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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2012 8:31am-9:01am EST

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our shut down in protest at american anti piracy plans that are seen as a threat to internet freedom. and occupy anti greed activists marked for months of their movement by taking on the white house and capitol hill thousands works back to take part but the event failed to draw on the numbers organizers pointed. out next we take you to nigeria here on r t a nation a nation rich in oil but where its own people suffer violence terrorism and poverty . but the best is yet to be seen lost in the brush just a few meters away. for. you know as a composition to them for the taking from this place obasanjo the former president of nigeria a much too doesn't know one problem is that the federal government. was a beaut. research institute to be here to fund its own mini and
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i walk was supposed to be fully engaged in much well that's respect this is the only cute. i listen to this is a true this is research institute in nigeria yeah that's a good resource joe you can come out to do research if you want to come here it will be you see a lot just. you do i would say this is so and this was led by the president not the nicest and most mean is the president i'll defer to the public and i do this through. that does what we. would it would look would not give up the. port harcourt three million inhabitants the principal city of the delta and growing exponentially expansion it's like the nigerians who work on the platforms often
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live here when they're ashore. we're in the car of patrick i utah and we met on the f.p.s. . he's head of the control room a major post two weeks at sea two weeks ashore he suggested that we stop to visit his home just now patrick is off to fetch his children from school. normally would gone out for a drive but you don't know it's actually difficult for you to trust somebody here because it was a lot of stories there by. people who are employed. or drive your house needs they could live with could not nor that it. will for a fair a struct in one of the school everyone tries to parks close a possible maximum security cars even drive into the playground patrick actually goes into each classroom to fetch his three children one by one initially when he started it was that it was the boys he has spotted that he could not by the way
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taking but after these no more the d.s. spotted about fire and they had the good outcome when they shone and had an exclusive in one theory as an all a that's so you'll have to. prove the kind and the how you try to provide security for itself. just as a very careful one to see how you can take care of yourself i have fun with it but overall it's. when it is known as a street. i don't go out when he just needs. me to look around to put. the bar on who i know that's. sort of just show. me. some of the we arrive at the house are super secure is
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a little fortress but outside and inside. is the same friend so from you know you guys see look through this who is that he decide if anything is going on you are yet to see all those he already does i was here with you you. were here we see of lie still so good. so. so then i look at god minds and gives off a wish with oprah for what they get of anything just to be there for security purposes difficult for them to get to you is really so you call the bullies or you . patrick and his wife so you get used to it all that the state of alert becomes second nature when patrick quits the tension of his high risk job he confronts another tension ashore. the item family is very well off. they leave the country during the vacations to take
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a rest i've heard people say that. it was not. but it was a curse on the journey of who. is the other what is there now. because of what is happening so people now see it as a class because of the militancy they kidnap in and they say. they're taking this. and that's what you see. it's just the government isn't here is themselves that's why. this labor costs are not sublists. this is what mrs i tell is talking about militants from men movement for the emancipation of the niger delta. groups of highly armed guerrillas who attack all sides blow up pipelines and kidnap oil workers. they hide and train in the mine grows their chiefs are in the big cities or abroad. acquiring their revenues from arms sales oil smuggling and ransom demand
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from foreign companies they confront the forces of law and order directly in exchanges which end in death some both sides. after endless bargaining during our various trips we were able to make contact with the mend militants. they agreed to talk as a secret location where we were taken eyes blindfolded during the journey. in a room behind close windows and doors when we met the man who terrorize the oil companies workers and who by their attacks managed to reduce production for instance the man who's going to talk to us because himself commander rambo here. for the course when the angel was in lake it's a slit for the buzz it's his clear seven years. this movement for the suppression
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of language that i will settle for you my suppression of those in the lane to read you. this. is there's the use in this. tactic is what in a different way but they're doing in the schoolyard is they were doing the radar room and they were behind like my old pop it's. more the same to the flat is assumed. because this oil company is that and give money to one lookout for one government official when he suppresses the cries the rights of the people so it's nuclear. we have to do this to force and to some to right not just the economy with the government because if we destroy production it's
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a phrase the government of. congress to swallow it is sit of and or destroy how you book to goof off sure to a good form for example they've been in the cons of. so. amend the militants are able to travel far in their fast and powerful boats. aboard the f.b.i. so they're waiting for them but with our name when they might come the price of a ransom for an expatriate fifty thousand dollars thirty thousand euros the hostages are always returned in good condition to go was from his office patrick is in contact with the offices on shore several times a day though his reports are like a poem with figures. twenty two mismatch from. twelve point three was due to just export. our production gas was that two point one five million got into q. we injected five point.
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four day. with c. due to. the gas exports was. again a shortfall so. what injection was doing this and. there is a plan for a gradual plan online tonight. of most of the major point positions on the f.d.a. so. jim de mint didn't have all the jokes on one of the a few so. it's possible but i think that would be to the seat. to be would look here to be if it's it does happen.
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i would think maybe it would be in the next fifteen or twenty years because. the fact is we have to lie all the. technology from outside we go after the local technology. contrary to what patrick thinks they do have the technology but not the same means. a little trip continues along the delta for a sequence that nobody has ever yet managed to fill in. the set time from a village whose name the inhabitants asked us not to mention because their revenues don't exactly derives from the declared economy. the journey through the mangroves in the countries arms of the delta is scary. to cross huge areas where oil spread. thick layer of black oil that covers the entire surface of the water
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below which all life is totally disappeared. kilometer after kilometer of mangrove are affected and yet no scientific mission has ever yet come into these territories . the six black smoke is rising over the mangroves. we've arrived at last. year. as we approach the men fully. love all those in our boat call to them reassuring upward.
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a refinery. an illegal refinery under the open sky. here men distill crude oil their floats they're handed amidst the steam talk on the risks of explosion. men who've welded together a few cameras to make stills. to feed the fire by tossing bowls of oil onto it. it's an apocalyptic scene on the dying palm trees. the men live here d.t.s. . sleep here and die here. toddle from the inside.
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like if the thief when they did he felt. he would. fund discipline of purity. and gift. i think there's a different to refining process we need all coal from the steam coal one on up to.
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make. it work will. be finalized. ok there's always room to do. the skin feast we went to the. fish block then and we put it inside the fold we said fly on the opening up that from. the greenspun coke they will when we get. there we do each like that's called geno's we want to. define with each new team that would. be. on opening day with people we can a deal with by what i do with food or. what
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can you say it's dirty it's dangerous. in a corner of a dying micro fisherman turn borders of crude oil just trying to get by. a nightmare no. more of a parallel economy which learn the basics of refining from oil company technicians . and where does the crude come from and where does the refined products go. and. then the. company of course because this is look. did you also know what the concrete well known tree line on anything everybody's trouble nice although still we just find us a few d.c. t.h.o. . well on the.
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hills and are pouring out boiling refined oil the residues of the under still task will be thrown into a hole dug in the ground to fuel another operation. opposite the refinery canoes full to the gunnels with oil await their turn. the boat is used in complaint could. probably use. as a crude oil. the result was sort of you're using convened a crude. like a truck like short like a truck like a truck like a truck because i'm in this group just got in from somewhere far away from here so we can't take drum or bucket to the point i come back it will be strenuous. many times so they use these to convey a good quantity of the product distributed like that show with the crude oil.
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so many so many so many so these boys sometimes they go there instead of. terminator on time they do water they put it into the keno this is called kin they put it to the canoe and process it here refine it here. and after all where do sell the refined oil ok. is the black market the local market their local market there are people who comes here to buy from other places people that i know even. i to do it has a new talk this business has a net talk so there are people come from far away to get this productive for themselves and of course there's big they've been using it to supplement the d.d.d. the national. product because it is not sufficient nigeria is about one hundred fifty million population and about
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a friend i was at work and as you are aware and these people guys are doing these to the government for this. every way to sustain yes yes. here and there across the forests smoke rises to indicate a refinery apparently there are dozens. we do a little further into the mangroves. where does the crude oil that these men refine come from how do they get it. on the way christmas trees abounded like old but some economy. scorched earth that once served as a refinery patches of oil everywhere. the menace coating us have taken
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a risk the village chiefs people in high places get dividends from illegal refineries but the feeling of a dead end the point of no return is drowning them in indignation. after a moment we stop in the middle of an expanse of black stew. nothing on the surface but the end of a plastic pipe half emerging the well is here to stay here others work there's a pipe on the ground here b.s. there is a trance niger. pipe connecting the flow stations to bonnie tom and there's a ton going on and been aware that is clogged export queue crude oil from day and the pipes are being laid on the ground from here to bony yes what is the technique people from here use for collecting liquid or when they see that when they see that there's a leak they go to disport because it looks from the ground up so the day
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on to get to the point on the crown when they get there he put tourists on the sufi's of the back i'm going with all those where you can still get. used to or too much suv or too much too much water here. thank you. never stopped. yet dick closes wonderfully to close it indeed know when to call the open it to use it on the day time to close it because there willacy they don't want people to see that. you have to continuously out the oil. they use from the mission the mission. to the host there. was. around the makeshift drilling and my group is dead eaten away by the
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oil it's this type of leak more or less assisted that is the source of the black swamps we pass through. and we learn that retired engineers and technicians from the companies do the jobs themselves. because the operation requires skill. for two thousand dollars they come with their equipment d.p.'s the pipeline and they put in a tap. the commissioner of this act of piracy then becomes owner of his own oil well. and sells the raw material to the buyers in the canoes to refine it further on. so all along the road you find tiny independent service stations consisting of three or four cans who supply the motorist. a flourishing black market based on chaos and man's inventiveness. out at sea it's a final stage in the process. a giant boy will serve as a morning and supply point for supertankers from all over the world. two hundred
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kilometers off the coast the d.i.y. man and backyard refiners won't be piercing the pipelines pilots are responsible for that operation by hand and by hook. what spy to see going tugs the maneuver seems almost traditional. thought it would be but i would trust a lot of no no to that would shut up and i would push that's what was put up with that to be dug up that we did about it was that. standoff way it's good to see a guy. was asking us to do it without getting all the way out you could without. problems like. you know how to better i going through that old every day. with some guys one we
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don't. want to go. los. you study going to do one you don't want close it's like got some by nine hundred. you know. you will probably have. these. big sell off you go on the local. god given the big one three. because the guy got. filling the tank it would take three days and it will be immediately replaced by another. you can almost hear the oil slipping through the pipes. going to. what i. thought. i was i was like. oh shit i see festool. but i spent the time of the year. you know.
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twenty four hours a day off the coast of petra was pumped treated then delivered the world needs energy and we haven't found anything better. in the future they envisage turning to depths of more than five thousand or six thousand meters. from land and watching ice at night the s.p.s. i was like a magnificent motionless firework display and i am one last question to ask. you. are you all for naught. we mean. we maintain a principle that everyone is equal and some of the common rules that we've got a source where you come from all whether you're male female and so on and. with
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sure that's as much as possible no problems come from and so far so far we haven't had any and it's applies to most of all the other sites that have talked to the. person workers some workers the best saying that. each of nigeria or. nigeria was feeling the. leisure of was here companies to make more. but i was saying. it's. it's sad and can say it's one thing. probably not probable but. life life is not.
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to. mark out reaffirms the push for talks to solve syria's standing against any military intervention and pledging to ensure the u.n. doesn't authorize it. so well of knowledge drive up for a day as the world's most popular online encyclopedia joins the protest over five u.s. copyright laws which because p.b.s. has threatened internet freedom. and occupy activists mark for months of their movement by taking on the white house thinks capitol hill by failed to get the numbers they wanted.


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