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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2012 6:31pm-7:01pm EST

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guys it's time for you said it i read it and take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you to believe got something to say i listen now last week dana lash c.n.n. contributor and editor in chief the website big journalism said on her radio show in response to a video released which showed u.s. marines urinating on the corpses of taliban fighters that she'd quote drop trout and do it too and that she quote wants a million cool points for these guys so i gave her a little it's my mind and apparently she didn't really like that one because her friends over at the website big journalism took issue with what i had to say and they come decided to try and smear me p.j. salvatore wrote on his website the propagandist reporter also refers to herself in the third person plural we when referencing liberals and liberal reactions to the
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media if you're going to have to pay yourself as an anchor at least have the wit to not disclose your partiality and take care to pronounce the subjects name correctly so all right let me start by responding to where p.j. did get me i did mispronounce dana's last name and i apologize for that i guess as somebody who's had my name is pronounced my entire life but something about to be able to shake off pretty easily but hey that's just me and it's really pretty insignificant and quite a distraction from my actual commentary about what dana had to say when it comes to other claims clearly pj's never actually watched this show because if he had he would know that i don't portray myself as an anchor this is a political commentary show i freely and openly share my personal opinion with the audience and i'm pretty sure that anybody that's watched the show for more than two minutes would easily get that i'm the host of an opinion show therefore i share my opinion just like data last does on her radio show or on c.n.n. for that matter but she's entitled to do. i'm entitled to criticize that opinion
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now i could go even further into how they try to twist my commentary against lashon claim that i live but i think that our web team did a pretty damn good job of that so you guys should go read their takedown on our website next i want to respond to some viewers who seem to think that i have an agenda except for they can't really decide which one it is alan becker commented on facebook i can deal with the attacks on the president but i'm perplexed the r.t. does not go after the absolute worst offenders for the american people in middle class and that is the g.o.p. now this one i'm a little confused by because they do spend day after day after day going after both the social and economic policies of republicans that i think are dangerous for america but while some people think that i'm too hard on the president too easy on the republicans other seem to feel exactly the opposite way in response to a tweet we sent out that we're looking to hire somebody a screaming bird tweeted at us at the low to show it would be great if your show was less biased and protective of the current administration so first time too hard
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on the president now i'm too easy on him which one is it guys don't i think that some people are just genuinely confused because i don't fall into a perfect little left right paradigm the most people on t.v. do so let me just assure everybody that watches that i call people out when they deserve it democrat or republican period so i have a little faith and finally i want to respond to holy ghost trance twelve who tweeted that us in response to a topic that we covered on happy hour where c.-span was getting pranked during their call in section he said at the low to show him at jenny churchill please do a calling to call in section that would be effing great i want to hear from all alone as stockers. yeah we're really not so sure on the whole call and idea but we're definitely working out ways to make the show more interactive while we are live on air so stay posted for developments on that that's of my ranting today but i will be back with more as usual later in the week. well today the life and legacy of martin luther king jr is being honored across the country including the
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occupy wall street it's a first for the movement which began four months ago tomorrow that will be the anniversary of the stated goal for the holidays to continue martin luther king's quest for economic justice through nonviolent actions are doing so with the help of the newly launched group occupy the dream just made up of african-american church groups affiliated with the occupy wall street movement so in their words they hope to quote launch a new campaign for economic justice inspired by the legacy of dr martin luther king jr. now to kick off their mission they called for a national day of action today on their web site to focus attention on the gross injustice visited upon the ninety nine percent by the financial elite and their day of action won't consist of just helping out a local soup kitchen but rather protesting at federal reserves across the country
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and sixteen cities across the nation including new york chicago washington d.c. and san francisco protesters march to the federal reserve to shed light on the institutions role in creating inequality between rich and poor here in the u.s. so earlier today in new york protesters marched from an african-american burial ground where hundreds of slaves were buried in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and ended up at the federal reserve bank just a few blocks away another group protested at the bank of america and our cameramen were there. nationally occupy the dream is calling for a moratorium on foreclosures and an increase in funding for the pell grants and
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we've highlighted many times on the show the ways in which the financial crisis has hit the african community african-american community the hardest unemployment and african-american community in the united states is it fifteen point eight percent while white employment hovers about seven point five percent in comparison and those are just the official numbers not the u.s. not the u. six figures now according to the center for responsible lending african-american and latino borrowers are almost twice as likely to have been impacted by the crisis than whites but even with the force of which the financial crisis has hit the black community the occupy movement has admitted we had problems courting that so occupy the dream is hoping to change that throwing the weight of african-american churches behind a movement that they believe fights for the economic justice the martin luther king jr stood for when he was alive. or seeing a new round of government scrutiny and warnings surrounding the natural gas industry and hydraulic fracturing last december for the first time the e.p.a. linked underground water pollution to fracking says that they've also stepped in
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and also backed out of providing clean water to residents dimmick and sylvania and then just last week they wrote a series of letters to the state department saying that new york needs to go much further and it's regulation plans to safeguard drinking water and viral areas and gas industry workers so it looks like some moves are obviously being made to counter the dangers of fracking but are they enough joining me from our studio in new york is joaquin set the reporter for sapient reporter for pro publica and bill mckibben writer environmentalist and a resident scholar at middlebury college in vermont he's also the founder of three fifty international climate change campaign donovan thank you both for joining us tonight and walk able to start with you because you just wrote this piece of pro publica detailing what the e.p.a. was writing to the state department about new york city about the changes of the regulations that they want so can you give us some more details there. yes so the department of environmental can conservation in new york has received about twenty
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thousand some public comments on a plan that took them a couple of years to produce on how to better oversee hydraulic fracturing natural gas drilling in the marcellus shale and the e.p.a. submitted comments for it last wednesday and among the things that they. one of the things that they focused on the most it seemed was how the state intends to take care of the massive amounts of waste water that hydraulic fracturing creates as you probably know in order to tap into the market sell shell which is a large deposit of natural gas that sits underneath much of new york drillers have to blast water mixed with sand and chemicals deep underground to loosen up the gas formations and that water has to go somewhere after it comes back out of the wells and what's happening in pennsylvania is that the waste water has been going to
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treatment plants but the sewage treatment plants don't really have the technology to detect or certainly remove many of the chemicals that are in the wastewater the best they can really do is dilute it with regular sewage and then it goes right back out into bodies of drinking water. and in some areas like in near pittsburgh on the river there was a spike in a mineral that's typically found in drilling wastewater that made it very unsafe to do certain household things with the water and you know that it's been it's been a it's been a large problem has living in new york struggling to figure out how to do it and the e.p.a. pointed out that these sewage plants aren't really the ideal places to take this water to ford for treatment they also pointed out a number of problems with how natural gas drilling workers are being protected from you know. activity that's that's been in the mud in the soil and things like that
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that get dredged up along the the drilling process and there's been some some issues also with the kinds of fracturing that the d.c. intends to allow in environmentally sensitive areas all right so it seems like least the e.p.a. is getting involved here at least they're writing letters and mentioning it earlier last year excuse me for the first time they admitted that fracking can be tied to polluting the waters so it seems like they're starting to be publicly critical of this practice but bill i'm curious you know what your perspective here is is it nice that the government finally is wanting to have an opinion here or do you think that it's still not enough. well look despite its finally starting to really heat up there's been terrific activists across the eastern us who've been coming at this hard in the last year and the other side is coming in it hard to really the most important story of the last week wasn't anything about science it was the fact that . the fracking industry has pumped about
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a million one of the thirty million dollars in lobbying money you know what many getting and spreading it around to new york politicians union you know albany that's a heck of a lot of money it's exactly the same thing that's happening on congress around keystone or other kinds of oil drilling or other kinds of coal stuff it's this i'm going fight everywhere now between to plus a fuel industry that wants at these kind of extreme energy and will do anything they can to get it and the rest of us who are trying to preserve some semblance of a planet like the one we were born on do. so then why can't when you look at you know some of these layers that the e.p.a. writes do they say who they think should be responsible do they say that it's going to be up to the water treatment plants they say that some of the responsibility should lie in the hands of the natural gas companies. while the e.p.a. appears to be asserting a little bit more of its authority in the states decisions to to use sewage
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treatment plants to treat waste water for example i mean they've said that they need to be more involved in that process and the way that it works now is that the state is supposed to be working closely with the sewage treatment plant operators to make sure that their plants can actually handle what's in this wastewater the e.p.a. is saying that they need to now be more involved in those decisions so i think in addition to what you've pointed out which is that you know they they finally came to the conclusion last year that drilling in wyoming has led to contamination of groundwater. and they've also released announced last year last summer that they were going to be developing their own rules on wastewater disposal and so we're starting to see them i think do what many environmental activists have been looking for for some time which is to step in you know really dig in and do their own
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independent investigations and develop rules based on their findings and i think that the series of letters that they wrote to the new york state environmental department is is emblematic of that effort the problem is of course this bill as you pointed out is that there's a lot of money being thrown around when it comes to this topic right so who's going to if you were going to listen to all the money that's coming their way are they going to listen to a letter from from the e.p.a. you know i'm curious to some scientists out there have said that we should put a complete stop we should halt fracking until there's more information until you can really assess the effects would you if you had your way wanted to be completely stopped. well yeah look fracking is one example of these extreme energy technologies that we need to stop normally because of their deleterious effects locally but because we cannot afford to be pouring more carbon into the atmosphere that's just where we are now and you're right it's the money
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that's the issue we're all gathering back in washington a week from today january twenty third as congress reconvenes they'll be hundreds of people in referee uniforms out there on capitol hill blowing the whistle on trying groups. calling a penalty on the fact that these guys take money from these companies and then make those decisions in fact if you go to blow the whistle on congress dot org you can sign up to help its instance crease it's akin to a runaway train it is already pretty much you know warren in the state of pennsylvania there are tracking rigs all over the place new york state's kind of the next stand we'll find out what governor cuomo has made of you know he's a guy who's considering national campaign probably in two thousand and sixteen talked a lot about as a potential presidential candidate clearly this will be the issue on which the
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nation's environmentalist will judge him because it's going to be key issue in new york you know looks like it's going to him had to i had to cut you off as five points like her out of time but i want to thank you both for joining us tonight and they'll hopefully we'll see you suing a referee in a fight when you're here and they say thanks so much that's it take care. hard still ahead tonight next for the presidential nomination race today but first take comfort because it's nice full time i'll explain why i just a moment and then happy hour to the granny and grandpa even frank earth plus the golden globes were on last night and the celebs actually dine on cold way to cover those stories and more than just an. internet only or military mechanisms that do not work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama
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as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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mr. with the police were left. with. one of the protest that nobody seems to know. but never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. are you guys it's time for tonight's tool time war and tonight it goes to jon
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huntsman the former utah governor and ambassador to china and his presidential campaign today huntsman never quite got fire with the g.o.p. grout during the debates who sometimes came across as too rational on issues like global warming and foreign policy and well we all know the g.o.p. base is only looking for a sane candidate this year and that is going away news conference today in south carolina john had these words of wisdom for all of us. this race has degenerated into an onslaught of negative and personal attacks not worthy of the american people and not worthy of this critical time in our nation's history. wait why this campaign season is too negative i mean come on john you've been in politics long enough to know that running for office is a contact sport you play to win but what's funny about huntsman's observation that well he's just as guilty of running these negative ads attacking fellow republicans
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as the rest of them including mitt romney the man that he decided to endorse today in fact huntsman staff was really busy last night scrubbing away all the attacks on mitt romney from their campaigns website to get rid of all the evidence you can actually search a site today and find nothing but lucky for us there is the internet and plenty of clips of jon huntsman big nasty to others here's a john going after mitt on flip flopping earlier. i don't know that he can go on to be president obama given and given his record i mean when there is a question about whether you're running for the white house or running for the waffle house you've got a real problem with the american people. out so you think that mitt is running to be president of the waffle house now huntsman is also guilty of releasing those negative attack ads that he called offensive today like this one. you approach or in the form do you wish you didn't support it now that we're in the winter. you know tarp was the right thing to do i'm not interested in
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a link to the situation but it will be people. i believe the future of the way just in the law for twenty years that we should sustain and support i'm in favor of having the supreme court overturning roe v wade. today i was at the gym this kept falling off the balance the while romney trying to defend his record on cement subliminal messages to g.o.p. voters are really not all that subtle but here's another attack ad from huntsman and this one includes one of my favorite lines i'm very much very much and adamantly opposed to tax increases for the head of the bay state and also wanted to name was d.c. but this will be after feet after that attack. you can't be a perfectly lubricated weathervane on the important issues of the day whether it's libya whether it's the debt ceiling whether it's the discussion around the key city
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building in ohio. a perfectly lubricated weathervane and what the hell is that sounds good advise the with by the doctor's office but let's move on as you can see huntsman is a hypocrite he's a for the media today cried about the negative personal attacks in this presidential race but he had no problem going negative on his fellow candidates himself yet when he sees the writing on the wall that he will not be the nominee he tries to take the high road so sorry john you're just as guilty as everyone else of the dirty politics and that's why we're giving you tonight's told on the ward. our guide to time for happy hour and joining me this evening are two producer jenny churchill and alex sites wall assistant editor at think progress to our hey guys i don't know if you watched them last night or not but the golden globes are on and
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kind of poked fun a little bit i guess what you call the the excess of hollywood take a listen. thank you your good if i'm wrong on the goal i hope took you long before so. that's right the attendees a dessert covered with edible gold flakes with retail at one hundred thirty five dollars a gram do you think hollywood is making a bad example i mean i don't personally i wasn't all that far bothered but i think the bad example here it's a little too on the nose i mean this pastry chef spoils the work months to come up with this and his genius idea with all this money is gold for the golden globes like come on you can do a little bit of. gold plating on is there nothing creative about that i think it's a little ridiculous that like when so many people are struggling hollywood's just eating gold i mean it is a little absurd and also i am saying it does but i'm sure there are more absurdities to be found within the awards last night in terms of the rules of the
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and everything else just like i was in there because i would like collecting every flake i could find if you think back you know. it's just seems like a like a metaphor or. you know it just seems like a metaphor come to life it's like but it's like the ninety nine percent caricature of rich people like washing down gold flicks with their pay and it's like the people at the bankers that stood there drinking their champagne about the occupy wall street people it's like they got together and we're like how can we be unbelievably offensive. all right let's move on to our next story. well apparently you know we normally think of binge drinkers as young people college kids but i think all over people elderly also might be down drinking like betty white. what do you like to do in your free time oh i like to do most anything play with animals mostly. because kind of a hobby. thank
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god. it's a new as demand that shows the binge drinking is actually more of a problem the people thought it was in the us and basically big drinking means on average eight drinks number of eight drinks and so the age group with the most binge drinkers are eighteen to thirty four year olds but the age group that binge drink most often is sixty five plus got my fasting i've been concerned about this for a while actually that you know betty white was setting such a bad example i mean you know the most impressionable people in this country are clearly the elderly when you're retired though it's like you have you can binge drink more often because you're retired like what else are they supposed to do you really kind of makes me look forward to retirement it really sounds like going back to college like intriguing is up sex is up i know older people it's like living in a dorm is like you know what you imagine these are all the rise of the as elderly
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like retirement centers are nursing homes or actually trying to get liquor license you can serve alcohol in the retirement i mean why not you know what's to stop you enjoy the later years of your life and booze away that's my really valuable healthy advice ok well let's talk about. we've seen a lot of negative attack ads on huntsman. hissy about them even though he totally took part in all of this you know we've seen a lot thrown at mitt romney too but these come from third parties from super pacs is the whole idea. their greed was only matched by their willingness to do anything . so in profits nothing spared nothing mattered but grief. this film is about one such reader and as for. mitt romney became c.e.o. was being capital the day the company was formed its mission to reach massive rewards for himself and his investors. so the whole thing is that the third parties
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do it's not the candidate themselves and so elizabeth warren and scott brown are actually considering maybe telling third parties not to do anything but the whole point is they don't have to listen right right if they stop doing it at request of the candidates that could potentially be illegal because it could be construed as. ok with you because but i love the other hypocrisy here is scott brown going after elizabeth warren like you're running these attack ads when they totally started on the campaign's backing him and they like their first big ad from crossroads was accusing elizabeth warren of being in the pocket of wall street which is much of it was the most my favorite was he actually called her an elitist and an attack last week by saying by you know condemning these ads when they're about you but letting them go all the other times you're being such an elitist and it will even. if he says hypocrisy you know is something that only the elites get to enjoy. our guys
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together of that i don't know or rather this morning. thanks for tuning in thanks for the come back on wednesday we're not going to have a shot of margarita scheduled maintenance in the meantime you know what if i was on line on facebook on twitter and on to see that coming up next. when an uncomfortable question leads to a grave accusation the world who is more is you know far be it the president who isn't supposed to hide anything. or it's someone asking him why do you make a secret out but when the powers to be suppress the voice of those who think different culture when you go experiencing very serious problems off of the saakashvili government came to power in two thousand and three if you put it from
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a book that was when the problems began piling up. interviews were now off limits to our journalists they were often peace enough and humiliated in public and one of the attempt to protect property puts life in real danger is that we have been deprived of the only means of earning a living and i have gone to the original sit all the papers yes i got them legalized the ownership rights on the basis of companies freedom becomes just a stage prop.
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that's right ground support and security problem getting it from is why you want to put out why or why not is there are a lot of st james i was. pulling out their boxing gloves the mainstream media has said good bye to hard hitting journalism now they're just hitting but the only thing that seems to be on the ropes more these days is their own credibility will explain. what john kerry did a warning. about owing a poor an enemy to battling their own emotions the struggle millions of american soldiers deal with each day there might be a pill to help them from.


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