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sergey lavrov said should they break down should they not come to fruition then russia was willing to step in to mediate and broker a peace in it both the opposition and the syrian government will welcome to come here to russia to try and sort out their problems sort out their problems the one thing that sergey lavrov was. there was very strong on was reiterating russia's pushtuns that they will not tolerate any form of international interference international military interference into syria very pointed a finger towards the united states accusing washington of having led from behind when it came to the crisis that we saw in twenty eleven in in libya. saying that's so gay lover of on the russian government did not want to see a similar situation of foreign military intervention happen in syria warning the u.s. not to try this lead from behind tactic as he poses when it comes to syria saying that international military intervention of that kind can have huge ramifications
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saying that it can spread beyond the borders and become a major international incident where you of course leading countries are closely watching the situation in the region the changes that far from over it's only the beginning we have to understand that if we want nations to solve their own issues we mustn't interfere especially militarily we must support dialogue between the conflicting signs we have to explain to the opposition forces that they have to find an agreement not oust the regime this is a way to a wide scale war that will affect not just the region but countries far beyond. gay lover of their saying that russia supports dialogue and bringing about peace in syria and warns other nations against attending any kind of foreign military intervention. well you have security council is mulling over russia's latest draft resolution on syria that was put forward this week the kremlin says it's balance
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the names to appease all sides in the conflict while the u.s. is continuing to garner calls to get president assad to go in syria itself the warring sides have agreed to a cease fire in a secure the capital but a government crackdown reportedly grinds on in the last point city of homes later this week arab league observers will deliver their verdict on whether the regime is complying with a peace plan that will ban decide whether to extend its mission or ask the u.n. to intervene after already proposed sending in troops and even turkey syria's neighbor and former ally has turned its back on rafa knows enough looks into the. handshake he says embraces as close friends do in february when this was filmed to fish prime minister and syria's president where indeed considered friends back in the ninety's the neighbors were not doing that well together series support of kurdish separatists drew wedged between the two but by two thousand and three when
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turkey refused to provide the surgery for the u.s. invasion to iraq a golden era in turkey syria relations began with free trade agreement the visa regime dropped and several presidential visits the blues it raised became especially close families living in both sides felt we shared a common home the turkish leader was even accepted at markets in the syrian city of aleppo but the honeymoon didn't last long following libya's revolution in two thousand and eleven turkey switched sides support in syria's opposition and aligned with the country's harsh anomie the us enduring thought they have. iran venting about iraq. well because now rockets come out quite strongly in support of syria and of course the lebanese government by his war has also been very very critical of turkey to switch from a zero problem policy with your neighbors to
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a problem create an position you need good reason turkey seems to have one america needs another actor otherwise this gap can be fulfilled by you want maybe by russia so there's a kind of let's see. co-habitation being an american talking so turkey is helping the u.s. in exchange for some kind of stuff and through this channel turkey is profile is becoming more and more influential some of those who doubt the benefit will be equal for both sides to the turkish economy suffers a lot from the sanctions it supported against syria especially as syria is turkey's expurgated the world for this reason turkey is endeavoring to establish a new exporting of routes to lebanon and through iraq to the gulf states turkey is policy should be more autonomous should not be identical to that of washington or brussels geographically politically and religiously took has always been the crossing point of decidedly different worlds so what's in it for them the
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calculated the only question of cart before the syrian government goes and therefore i think it want to put it want to be riding a wave ok put on the crest of the way the quest for the wave of reform and change in the middle east and to be seen as the leader of this movement of turkey believes that it is set in the middle and long term turkey has no chance to to to get the benefits of the region if our side goes ok then so we're tough but if if if if he doesn't somehow manage to ride this out. well there are those is going to be gone someone's face you know and they'll have to pull back from a position that you had created actually is not really tenable any longer you've got to deal with a couple you like it or not the rude two keys no fooling me with sleep three that you mentioned how dangerous is choice maybe they seems to be. without a u.n. security council resolution it will be vetoed by russia and china and leave
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a stall intervention will definitely fail in syria change in tactics the western powers turns to these regions countries to get them involved this take is one turkey which has started to play a very important role in this conflict some fear it's perhaps too far. r.t. turkey will have his media briefing in moscow foreign minister lavrov also stressed the kremlin is stepping up efforts to prevent war in the persian gulf russia thinks a western attack on iran would be catastrophic for the entire region so iran says it's ready to resume international discussion on its nuclear program but that won't come easy the six party talks broke down a year ago with the west suspecting iran is developing a nuclear bomb the tough go on a rainy and oil is already in the pipeline and tehran's threatening to block of vital fuel transit route if restrictions prove harmful but the u.s. says it will use force to keep it open in just over twenty minutes later the cross
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talk to bates the effectiveness of sanctions. we had tim geithner going around the world trying to get countries not to import a rainy and oil i mean from trans perspective that's basically an act of war you're going to choke off their economy why should be why should these people be punished . it's punishing them to use between economic sanctions and military action one is who within the realm of. peaceful measures the other something that could spark a war. spark a war and it's going to go back to go ahead. and fire too many make the mistake of implying the sanctions are just peaceful means they're not they are coersion they kill the innocent and for the latest round of sanctions i mean you go back to iraq half a million children die the future of iraq was destroyed and madeline albright
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turned around and said it was worth it now you apply sanctions because you don't want to expend the military expenses you cannot iran to sit back and have no casualties and the war would definitely be depleted so sanctions are imposed hoping the iranian people would get so fed up they would overthrow their own regime and it hasn't worked for two years so they're trying other ways other means of making this happen. every day millions of people turn to one website as a one stop shop for their encyclopedia research right now they're just. we could be the is deliberately blacking out its english language web site it's joined a twenty four hour protest against anti-piracy bills making their way through u.s. congress if passed they would allow the government to block search engine links to
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any web site which may contain what's perceived as copyright material the laws are designed to protect people's work from being shared without permission or payment but internet campaigners say they would go too far well joining me live now is andrew mcdermott he is the policy analyst for the center for democracy and technology thanks for being with us on the face of it stopping people stealing other people's hard work it's certainly a good thing what's the problem. thank you for having me i certainly agree that it is the it's a laudable goal and everybody wants to see artists' work protected. but the openness of the internet isn't is just as important represents an important important tool for free expression and for innovation in entire sectors of the economy and the problem with the bills is that some of the measures that they propose to go after sites dedicated to infringement would do more harm than good and would compromise that openness would get pedia and other sites that have joined
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in this protest their blackouts have undoubtedly raise awareness around the world i mean twitter and facebook are talking about this all day but what kind of difference can they make in terms of decisions that are taken in congress i think they can make a huge difference if only for the reason that they make people stand up and take notice i mean we've seen a tremendous outpouring from all sorts of internet communities and all sorts of internet companies over the last few months since the discussion of these bills has really heated up and and we're seeing senators and representatives starting to take notice i spoke to the wicked media chief in fact last hour in the u.k. and he told me that it's impossible to check every source of every bit of information because the internet of course is to establish and it's too big so what then is the solution. i think that's right i think that's why we see what we've seen for the past decade in the united states under the digital millennium copyright act which does not place an obligation on service providers to monitor
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their sites for infringement but rather requires that they take down content that's infringing when when notified of it after the fact of specific instances of infringement in terms of a solution for the gaps that do exist in the law i think that focusing on the payment providers and the ad networks that are the source of revenue for these sites that make a business of infringement will have a far greater impact and not represent a threat to free expression that the other measures proposed in these bills would now no one of course wants to see a government controlled internet what do you think might be the repercussions on the u.s. if it has down the road with this bill and it actually becomes a law. i think that's a great question and it's repercussions for the u.s. and the world beyond i think the u.s. has historically stood out as as a leader for free expression issues particularly when it comes to internet policy we've seen statements from secretary clinton at the department of state advocating
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the benefits of one global internet that looks the same wherever you connect and bills like this that embrace the very tools like attempted site blocking through the domain name system and search engine modification by government embracing the very tools that repressive governments used to restrict their citizens access to the internet would undermine the u.s. position to make to make those points around the world. if you wrote a bestselling novel or a platinum selling song how would you protect your work on the internet. i certainly think that all work needs to be protected i. have artists in my family that want to see they were protected and i write in some work myself. i do want to see it protected and i think that there is room for a law that takes careful targeted action at those businesses those websites that make a business of infringement but i also recognize that the the internet is
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a key factor in how artists today are distributing their work and reaching their fans and we don't want to throw that out with measures to crack down on the actual bad guys right andrew mcdermott joining us live from washington thank you very much from the center of democracy and technology. now greece is at another standstill with a mass strike underway just as the country's global paymasters pay another visit thousands of workers hit the streets to voice how destructive the cuts are even though more may be needed european central bank and i.m.f. delegates are there to try and beat a deadline for greece to get vital funds to slash its almost unserviceable debt well economist and professor younis baro fokus now joins me live from. which is at the university of athens thanks for being with us first off if a deal is not soon struck greece will default will this latest meeting get those
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results and time greece afford to yield any more than it already has. well the goose we did fall or not will depend ultimately on the official sector of the european union be met with it they're prepared to fork out the money which is necessary in order to meet its repayment of the late last the latest the bond issue which is maturing in march and it seems that is what everybody keeps saying is that germany particular is not getting this done to fork out. the billions we just decided not to do that so the idea was to write down part of the debt through the spirit side of his head north to do allow for germany and the european union general to big themselves to bring the money which is necessary for greece to me to be gay should these creditors so this whole. set of shenanigans concerns from here the now the installment in these
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nice to be a slow process to default which in the end is inevitable. that once again a very familiar scene and situation in greece with thousands getting vocal on the streets over these deep cuts are they making any difference i mean we saw people out on the streets all last year. yes and you know on the one hand nothing that happens in greece makes any difference because the over the important decisions are reached in brussels and frankfurt and banishing bubbling. on the other hand to the extent that good politicians are to cory these days to walk in the in the street to attend meetings to give speeches to give talks well this kind of data that has been inspired in the minds of politicians is not insignificant they have received their comeuppance so to speak and there it hopefully there you know they think much more carefully these things about the
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decisions that they make. the i have said on wednesday that it needs to raise up to five hundred billion to buffer the world against any further european slump do you see this as support for greece or perhaps it as other nations may be protecting themselves because they think greece might go under. the i.m.f. move to shore up its own finances in order to extend good clients to the european union it's going to stick in countries concerned not you can sense it or primarily to. the europeans have failed to put their house in order they have failed to come up with a plan which will or. deed we can see good system could have been in crisis with the banking sector on the one hand and all that member states of the you know if the eurozone so we have resorted to the idea that this is
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a tragedy and it's kind of the farcical situation where you have a situation where. listen to this italy is going to be extending the loans then max asked part of this deal by which the man will be supporting it if you this is why didn't we what we would come to but this is the result of two years of good night on the part of the european union. we have turned ourselves we europeans look just we geeks into the laughing stock of the world. but the people don't want austerity we've heard this voice like i said throughout last year it seems like it's going to continue into this year but greece needs foreign money so would greece be better be better off now to kind of cut itself loose and maybe go its own way how do you see this developing throughout the year. well there is no question of receiving any more money whatever money we receive from now from today hundreds
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it would be used in order to repay the banks so the greek state whatever money they receive it will go between one pocket and we exit from the other book and it will go back to the banks so that the big state sector the public sector by private sector i'm not going to see a penny of it so the question that you're asking effectively is what is better to carry on by. state so the banks can be paid or cookies to default with indians there's no reason to give you three years and then the official sector lead again you can be good. at it because the banks i think a lot it would make much more sense but since it's not leave don't carve these days all in for the last two years in that unit of. economics professor yanis varoufakis from athens university thanks for being with us this hour if you. in other news
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several hundred occupy activists rallied in washington d.c. on tuesday marking the movement's four month anniversary but the protests would stretch from capitol hill to the white house felt to attract the thousands that organizers anticipated are just going to she can join the demonstrators. the protesters have shifted their focus from wall street to capitol hill and here they are hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the u.s. capitol building they have a permit to protest on this lawn but we have already seen several people arrested. protesters say when the interests of big corporations are at stake their voice their interests no longer count and they're angry at the fact that the influence of money is only set to grow in u.s. politics supreme court's decision now allows corporations to funnel as much money as they wanted to candidates and protesters say it's legalized corruption. the cozy relationship between big businesses on lawmakers here ledge to the
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complete lack of oversight over wall street which brought about the financial crisis of two thousand and eight and not just americans were affected but the whole world so people here want money out of politics but it's easier said than done and a lot of people especially outside the movement are very much skeptical about whether the protests can actually change something some say that the tents and the banners you know won't change anything what do you say to that i think the tents and the banners are crucial part of being publicized and being public about it because it's so easy to ignore movement unless it's in your face do you think the movement has any impact i mean it's been there for four months right on the movement has a huge impact in that a lot of things that are not even talked about in the political agenda usually are now being talked about there is in the news on a constant basis talking about income inequality the fact that corporations are running our government have stolen our elections so many times with all the
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legalized bribery in the campaign finance system and other things that are most legal moving into the night hundreds more you not thousands joined the protest and they marched all the way from capitol hill to the white house. here they are hundreds of people standing right outside the white house. the movement has certainly it paul i mean you see the last of the chants of the country was already under different pretenses and that is they have a victory of the protesters out of their occupied locations but you see more of these one time actions one day rallies like this one which started on capitol hill and continued all the way told the white house right here these people are here to
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get their message across the whole lot of young people around but again whether or not these protests will bring any result of that that still remains very much on clear. it's twenty four minutes past the hour a look now at some more world moves and the search for missing people on the capsized tired cruise liner has been suspended after the vessel shifted slightly it was to protect the diverse we're desperately searching for twenty four people still unaccounted for hopes of finding anyone else alive have all but faded eleven bodies have been recovered since the coast of concorde was saying five days ago captains under house arrest accused of selling too close to shore and abandoning ship before it was evacuated. more opposition leader aung sun suu kyi will run for parliament and april it will mark the nobel peace prize winners return to official politics since her release from years of house arrest and twenty ten but with only forty eight seats up for grabs the election is unlikely to change the political landscape
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in the military dominated country. israel has launched an air strike on northern gaza killing two people one of them a teenager palestinian security sources say the raid hit a field used by hamas and was accompanied by tank fire tensions between the coastal territory and israel has been a column in recent days following an increase in rocket fire attacks in december. next to business with current. time for business thought it would be coming to malakhov thanks for joining me eurozone debt problems have made the world bank cut its two thousand and twelve global economy growth forecast to two and a half percent the bank also lowered its outlook on russia however its economy is expected to grow faster than most countries and reach three and a half percent this year jacob noel from morgan stanley outlines the reasons behind
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russia's out. russia had a very deep downturn in the crisis nearly eight percent fall in in growth. in two thousand to no in and a slow recovery and what we saw in the middle of twenty eleven was a strengthening of consumption investment a full blooded recovery second thing is fiscal policy last year it was first consolidation in russia of four percent over four percent of g.d.p. and it becomes actually ran a surplus in an election year which is quite so impressive this year in budget twenty twelve. programs about two percent of g.d.p. fiscal expansion that is increasing public sector wages for the police and military increase in military pensions and a cut in the payroll tax that will support consumption particular at the start of the year and then later in the year i think of a little action with a new government is formed and the policy direction is clear i think you'll have a recovery in investment which is still depressed compared to pre-crisis levels. every international law true functor poses to more than double its lending capacity
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in order to save the global financial system from the worsening european debt crisis bloomberg agency says the members to add five hundred billion dollars into its reserves earlier the lenders managing director christine legarde and fund is studying options to increase its war chest work sorry war chest bloomberg sides a group of twenty officials saying the i.m.f. is encouraging countries like china brazil and russia to become the talk the top contributor. taking a look at the markets now on wall street futures are modestly up on hopes that international monetary fund will get a cash infusion and a head over host of us economic reports most european stocks are high on news that the international monetary fund propose a new lending program markets are also supported by successful debt sales in germany germany's dax is up over a quarter of a percent and the full see is up just
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a notch now years in moscow the markets closed in the black and a rather choppy trading day mys it's close half a percent higher while from isaac's and it point seven percent of the aussie has ended point seven percent and the like. it's a business update for this all but i'll be back in less than fifteen minutes with more.
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live from the russian capital our headlines moscow reaffirms his push for talks to solve syria rejecting any military intervention and questions when sort of the run off the rise and this is america and some allies mount calls against the syrian regime has kept our prosing to send in troops. millions of wicca pedia users are heading this brick wall right now the world's most popular online encyclopedia is on a twenty four hour site down in protest at american answer piracy plans that are seen as a threat to internet freedom. and occupy antony green activists marked
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for months of their movement by taking on the white house and capitol hill thousands were expected to take part but the event felt to draw in the numbers organizers wanted. thanks peter the bells crosstalk doubts get fired up on the wrongs nuclear program and the tough stance the west is taking. its technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got those huge earth covered. and if. you want to.


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