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reports we've been getting on t.v. channels of massacres continually going on what is no doubt is that thousands of syrian soldiers or dying and they haven't died because of peaceful protests but this isn't a libya syria is a linchpin of the middle east and the united states and other countries some of the more intelligent people realize that there will be turmoil right across the middle east if anything happens to destabilize the assad government from outside forces but certainly syria the syrian government itself has to step up the pace because it's losing the propaganda battle. levy has stepped into the new year as a new state it was new leaders and new hopes with visitors slowly returning to the conflict torn country what greets them at the gate as have only armed militia argues a convoy to reports there is still a long way to go before public trust is restored with extremely tough nurse former rebel groups having to transform into civilian political force. flying high but
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still running low almost two months after the lifting of a no fly zone over tripoli the city's airport au-prince far below its capacity of the passenger traffic keeps increasing every month as more and more airlines uprooting tripoli back on their flight schedules the tripoli airport is once again buzzing that visitors a felon's have already been serviced and more expected to follow in the coming months but while the flight controllers and customs officials the back of their desks it's still the militia who call the shots here and the rebels themselves admit that the situation is tribal and to cede control to civilian authorities they're no longer flashing their guns to get make it very clear who is in control here the rebel brigades from the western city of the time captured the airport in late august as the rebels over on the capital the control of this key facility how the top. with
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a population of something to thousand rise to national prominence since then byzantine militia has successfully styled itself as the save guards of libya's future the sword for forty two years our country had nothing no state institutions just one insane person i ruled us now we have a historic mission to overcome the difficulties of the transitional period we can build a new country and that ours will be of course. is one of the top guns in tripoli these days primarily a colonel in the good half is army he still keeps the good offices army cap in his office his subordinates are now holding the deposed libyan leader's son safe will islam. we are against any dictator but if history repeats itself we will wage a war but we will let the rule of law decide his fate. didn't ghazi zintan misrata these libyan c.d.'s one after another rose against gadhafi is regime
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. their militias now represent and the real axis of power in the country as their various and their legacy and agendas as this is tribes on the only base new tricolor the prospect of civil war in libya is always there and it has a hole which has been there but has been effectively mastered by the very strong centralized rule of the gadhafi regime but of course now that that has been the stabilized we see this all of the tensions there in the fabric of libyan society coming to the fore another militia commander in charge of tripoli rebels is preparing for an interview it's been a month since he changed his military fatigues for a business suit of dylan makers now trying to transform rebels under his command into a political force a laptop has replaced every rifle as his main tool internet is his new front line of the armed assistant at his door is a sign that political process is still in its very early stages but. we've
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seen many examples in the past when people's revolutions were stolen and we are very clear that our struggle is far from over gadhafi may still come back in some other shape or form and in that case who have to take up our weapons and defend our revolution. guns are still a common side on the streets of tripoli of their prevalence has visibly decreased the city's covered with posters calling on the rebels to turn them in the design and of militia has so far failed to translate into national reconciliation the competition among various brigades may have become less visible but not less in towns the nato alliance would like to build up. division within the groups or the parties that they have an evolution against because. according to my own understanding they would like to see certain provinces being divided inside the state of libya back in the arrival hall rebels are screening passengers bags on to
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the posters left from the old regime to get out his golden framed portrait that maddest at the airport the year is gone he should have humane have glued to the libyan society for several months if he's killing the former you need appears to have died as well. art c. tripoli. u.s. president barack obama has signed a bill imposing new sanctions against iran the measures target the country's central bank and will particularly hit oil revenues relations between washington and tehran reached a dangerous point this week islamic countries threaten to block a vital oil supply route in the persian gulf where it's currently holding drills tehran promised to not live one drop of oil go through the strait of hormuz if the west goes on with sanctions the u.s. and the e.u. are stepping up pressure over iran's nuclear program to iran has since said it's ready for fresh stocks present in a parent lobby group the national running american council says
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a lack of diplomatic relations between iran and the united states increases the risk of a dangerous outcome. closing the strait of hormuz for the iranian government would be the equivalent of cutting off its nose to spite its face it's heavily heavily reliant on its on its income from oil exports the vast majority of which go through the strait that being said just because it's something that the iranian government doesn't want to do it doesn't necessarily mean that it's something that it's won't do if pressure increases to the point where iran is backed into a corner or two governments that have been communicating for over three decades and when you don't have direct channels of communication that increases the likelihood of miscalculations and misperceptions and it reinforces a cycle of escalation and and conflict. increases the likelihood that you can you can take actions that might not be in accordance even with your own interests and rather than governments controlling the conflict the conflict begins to control the governments and we end up with an outcome that i think both parties independently would seek to avoid. so i have for this hour here in our darkhorse we cover the
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mystery that surrounds a new leader of north korea as people are urged to fan him to the death. and new year predictions is there a chance the european currency will survive find out in just a few moments. meantime the u.s. says egypt has agreed to hold raids on pro-democracy rights groups earlier this week soldiers and police stormed the offices of non-governmental organizations including some of those funded by washington the groups accuse the ruling military of using the same tactics of repression as a previous bark regime documents and papers have been seized as part of investigations into foreign funding over realisations the military took power in the country after an uprising in february which toppled president mubarak author william dahl says washington's initial aim was to flare up violence in the region. i think the military has made a deal with the islamic brotherhood. and washington doesn't want stabilization they
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want to be permanent enemies so that they can you know use that as a lever in the entire region there's anger because there's been a little strange but also because. it's quite the case that foreign n.g.o.s financed by the u.s. congress and others the national endowment for democracy various other so-called human rights politicized organizations are fanning the protests claiming and putting the military against against these human rights n.g.o.s so. the idea is to create as much chaos through the region as possible in order to justify i believe a stronger nato role permanently in the region. israel says it's killed a senior militant in an airstrike against gaza on friday the army claimed the move prevented an attempt to fire rockets at israel this comes after israel said it's looking into the possibilities of a wider campaign against the blockaded strip just three years after
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a devastating war there israeli columnist to get in on levy says his country will be isolated if it decides to wage another bloody offensive. three years ago israel had a car blunder not only the west had plowed it israel and didn't say it would against the city but this time we are facing a new egypt and gaza ease in the backyard of egypt and i'm not sure that egypt will remain indifferent visa via another thing but having said this i'm not sure that this is enough to prevent an attack because unfortunately israeli politicians in general not always react in a most racial and logical way the current government of israel has no serious intention about a serious dialogue with the palestinians maybe some photo opportunities but nothing more than the send the p.a. the palestinian authority had just launched another proposal for israel to get back
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to the negotiation table they even gave up the conditional freezing the settlements which is a minimal. condition and they had suggested just a symbolic release of one hundred palestinian prisoners to get back to the go chaison table it would these were to say no. in a new year's message north koreans have been urged to make every effort to bring their country to prosperity and to the fan its new leader kim jong il and to the death that comes after a two day state funeral was held for his father kim jong il and the streets of the capital pyongyang are just more if a national has been looking into what we know about the new have the state. the death of the north korean dictator has raised questions and hopes over whether the dictatorship one of the last in the world to follow or will this extremely close society remain isolated on its new leader to do so little is known about the late
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leader's great successor his third and youngest son kim to name is a bit of a dark course even his age remains a subject of speculation his thought to be twenty seven or twenty eight. his new ascension to power increases the media hunger for information about him so his expensive education in switzerland said lead tracked it's a lot more interest and entrepreneur in moscow with russian origins alexander how good she believes he could have been one of kim's classmates when news prior that kim trani may have gone to an elite school in this week's margins in late ninety's the businessman brought out his all the book to refresh his memory there were quite a few koreans. quieter than others. with the last name kim. as kim is the most common name in the koreas alexander remembers that
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koreans always differed from all the students they were very disciplined they were very disciplined as a group of students. very serious for their. they wouldn't always take porton for games at the other students were studying to be top of the class he didn't like to lose although some think the deceased leader's son may be a figurehead overshadowed by his recently promoted uncle who's thought to wield the real power alexander says the three years china has apparently spent in europe may change the country's future forever but i think. it will make him realize that he has to do something good for his people for his country. and make a change in terms of. past experience has his knowledge of foreign languages and the skills that he managed to do it in being
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a world the outside world used to get most of the news from behind north korea's iron curtain through the country's strictly censored state run media covering the live of the secrets of society from the inside has been an almost impossible task for international journalists but the details now emerging about the new leader is exposure to the liberal west or for a glimmer of hope that he may ease bag the rigid control over the two terran regime and begin to open north korea to the world and maybe their war old to north korea. r.t. more sco the prospects for the struggling european currency remain low in the new year as the euro fell sharply aviad of twenty you have been dead britain countries are racing to implement more sturdy measures with spain announcing almost nine billion years in cuts investment advisor patrick young says he doubts the single currency still has a viable chance of survival. unfortunately the prognosis for the new year must be
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one of a terrible high go for it is absolutely to my mind clear that we are going to have a crushing recession it's a tragedy but the european union a puzzle to me at least made no effort to resolve its problems we've had one child after another shock after another shock and they've been spelt so much unfortunately there's just nothing at this juncture that gives us any reason to be remotely optimistic apart from the fact that we're going into a new calendar year the year rule is living on borrowed time it has been on life support for the last six months it could survive on life support for the next twelve months that is possible but realistically i cannot see how the euro can survive certainly not in its current shape or form i think you will find there will be defaults in other words countries are going to turn round and say you know what we can't afford to pay these debts we're walking away and i think that will happen it will happen in greece and it may happen in other countries in the euro zone as
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well one morning we're going to wake up the euro will have changed if enormously another day we may wake up and there will be no euro whatsoever right now i thought probability is fifty fifty best that the euro survives the next twelve months. the world is welcoming two thousand and twelve with mass celebrations and fireworks all over the globe north america has become the latest with huge festivities along the east coast any your thousands packed times square for the ceremonial ball dropping at midnight. and destroying it was among the first countries to open its doors to the new year with glittering fireworks lighting the skies over sydney harbor asia picked up the baton with spectacular show chose held across the region and to an divine hundreds gathered at the world's tallest building to watch and an efficient and illuminating display rochelle somet twenty. twelfth with
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a bang thousands gathered in moscow's red square to tell us the new year millions of revelers also gathered in cities all over europe for the countdown to midnight. with celebrations sweeping the globe we remember what may two thousand and eleven was a year of revolt and rallies as millions around the world went out into the streets to demand justice freedom and economic equality marches and so now it looks back at the protests that shaped the past twelve months. two thousand and eleven could easily go down as the most eventual year in years the killing of bin laden after a decade long manhunt in libya's gadhafi after months of nato bombing and the death of north korea's kim jong il don't even begin to illustrate twenty eleven. times chose the protester as person of the year and although there were different
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slogan signs and demanded solutions twenty eleven will ultimately be remembered as the year people came out onto the streets the arab spring bloomed into a european summer which harvested an american autumn from cairo to california moscow to madrid to harir to occupy global rallies shared common themes but if one thing stood out in the middle east and north africa alone it was protests that lead down one road regime change. tunisia and egypt got rid of their dictators without war but libya was not so lucky nato and allies began a humanitarian mission with a fierce bombing campaign the critics called it a mislabeled invasion to take down gadhafi for benefits the only reason they're interested in with libya is about the oil you hear anybody screaming and yelling
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about all those people last week they were killed in the ivory coast or the sudan gadhafi was brutally killed in october as the world watched the graphic video go viral thousands of civilians were killed over months of bombing and twenty twelve neared syria found itself in a similar set up for intervention russia and china fearing a repeat of the situation in libya a civil war intensifies this is a bad wreck it's the fact that that wrecked. clash between the u.s. and nato on one side and russian shined on the war in on the other side much more david was in libya protests continue in egypt libya syria and many more arab countries as the year ends. the battle to save the drowning single currency left to board rooms and banks in twenty eleven and flooded the streets of europe most commonly and violently in athens greek debt became the
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centerpiece of the euro crisis protests ranged against desperate austerity cuts to qualify for i.m.f. bailout germany and france fined for influence in the debt ridden zone i think we will see an exit of greece given the situation in which the greek economy find itself has become really unavoidable draining the economy of big brother germany can't go on forever greece and italy are now led by on a lark to brussels back technocrat leaders who are trying to curb the crisis coming into a new year critics say twenty eleven bell outs or bust was the beginning of the end for the single european currency there's every chance the euro is going to crash. london burned for days in the summer of twenty eleven what began as a peaceful protests demanding justice over the death of a twenty nine year old man who was shot by police turned into days of riots and
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left authorities helpless talks of possibly bringing out the military bars to shops were looted car set on fire and windows smashed across the u.k. the police the job center all the banks everything that's happening the recession you know there's a lot of anger about that social experts also through a felt multicultural programme and racism into the mix. out of the place institutional. racist as well the riots faded but the problems are still passing some say only a spark is needed to set the public off again. occupy wall street became a household name in the us and around the world but when the protests began in september if you were talking about it the mainstream media stayed silent until
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seven hundred people were arrested on the brooklyn bridge and that truly based in the end of his roots of american politics. there are a disorganized a look but there's one of the protesting nobody seems to know but negative coverage didn't stop us from spreading from small towns to huge ports occupied was not going anywhere raids on camps heavy handed police and burning pepper spray only helped occupy grow and spread their message of the need for economic equality and an end to corporate greed their slogan became we are the ninety nine percent and they are the rich the one percent from oakland to boston the more people occupied the more. talent he became more and that in the was in the in the us you're if you're right and we are open to the army
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or police forces have been militarized they are working more in cooperation with the pentagon they're buying and being given military surplus the quick meant that has been kind of designed for use in war and this is something that leads to treating the public as you would treat an enemy a public that has promised to come out in full force in twenty twelve. parliamentary elections were the push behind tens of thousands of people coming out onto the streets of moscow after allegations the december doom of vote was raked. the protest at least fifty thousand strong the largest in recent history call for free and fair elections and remains peaceful ruling party united russia lost popularity in the vote with official results putting their numbers at almost fifty
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percent but experts say a sixteen percent drop from two thousand and seven should be taken as a warning that i think a lot of people want to punish. united russia for having power for so long maybe not doing everything they could protest organized by vast groups of opposition members are set to continue in twenty twelve next year russia along with the u.s. and france holds presidential elections which makes it a safe bet people will be out on the streets in twenty twelve in europe america and around the world and you say no way r t moscow. well more insight and analysis on the events of may twenty five an hour on our on our web site r t v dot com and you can also watch our special new york coverage from the heart of moscow reports from various parts of the world an expert analysis on some of the most significant events of the past year. plus a major stories as seen through the eyes of our correspondents who were in the hot
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spots of events and their testimonies are at or t. dot com. witnesses. to history in the making. testimony. ten stories that shapes two thousand and eleven on our t.v. . now take a look at some of the stories from around the world u.s. president barack obama has signed a fan's bill with a price tag of six hundred sixty two billion dollars despite. serious reservations by critics over how terror suspects will be handled under its provisions the new laws means any person can be detained without charge opponents also say that legislation gives more authority to the military to detain and interrogate people denying them constitutional rights. they jury in president goodluck jonathan has declared a state of emergency in response to the wave of violent attacks by islamic sect. in a state address on saturday he vowed to crush the terrorist group and its condemn
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the christmas bomb blast that killed more than forty people following the announcement of racial clashes erupted in the east leaving dozens dead tens of thousands have fled their homes across the country in the wake of recent violence. and in the south sudanese states a jungle a thousands of fighters from the way or tribe have laid siege to a town of one of their rivals members of the tribe stormed people or torching buildings stealing livestock and forcing scores from their homes u.n. troops deployed in the town were unable to prevent the attack this latest spate of violence comes as the governor of the state and the vice president attempt to mediate talks between the tribes. chinese bus driver has died in the first reported case of bird flu in the country in over eighteen months the man was hospitalized with pneumonia but later tested positive for the deadly virus according to health authorities he had no contact with poultry a positive test in a dead chicken at
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a market just outside of hong kong last week prompted an immediate import ban on poultry to control the epidemic. it brings that date here ninety i'll be back but not date of our top stories. whether you dive from high or to the depths.
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a report on our. welcome back to watching our team today's news and the week's top stories fresh clashes flare up in syria with dozens reported killed despite the arab league observers mission there the u.n. says more than five thousand people have died in the ten month long unrest and. president obama slaps new sanctions on iran over its atomic ambitions despite the iran saying it's ready for fresh talks to iran threaten to close off a key wild supply route in the persian gulf. and the world welcomes twenty twelve with via war of celebrations and toast as a holiday sweeps the globe north america was the latest to greet the new year as hundreds of thousands packed new york's times square for the symbolic ball dropping at midnight. next we visit the waters of the white c.
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a magnet for tourists and kites are for us. the white sea its surface remains choked with ice for nearly seven months a year. the chilly breath of the arctic ocean peeps the water freezing cold. near the coast however the high winds and bitter cold recede. that even in winter can be seen through hose you know use. squeals and crushing sounds can often be a good roam the main thing. this is how so cool canaries of the sea communicate. with typically they hide under the archives of the white sea is the natural up a tux.


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