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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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at the top. can imagine if it was the other way around if these sanctions were against american exports of oil or if this sinks us or against china for instance assuming china you know main source of of of foreign exchange for china will be to export energy it is an act of war this ng is how you're going to implemented and who's going to respect it maybe do your opinions like no the french foreign ministry pathetically is saying look we have to curb our imports of iranian oil what's going to happen to the european economy if that happens now it's one hundred eighth a barrel so it's going to be one hundred trainee any one month's could be one hundred forty one hundred fifty and you want to recover the economies of the us and europe as well with oil at one hundred fifty it's not going to happen and it's totally counterproductive. law and amendments and the way it's going to be interpreted by the obama administration i'm not sure they're going to try to provoke
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a confrontation against south korea for instance an ally with russia china or with countries in south america or in central asia for that matter when the editor of the colbert report current affairs website says further pressure by the u.s. and its allies on iran could push the region to be a huge. i think it's quite remarkable to think that france and the us and other countries would be willing to step up sanctions that have already had such a profound effect on the iranian people on the basis of their hunch that return on is developing nuclear weapons as france has basically put it it's quite remarkable because that really does is tantamount to an act of war the idea that iran would really close off the straits of hormuz or attempt to do so would only be an absolute last measure resort for a country that relies on the importation of refined gasoline and other things through the very straits that they would be sensibly sabotaging and planting mines in so it's it's quite remarkable to think that that iran would do that in any other situation other than they felt that the entire existence of their country was under
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threat so adding more sanctions to to the mix is is really just a recipe for military disaster i think well there were always keen to know your take on the story today we're asking what he believes sanctions on iran will actually bring so far half of the thinking along with bush to desperation ascension to god it was more on that if if when they've all prices will soar as a result of striking a blow to the world to make them actual situation. two percent say nothing will change while the rest are concerned that the new measures will punish the rain people instead of their leaders cast your vote at r.t. dot com. the u.s. presidential campaign is now on the way in earnest the first contest to determine a single republican nominee having taken place in the state of iowa and a tight finish for massachusetts governor mitt romney won the caucuses by just eight votes eight out social conservative rick santorum in third place is antiwar
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and ok ron paul i was poles are largely seen as setting the tone. by weeding out kerry that's eventually republican nominee will be up against democrat president barack obama in the vendors election former congressional aide than diplomat joe rubin things it's one pool who stands out from the rest but is unlikely to get enough support from his fellow republicans. in his foreign policy is very distinct from the other candidates in that he has a more isolationist viewpoint he wants the united states to retreat from international conflicts international affairs in some areas that can be good he's opposed to military action with the ron he was opposed to the iraq war but the other candidates are all extremely hawkish on foreign policy very neo conservative and ron paul does stand out amongst them he makes voters want to support him but insofar as leading the party and getting other republicans on board to really
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change the agenda no he hasn't done that someone who says i am a free american and i can make it on my own and that's what ron paul really embodies but republicans also understand that kind of positioning will not win the general election against president obama meanwhile things are not looking too good for president obama either having been elected on the wave of hope four years ago and now faces a drop in popularity among disillusioned democrats. has been finding out. three years ago one historic campaign turned u.s. politics into a pop culture phenomenon in. the world the democratic candidate achieved unprecedented support international fame and a record breaking six hundred fifty million dollars in donations. i thousands of new yorkers celebrated the victory clutching an enormous
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american flag hand sewn by obama supporters but the winds have changed and the very same democratic symbol waved in honor of the president elect in a way each stray from a cherished right has been donated to a movement that became a phenomenon in two thousand and eleven there are twenty people holding out david mulford out organize the flag project after being inspired by obama rhetoric a dream shattered by the subsequent years of politics as usual curly what's inspiring me as a as a lot of us like that that's the thing that's inspiring you know like that's why i brought the fight w. us and the thing that inspired me about it is the fact that it's a grassroots movement. that had a like a very clear and transparent process artist shepard fairey seems similarly just an chanted releasing an updated version of his iconic hope poster replacing obama with his now clear support for occupy wall street with an economy still in crisis wall
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street largely unregulated social programs slashed and over forty five million citizens on food stamps it all starts with making a decision to get involved obama's familiar prose may not be enough to win back his familiar fan base who didn't produce what people wanted him to produce in two thousand and eight professor and author dr cornel west was one of obama's biggest supporters i think you get the beers you get the newness is. at the freshness taking part in more than one hundred campaign events but last april the prominent intellectual told r.t. that obama has failed he's the friendly face of the american empire abroad he's in the process actually of becoming very sadly a pawn of big finance and a puppet of big business and any politician here knows they are in trouble when the hollywood a listers start turning their backs are you happy with the way that obama
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has been running the country. you know. and i think i really think he misinterpreted his. yet the approval ratings show voters are even more turned off with the alternatives leaving obama seemingly the lesser of two evils america's president clearly enters the twenty twelve race amid a growing band of disillusioned democrats most will still back barack obama over his republican rivals arguably with heavy hearts in two thousand and eight he was the unassailable candidate of choice this time mr obama is likely to stay in my default. artsy new york or so i had for you this hour the secret recipe for success in making it big in business in russia highlights expand entrepreneurs serving up delicious treats and profits russia's top and bakery sector. two
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families two children and one on my team mates so this story is one of the fusion will take on the most amazing friendship. the third and final stage of egypt's parliamentary election resumes on wednesday the country's leading islamist party is expected to dominate with the results due in a few days the vote comes amid continuing political tensions within military rulers in charge since president mubarak was toppled nearly a year ago. clinging to power last month the previous round of voting was overshadowed by violent clashes between protesters. on the raids on western sponsored geno's last week also added to the sense of instability middle east expert says that he wanted to stabilize the military has to keep its people what they want and step down. no huge majority of egyptians the military to be a defense outfit defending the country against outside. intervention and mostly
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a political role at all because for the last thirty to forty years egypt has seen should be well there. don't know barack or understand there have been no mult eat and pay to ship run by the mill or korean people want an end to that so when the military. more barack on trial again it's an attempt to divert attention from its own rule in the concrete that is what is really worrying people and that is all should be discussed and checking the. jim carrey is is so i think to show that form bars are manipulating. creates a row which is again nonsense i think washington has a great deal of influence within the military after all it billions of dollars i mean begin a billion dollars a year that's a huge amount of money. meanwhile the arab league wants an emergency meeting on
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whether to withdraw its observers from syria but violence between the army and dozen protesters continues when x. star middle eastern politics expert dr james salt says there's tunnel vision when it comes to deciding just who is doing killing here's what's ahead. in the report. the human rights council report for powerful but there was no explanation of that and where they go now a few days later nothing pillai who is the u.n. human rights commission he thought up a few security council and said five thousand. if we get around the world i think. it's five thousand people being killed by the syrian government security forces or whatever. in fact. a large number. of civilians have been killed. about it so what we actually need to do
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is to. curbing gang of violence is not one of the top priorities for britain's leaders. in vain unless the government tackles an underlying culture of fear. reports from london. and often also. the dark underbelly of life in britain in a city gang culture dramatized here for a television series for gavin it was real life he got into a gang to escape a feeling of powerlessness an abusive home life where money was a constant struggle.
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to. be angry over the top. name for the crazy. people. at his lowest ebb gavin admits to having stabbed girl and his story isn't unusual in deprived areas nowhere is the question of how to solve the gang problem in london more relevant than new it lies in the shadow of london's two thousand and twelve olympic park but it's also got more gangs than almost anywhere else in london. around here young people say you start just by hanging out with your friends on the streets and you end up in a spiral of gang violence and fear. in you and more than half of all kids are living below the poverty line and they don't feel the government's doing anything to help them how can you hold me. you have to have you.
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know in a bar. in london. in the neighborhood. the government really knew and understood would be happening. when gavin met sheldon thomas an x gangster himself he turned a corner and they're now working in a team to get young people out of gangs the government claims it wants the same thing and having laid the blame for riots firmly at the door of gangs their solution the carrot and stick method are as you found some excellent police work to identify and manage the highest risk members through a combination of targeted surveillance enforcement and arrest for any offense however minor and positive offers of training employment and drugs treatment for those who want a different life. but for those not prepared to break away from violence they will
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face harsher and tougher punishments but this isn't going to work according to sheldon thomas who feels the government is forcing him at every turn what they do is they look at the manifestation of gangs gun violence. gang rape. that's just a manifestation of the causes of it causing stemming from family breakdown moles on the window from society as a whole while the government rhetoric sounds encouraging other policies will undermine both carrot and stick economic austerity cuts will mean sixteen thousand fewer police officers on the streets and services that deal directly with gangs now will have their funding cut by between twenty and ninety percent in some areas that means young people like gavin in the future will have nowhere to go but the street nora smith r.t. london. news comment and analysis is available for you around the clock on our
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website let's look at some of what's lined up for you right now you can tell events that shaped twenty seven twenty one correspondents firsthand accounts from. world hot spots you know it's to me it seems. on the night the planet clotted picture galleries bringing the festive mood around the world as we are shooting twenty twelve it's an hour to talk. now it's not about spilling blood. it's the war of barricades from one side and fears blockade from the other. invisible border has cut people from the land for twelve year.
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the conflict that divided serbia into two hostile parts is still not over. well with. its technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. now the latest in the series are ex-pats entrepreneurs share the secrets of business success in russia. and one such example is the story of. more than a decent crust from russia's premium bakery sector they've been running the biggest operation of its kind in moscow for more than four years thanks thinking of us
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a taste of what it takes. i am twice only in the production sector and the rest of the time i'm in the restaurant genya. genya to hear that stuff just to make sure everything is ok definitely in the west when you're starting something new everything is small setup the industry has existed here we had to do everything from scratch. when we started the business we realized that we had to. really difficult objectives one was that we had to create our own brand and we decided to license at least initially in the nation's national brand for us and the whole point of our project the whole point of the business was that these products i call the bakery hardly exist in russia today you don't get many customers here you can't help in the early to this and that customer should be greeted every time every time you are developing
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a company culture you know one of the most difficult things in russia a few years ago was to make sure your line staff smile is just smile if it's not interesting cultured at the beginning i would say if i come to the restaurant and if you're smiling i really give you a hundred. if you're not. really ever my desire your resume so good you've made it again be still but it's still a chat. first up was that we in two thousand and six we spent nine months developing a very small factory we basically had a thirty square meter room where we were trying to make something like fifty products fresh every day and the biggest challenge was the local ingredients it would be insane to import lots of flour to russia when russia is one of the biggest low exporters in the world we were very very lucky that we did this because by the end of two thousand and eight when the recession started the first thing that happened in the recession in russia was a collapse of the ruble exchange rate compared to the euro so suddenly overnight
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imported prices up. thirty forty percent and that is deadly for any kind of business like gods but for us at least the cost of our products was relatively stable because for the main ingredients like sugar like flour we were using locally made products. it's still a lot of things happens in russia mechanically in the service industry the have a hard time legally the idea or they followed the rules or did they have a problem so this is the difficulty in russia we united states or in europe it's a little bit easier because they have a used to it. you need to empty the garbage cans you need to clean up that place what is that carthon there higher on the other hand if we see that you are working hard to take it to heart. in other cultures that may be a little bit more difficult the idea to build
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a bakery business in russia was exactly right and the idea that the competition wasn't so high in the sector i would do again but i think i would make sure that we raise a bit more capital upfront than we did i would also make sure i think that we invest at the beginning far more in training of production people than we did we should have outsourced much less than we did four years ago we should have made much many more products ourselves and then we would be even more successful than we are today i think but yes i absolutely do. and that we'll have more imports on foreign getting big in business in russia not part of find the serious threat that we care. more of the world's news this hour first to south sudan where thousands of youths from an ethnic group who attacked a rabble community have been repelled by government troops their attack on a ton of people reportedly left at least one hundred fifty dead scores of others
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forced to flee the violence despite u.n. troops stepping up security in the area they couldn't prevent the deadly fighting that was sparked by rattle rates. chile is battling several massive wildfires with at least one person killed in the blazes efforts to cope with a disaster being hampered by intense heat and strong winds as the people have been evacuated from the area many homes destroyed chilean or thirty's recently arrested and later bailed an israeli tourist on suspicion of starting a huge forest farm in a national park. all next a terrible tangle two girls born at the same time in the same ward in the russian urals who accidently swapped ending up with the wrong parents. rushing the story of a maternity mistake that took years to be discovered. meet anya she's thirteen years own to muslim and lives with her father nine months in the chalabi town of kut
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based on the other side of town also thirteen lives with her russian orthodox mother yulia despite their differences in religion and culture they are recent friends sharing the same birthdays and ties that bind them deeper than what lies on the surface the long and simple in that moment i was in such a state of shock that i thought it was all a joke slope in one thousand nine hundred anya an arena born only fifteen minutes apart in the same hospital were accidentally switched at birth the discovery happened with us ex-husband who claimed arena his daughter looked nothing like him he refused to pay alimony but yulia insisted upon her innocence had the family take not one but two d.n.a. tests the results showed that in fact the ex was not the father and both results showed that yulia was not arena's mother but that a bit of almost my first thought was that irina doesn't find out and the second was where is my biological child of the born with her lawyer and investigators by her side yulia discovered her biological child anya was living on the other side of
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town with ny much. told me they switched my child with another at the hospital they said her biological child is with another family they gave me a picture of her and i was in shock for about forty minutes my hands and legs were shaking. two days later reluctantly phoned yulia they met and decided to first introduce the girls to each other after they became friends the truth would be revealed to each of them separately but as we used to be the first time i used the girls to each other we came to the we took pictures walked around and ate ice cream role models later she told me that when i went was my biological father in the beginning i didn't believe it but my mother said it's true i'm not flying. irina ananya now close friends decided to remain with the parents who raised them but the inconvenience of living in different suburbs. makes it much harder for the families to meet often so it's appalled that it breaks your heart one day back and forth i don't think that's
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a way to live it doesn't add still suffering it's the teenage girls that now face social hardships their separate cultures beliefs and habits make understanding each other difficult to friends they pray they don't speak when they speak i don't understand what they say more than what if they're saying something about going to all the wrong regardless of their differences irina and anya are happy to have each other as friends no matter the reasons that brought them together karen tara r.t. moscow. raising story that i'll be back in a few moments with the headlines stating.
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white stream cascading from long slopes the view is mesmerizing. but this beauty brings death at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers per. step in a long. please .
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this is our time to reclaim the american dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of many we all want that war we breathe the we hope. to me the american dream is to live in peace and prosperity and freedom and a government under socialism is not a government afraid. to. let you have very motivated out across the country who are activists who are
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willing to fight for what they think is right for themselves but the fact is forty three. we are. crowning and i think it's spread by it's cutting off our. it's making real democracy. all but impossible. wealthy british scientists on. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. welcome back a look at the main stories this hour the u.s. rebuffed tehran's demand not to bring its aircraft carrier back to the persian gulf saying it'll continue its military presence off the arabian just the standoff between the two sides is sparking fears of a million but it could conflict. u.s. republicans have cost their votes in the first caucus to make this simple presidential nominee for massachusetts governor mitt romney winning. ron paul came in third with his. name from going to go for enough members. violence is not one of the top priorities for brittany's leaders say the root causes need tackling first poverty and families going to teens to school.
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now we follow snowboarders in school and the mountain challenges they face that's next in the arctic. the cola peninsular in russia's north home to the q.b. need massive mountain range this is the cold and windy bolshoi pass the snow here between one and a half and four meters deep avalanche safety specialists are probing the snow structure on one of the slopes. the top layer of snow drifts on a slope is unstable and skiers could trigger an avalanche shift attention those of you who are keen to scull mountain peaks please be careful. some avalanches a wet.


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