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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EST

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survived in the freezing cold. a new beginning in russia's newly discovered the arctic circle on r.t. . now and here in moscow breaking news now from our rescuers will work through the night of russia's far east where an oil rig with sixty seven people on board has capsized four people on they have died and fourteen have been saved from the icy waters while the rest and let's say. in all the news this week a more deadly violence in the wake of the catholic stand proud down what stolen lebanon striking oil workers killed an independence day countering. the arab league is giving damascus until wednesday to stop the bloodshed or it will go to the u.s. russia is pushing its resolution at the security council calling for both sides
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syria to told us. on russia's welcome to the world trade organization after almost twenty years of tools memberships expects to bring both incentives for business and investment as well as some tough competition. ok time now to get some perspective on all that is the trade commissioner talks to r.t. . you trade commissioner called the goodies in geneva to welcome russia into the world trade organization he warns it comes at a time when the euro crisis threaten the world with recession mr de gucht leaders are insulting each of the euro's fall into new lows how worried are you about this stage of the euro debt crisis i see that. people some people continue to fing that sooner or later we will have serious problems with the euro. and that's obviously
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influencing the debate but this is simply not true i mean the euro is going to continue your is there to stay and europe will do everything that's a see to preserve the european union it's not a matter of choice you know it's not a matter of having different target this is one very clear cut political decision you know is there to say full stop nicolas sarkozy's just call david cameron an obstinate kid while e.u. leaders getting personal it's not up to me to make comments on what president sarkozy is saying but generally i think one should avoid to become personal in that kind of discussions these are difficult discussions for everybody we're going through a tough time and so let's keep cool i mean. i would say don't get personal britain's credit rating should be downgraded before it's do you agree with them
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when you look at the financial position. of great britain it's not better than the let's say consolidated position off of the european monetary union obviously not. the difference is of course that there you have states with a central bank that there's a lender of last resort and that makes the difference look at what the situation of of the dog. i mean and look at the debt situation in the united states it's also certainly not better than the european one nevertheless they don't have problems to borrow money on the international financial markets for exactly the same reason you know and i think we should learn from that and go in the direction of. mutual izing did that then you would see the interest rates going down if that's to see the european central bank should also intervene vigorously and make it clear to the financial markets that only speculation it's also fear that banks that is in the markets there is no reason for that. ten billion dollars through the i.m.f.
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to help the e.u. with its debt crisis what will play in the e.u. to me it is our fears that everybody so old states have an interest that. nothing dramatic happens with the euro because europe is the biggest economy in the world you know so everybody has a clear interest in that so it's not by accident that for example a couple of weeks ago the fed the reason the. the british national bank. switzerland japan. are taking together with you to be in central bank we're taking concerted efforts to put liquidity in the markets the inside some by accident because obviously this is of major concern to everybody in the world and russia being lonely our neighbor
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but also being the major source of energy to europe which means that their biggest and probably also their best clients they have an obvious interest in not letting degrading the european economy the united states thinks exports to russia can double over the next five years off. how much can you expose to russia will also go up i see several. big advantages in russia becoming a member of the w t o. for example that is part of those accession conditions it's. a completely new set of rules that respect to specify which respect to fit to seventy norms for a for food is also very important what we having concluded proceed back to the old emotive sector where russia had been taking a you know the through a measures and now well that we have come to an to a compromise on the that will certainly contribute to more trade although i see
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is that it will be possible to attract more foreign capital because. there are exceptions to the w.t. oh i will. give them assurances they were in a. legal environment that is more transparent so than it was so that it was before so i expect to. trade with russia to rise considerably some economists think countries have put in meaningless barriers to stop russia joining with. how fair has the process been i haven't been active in this file for the last eighteen years have been the. steering the process for the last six months let's say. and. i believe fair negotiations yes i mean sometimes stuff and they go about with if you will by both parties to get to a result there also major interests at stake you know it's not
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a chat the force it's a negotiation but i believe that they were fairly treated and they were also asking us to be let's say lenient a name for example in the automotive sector was not easy to come to decision because there was this new scheme with a very high level of local content and so on so it was not easy i think it's a fair deal you know and once you have a clue the deal you should stop discussing the content of the ones that is a deal is a deal and then you execute it many russians think they've made too many concessions in agricultural industry to join the how can you show them that's not the case it's certainly not true that they made. too many concessions. we know that already. russia is a big market for our agriculture products and that has to see also with. the fact that they cannot. answer the demands on their own they cannot so they do not
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produce the necessary food and vegetables and be for their own population but there is no reason that they could not develop that industry no the same with costs they have to renovate their own automotive industry because it had become its i believe that it is agreement that we have been making will result in the modern. industry but of course we have been negotiating in a way but also our own interests are protected that's where they go sation is about going to have to negotiate having in mind your own interest but also having and by then also the other party needs to find its interest in the negotiation because if not. even if you were to conclude a negotiation it would never be a fruit off america's jaxon van dijk amendment bulls favorable trade relations with russia has been called a relic of the cold war should washington now get rid of it it's up to the united states to decide that but. i believe such
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a move. would have quite some traction on the hill is the european union along with the united states this fall the most complaints against china since it joined the world trade organization should be treated any differently we treat everybody exactly in the same way i mean. when we get the complaints. we analyze it very carefully and then you take a decision and whether it's china or russia or even the u.s. that doesn't make a difference i mean once there is a problem we take action and i think we should do that and we do it in what i say almost. i wouldn't call it automatic but a very much. rules based approach. so we are not so. looking for four victims all enemies i mean we are not interested in that game so for us it's to say whether it's china or russia and only us when china's trade with the jump it's almost three hundred percent in the ten years that it says it joined
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. how much do you expect russia's trade with the e.u. to go up by isn't exactly the same i believe. because. the chinese have been doing. from a historical point of view this is tremendous is developing an economy which is very much across the board. russia's economy yes and much more focused on a more limited number of sectors and i think it really depends upon russia which direction they take him to take that action off modernizing the economy off being involved also in new sectors and probably the agreements to get into the deal will be more food for them but that's up to them energy prices in russia are much lower than in the e.u. how this despondence be resolved we have. a scheme in accession whereby they will have to go to market prices over time.
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so that is not only is only a pressure by the way but once you are a number of the euro you have to go to market prices and you cannot have a double pricing you trade commissioner karel de gucht thank you for speaking with l.t. . did stress three shifts and this is products on the price of healthy eating. we need to test these toxicity allergenicity immune response lower nutrition and for environmental contamination don't you feel like. some consider the experiment each human treatment i believe significant differences between the g.m. felt that it was at the g.m. . but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career if you
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ask one question you could be uncertain and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career.
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had been in a condition where. the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. in the sea.
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twenty years ago the largest country in the. disappearance of. one how did you train. to teach began the journey. where did it take to. be official altie obligation to your. touch from the. video on demand. old girls and streets now in the palm of your.
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question. dot com. it's. not. in russia's far east where an oil rig with sixty seven people on board has capsized four people on the ng to have died and fourteen have been saved from the icy waters while the rest all missing. in all the news this week more deadly violence in the wake of the kazakstan crime down which saw eleven striking oil workers killed at an independent state gathering . the arab league giving damascus until wednesday and stop the bloodshed or it will go to the u.n. russia is pushing its resolution of the security council calling for both sides in syria and to told us. that russia is welcome to the world trade organization after
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almost twenty years of talks membership expects to bring both incentives to business and investment as well as some tough competition. and. something to me a tree. but of the sports or not so you could say the company again and coming up in the program. channel one comp russia failed to finish their home stage of the year how could still on a high note as they loose in the czech republic in a shootout. best of the best football giants possible in a fresh scientist in the final to lead the club world cup. and time advantage chinese athletes dominates the development of a series trying to levon on home soil. i saw the first two are russia have suffered
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a second defeat at the channel one cup as into the dinner's men lost to the czech republic in a shootout four three the czechs produced a sensational start to the game needing only thirty one seconds to take the lead so much erica on the scoreboard field the visitors russia responded seven minutes later when the collision at it and made the most other power play. at the beginning of the second period any situation could put rush in front of people you could stick on a carriage return to pre-judge and a long way short but to rush into it was the first to the rebound and easily hate the next this is still carried to midway through the game chairing added his second of the night's converting a power play. thirteen minutes into that period series game show called gave russia a free to leave the park rebounded off the skate right into the net after alexandre those seven minutes into the third period the tracks go back into the game as tomas well and they made it three all taking the game into overtime but they still five
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minutes didn't produce the winner so it went into should outlaw trade where the czechs broke the law breaker go with the winning shot there. and in the final game on. competition sweden up against a reigning world champ and the latest poll there is one midway through the second period. regardless of the result the swedes to get from today's game there already the channel one cups when it is that soft abating russia on saturday the red machine lost to sweden for two cars in it but up of watching it for us. russia and sweden started the clash cautiously however isn't a lobby leading of some and didn't seem to be as solid in defense as they were in the opening match of the tournament the swedes one piling on the pressure and finally broke the deadlock midway through the first period stuff from cornwell sent back home up to a week a share converting a powerplay one thing and the guests headed to the dressing room in the right frame
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of mind in the middle period sweden's defenseman cornwell doubled his tally after a powerful shot from the blueline the russians pulled one back having one man up alexander our goal of many in point pass and sergei chirac of found himself a marked on the far poorest and set it to the net three minutes into the third period and the red machine levelled mannerism and well played to the delights of the full back mega sport arena. managed to fire it into the top corner and there are regularly one more assist the crowd was still cheering the home favorite but track rumor took the lead again in just a minute carl server back crossed and dick axel soon put his name on the scoreboard three to gauge shell superstar defenseman cohen momente that two goal lead with his third scoring with a four distance lead shot with ten minutes to go russia threw everything into the final minutes of the game and pulled the goaltender for an extra player but failed to cut the deficit for two was how it finished. first. on the isis is
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a big commuter this is us and we were fortunate for miami and there weren't a lot of parts down the from there and create a lot of chances for that as well it's really it's ha. only in the reasons for our defeat right now we have to analyze our mistakes we shouldn't be too disappointed too we just have to work hard to improve our play so russia suffered their first defeat with billie jean lafitte the hell however the head coach was optimistic about the lessons his chargers can learn from this loss i think we deserved this defeat sweden played really well aggressively and put constant pressure on our defense that's where we made so many mistakes we didn't expect the swedes to play like we have to draw the right conclusions we understand that from now on all our opponents will play in the same manner because they bought out of our team. in biathlon team russia has won the combined relay race at the third stage of the world cup and hopefully. the mix quartet of all the open. and.
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left their rivals with absolutely no chances and i had some problems with shooting but have made sights of a graduate put russia among the leaders. in the shooting and fast on the track based their closest rivals the czech republic twenty seven seconds finished in second in france. out of football now where barcelona have won the club world cup that starts a bit same brazilian outfit santas in the final clash in your karma japan it finished for nail ever have got all those men double and girls from and under and fabregas made the game for the catalans it was second in three years there. qatar a club. side to share were on penalties in the third place match. and the entire face of president sepp blatter held a news conference in talk re-elected for
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a third that many mistakes he made in the past year but he called on colleagues to continue with a positive attitude to fifa boss also expressed hope that brazil properly complete its preparations for the twenty fourteen world cup despite their slow progress of construction. but the executive committee is very to about that but we're not so much very devoted to construction because you know all the world cups everybody said they will not be ready that they will be ready finally but i would myself now take up the smoke up also on a presidential level and then the first month or second month of this year we go and meet the head of state. in winter sports on our sort of a two top sides in the english premier league are an action on sunday the match of the day will say much the city hosts are still but it was city's cross-town rivals united to open proceedings awaits a new boy skippy our alex ferguson's bank claim successively victory in london you
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know it's a big they're ours by two and also goals from and carrick and i can't play hosting liverpool it's. necessary after forty minutes of play then entertain sunderland main course wrapping up sunday's games table to hit home to think sated. of that not being able to boast seven wins from their previous eight years. we had one turning point you know it was a waitress to do not want to wait before. the second biggest years away from home for us it's a massive test and we know of course would you want to be at your best but you are ready for you to physically mentally we are prepared and we are ready to give absolutely a between two to win the game. when we do sports marcus million has won the men's
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hearts at the snowboarding world cup in finland the thing turned out to be best adapted to the conditions which contrast performance saw him pull off a range of daring and spectacular moves dutchman steve good to his best to thank second place and other faith like six people on the complex of the podium victory seconds. standings. gonna call. in the women's event it was frenchwoman lucy the top that averaged eighty one point three points which was enough to win the competition look it can picture it and the bennett less than two points she finishing with eighty. two toilet finland to bronze its first ever worked. though it's a hard class badminton now where the world super series twenty eleven has decided the names of the winners in the doubles competition is two of the three trophy stay
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in china where the finals were held in the mix competition it was an all chinese affair much to the delight of the crowd and world number one. and show your late group too strong for their competitor it's who chant and mark take no match twenty one thirty twenty one fifteen minutes to happen outstanding get a final and a title of the season. the women's doubles the world number one side away and the gang you left south during opponent's chances that beat you go and main goal came in thirty three minutes on each pairing completely dominated the game winning in straight sets twenty one twenty one twelve to go. finally demands doubles for an old saw that left and cost more gets in often not taking on the seventh ranked. about and. go gen don't. bring danes to college in
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the us said when you get twenty five to defray to save six game points there then they cost a bit so for next one two it's on to seven for that second executive title of the and fourth overall. ok up to date no more sports news from around the globe for into ice time have not say whether his next.
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emotion would be soon which brightened a few new movements soon from fans to french and its. stance on t.v. don't come. wealthy
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british style. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports.


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