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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EST

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motivated john core sign a respected former senator governor and wall street big shot with hundreds of millions in the bank to take the top job at m.f. global holdings in the first place it was a thankless task he said but he's an alpha male and that's why he's done what he's done ok so let me get this straight there excusing course on his crimes let's be clear about this there are crimes because he's an alpha male correct so this is this is john corazon story the kahaani defense yes this is different than the frank quattrone defense remember he got off because his crimes were too complicated for a jury to understand so he was free by virtue of complication of his crimes here at the co-host defense that's correct you know how many women in the u.s. have successfully argued that pre-menstrual they p.m.s. defense for murder so here's his defense is he's got a big hole unease and that's why he's murdered this company this two hundred thirty seven year old company he had to destroy the brokerage because of this big problem
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he has well i'm surprised you don't see more female c.e.o.'s of banks there's a female equivalent of jamie diamond or lloyd blankfein if they're using p.m.s. as a defense to get themselves off for crimes they can get themselves off for financial crimes using the p.m.s. defense why is it only the big the hottest offense get off why can't the p.m.s. defense get off like a hillary clinton for example if she ran a bank you could say well maybe not so much anymore but you know well you have to be a big hony to get away with this though if this defense only works for certain class of people now in the next headline we have a woman why was the wife a switzerland central banker trading franks days before a devaluation so this is from bruce crafting a hedge fund former hedge fund manager and he's noting that cassia the wife of philip hilda brown the head of the swiss national bank sold swiss francs just a few days before the swiss national bank initiate. exchange controls and devalued
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the franc the timing of the transactions was nearly perfect the suggestion is that pillow talk between husband and wife led to the trades now however max he says don't expect has thrown because there's been an investigation and they've cleared the couple because they only made fifty thousand dollars in the month and philip held a brand makes nine hundred fifty thousand is the head of the swiss national bank so he wouldn't possibly do this because he has so much money and he wouldn't want to jeopardize his career you know this brings up a lot of it's a good story wealth equals moral superiority that's an interesting byproduct of this economic system that has engulfed the globe is that the more money you have the more morally virtuous you are and you become a ball vul law that's why people like you run these banks believe that they're above the law they're doing god's work as blankfein would say because he has a lot of wealth therefore he's closer to god and i've got the wife of some swiss central banker saying well if fifty thousand dollars we make much more of that per
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year so it's not a crime because we have enough money we have more money than god therefore we determine what's legal what is moral and therefore we're innocent that's the first point that should be made the second point that should be made is that if she's a witch and i suspect that she is then i suggest we loaded up with a ton of derivatives contracts and dropper into a lake in switzerland if she drops to the bottom and drowns that means that maybe she wasn't a witch but we're gotten we've gotten rid of one more clip domania but if she floats to the top then she is away then we burn at the stake and forget the p.m.s. defense but this could go a very long way towards explaining why in the u.s. no bankers have been found guilty because they are far more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars that's that's the little bad apples in america who get done you know they're only making like nine hundred fifty thousand dollars at the reception desk and at goldman sachs so they're the ones that gets. sent down lloyd blankfein
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jamie dimon they're making twenty five thirty million dollars a year so that means technically it's impossible if they have a knife in their hand that's all bloodied and and a dozen dead people in front of them they cannot have committed the crime because they are wealthy absolutely right jamie diamond protect a machine gun and murder fifty people at wal-mart and people will say you see he's god only god to do that there is another excuse being offered in the us and that is that the government ate my homework this is from michael thomas the big lie wall street has destroyed the wonder that was america michael thomas is a former banker he was at lehman brothers for thirty years he was a partner there and he's saying that now the excuse that bankers use over and over whenever there's a giant crisis is the government's fault somehow regulations forced us to steal all your money to take your money your segregated account to leverage up
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a hundred to one government forced us to do that we wouldn't have done that on our own saintly selves but michael thomas says once people realize how wall street made its pile understand how financier's get rich and what it is that they actually do the time will become ripe for someone to gather the spreading ripples of anger and perplexity into a focused tsunami of retribution to make the bastards pay properly for the grief and woe they have caused perhaps not to the extent proposed by h.l. mencken who wrote that when a bank fails the first order of business should be to hang its board of directors but in a manner which on pain of proportionate to the collateral damage so he says maybe. while like that he's saying maybe it might not be as bad as h.l. mencken let's hang the bankers but he's saying he does say later there will be blood let you know and make no doubt about it there will be blood because there is no justice in the system that the bankers are just getting away with every single crime well. people ask me they say matching know so much about banking why are you
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doing banking i mean not on wall street if you know so much because the risk is are going to get torched are going to get home you're going to get shot you're going to get beaten up by the mob during the reign of terror i think they killed forty five thousand people i mean on a percentage of the population that works out to i think about one percent of france at the time applying those numbers to america we've got a long way to go upwards to three hundred thousand of these guys i don't want to be burned to death by the folks that are seeking retribution for the whole self thievery i'd rather not take that risk blankfein in diamond in the rest of wall street they're happy with their risk i say good for you to take that risk but you and your family your most risk at the end of the day he says the compulsion to come won't really be about wall street to revive his mouth factions or at subprime fun and games or rogue trading or the folly of banks it will be about this society's fine opportunity to rip away the paralyzing shackles of corruption or else dwell
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forever in a neo feudal social order so obviously he watches kaiser report here and this is the important thing forget all the other fancy stuff it's about feudalism whether or not you want to be a serf forever or do you want to have enlightened men again well that's exactly another theme on the show me a feudalism that's been picked up by other commentators along the way as the power aggregates to the top one percent of the one percent of the bottom ninety nine point nine percent and living like serves the lords men are and of course throughout history there's been a rebellion against this well talking about the lords manner over christmas the archbishop of canterbury blasted for comparing rioters and bankers as politicians urged him to focus on religion and said so again here was something that you first heard here in kaiser report max keiser you compared the bankers the looters in the city of london to the looters. in the summer over in london proper where they were
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rampaging across the city stealing stuff from dixons and tesco in various shops well the archbishop of canterbury also compared them and his christmas address he said whether it is an urban riot or mindlessly burning down a small shop that serves his community or a speculator turning his back on the question of who bears the ultimate cost for his acquisitive adventures in the virtual reality of today's financial world the picture is of adam's spinning apart in the dark finance is the new religion. and we know this from how monetary policy is conducted when they flood the market with trillions of the macula conceive dollars not come from out of the lloyds of the virgin mary ben bernanke now here is how david cameron's government chose to hit back who did they appoint to speak lord green first pierpoint. green he says oh poppycock this is not. bishop i think
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a lot of tests changed since two thousand and they actually and i think there has been a lot of soul searching in the financial services industry quite rightly to just be a good look lording done talk to one of her silence the other strange ring and face reality of your entire cities being burned down by terrorist bankers and out there in the cloak and with cameron rubbing uglies when you should be doing something productive and then they go on to mention lord green a former chairman of h.s.b.c. said the government would need to remain watchful to stop backsliding by the city but he said it was wrong to single out the financial services industry for criticism he said it is important not to treat banking like some special mysterious art banking is a business and all businesses face this question what is their contribution to human welfare and to the common good what kind of dope is discussed moken max let's
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talk about let's go back to michael thomas here is a former partner at lehman brothers and when he was talking about the big lie see the big lie is nowhere on earth is the live bigger than in the u.k. because there is no government regulation at all zero of the city of london nothing ok they could do whatever they want that's why every single crime as we expose last year over and over and twenty and two thousand and eleven bernie made are for the lehman fraud the i.g. fraud all all for. ads go through london m.f. global went through london because they won't do it member of the tobin tax is the big issue that david cameron has basically ejected the u.k. from the european union now michael thomas said possibly an excess profits tax retroactive to two thousand and seven or some form of tobin tax on trent jacksons or wealth tax the era of money for nothing will be over that's what he says but it
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won't stop taxes at all because the people the people who have been defrauded and the people who do not get justice because there is a queen there is a prince philip there is a ben bernanke you there is a mervyn king there are these people standing between you and your wealth they have they allow for the bankers to steal your wealth over and over and over and they will not ever do anything to stop it so there will be prosecutions and show trials says michael thomas there will be violence mark my words he says houses burnt property defaced i just hope that this time the mob targets the right people and wall street and washington how does a right thinking christian go about asking santa for mitch mcconnell's head under the christmas tree all right stay right there will be back much more coming your way after this. free. free. free. free.
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free. free. free. video for your media. free media don carty dot com. one stream can ski slope. is missing. but this does. brings to mind a speed of more than two hundred kilometers. step along. as a welcome back to the kaiser report stories erbert we were talking about retribution of course we were talking about retribution and i have some very good headlines on that coming up but first i want to start with
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a very important story to this theme work talking about here and let's turn to this tweet that i tweeted at stacy herbert twitter dot com for his last day see her in the new year as obama was signing into law his right to indefinitely detain me he also sent me an e-mail asking for three dollars so this is the national defense authorization act otherwise known as the indefinite detention act which he signed into law on new year's eve and at the same exact time max he sent me this e-mail as you see he was asking me begging me for three dollars normally you would just you know put this in the spam box but then you start to think might be indefinitely detained if i don't give him money well also in america they charge prisoners first off like the ten cop in the uniform and food so they charge the prisoners to enter prison so n.d.a. turns america into an open prison is declared martial law and the people who are being sent to prison americans are being charged a few bucks to be. fined to the prison cells you know they've already taken enough
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money from the citizens they've taken the money in order to bail out his cronies on wall street who he will refuse to again once again in a second term prosecute so why would any citizen who he can now indefinitely detain want to send him three dollars the number one catastrophic event that americans worry about economic collapse so a new survey by life flynn finds as most other polls before that the american voter is most. about economic collapse sixty three percent of them places says their number one concern then followed by natural disaster forty six percent are concerned about that terrorist attack all the way down to forty four percent global disease outbreak thirty three percent global war twenty seven percent and yet where all of the presidential nomination debates focused on foreign policy war war war war war that's all they want is war war war war war and indefinitely detain us
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terrorism terrorism terrorism do they ever talk about economic collapse and who's causing it now they don't talk about it all for a good reason as has been said in the purpose of the people really understood how the system worked they would rise up and go after all the bankers and this is trying to be prevented by any means possible including starting spurious foreign wars which and committing huge genocidal acts of murder and mayhem which of course can't be of can't be paid for by the revenues of the country so they go deeper into debt now the other thing part and parcel with this the article talks about is how financial sector shares did last year now this is another part of the propaganda against the american citizen is over and over again you'll hear that gold was a disaster last year was performed horribly well it was the number one performing one of the number one performing assets in the world gold was up eleven point six
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percent now here's what financial sector shares did bank of america down sixty percent citi bank down almost forty five percent goldman sachs down forty six percent j.p. morgan down twenty three percent lloyds down sixty three percent society generale down sixty percent so huge declines in financial sector but the end of the year stories were all about gold and what that gold had done somehow miserably was a mistake on the show stacey gold is really on. missed way to have an economy is based on an honest money system and honesty is in a bear market in america honesty is being sold short by the leaders of america who now constraint on inside information and new ways of were never possible before so honesty is the last thing you find in america and of course this means that people don't like gold but gold is a protection against the bankers stealing your wealth now here's the next headline
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max probably not related but dot dot dot arson in l.a. this is carl denham journeys talking about those forty cars that were burned in l.a. over the new year's holidays and he says while you're sipping your beverage of choice this evening consider again that while this is probably one deranged individual there are millions of screwed over individuals that have taken it in the backside from the big banks toure's who have incidentally gone without prosecution indeed our own president claims that no laws were broken he then goes on to say he's very concerned he thinks people are at the breaking point and he uses the example of jefferson county alabama which was part of an open racket the local politicians who accepted bribes from j.p. morgan well he said even if one tenth of one percent of the population there starts burning cars in retaliation against j.p. morgan you have a big crisis on your hands right well why is this such a huge leap to make if the banks with obama steal the nation's
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wealth then they're going to people who are just a franchise rising up in a burning cars is one way to get their voice heard they're not their voices are not being heard at the ballot box or they don't have a job they're all stolen they have any money it was all stolen and the thieving is continuing when the pension funds are going to be thieves this year and a lot more of the nightmarish larceny will continue of course you can have burned cars but they don't make the connection do they they don't make the connection between burning cars in l.a. and there's some more arson going on the east coast as well. just reading about with the confiscation of wealth by banks don't make that connection because they have no humility at that banking level that believe that they're somehow doing god's work and they have a god complex so they don't make that connection but this is why they're at risk of them so's being burned at the stake which is my bet for twenty twelve is that we'll see banker burnings at the stake ok there's another article about this these arson attacks that happened man saw an arson attack and the interesting thing about this
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is as we were relating to what the archbishop of canterbury said about the u.k. where he's linking the banking crimes to the crimes on the street and in this they point out that the fire is in hollywood are similar to those that occurred in july in north hollywood when they were twenty one fires that broke out now they caught the guy in this case he's kirk a billy a former marine and the interesting thing about this though is that he's he's about to go to trial and he if convicted he faces life in prison for burning twenty one cars. at most what is that two hundred thousand dollars in damage if they were all lamborghinis now what about the bankers who have burned down our economy and cost trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and damage and all they face is like a pit only little fines yes this thing this is what i was trying to impart on to the hogans is that the risks of paper are not worth the rewards
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anymore if you've got to scrunch feel disenfranchised citizens are looking for you that's not an acceptable risk this is why i stay away from business i don't want to lose but this is what the homeland security is about again they are that are owned by j.p. morgan and goldman sachs local cops are ready for war with homeland security funded military weapons fargo north dakota is largest city has averaged fewer the. two homicides a year since two thousand and five and yet that hasn't stopped authorities from fargo and its surrounding county from going on an eight million dollar buying spree to arm police officers with the sort of gear once reserved only for soldiers fighting foreign wars this is part of the thirty four billion dollars in federal grants since the september eleventh two thousand and one attacks now people are saying this is crazy our military our police is being militarized and to that
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william bratton who is homeland security adviser says i don't see us as militarized and police i see us as keeping abreast with society and we are gun crazy society so this is why we need to spend thirty four billion dollars on military grade weapons to defend us from the population who we know because we're the department of justice and we're not going to prosecute the bankers we know we need these military grade weapons to defend ourselves from angry people sure i mean when the bomb is famous speech in cairo when he first became president i think the people in egypt thought he was talking maybe they should embrace democratic values but what i think they missed was that he wants america to be more like egypt where there's a club talk or see in charge and people get beaten in the street for no reason other than they don't want to be poor and abused by their government anymore so i think people misunderstood the point of obama's speech he was she was stumping form a better ideas and now he's embraced them in america so america is the new move
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barack regime obama is the new barack america is the new egypt or the camels with a stick speeding people in the street i'm sure it'll be on fox news shortly well that's not enough for the military industrial complex racket here you've got fargo north dakota two homicide less than two homicides pretty or i guess only one and a half people die a year there since two thousand and five and yet there's they're buying tanks they were buying kevlar that could take like grenade attack. so what what is this about but it's not about terrorism because first of all the population itself says they're more concerned about economic collapse no money is going into preventing economic terrorist nobody is stopping the banking terrorists at all not tell you what it's about it's about making money based on the size of the budget of the project that you're involved with fargo going to say that they need a twenty billion dollars in weapons to defend themselves against
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a couple of car jackers somebody is going to make a two percent fee on the twenty billion dollars procurement so this is what it's hollywood accounting gone crazy all over america so you've got towns all over america thinking we need a billion dollars in deterrence and security measures and weapons because somebody at the municipality is getting a fee on that billion dollars as their bonus for the year same thing with wall street why does the government need to float another one trillion dollars worth of debt according to obama because somebody in wall street is making a point zero zero two percent fee which is a great little eight year end bonus it's a nice little money earner let's load up the boat with another thought you know the americans go over fifteen trillion in debt now i mean that's just to generate banking fees for these same club to kratz who only methodology of doing business is to use the near zero percent interest rates to rack up near infinite levels of debt whether it's the military whether it's the banking system but god forbid it has a to do with manufacturing or services or infrastructure those things are taboo
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because those things are for a living breathing sent to democratically minded humans when a country of grooms and obese while go off farm loving fat slobs puts up an eighty it in the white house this is what happens well and then finally on j.p. morgan you know they were at a school of the one percent princeton you know trying to recruit students in princeton student stood up and basically did this to j.p. morgan. right there is. your actions. he. was returning one of the russian economy you're right right right there in front of me we know that our executives. was. very well taken their tax money
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well money yeah and most of those students of course will soon be working for various wall street firms so we can't really place but maybe one of them but maybe one of them are sincere and will become the new or john log or revolutionary know throughout history and spark the necessary declaration of independence from banking occupation needed to bring about a whirlwind change the emergence of something that would be resembling of a free and democratic country what's right now in the world there are no that's right and it looks like michael thomas is right the people are ready to rise up and you know j.p. morgan might be in a precarious situation go forward they'll be long for the days of pechora commission as michael thomas says all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report's days are over thanks so much and so i sent me an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r.t. t.v. dot are you so next time i got a bio. oil
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prices jump again as the e.u. moves closer to iran oil embargo and made mounting concern about how the measures might ricochet on the west. thousands remain behind bars in libya for failing to switch sides at the supposedly right time as the transition to democracy reveals violent infighting among the former rebels. plus the increasing number of german vote is fed up with cash crises and controversy without pinning their colors to the mast of a new. well news around the clock you're watching r t welcome to the program the e.u.
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says it's ready to ban imports of iranian crude and will consider whether to do so by the end of the month while price is already witnessing another spike in response to the latest heated exchange between iran and the us a key trade route in the persian gulf comes after a round threatened to blow the trade channel. u.s. sanctions he did say exports latest bills signed by president obama on monday saw iran's currency dropped to a record no. commentator on middle east affairs thinks the sanctions will soon backfire on the west. the oil prices now have increased this comes at a time will boost europe and the year we're witnessing a very very economic situation. in the us and europe. taken against iran only of course set the precedent for increasing economic problems for the west in general escalation. we've seen.


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