is a sporting showpiece here about the all conquering athletes coming from the
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caucuses or the world's biggest sporting events could be eyeing up the region. the russian convoy carrying tons of humanitarian aid that was halted travel checkpoint between possible has been allowed through twenty five trucks were stopped on tuesday by the new control customs officers or to refuse an escort through the territory on their way to come by three police vehicles the area has been in dispute since july when cost of a sentence and customs officers to the checkpoint minority serves reacted by erecting barricades because first controlled by ethnic albanians who declared independence three years ago it's home to more than one hundred thousand serbs. promised to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth could land one army private behind bars bradley manning accused of releasing secret military and diplomatic data to wiki leaks will make his first court appearance on friday after more than a year and a half in custody artie's this war has
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a story. it was this video of u.s. army pilots in iraq eagerly firing shots at innocent people on the ground and hundreds of thousands of secret military documents and cables leaked to wiki leaks there have been some criminal acts committed by u.s. government employees and those employees have never been held accountable for them all this made public over a year and a half ago by bradley manning a twenty two year old army private turned whistleblower and the past eighteen months that bradley manning has been behind bars he's become somewhat of a symbol to his supporters who represents the extreme secrecy and lack of transparency within the u.s. government the documents that he helped to make public reveal that the u.s. has some dark secrets it shows that in my opinion in the last decade there's been no real. lessening of the standards of diplomatic reporting and
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in our military the real disregard for life of torture of assassinations of as executions have become more of the norm really. and for bringing all this to light he's regarded by many as a hero he has impacted governments around the world he's lived through the veil of the u.s. empire to show us what we really are basically i got a military because of bradley manning michael patterson is an iraq war veteran he says seeing this video changed his life from the wiki leaks stuff started coming out and that's when i kind of hit that more that wall and basically i decided i was going to do something more but today manning is paying the price he's been locked up behind bars as a maximum custody detainees subject to solitary confinement and forced nudity which some argue are forms of torture he was being treated as if he had already been
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convicted and the punished what was going to be. very brutal punishment he's now charged with aiding the enemy his critics say he put american lives in jeopardy just because you don't like the country's foreign policy doesn't mean you can out it to the planet that doesn't make you a truth teller that makes you a tree a traitor and as manning finally gets his day in court his supporters say the only thing he's guilty of is telling the truth he awoke a lot of people up to the actual realities of his world and he deserves a medal if the truth is actually undermining our national security but there's something wrong with the truth. in washington liz wahl r.t. more world news now been clashes between police and protesters in egypt at a sit in protest of marking an end to military coup happened when it was read that one of the activists have been detained hundreds of demonstrators torched cars and threw stones at military police who fired gunshots into the air to disperse them but injuries are now being reported egypt's currently holding
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a months long lection process to replace the military that's been in place since president barrack was ousted. many have grown impatient that it's no progress before. there's high level suspicion that the former libyan leader colonel gadhafi is killing was a war crime international criminal court's chief prosecutor and he wants to know what the country's leadership is going to do to investigate it a month long uprising against gadhafi is known to over thirty thousand people and even on top of his capture and violent death. japan's fukushima nuclear facility has been declared stable by months of being crippled by the earthquake and tsunami that it's in what's called a cold shutdown condition in the minimal radiation are leaking from the plot seems a major milestone in bringing the crisis under control and the facility remains vulnerable and take decades to clean up. when next we continue our exploration of
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the russian caucuses get a ringside seat to celebrate the region's sporting success. of dagestan often makes headlines for its volatility but that belies its knack for nurturing premier athletes from award winning wrestlers and its new star field football clubs now the star is now getting to host the twenty eighteen youth olympics as well as hoping to play a part in football's world cup when it comes to russia that same year but artie's never explores a republic that's fighting fit. russia's republic of dagestan may be sadly synonymous with violence and anti terror raids but there are other battles away from the front line that many hold the region will one day be remembered for for centuries this area has been really known for its strong and brave population and
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the birthplace of many world champions in all types of wrestling moreover since the start of this year it's been home to one of the most ambitious and certainly biggest spending football clubs in the world wrestling championships and football matches now unite all nationalities hamp locals say when a boy is being born into a family the first thing to decide is which sport he'll embrace we managed to take a closer look at how despite all the difficulties the new generation of dagestan the sports man are all in their path to glory. duggie stunning men are definitely hands on with their favorite sport for centuries just about every man here takes to wrestling from childhood onwards and the region has had to use cold sauce is unlikely to be dealt a blow new a feel from the time we're born a judge a study made a tool to fight boxing judo anything goes we just love it in our blood. no surprise
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the dog is john is the birthplace of world champions in old types of first thing in the last fourteen years fighters have always made the podiums in brushes amateur nationals and then while winning world european annalyn picked gold medals thousands of douglas johnny boy psyche and the no one else grapples them from top flight international wrestling nineteen year old shiny last month of his one of them he's already been wrestling for a decade scooping several russian or used championships below the way north says joe who to dream to join the national team no matter how hard it sometimes is i'm ready to fight for this place. but there is another sport vying for doug a stand in factions football is profiles been raised since local billionaire swimming monkey most bought the region's main club. and set about buying star players like a middleman striker samuel adds house down to sydney and legend roberto carlos. are
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she potential in this club i want to grow together with this team. the potence effect of football is already seeping through in closing a possible goals to dagestan image at home and away the more the club sponsor and buying up big names people talk about it it's also rumored that angie wants to sign up the dutch coach guus hiddink not long ago local football club and she much below was barely known outside the region now it makes regular have lines with the doubles on the global transfer market and when it comes in place here in the capital city of my high school on this day becomes a real holiday for the locals. but a key goal for crowds like this is to host a world cup game when russia gets to host the planet's biggest sporting event in twenty eighteen accordingly it will be a chance to show another side of dog
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a standard people could come and see with their own eyes. for now sizes of men and boys and a few girls wish the matches passionately shouting slogans waving flags and forgetting for a few hours of the often tough life that awaits outside the stands this is one group that certainly has been achieved much in a question though r.t. close up in the republic of dagestan. sort of sporting a theme and next hour the latest on the euro hockey toward our sports roundup russia's new the ice hockey reigns unbeaten in the top of the data supplied being delivered to finland you need to tell me more in an hour's time here not. now though but the business news. how long the very warm welcome to the program our top story this hour goldman sachs
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story and five other large western financial institutions have had their credit rating downgraded by theat the agency says the decision is due to increased challenges in the financial markets the deputy chairman of russia's central bank alexiou clients says the move will affect banks here before since somehow influence russian banks because as soon as the global markets the are eight or four in stock exchange the rate of financial institutions first of all boats going down it influence or russian we can see that our biggest banks which are on the market like this about one call that would be losing their position keep it inside this situation. of high profits this year and in that very situation their capital stock is going to just because of influence of the global financial situation. well you can watch the full interview with alexa and a guy in out spotlight program later next week and as we've been reporting
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a new era is about to begin for the russian economy on friday night in geneva the world trade organization will formally invite russia to join the club a successful conclusion to eighteen years of negotiations and lists warned that joining the trade body could harm certain sectors of the russian economy particularly the uncompetitive light industry and machine manufacturing sectors but in the long term the reduction of trade barriers should spur russian companies to become more competitive more immediately the big winner is likely to be the russian consumer as r.t. is to retrieve the tanker reports. buying even a simple product such as a jacket or a good pair of jeans can be a challenge in russia since you're pretty much down to three options either you buy a nationally made product but the quality is usually inferior you can come to one of these shopping centers look for a famous brand but since the vendor bears the cost of import tariffs and customs regulations price tag is pretty high or you can have a plane go to europe and come back wearing everything you need but think of the
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logistics of that but this is going to change as russia joins the world trade organization now what is going to happen since customs regulations are going to be simplified and made more transparent import tariffs are going to be slashed and more companies are going to come on to the markets present their goods and that's competition will grow and prices will have to go down because of the extra supply companies will now have to fight for the consumer and that will be a challenge for russian companies especially for small and medium enterprises but the consumer wins as the prices are expected to go down by around ten percent according to the economics ministry and the economy will add four point three percent of the gross domestic product and spending will grow by around seven percent according to the world bank and russia will probably find itself not in a situation where it is the sixth largest economy in the world with just two percent of the global trade. that's a quick check on the markets european stocks are advancing and meet optimism that
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u.s. economy is recovering jobless claims of the country unexpectedly dropped to three yellow food say is now zero point six percent and the tax is gaining point three percent the sound from the russian markets a raised against the r.t.s. is losing point four percent and the my six is just a notch in the red so have a look at some of the individual share moves in my six energy mages are mixed this hour with gas giant gazprom this gaining almost one percent while while major also nafta is down and financials on the rise with the bank up of a one and a half percent. that's it for now you're up to date all be back with more business stories in less than white house time and you can get more from the website our chief business.
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