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the russian federation as well as the soviet union before it has been regarded as one of the key principal hopes for the palestinian people. is when the late palestinian president yasser arafat visited our nation's have enjoyed good relations it's not only the result of the role that plays in the region but also russia is a great power a member of the united nations security council and a member of the quartet of middle east mediators. relations and why we expect russia to play a positive role. the quartet took a number of steps calling for negotiation. with russia other countries to get an understanding of where palestine stands what it should do and what it shouldn't. we visited the u.k. germany and have now come to russia we hope that the talks with israel currently underway in jordan will result in a positive outcome but if they fail we would need to have
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a list of further steps to be taken together we want to listen to the opinions of the countries i mentioned earlier and russia in particular. said that. these meetings revealed a lot of contradictions in oppositions those were talks just for the sake of talking unfortunately but we don't want to miss a single opportunity we've never. even with george mitchell as the u.s. envoy we continued an exchange of opinions at the meetings held within exploratory or indirect talks we have. never. to be honest we've never broken off negotiations
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with israel. there were no grounds for negotiations because of israel the basis for negotiations is the acceptance of the nine hundred sixty seven borders or any other positions agreed by both parties it's not a unilateral stance it's the position of the international community of course it's closely linked with the issue of security which is a huge problem for us. we don't accept the israeli concept of security it was forty years of occupation of our legitimate territory this concept name is further occupation. criticised for saying there's no point in continuing the twenty year. pressure from the u.s. and israel however you have repeatedly. saying that there is no alternative to peace talks while. there is no
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alternative to peace talks at the moment we're assessing testing the ground for future talks to comply with the quartet. the negotiations are just a way to. bring about solutions. they want to preserve the status quo something we completely reject all illegal settlements all illegal buildings must be torn down and removed from palestinian territories perhaps the israelis have a different vision although in the past they have left their illegal settlements on the sinai peninsula. and returned back to their borders we have the same situation in lebanon some of the settlements there. even with that they want to preserve the
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existing situation of the palestinian territories and to convince the international community to accept that they want to make us accept this vision we will never accept a. position . despite. the document. in september two thousand and ten the first time in washington on an invitation from president obama the second time in sharm el sheikh the third time we met was on the twenty fifth of september at his house in jerusalem where we talked for four hours and discussed all the issues at the talks ended with no positive results no discontinuation development of the occupied territories no changes to security policies the israeli way they intend to occupy the west bank and for another forty
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years. this is colonial policy and colonialist. this is not the logic of a person interested in constructive talks and peaceful coexistence with his neighbors i don't refuse to make but i need to have a good reason now i get twenty one point proposal and what are these twenty. are they just some headlines list of twenty one issues that need to be addressed by people. today we only need to discuss two issues. why would we want to the edge and i. think it was sort of a secret but. and it's not of any practical and it is not appropriate for a prime minister to submit this way. borders. with no clear indication of what is actually expected of the other party.
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think current events in the arab world could strengthen your position in the. international. still no clear position common to all arab countries yes the revolutionary changes taking place but it will take time to figure out what results they brought about the countries we want to work with in order to strengthen our position will need time to get back on their feet and build their states under the new conditions however the general arab stance on the palestinian issue has not changed and the people who lead these revolutions people who supported the. pursuit of india. and these people have not changed. attitudes towards their leaders and their governments but that is their internal matter and we don't get involved. on the palestinian issue has remained the same.
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mr president. that you wouldn't take any action at international level until twenty six if the talks according to. you have a president a diplomatic pressure on israel to make. the international community. we want to live together to co-exist with israel but at the same time we want to stop its illegal settlements on the land that doesn't belong to it we want to tell the world that israel's policy is unlawful their occupation of illegal but we're not saying that israel as a state doesn't have a legal right to exist so the diplomatic campaign that's underway is illegal we have already been recognized by one hundred thirty and i'm sure that in the near future the list will grow to include one hundred fifty hundred sixty countries. i
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knew this was what is going to happen after germany the twenty sixth at the beginning of february the arab peace initiative follow up committee will hold where we'll present a full report on what has been done and what should be done now as well as our vision of the future of the peace process will work out of the final positions based on the committee's decision but we don't want to tie up all of our plans so there needs to be a certain order. to. address to the u.n. general assembly. but as it. wasn't enough to convince nine members of the. membership. to continue with the talk if you agreed to the. observer. nation security council we received eight votes that we need nine still may not
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upset every one is pressure again still membership today we refuse the idea of being a nonmember observer state everything is possible i'm not saying that it can't be everything is possible if you ask me about the official position of the palestinian state on this issue i'll give you the answer we seek full membership or we will apply for a second time etc until we get our bid approved. in a number of arab countries are now with the idea of throwing existing regimes. mr president why did they attempt to create a national unity government and in failure. what has been achieved in terms of social and political reforms. but first of all our attempts didn't. we don't wish to create a national unity government but my personal suggestion. it was created
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a neutral transitional technocratic government a non aligned government comprised of experts that would work until the election that's not a national unity government and its creation is already underway we have achieved agreement on many issues and i sensed some significant political improvement during the talks in cairo when how must deliver that agreement there was an abyss between us earlier but now they've agreed to switch to a nonviolent standoff with a new more bloodshed they agreed with the requirement of establishing the nine hundred sixty seven border line to running the election in may this year that means we can talk about progress here our committees are working hard to implement these plans as soon as possible and reforms are underway and the government will be a transitional. on this year that i thank you very much for being with us to the i wish you every possible success in the implementation of political reward and creation of a sober and the palestinian state. to
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from plans to. come. down the official. pulled from the.
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video. feed the palm of your. question. seriously as an arab league plan to solve the country's crisis that requires president assad to step down because says the initiative was an interference in its internal affairs an attack on the country's sovereignty. the e.u. adopts unprecedented sanctions against iran which include a complete oil embargo a move targeting terror on his nuclear program russia called the sanctions of a state that undermines diplomatic efforts to solve the crisis saying the embargo will make iran change its policies and. encourage voting in favor of joining the debt stricken e.u. in a national referendum but a low turnout and some violent protests preceding the vote show there are still
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deep divisions within the country. up next with all the latest sports news stay with us here on r.t. . thank you for joining me the latest sports country with the headlines giant killer unseeded decapitating and we've got about stunning five time when it's arena williams in straight sets to set up and straight you know playing quarter final against fellow russian maria sharapova men's champion novak djokovic is also is for a. while the final two the new york giants and the new england patriots win their conference titles in thrilling style to set up an east coast super bowl showdown. and play off by the n.h.l. is most prolific latvian sunday as i mean she speaks exclusively to r.t. about upcoming the number of readers prospects in the tech shelf this year. his first though and former champion maria sharapova will take on serena williams
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congress cutting the mccarver in an all russian quarter final at the australian open germany so we lisicki became the first woman to take a set of sharapova but after dropping the opener the twenty four year old russian quarter way back into the match to win it three six six two six three turned to the quarterfinals for the first time since winning the title down under four years ago . and standing in the way next is left handed can patrick mccarthy you served up the biggest upset of the tournament so far gone see these twenty three year old knocking out five one in this arena williams to roll into her maiden grandson for final. surprise because she's a great player it's really tough to go dance for. i don't know i just feeling so good don't solve focused so i play my game and. i won against syrian and it's amazing. and i'm not physically one hundred percent
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so it's like you know. be you so angry and so very unhappy you know i can play. one hundred times going to do this whole target. elsewhere second seed petrik bit of earth survived a second set fight back my former world number one turned around a bit serbia but the building council held on to win six two seven six at least and like last year's run to the last eight stage. waiting to get up in the next round is italian surprised by you sorry irani steamrollers the last chinese standing in chang she irani moving into her maiden quarter final at a major event. i mean while defending men champion live at djokovic overcame former finalist lleyton hewitt in four sets straight in playing in his sixtieth home grand slam was two sets and a break down in the third before reading up six straight games to become the first man to take a set off the top seed however the world number one fought back to take four six three and reach his fifth straight quarter final in melbourne. drug of which will
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face david ferrer in the quarter finals the spaniard a semifinal as last year was a straight set when our response is sure gaspé. meanwhile former finest joe wilfried tsonga is the biggest name to fall so far in the men's draw the french six seed going out to k.d. she corry after a five set thriller the twenty two year old keeping his nerve in this longer final rally to become the first japanese man to reach the australian open quarter finals in the open era and he's not overwhelmed by his achievement. but he wanted to be. to make a lot of history. to be number one player in japan. but that never gives me the question. why it is a grueling match mischa corey until next play well rested on the murray twice beating finally is booking his place in the next round after kaz like michael cushing retired the two sets down four seed maurice spent less than fifteen minutes on the sizzling the hot rod laver arena and said it was always
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a walkover for him. there's a boring. there's nothing there's nothing happening on the court. you know would have been nice to come off and been played on believable and you stop you know after doing nothing as to the ball in the corner and he you know he wasn't running is making mistakes or first second ball the rally and. complete contrast with a lot of the other. moving on to the n.f.l. now at lawrence tynes kicked a late field goal against san francisco to send the new york giants into the super bowl where they'll meet new england patriots who edged out bolton will well first the n.f.c. championship game a candlestick park where the defense is dominated however in the final period feeling manning produced his second touchdown pass connecting with marion manning and the seventeen yards to put the giants ahead yet a late twenty five yard field goal by the forty nine ers david eick has levelled
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the score at seventeen or send the game into overtime but an era piracy that col williams led to the giants seizing possession in a run three times a set times up for his winning kick the giants will not get to emulate their two thousand and eight success when they deny the patriots a perfect season to lift the ban somebody try face. grew from out of school you know it was logical but it also feel world deserved you know this this been a long journey for you know no one gave us a shot you know have the time always been over david's also the shot and so we were you know boss by get things rolling we're never going to figure out a chilly all we did was go to work you do better like also you know it all does work this whole work with the week. well meanwhile in the a.f.c. baltimore has only come to missed a field goal with just eleven seconds remaining as the new england patriots with their super bowl placed by edging the ravens twenty three twenty tom brady scored what proved to be the winning touchdown in the fall of puerto rico this morning on dive bringing the patriots from behind but the ravens have the chance to force
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a the time to put his pick to the left of the post so the patriots have a chance to avenge their two thousand and eight defeat as they deaden face the giants on february the fifth. their all friends played well our defense i thought played extremely well fancily i was sure did a little bit better in the red area. certainly you know not their interceptions but we won that we're moving on and. you know we won ten straight through to make it eleven. football of the soccer variety and over in england substitute mario balotelli dramatically netted the injury time penalty to ensure much the city remain three points clear at the top of the premier league after a thrilling three two win at home to title rivals top the city took a quick two goal lead early in the second half thanks to spikes from samir nasri and jelly mascots but all within nine minutes spurs were level three poachers jermain defoe and garrett failed funded by the telly came on i was quickly booked while avoiding a second yellow for the pound stamp on scott parker for stepping up to next the
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winning spot and launched united states three points behind after danny welbeck scored the late winner as the red devils one to want to toss no tony unless he had opened the first injury time before the prolific robin van persie leveled in the seventy second minute and a quick look at the table converted to city's three point lead over united states third but now eight points off the top spot and the feat for also means they trail chelsea by five points on the back of the final champions league place. and in the meantime above your changes agent has finally confirmed that the russia striker has signed a one year extension with top of the thirty year old will remain at white hart lane until the summer of next year despite having been recently linked with a move to have a dozen clubs both english and russia of a chink and has fallen down the manager harry redknapp pecking order since arriving from spartak moscow four years ago but has scored forty one goals in one hundred great appearances for spurs. to myself in the k h l has quashed the season long ban
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of all googly the league's most short tempered tough guy jeremy blonsky of the tory a side with tears while the hot headed canadian saw his appeal satisfied after serving i fifteen game ban the avid mixed martial artist was handed the heavy penalty in november for yet another punch on the ice that should not be available for sunday's game champion some of the three live striving which has to end the game streak. and finally with just a dozen games to go in the regular season latvian powerhouse to number rigo are going to reach their full straight playoffs and we asked their captain the most prolific latvian in n.h.l. history sunday's as a lynch what is to be done to achieve that goal and perhaps capture the coveted k h l crown. for. that my consistency consistency around game from mouth from day to day and from that world if we were able to turn that around and have that consistency till the end of the
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season no matter who we are playing teams there was some standings or below as scott and i have that mental toughness going on down i think we'll have a good good run employer. every team depends how much you follow her something is there you can there's always room and only you have everything right when you have won the championship so that everything was good i mean there's but always until you do that others of us would always something to improve and that's what we want to do as a team myself and say should improve every year every season and get better. we know the other team strengths and weaknesses and where would that is and and and so we try to see if you really see you as an artist by an inch what the what we can find out what their weaker spots are in the team what we can do and if it's a cesspool then we have a very good chance of winning games and i'm pretty sure the other team know they
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look at as they they do a very close analysis of all game and our plays and they're trying to do the same thing to us so afraid now we do respect a lot of i mean. there's every single team we have to respect them but afraid no we don't want to be afraid for games for. different no question you see that for dianora go for a national team they're the most the tire some know they don't get tired at at all i mean they they they're there from the first minute till the last minute of the game no matter what the score is and they're with us in a tough times and good times and so on and and for sure we were very fortunate to play at home which some would such a big huge fan base over the sport of the whole country. and that's all the sports news i think.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. could you take three. three. three.
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three stooges. video for your media project free media r t. syria's slams an arab league plan to solve the country's crisis requiring president assad to step down calling it an interference in its internal affairs. the e.u. formally adopted oil embargo against iran this part of president the sanctions against the country but there are fears that the sanctions may backfire joy before the details in a few moments. for a show of votes in favor of joining the debt stricken the e.u. but a low turnout for the national referendum and some by a one protest expose divisions within the country. and russia's energy monopoly is on track as
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a. partner we have all the details and business in twenty two minutes. it's nine pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story syria has rejected an arab league proposal to resolve the country's crisis that requires president assad to give up power damascus has slammed the plan as interference in its internal affairs and an attack on its sovereignty r.t. sara for more from damascus. likud president bashar al assad to step down and to have. his deputy and they also called for the formation of a national unity government and that would be a pretty early parliamentary and presidential elections now those schools have been vehemently rejected by the syrian government can see.


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