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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2012 9:31pm-10:01pm EST

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the state of florida is up for sale republicans in florida want to sell off their state of ohio as bitter and they don't want you to know about it the state senate intel hasee is considering legislation that will allow lawmakers to privatized critical parts of the commons and outsource government duties to private corporations that could include everything from selling off public parks and turning them into corporate chemical factories or handing over state prisons to corporations like c.c.a. which lobbies for harsher drug penalties if they turn a profit off each person they incarcerate and here's the real kicker about the legislation it allows the lawmakers to make these deals behind closed doors in complete secret deals wouldn't be made public until the contracts are already signed eliminating any chance of voters being able to weigh in or protest their
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community being sold off so while private corporations are eating up our communities republicans are the ones spoon feeding. let's take a look at the consequences of legislation like this one in florida and other similar bills being considered around the nation let's take a trip to democracy bill here's our democracy bill and and and this is how it's supposed to work we have the city government here and collecting taxes and then those taxes are used to to manage the commons you have for public education we have our public school public fire police station fire department public utilities public prisons and you know of course people living in their homes . the people. the people here basically have a say in how all these things are managed the quality service the price of service if they don't like the way the city hall is managing it they can throw the bums out because it's a democracy that they have some say in it but this legislation. laura would change
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all that it would take our commons to common the common areas are these things we own collectively and sell them off to the fat cats in the transnational corporations. now there's a lot of money to be made in the commons if these fat cats can just get this kind of out of the way and take over the public schools or the police stations or the fire station the public utilities there's a lot you know public education goes private your school budgets get gutted they break up the teachers' union they bring in a religious curriculum teach whatever they want private schools it gets very expensive so what happens the poor kids are forced to go to the last remaining public school. and that as a result of that the standards start falling and then they say then they say oh i see we told you it's as if it's a terrible terrible spiral this destructive both to the school and the children fire departments go private we actually saw this recently in tennessee your house
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is on fire too bad you didn't pay or seventy five dollars annual fee for fire service two houses in tennessee have now burned down with the fire departments there and watching as a result of similar circumstances because the people whose house was caught on fire had paid for the service. privatized the police station hello black water when this actually happened down in new orleans after after hurricane katrina. private utilities get cornered republican tillis they go private and they corner the market and then the corporations i mean how many power lines can have come into your house how many water lines going to have come into your house we're also going to get the stuff these are natural monopolies that is jack the prices up. in cable for example even which is still of marginally profitable business the i state we are the i say pay anywhere from two to six times more for cable services. for
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internet services and they do in most european countries because those countries they feel they require competition they don't let these giant corporations. merge everything down to just a couple of companies and destroy competition. and prisons private privatizing our prisons can you imagine that it's actually happening and the residents of democracy will end up getting screwed i mean what else can we criminalize they'll be saying hey how about worrying loud clothes or drinking let's create you know worked great back in the thirty's with prohibition it was really good for law enforcement they made a lot of money put a lot of people in jail. so basically as you can tell i think that you know the commons here public schools or police or fire public utilities are our prisons and it goes beyond this i think that there are other things should always be in the hands of we the people through the city hall that this should be the barrier between the giant corporations the predatory corporations that you know just their
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interest their legal interest their required interest is to make money out of this stuff and that's why you know we don't run government like a business you run government like a government because the goal of a government is to provide a high quality of life for its people is to make sure that the commons are protected that the people's will is done and the goal of corporations to make a profit there's nothing wrong with that but they're separate functions and i just find it totally bizarre when i hear people you know remember george w. bush i got an m.b.a. dick cheney's got an m.b.a. we're going to have the m.b.a. business and be a presidency and we're going to run this country like a business oh no you know the last thing you want. so why would florida say let's let's privatized this stuff and let's do it in secret. let's do it in secret and not not even tell the people. i don't get here to answer that is neal ask. he's
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the host of the conservative radio show truth for america and author of the book conscientious conscientious equity we'll come back to the program. tom thanks for having me so why does government a republican governor rick scott hate democracy. well i think that's a huge exaggeration let's face it what happened here is that you had the florida legislature wanting to privatized the prisons makes perfect sense save the florida taxpayer forty million dollars then you have an activist judge with a political agenda erecting barriers to this decision so the legislature is kind of going around this to try to come up with new laws to be able to save the florida taxpayers forty million dollars and have a much more efficient system and look florida is a pro-business state we have low taxes here why do so many people want to come to florida we have so many people wanting to come here because it's a it's a state that's very efficient that's trying to create jobs and it's a state that's easy to live in by keeping taxes lower so if we can privatized
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certain aspects of our state government to help the florida taxpayer why should we do that and because way because their monopoly is israel there's a very there's a very simple reason why you shouldn't do that because these are parts of the commons for a reason the commons are the natural monopolies with if you have your prisons for example and you privatized them there's no place else to go for prisons and so at that point that the private corporation the c.e.o. so say you know i'm only making five million bucks a year i want to make fifty million bucks here all right i got a million bucks here like that guy runs a health insurance company stephen hadley and all of a sudden the price goes up and then the state now has a contract and they've got to pay i mean we've seen this all around the country or they start cutting back to the point where the idea of rehabilitation in prison is just a total myth and when the people come out of prison the public interest is no longer served by rehabilitation instead you get people who are damaged and. rehabilitated
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and they're being inflicted on the community. well you know i disagree with that i think that the private industry can run the prisons very well and by the way the state will give them a sort of time frame to do it and then they go back again in a bit it's a competitive situation if they don't do their job someone else will win it the next time around someone who is going to build a city on them if you're a hundred million dollar infrastructure prison come on nail. you know they and they keep that and the fire in the arm of the contractors who do a good job and look and think heartless is the u.s. postal system i mean is that not a bureaucracy us postal service or as you know one of the last of us should you have you be on for a month a day give us some money for providing the same sorts of services providing the same sorts of services u.p.s. doesn't deliver first class mail and the fact that you can say you can take a letter in alaska have a deliver to new york city for in the neighborhood of fifty cents i mean that's amazing what the post office does and that they do it with every single house in america every day five days a week six days in losing billions of tax they're all
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a day they would be making a profit right now if during the bush administration in two thousand and six they had the republicans had not put in a poison pill piece of legislation that said that the post office over a ten year period has to be has to come up with five billion dollars a year to pay for the retirement health benefits of people seventy five years from now it was pure poison pill they would be profitable right now and they were profitable before i think. i say keep the u.s. post office but privatized them i think we can privatized many things on the federal in the state in the local levels in the taxpayer will be paying little i thought he'd like a constitution don't you know that the constitution sets up the but you know says congress going to stablish opposed to office and in fact the only rationale that the federal government the dwight eisenhower the republican president had for building a national highway system was that the constitution says that we should have roads to facilitate the postal service. and we're finding many roads now the. being
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privatized so why should we want the private sector participate because i don't want to pay to use the roads it's not only government bureaucracy bureaucrats that love this country we all love this country america small business that i love this country should we stream what are the one thing. what do we want to excuse me if we love this country shouldn't we strengthen it should we be strengthening our commons rather than what we're doing into private enterprise she that's where i tell you that terry depart in a price free enterprise that strengthens or it's not a common anymore is that people into government that's not the commons anymore. this is why i think for example health care should be part of the commons that you try to take on your insurance company you can't you can't call the president of the insurance company and raise hell but if you if every other civilized country in the world if you don't like the way your healthcare system is run you can you can call your member of congress or parliament and raise hell with them or vote the bums out
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we should have a say and healthier tom the american people spoke very clearly they don't want socialized medicine we don't want to be canada we don't want to be the u.k. why does everyone in the world want to come to our medical facilities why do they all want to go to the may actually mean there's there's airplanes when we look we have to bring them a major are they able to meet your health care isn't business in the united states right now if people go into going to southeast asia for for for cosmetic surgery going to mexico for dental care and going to. be in any case deal we're out of time neil aspirate thanks tom i'm sorry it's a great discussion thank you for talking with the privatization is marked by a shift of power and control from government to corporations corporations also have a great deal of influence and control over the lobbying industry here in washington d.c. and looking at the congressmen that are about to retire this year they're about to hold a lot more influence i'll tell you about that right after this break. let's
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not forget that we had an apartheid regime right now. i think. even one well. whenever the government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get their freedom.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you saw you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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when the one hundred twelfth congress adjourns twenty five members are going to be retiring from the elected posts the notables among the three proper senator bill nelson the democrat from nebraska and senator jon kyl the republican from arizona the most powerful guys the k. street lobbying firms are now aggressively hoping that these people these twenty five retiring members of congress walk through the revolving doors here's a quote as a retiring class this is a very valuable class a lot of these members are marketable and will be welcomed by k. street with open arms this is what i've been adler mccormack group had to say to lobby for the lobbyists are right now holding mock drafts like like drafting. athletes and things only in this case it's in drafting politicians are retiring lawmakers can make up to a million and a half bucks
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a year lobbying of the three hundred fifty to retire. congress member since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine percent have gone on to become lobbyists many members of congress are tired and then they're quick to say oh mary become a lobbyist i'm not going to go over to the outside of washington politics for example former connecticut senator chris dodd twenty lefties swore i'd never be a lobbyist he said no while he had no audience verbatim quote. guess who is now the head lobbyist for the motion picture association of america the head guy out there championing sopa and pipe. we need to close this revolving door somehow we've got to figure out a way to say it's just that it's the same thing with the generals leaving the military going to work for the giant defense contractors and knowing all the time that they're in the military that if they buy a lot of big airplanes and tanks and things they'll have a really good job in the airplane tank company when they leave and we've got the same thing with our legislators we need to figure out a way to close this revolving door that been
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a lot of efforts over the years to do so and the main thing that's been standing in the in the way of this the supreme court. so again move to amend corporations are people money isn't speech including the money of lobbyists and the money of ex members of congress and ex members of the military close the revolving door check out move to amend or. it's the good the bad and the very very good and croagh radically ugly the good. workers of walford's patisserie after the abrupt closing of brawl spits history in chicago it only december workers were given final paychecks only to have them bounce similarly they were illegally denied sixty days notice or severance pay after a legal battle and carefully organizing together the workers of the patisserie have
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finally received some of the. money they're owed under federal law from the previous employer and while this is a start the workers are adamant about getting the rest of what they're legally and are working closely with the workers' rights group to accomplish this goal in today's political landscape or unionization is under attack the workers at rolf's patisserie show us the power of coming together to fight for what's right in the workplace the bad arkansas republican representative steve womack at a recent town hall meeting in his home state womack was asked by constituent kelly eubanks about his recent attacks in the program program eubanks is a college student with two jobs and two kids and lies on pell grants to help fund education. and congress and roll back things pell grants are a bad idea he told you banks that was the federal government's job to pay for education in the u. bank should join the military pay for education just like he'd done i guess womack and visions of military base up of just the poor in america can't afford to go to
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college who cares about educating kids as long as we have more tanks missiles and warships will be just fine right representative walmart. and a very very ugly rush limbaugh on yesterday's show limbaugh argued that unlike president obama mitt romney has not lived like a king is how he put it. that romney has not flown all over the world on the federal government has done romney has not yet lavish parties and concerts on the public's done. romney has not lived like a king on other people's money he is not and sees limbaugh's confused as usual romney is the one who made his wealth through corporate greed romney is the one who dodges taxes like the plague takes advantage of loopholes on the federal government's dime romney is the one who believes that three hundred seventy four thousand dollars in one year's income is just change president obama grew up in a middle class environment and has worked his way through his entire career without
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the aid. the rich daddy and corporate capital unlike romney who was born a millionaire nice try limbaugh that's very very good. you know there's been a lot of talk about gay marriage and gay parenting in the news lately public and presidential candidates particularly rick santorum argue there's no way that a same sex couple can properly raise a child however science santorum is full of well santorum in fact not only is it not true the gay couples are bad parents recent research suggests the gay parents may actually possess parenting talents as straight parents simply don't have and as a result they make better parents marcus marcus bachmann's head just exploded
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during a two thousand and ten review by new york university and the university of southern california found absolutely no difference between children raised in heterosexual households and gay households and a paper published in the two thousand and seven american journal of ortho psychiatry found that of forty six adults interviewed who were raised by gay parents twenty eight indicated that they felt more open minded and empathetic than others who were not raised by gay families have a goldberg a psychologist at clark university of massachusetts and a lead researcher in the study concluded that gay parents tend to be more motivated more committed than heterosexual parents on average because they choose to be parents that's because unlike heterosexual couples same sex couples don't usually become pregnant by accident and are therefore more prepared for and even enthusiastic about the challenge of parenting further research shows these same
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children are shy. as strong as social functioning social performance and other life success kills as are the children of heterosexual couples today there are over one hundred thousand kids right here in the united states of america in need of adoption waiting for adoptive parents meanwhile there are over two million gay couples who have expressed an interest in adoption. so let's cut out the nonsense let's listen to the science and give these kids a good home. when someone commits a crime one of the police officers prosecutors and judges looking for to make their case. and fashion they want to hear the perp say i did it so it's case closed
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let's move on to the consequences but when it comes to war crimes committed by the united states government we the people got that confession and we got that confession from criminals at the very very top george w. bush himself confessed to authorizing torture on television when matt lauer asked him about mohammad back in two thousand and ten. they say he's got information i said find out what he knows and so i said are the techniques legal and a legal team says you're see or i said i will tell you this using those techniques saved lives my job. it was to protect america and. it will use this technique on three people captured a lot of people in these three we gained valuable information to protect the country and. it was the right thing to do as far as i'm concerned so that's not
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just a confession that's an unapologetic confession it's bragging the way cons talk to each other in the prison yard bush is number two dick cheney also confessed on television last year. in your view we should still be using enhanced interrogation yes should we still be waterboarding terror suspects i would strongly support the use in the of the again if circumstances are gross where we had a high value detainee and that was the only way we could get him to talk people call it torture you think it should still be a tool yes. yes torture again and again and again as much torture as it takes here of the two most powerful men in america for eight years admitted on national television that not only did they authorize a form of torture that we as a nation tried and executed filipinos for doing to our soldiers in the spanish-american war and we tried and executed japanese for doing
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a world war two. and both of these american war criminals so they do it again if they could. court of the geneva convention waterboarding is torture and according to our own laws it is like the detaining treatment act of twenty two thousand and five in the military commissions act of two thousand and six waterboarding is explicitly against the law it that's exactly what bush and cheney did and we have their confessions on videotape. but nothing is happening no police outside of bush's ranch in texas actually no he's live in a fancy community no criminal investigation prosecution of bush and cheney is not on attorney general eric holder's agenda and. even before he was sworn into office back in january two thousand and nine president obama nixed any hopes that these men would be held accountable here in the united states. don't believe that anybody has both the law on the other and i also have
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a belief that we need to look forward as lows as opposed to looking looking backwards that doesn't mean that if somebody has blatantly broken the law but they are above the law but my orientation is going to be to move. someone who has blatantly broken the law but the president is still moving forward with out an investigation and as a result our nation's commitment to torture under the bush administration is not just become a national embarrassment it's now become an international problem a french judge announced tuesday that he wants to visit get mo and personally investigate allegations of torture and rape made by three former french inmates who served time in that facility he's officially said a request to u.s. authorities all the better the three men making the allegations were arrested back in two thousand and one along the afghanistan pakistan border and sent to get mo where they were tortured for years before being sent back to france to face trial and eventually be released. and earlier this week
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a spanish judge reopened an investigation into the bush administration war crimes including torture and british officials now are investigating a cia rendition program that may have involved torturing libyans so it looks like a decade of war crimes is finally catching up with us and yet president obama still refuses to hold one person accountable he refuses to tell the rest of the world that america condemns torture and to prove it by prosecuting the war criminals who authorized it. and the worst part about it. we you and i were letting him do it. it's not up to president obama to prosecute bush and cheney and it's not up to some for. judges some spanish judges some british investigators it's up to us we've learned recently what happens when we speak up when we get organized and when we get loud what happens is that the oil barons lose the trans national media
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corporations fold the lobbyists are expelled the corrupt governors get recall and we speak up we can't what we want and it's not too late to speak up louder and demand that bush cheney rumsfeld bybee you the whole rest of the torture is again go to prison for war crimes is the only way we can write this terrible was done not just against those who are waterboarding but against our nation as a whole. president obama may want to take the political road here like gerry ford did pardoning nixon's crimes and bill clinton did ignoring reagan's crimes but it's our duty to force him down the road to justice and thus get this nation back on track let's lock these guys up. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our websites and thom hartmann dot com free speech to organize dot com also check out our two you tube channels are looked at from arbonne dot com also you can check out all the ways you can set the speed
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back and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your it occupies something suitable.
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welcome to the lone a show that the real headlines with none of the mersey work i live in washington d.c. now that we're going to take a look at a supreme court ruling from yesterday that allows congress to take the works were certain works out of the public domain and then grant them copyright protection again sort of ask if this is a step backwards then as more trouble in the euro zone hedge funds are threatening to take greece to the human rights court to force the country to make good on its bond payments so we never seen anything like this tried.


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