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things because for months we'll heard from made from nato that they are adopting all those measures in order to make sure that there can not possibly be any civilian casualties and then we had on december eighteenth of this a disturbing investigation published by the new york times which showed that there were dozens at least civilian casualties so it makes sense to us and it seems to be a pretty obvious thing that they have this matter investigated in an impartial. and it's a political but also humanitarian case if there are people who became victims of those strikes maybe injured people or their relatives were killed then they should be given some assistance without waiting for a prolonged period of other ongoing investigations like the investigation by the human rights council or i.c.c. international criminal court which should deal with a whole range of possible. crimes transgressions which took place in libya in
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the course of the military campaign but i don't see anything and tie in this after all nato is a partner of the united nations after all nato has been acting on the basis of a security council mandate so the security council we believe should play an active role also in having this matter clarified but also i think if you put too much emphasis on this issue you will forget that the security council is working quite harmoniously on a range of issues pertaining to the post conflict situation in libya the u.n. mission is there supported by the security council the security council is working under the resolution which was adopted by at russia's initiative on a looking into the dangers which are there in terms of spreading weapons out of libya which were left of them that in the course of of the conflict. helping the libyans to rebuild that they have been. to go in the economic structures so
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a lot of harmonious work is going on in the in the security council of the united nations on libya even though we continue to have some ideological and political difficult is as to whether it is allusive nineteen seventy three was properly implemented bus you touched on it just i wanted to pick up the. aussie rules of post conflict libya how are they being made secure how is the u.n. stopping any of those weapons maybe ending up in syria. while they may be ending up in various places the best thing i can report of this point is that we're told that the most dangerous of those weapons in terms of terrorist use the so-called manpads man carried anti-aircraft weapons have so far not been detected outside of libya so we hope that this concerted effort of the international community together with the libyan authorities can be successful in
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the containing the danger of spread of weapons from out of that country something else i'd like to ask you said libyan militants known to operate in syria what does that say about the nature of the syrian unrest that we've seen so far and why indeed does it appear that the u.n. members seem to be holding back from denouncing that what's happening there two weeks ago the russian delegation introduced a draft the security council resolution to the council trying to encourage the political process encourage the league of arab states money during mission which is being deployed now in syria but. we are basing our proposal proposal our new draft resolution on the presidential statement which was adopted by consensus in by the security council on august street which called on everybody to stay a while since it is and which stated that the only solution to the syrian crisis could be found through a syrian led all inclusive political process had all the members of the security
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council had all the influential members of the international community been guided by the principles of that presidential statement i believe the conflict would have been over in the months ago but what we see is that there are some who are trying to stir up trouble and as things would usually happen when there is a crisis there you go source of extremist terrorist elements who show up for instance several days ago there was a horrible terrorist attack in damascus and the day before that the minister of defense of lebannon said that they detected some al qaeda group. moving into syria from from lebanon so i wouldn't be surprised that you know some terrorist elements from libya or other places found their way to get to syria in order to not to stir up trouble and to try to fan some kind of s. nato or religious conflict there this is what you know terrorists are all about that about starting conflict on but we believe that they're all of the
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international community in a crisis situations like where we find in syria should be a do to help the people of that country to find a peaceful political solution to the crisis that has been the line of the russian federation all along and that has been our guiding principle in the security council as well so with everything you've just said in mind how much more leeway would you like to see the syrian government given to sort out this from within. well we don't give any leeway to anybody we believe that the syrian government should be extremely prudent and should refrain from excessive use of force we believe that there has been there are been some extremely troubling reports coming out of syria about excessive use of force by those or it is we urge the syrian government to cooperate to face fully with the when it ordering mission of the arab league but also telling that the everybody must put pressure on. the destructive
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elements of the of the opposition or various destructive elements which may have found their way into syria that they are a while and acts are not going to be condoned by the international community and this is a this is a key to finding a peaceful way out of the situation there and this is one of the discussions we're having when we talk with all colleagues in the security council about all draft resolution i'm talking about the on groups outing to the problems within syria is it difficult for the u.n. members to push sanctions on to syria because of the previous broken promises about known implemented reforms to now scaled back at all. well you cannot really talk about broken promises because some reforms were announced. some of them we are pretty far reaching like changing the constitution and getting rid of the political monopoly of one party but of course are to expect that those real reforms can be
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implemented in a situation when the the crisis is sort of teetering on the brink of civil war even now under normal circumstances in any country forms of such magnitude on all these it really implemented but i mean the point i'm trying to make is that the sooner the crisis the military clashes. in a better position the international community will be to demand the syrian authorities move along the reform track as quickly as possible towards forming the constitution doors conducting democratic open elections but all that in a situation when there is an armed conflict being encouraged from various quarters when we see weapons being moved. illegally into syria all that of course becomes a set radical conversation like to broaden this out next and focus in about what might be ahead in two thousand and twelve more generally in the region islamist parties have made inroads in the countries whose governments were overthrown in
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twenty eleven what additional risks does it bring to the middle east and north africa or indeed what action do you think that will require from the u.n. into twenty two let me say that i believe that the greatest. danger in terms of this debilitation in the next year if i make my if i may make that prediction might come from the very disturbing growing confrontation between the west and iran this is a very dangerous scenario russia has been working very hard in order to prevent the scenario from playing out but we do believe that a peaceful solution can still get the upper hand that we do believe that iran can stop. talks with the international atomic energy agency on those unanswered questions about their alleged former military activity in the in the military programs in the nuclear field with do believe that there is still a possibility on the basis of these and russians russian initiatives to restart the
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talks between iran and the group of the six of which russia is a member so i think that the the great focus of those who don't want to see a very dramatic escalation of tensions and conflict in that whole area would be to make sure the. peaceful track the negotiating track in relations with with iran prevails into solvent well to be clear the u.s. senate israel most notably the people that are worried about iran all or any of their fears justified in your view. well there are concerns which reserve in the shia concerns about the possibility of iran developing a nuclear weapon and that's why we have been working so hard in the format of the six and in the security council that's why a whale vote to own not for sanctions resolution resolutions in the security council target the iranian nuclear and missile programs
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a but we also do not accept the proposition that the best way to prevent the war is to stop the war and certainly any military moves against iran on this at this point or if that in any in any kind of scenario i could possibly imagine would have a dramatic consequences which would in no way improve the security of the region which will in no way improve in the long term the security of israel and which could really have very tragic of consequences metallic chuckin russia's ambassador to the u.n. seasonal greetings to you wish you all the best the twenty twelve and thank you for being on out all the best all the best to you thank you.
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the least explain korea's. touched by. surrounded by steeple. caves paintings on display for thousands of years. east and something beyond the time go. on to see. lose. the.
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world. series technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style is not. the time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. us president barack obama signed the bill imposing new tough sanctions on iran targeting the central bank and financial sectors that it was false to iran threatens to console a crucial suppliers through which face of the world's oil flows. a new wave of violence around syria with demonstrators claiming scores more have been killed by security forces arab league observers react with hereis say they may pull out and then mission to broker peace. and while the world welcomes their arrival ten to twelve with fireworks and champagne almost seventy occupy protesters have to wish a child a happy new year in custody they were arrested just before midnight attempting to return to zuccotti park the place where the occupy wall street movement finest countdowns over three months ago. up next let's delve into the world of sports with
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the. thanks for joining us this is sports they plan to head over the next ten minutes or so including the stories of three. as you were among chester city missed the chance to start the new year as so leaders of the english premier league bowling alley defeat to some girl and. first blood twenty ten champions spain open their home run cup campaign with victory really despite the hosts taking the opening rubber in perth. and causing a splash we look back at one of the most thrilling sport events of twenty eleven the french leg of the cliff diving world championships. let's get the ball rolling with football it could have been a historic start to twenty twelve for months sister city but instead the sky blues
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dream of taking over sole control of the premier league went up in smoke against sunderland city hall made it through the stadium of light by an injury time drive from. breaking the hearts of the only some one else on the go and win means the three title favorites city cross-town rivals on joint table toppers united on chelsea all lost their games this weekend earlier on sunday everton claimed the first win of twenty twelve in the league a late goal victory. making all the difference against west brom everton above the baggies and the tenth in the table. now to me our bill of dean off didn't see any playing time in his side's win over west brom indeed he may not be seeing any more at all than in meant with british media saying that twenty six will move to russia during the january transfer window. on the side believed to be seeking the russian international signature. pozen played for the. coffees in three weeks the lack of
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first team football a concern us that could affect his chances of lining are for his country at next summer's european championships the midfielder was sold to everton by local t.v. moscow just over two years ago for thirteen million dollars average and reportedly wants nine million dollars for any move away from. the new year just begun by the first big tournaments of the tennis season is already well underway australia in spain the latest countries who battled it out on sunday in the eight team event in perth. guy joseph getting the hosts off to a winning start in the group. the czech born also he was taking on the belle medina good a good step to get to the opening receiving six three responded opponent folkestone back in the second taken by the same scoreline but led by a big home support turn the. other also six three for the.
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top it off though for none to over to a school level models for team spain defeating lleyton hewitt six three three six seven games by would mean decisive doubles rubber and they turned into the most edge of the all of the day history taking the first set for spain four back in the second the third a war of attrition before the spaniards edge the l.f. and nine. ok let's talk n.b.a. basketball now a perennial underachievers to new york knicks twenty eleven on a high note seeing off the sacramento kings uncalled for then function on the road the visitors starting as they meant to continue finishing the opening for a full fifteen points ahead leaving thirty five twenty on the me the scoring for the next with twenty three thirty two points around fall to make it fifty six forty three in the second period the hosts did reduce the deficit to. thirteen by the end
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of the third of the final twelve minutes were to belong to them and nine more points on their californian rivals one hundred fourteen ninety two the final score new york and she wins two losses for the year to. two ice hockey russia took their foot off the pedal on sunday in their final group stage of the under twenty world championships the red machine know how already there are a playoff berth earlier in the week the fourth time last week meaning russia finished second in group eight had it all been going swimmingly income of the for the russians leaving three zero fielding third but the swedes did not give all leavening managed by the end of the third period before a punter named meets goal rather than the victory make the czech republic can choose day in the knockout stages. now the man who guided the all blacks rugby team to world cup glory has been united in his country's new year's almost list graham
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henry led new zealand to their first world cup title in twenty four years last october the noro eight seven win over france in the final and the sixteen year old former school teacher can now call them self serve graham henry is the latest in a handful of former players and coaches to receive new zealand's highest honor the all blacks captain richie mccaw was also approached by prime minister john key but he turned the night to darren stating he was too young thirty to receive such an act that henry was delighted with his own. daughter's pride as you know and feel very humble about it and as i say it's a reflection on what people have done every time. and. where it's come from and got a lot of respect for them. but i wouldn't be asked to be called. and let's finish up by taking a look back at one of the most exhilarating events of twenty eleven the rachelle laid off the cliff diving world championships and gary hunt may have one that you
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can turn. although. part of the. interests of creation. theory. freedom. three steps forward by resurfacing it is just feeling good any i don't ever write. to school during easter get it through is not possible the only things we see to be. playing dice for a decent night will be with twenty seven meters thanks. almost three seconds of free fall. into the water this beautiful hundred kilometers. this is one of the moves dangerous course on the planet is just a slight mistake the result in broken movies in much worse. in didn't sleep
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dumber. they have to fight their nerves before every single. spear but it's not panic it's good when you're scared it would be far more dangerous if we weren't before any high dive i realize how risky it is but you should be positive it is. scary. but that's part of the enjoyment. there is a danger factor but we train. for many many years to become divers. professional and. high quality so the risk of danger is minimal this is the french. police where the brits taking a hike. come together to cheer and elite cleave divers. diving comes within just a few hours of the high tide while the steep atlantic breeze of. well makes the
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scene the coolest old platform one of the toughest sports there will sleep during serious have to all four with a win like this it's a bit hard to stand there on the platform and one of the one more important you'll have to keep your belt on before the high dive. these guys prove they've go it takes showing such dangerous weather conditions and below their true self but all the pressure and research these dear devils take they all is the rule at the get india and east to them priceless you turn to the surface and take a deep breath. and it is such a big burly you you've built up so much emotions before the dawn. finally when you when you hit the water everything's ok you know sort of really. it's a long describable failing one of the need to the feeling you get doing high dogs
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can hardly be compared to anything it's a competition it gives you an amazing especially when all the best of divers come together and you manage to. achieve its extreme. it's been competitive sees the year two thousand each passing season it takes you more skill than completed it does to win. a perfect takeoff we want that perfect position then the perfect autumn just because it brings in these new elements doesn't mean that the judge has to give all points for this we want perfection we're looking for perfection and we judge according to. the biggest level throwed of seventy thousand spectators witnessed twelve men demonstrate their stunning abilities in the latest flick of the world series in little shit it's become a colossal cliff diving is an up and coming sport there are a lot of different locations all over the globe which can host high diving competitions i'm a classic platform diaper and i sport never attracted as many spectators as cliff
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diving never do the french leg comes. with rules and spills teemu pukki to. stay to full moon in the build up to the. public but the party. prospects are simply amazing every time i see them all the sport fair weather is up next here in twenty four hour.
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well. it's technology innovation all the list of melamine from around russia we've got the future covered.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day.
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u.s. president barack obama signs a bill imposing new sanctions on iran over its disputed nuclear program well to iran threatens to cut off a crucial all supply route in response to. a new way will violence around since you are with demonstrators claiming schools will have been killed by security forces with arab league observers reaction with fury saying they may pull out and and their mission to broker peace. and while the world welcomes derive all of twenty two hour with fireworks and paid almost seventy occupy protesters hope to wish a child a happy new year in custody after being arrested in new york. hello
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and welcome to our weekly review i mean first us president barack obama welcomed in the new year by signing into a tough new set of sanctions for iran and one doing business with terror on central bank will face punishment thanks to the new measures directly targeting the financial sector the move comes at a time of heightened tension over iran's nuclear program and the threat of sanctions has already seen tehran threaten to block off a key over the expatriate in response and adding to the situation is a balanced plan to test long range missiles during naval drills in the gulf and that led to u.s. warships being sent to the area every search of the school of oriental and african studies in london shereen ship five says america is playing a dangerous game. that if an oil embargo is imposed against iran and the iranian livelihood is economy is threatened then iran would take. considerable measures to.


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