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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2012 4:31am-5:01am EST

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into his second week as protesters demanding an end to piling cuts taxes and deteriorating living standards some sixty people have been injured with rage mainly focused on the president. of the top stories here in our city up next we'll take you to nigeria and nation rich in oil but where its own people suffer violence terrorism and poverty part one of a special report is coming your way next. it's like an island cut off from everywhere accessible only by helicopter. bank and more than two hundred kilometers off the coast of nigeria a floating factory that is unique in the world as big as eight football pitches
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it's a foretaste of what the search for oil will become. this enormous crofters itself at the heart of a wide a system that consists of searching for oil ever deeper under the sea and also further and further from the explosive situation that prevails on land. summaries platforms and drilling vessels on a map a tiny rectangle named echo. here as the owner of the few kilometer square that represents a new eldorado. in the center floating like a queen bee a belly full of a treasure that the whole world covets is the flagship of the oil company tokens. and i have your ideas. if there's a door. on akpo we are far from everywhere but everything is checked.
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and you reject overtax this is how it all the bikes through this sort of community when i go out there even the people you know in to be working with her for years you have to search their backs and even those including the head of the station. i'm already searching for manually. to to show anything. that's a ban from. drugs guns knives. we're. just going to think of this better. situated on the gulf of guinea and the most populous country in africa nigeria is roughly the size of france and belgium combined. it's the size of the country the niger delta region that's the object of envy. a geological insult that is overflowing with excellent quality oil. thousands of drillings licensed to the oil companies of the whole world pierce the
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country's ground on land and at sea link together by pipelines that run through the mangroves in the sea in every direction. today nigeria is the largest oil producing country in africa the scene of a banquet between companies. all. after arriving by helicopter and after the regulation search patrick one of the two managers takes over from his colleague john francois his back to back in offshore speak. with an engineer turned manager of a nigerian father under maltese mother patrick is one of the rare employees of the company to hold such a post. on their schedule to produce one hundred sixty three thousand barrels a day for next month we're dealing with large volumes of this it which is very very flammable is more flammable than normal oil and also we have lights volumes of gas at high pressure. it's
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a look at the system so we kind of leaks if we have meet the sparkle source of ignition the next thing you would have a fire and then put us at risk yes everybody has to be worried about fire because a fire on board would be disastrous it could be disastrous. so sure we have to be careful here permanently only alerts what you pass through because opposition from a straight news show two thousand and three hundred meters loman don't go there on this one if we're over story start. with a name yes it was a floating put up syrian storage and offloading units woods captures everything because it's a unit that floats and it has capacity for production and storage we also process we don't stop but we sit and export gas first task
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a tour of the property patrick shows us around his pipe or cathedral so we're currently. back there while the whole deck level so below. the last now we have tons so one of the problems that we have vessels of this size laundress and in choice corrosion of the decks and corrosion corrosion at this level. it would be difficult to repair because just underneath we have tanks of oil so it would be rather impossible to cut a part out too well whatever because of the risk of exposure. is another lifeboat here and then of course we have the. rover life rafts just this way so anybody. you say has more than enough means to. just stay.
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for the first time we've been allowed access to this incredibly technological and highly risky structure. on board our two hundred forty men so completely lost in intel a thing of pipes that you almost never meet anyone the f.p.s. as a citadel of tubes valves elbows through which flows the precious liquid below are dozens of pipes reaching down to the bottom of the sea which suck up the oil. you could say that workers here are like the distant extras in a giant mcconnel construction protected by the navy another permanent surveillance from countless cameras. a technological exploit certainly but in a context of political paranoia. and this two nigerian navy patrol boat stand guard twenty four hours a day under the orders of antonio djoko. he moved into security work after twenty two years in the army twenty two years of
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happiness as he describes it he's a man who searches the bags organizes patrols and supervises all movements around the base. you. always. so here we have the sense of the operations center where we monitor the whole of the outpost field. with this radar . to come into it which allows us to check all the boats arriving. can the two of you to know what both of the riving and especially to pick up any suspect record that wasn't expected to enter the field to thicken all these cameras the monitor control the access is here this is and inside. the. research it will come to me to secure but that's a lot of security measures for extracting oil. so on this on this is where the
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measures required to nigeria of the day considering the threats that exist it's very much a jury on my wrist the ordering of the men malicious intent. and espionage in boats intruding in the maritime exclusion zone. as in this case on items. you armed here on board since it was on i'm not on. if i don't there are no weapons on board even you don't have one no make your room some guys climb up the chain link and they have weapons machine guns for example what do you do but i don't see the other measures that would be taking place measures that have been designed for that situation. there are no guns on board and the situation is under control i repeat the situation is under control. i mean ari is a small fishing village situated on the island of bonny right at the mouth of the
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niger delta. and it's here that the gas sent from the f.p.s. so platform arrives by an undersea pipeline. if it weren't for the plant ameri ari would be a typical little village. with huts and shacks with palm leaf roofs the streets of san news it coming from portable radios open air stores kids running everywhere and a soccer match underway and the fisherman returning with the tide. would be well if next door right next door protected by barbed wire they went sending millions of cubic meters of gas and oil to the most highly developed countries in the world. did by did loading gust to order forty called new york dollars but not one not the
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community nearby you know about it i mean anything from the company. and this. is food is. when you come up with these guys know that all looks that. twenty four hour every day study lou did not is stop one this is not stop no big. in the small harbor when the ships come in the giants with gas the tiny ones with fish to world's rock shoulders i did looks as if the big world is giving the tiny one the finger. on it if you want to get a little we took our own. sometimes sometimes. nigerian people work for the companies yes yes there was
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a little boy just how. about that at the white men he says but it's very odd you. bring blood from a. dog. and as a supreme insult naturally there's no gas in the village to smoke the fish and cooking think of the wood from the forest. of the terminal on the chimneys that burn off the gas nonstop to prevent overpressure they tell us. with that's a lot of use to the villages overpressure. this village would. do it i do some other fish imports. this.
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does all worked out because of the devices in. britain this is in because i didn't . know what i should have been hearing about that i says in this city think intuitively that by what i. mean by that review was i didn't know what the others. you know i got off her about. off shore from the village the f.p.s. the engineers and technicians continue to extract oil far from land because that's the job of the heart of the story machine the end of a pipe and in a small jar the famous brown liquid. the world's holy grail you might say. so this is the oil. well simple enough to being treated it's a condensate it's a very light crude what is it.
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i mean we're more than two thousand meters down. and we can get something out that's relatively easy to use so it comes out of the tap it's what they call the blob of nigeria. and. so this quality we have to go deeper and deeper to find it today over future major projects situated a very great debt. so it's going to require immense technology. more and more technological evolution to go and get the oil even deeper. if the input of course other aspects of very important for the commercialization of this oil because they see this you must see i mean i mix or water and oil because
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water doesn't cost much an oil costs a lot the company much else every time we load our oil products here onto a tanker we have to be sure it contains a minimum of water. i say the blood of nigeria because it's their role materials it's their product when they're up what is it we're here to help them exploited and for. me it's this is the fruit of their history we spoke of their history because see if they do it it's because of their millions of years of history. because we have. this. and i hope it will allow them to fuel their economy just you know in an efficient white mice but despite that there are a few problems. from your point of view can you understand that there are people who might want to attack you. maybe for a maybe you should cut that just
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a bit. i'm just asking the question you don't have to answer that i know my answer is yes personally that doesn't surprise me sometimes but doesn't surprise me. so back on land we allude military surveillance to film something that's totally forbidden to film on pain or arrest and major problems yeah. yeah. you know it. runs a protest movement to denounce the environmental damage caused by the all companies wants to show us i think that's where we move. if we will move in the. wrong closed so this is not been born in sin that there are fifty it's to. the end of a pipeline lost in the wild an enormous blaze the stench of gases insupportable
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five hundred meters is already unbearable i was thinking it was a forbidden guess like that yes that i was there probably. got in that that's going to apply but i'm not on a bad judgment i'm different our government. does not have any political weight that brought about i thought. the loss of. it is it is like a monster so he smells stinks and the sound. like this is the most i was down there months but this is worse than the most i. see this from a distance. right now. you can see. this is. all. there is. everywhere oh i did write about the place. it's
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a part of. the city is the public i miss the pun it is hard. becoming like them out. there. experts say that the gas burned off in nigeria put by itself be sufficient to satisfy the energy needs of the whole continent of africa billions of cubic meters that we saw in the bowels of the earth go up in smoke day. the famous overpressure in the point. in reality the companies make so much money from the oil that they don't even care about the gas they pump at the same time. these massive panels also create acid rain so that the water in the sky is no longer drinkable. garrison in charge of such surveillance quote when i visit we spend several hours negotiating bargaining explaining ourselves to the higher ups over the telephone.
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solicitors reputation and his work with amnesty international in particular allow us to get out of trouble. to. a former farm worker said this team is the leader of most of the movement for the survival of the ogoni people its founder the writer can sorrow we. denounced both the dictatorship and power in the eighty's. and the ravages caused by shell the largest of the old companies present. in a sham trial in which he was accused of murder and despite the process stations and anger of the whole world he was condemned to death and. along with eight other members of the movement. which companies are selling as i did. several music. i want. to know is this is something.
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in nigeria companies are the much as possible. because they know that when government. is other companies. this is a lot but. since he has no car no address and. anyone who production nigeria is under threat of death. the village of the creek is even crossed by a highway of pipes that don't even carry.
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we. kicked. the fourth official. suckage watch. up in here. still in the theater. now right down to do or how to decide if i could one of these areas. there was a day we would call from steve we saw fire bonnie everybody we don't know show came to. i did i hear these trees are dead he sat on the trees fell
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dead. on here we used to fish we were fishing no fish don't want to golly if he's come down for ever one day spiel i said disco i doubt he's been very. large do we see it is so with us because we're always afraid if people damages and composition. was all you could. we mustn't lump everyone together not all the companies behave or have behaved is about the a sham in nigeria. it's just the worst one amongst them. offshore total allows us to go from installation to installation. and jack ryan is
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a motion to special position by satellite with its derrick and its pipes it conforms to the stereotypical image we have of oil drilling. beneath the boat. three thousand meters of water and if your pockets are a further two thousand meters below the sea bed. and. an apocalyptic day in harsh conditions a few months back a crane drag three men into the sea and one. of the nigerians on board the wages are unique and a good living in oil whether you're black or white.
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it's a big country they've got a big bunch of feed you know that want to. tell you it's a big country i bet yes. it would be possible but. i'm not going to i don't know but. on the floor below we can clearly see a pipe plunging into a poor part of the ship. this is the umbilical cord fixed to the seabed. inside they slide the roads that were drilled down to the deposit. and the oil is reached they install a sort of giant valve several stories high over the drilling has been done it is there and the engineers have a very pretty nickname for it. oh no we're going to hear we are in front of the christmas tree is that what you call it a christmas tree you know the christmas tree it's the wellhead and ridge was in
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charge of the studies have all. oh yeah it was. pretty it was all about the christmas tree then the days of fighting for the protection why this easy to change what was going on with the price that you know that was like seven songs into us what was going on we will be put into will i know from you but if i could see it would be investment but. first this is going on. twenty feet first must be done on this day that was done in two thousand and seven that we've run but by god do you think seven day so. you have the money back when you best night right here. three years on the lease
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so yes but not. with those those give you when you make the money. sure celestin is continue his crusade and he takes us to an incredible spot swallowed up by the underground for. effect right where. i would be denied that liberty or where. i where number one. hundred june that there are fifty six. thousand if you. specify where that would of. been that that that that i'm nuts billions of dollars but as i speak done like my place you know going to not do it i've been a course toss you can see how bonbon used to think like you can see ya bond on
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he's going to look like one orphanages they'll go. for daphne's a money ambulance as he finishes the abundance of community which. does not detract.
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lol. this is claude. allen sitting on the edge over. its present. mixing reality it's nothingness. but if you enter this time. the mystery of supernatural will reach. shaman of siberia.
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further sanctions are being drawn up for the syrian regime with pressure mounting moscow pledges to put a stop to any un no more foreign intervention. from washington says it prepared for a military confrontation with iran if it defied such and keep oil rode out the waters of the persian gulf filled with warships also. demand their president step down as angry protests rally on into a second week in trade for the growing caught some and corruption.


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