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both in cities across the country in warsaw love in other cities in towns protesting against this new document act as it's known the ad to counter free trade agreement which was signed today by poland and twenty six other countries of the european union the people who are protesting there were holding banners down with the censorship and internet believing that this agreement could in fact lead to serious censorship on the internet and that many polish websites would be banned blocked they also had sticking tape glued glued to their mouths symbolizing this way that their mouth's will be shocked by this new agreement and we also know of several very harsh hacker attacks on polish governmental websites including prime ministers website including the digital and cultural ministry's websites which attacks were as far as we know performed by the anonymous hacker group very well known in the hacker world and they also published
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a very stern statement in fact saying that they had very sensitive information about the authorities in poland and that they would definitely publish this information if that act paper is signed so now it's signed we are waiting for more reactions from these protesters and called oh yes that is new treaty that is expected to be signed today what is essentially about their. well basically it it is destined to protect the intellectual property in the countries which signed it now we know that several countries have already signed it including the united states canada today as far as we're understanding the this document has also been signed by poland and twenty six other european countries there are several more european states which are waiting to sign this document some experts in fact. expected that the european union would avert signing this document given all the criticism but now if there's no going back it has been signed the only stamp which
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is left this is the return. of this document by the country's parliaments and we are expecting that certainly it will be ratified in poland given that the ruling party the party of the current prime minister is also ruling in the parliament has a majority and we there's a very slim chance that this document would not be ratified in the post parliament it would take effect and we could be expecting more protests and it does sound similar doesn't it to other u.s. policy in the woods which have already been met with well widespread criticism really and and cause a look at pedia protests blackout how is this act different than. well it's not so much different in fact is that in fact it's all about the same thing it's just that the people who are protesting against this be eight in the united states and against actor here in poland they share the same values they afraid that the internet would be censored that the websites would be blocked and in fact this whole situation here in poland comes just several days after similar situations in
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the united states with hacker attacks of the anonymous group on governmental websites with. major websites like wikipedia and google partially obscured and blocking their websites in protest to the s.l. would be document so in fact they're not so much different and we could be seeing the same situation here in the in europe the same which is happening in the united states. keri phillips here especially reporting from warsaw thank you. well in syria government forces are reportedly assaulting the city of hama with dozens of people that actually killed across the country of the past twenty four hours u.n. security council is expected to vote in next few days on a resolution and stemming the escalating conflict the draft calls on the syrian regime to comply with an arab league proposal which would see present us cede power paving the way for a coalition government with the opposition. comes from monitoring mission to syria suffered a setback after six countries pulled out of the u.n.
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to act russia has made it clear to veto any security council resolution that would allow foreign military intervention and estimated seven a half thousand people have been killed since almost began ten months ago when civilians rebels and government forces so for the latest from damascus. saying they get by and heading hey service from the gulf states leave the airport their mission incomplete leaving behind a country in a deepening crisis is never going to be easy so you want the arab league monitors to stay. i don't want to right from the word gay the missions prefer problematic the opposition accuse the monitors of being too closely aligned with the government the government's now accused of being part of a foreign conspiracy and they will it just tickle complains to the observers seemed ill equipped on the ground and there were concerns that they were simply too few
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numbers to undertake such a major task but if things were bad at the beginning now they seem even worse following in saudi arabia's footsteps all the gulf states withdrew their observers after damascus rejected their recent proposal that included president decides cede power to a deputy and form a unity government was interesting that these countries is very interested in democracy and they have nothing and this is the most interesting this is something pani will talk about. or will have a new constitution we are going to more democratic country two parties was about what about two durable and the west talked about syria which would be changed and leave saudi arabia as it is damascus says rejection was no surprise those sides of the conflict of shame equal and will. yes to soften the stance even though it's been the daily death toll in the country continually rising the killing of the head
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of the syrian arab red crescent was on the road to damascus yes and no the remind the spiraling situation. will of the observers such a creature of a bid to the country's crisis is seen as cloture vote show the arab league essentially has no credibility on the arab street what the arab league mission is trying to accomplish is get enough evidence concrete everything some human rights abuses on the part of the also very team to then take to the u.n. and the evidence will be so strong that even russia and china would feel compelled to work but as of now one month after this mission started they sing tonight of the monitors things and i know more about what's going on the ground and they think. at the beginning and so you know looks like you know we're going back to square one as the death toll rises early a proposal being floated to increase the number of observers on the ground and provide them with u.n. training could be a life saving what but for now those plans have been pissed on hold in fact much of
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the substance of the report that they graded pieces on both sides seems to have been lost in the flurry of diplomatic activity now france and britain have joined forces at the united nations to try to end president assad's rule waving goodbye to the gulf state colleagues some observers remain but it's small consolation syria didn't close the doors in front of the arab league i think. it's diplomacy would give anyone to help the syrian but the last decision in the hands of the syrian people not in the hands not our bleakness could come soon so national dialogue through these reforms despite damascus allowing the mission to be extended for another month and the observers officially saying that they can continue with the task behind the scenes and the sentiment is much less optimistic. it's a gloomy outlook for the country with little regional or international agreement on
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what action should be taken to stop the violence and putting an end to the crisis seem to be slipping further and further as a very thorough r.t. damascus syria what's ahead in the program the anti capitalist side of the world economic forum activists although on the outside as a global decision makers in davos take part in a rude business press. it's the online election battle front where nothing is off limits as russia's presidential campaign hopes up political activists are moving away from traditional tactics and embracing the internet promoting ideas or spreading fears where campaigning is playing a bigger part in it for the country which is the story. but it was there were others that were right is that was that it was gray suits and ties and slogans cold out from the poor d m r the traditional election season fair but they're no longer considered politically. today's complaining has gone online in
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a whole new trend in russia. with programming and bloggers making fun of the opposition portraying them in prayer outside the u.s. embassy on sundays claiming they are connected to the us state department and the opposition filming funny cartoons about politicians made out of lego. getting information out there is becoming easier all the time but the internet is a very different medium to television while on t.v. it's enough to just look into the camera like this to viewers' attention not so although that to me you are police video reach millions of lives it's not a lot it just. it also has to be brazen and sometimes project a whole different image. it's no surprise then that putin as
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a character from harry porta became an overnight hit it's an industry doing the symbol. of i don't see what i see you are stuck with something yes they're going to . make it and you're sure that when you're critical of it when you. put a gun there but it was just beat them so. but i don't compare it's a pua but apart from catching images memorable catchphrases are used against those in the corridors of power opposition blogger alex enough while me was the first upload his shot which is tongue online a year ago he labeled the ruling united russia party of the apes and scoundrels the insulting phrase it first appeared on the net but quickly migrated to almost every magical media in russia and beyond a year after the party won in the parliamentary elections and reworked the catchphrase felicity's
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a vote for the party of thieves and scoundrels for ten years of economic growth but the party of these in scoundrels united russia. the mastermind behind that video and state duma deputy robert proved his party can also fight its wars online. the use of being in my name is to provoke to preen reality darker than that is often i don't agree with such statements in my videos but they do work but i see these putin and russia without putin rise why not give away your country your beautiful girlfriend to some foreign guys what will happen to the caucasus nothing less just give it away to. respond in your technical this video has made a very professional way you can see that a highly paid specialist did it appeals to primitive responses but works one hundred percent first thought is that there is indeed no future without put but videos from the opposition are just as. and now the whole trend of this election
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season eavesdropping on politicians and posting recordings online or those taking part in a massive opposition rally in december were surprised to find out that one of their inspirations maurice himself described them in a phone as. hear from each user of government are appropriate for your preferred comfort. it's naive to expect from any side when we are living in election year there are no holds barred in this war not even interfering in someone's private life. a lack of privacy for today's politicians is already a modern day reality and with fifty million russians going online today about forty percent of the adult population the future is predicted to be filled with online political other tars pushing the boundaries of a virtual world without borders it's in the direction of our party.
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now one of our stories latest videos and much more available on our website artie dot com here's what's waiting for you online right now from the web with the good to t.v. talk host we can expand it you're in the sun to get season show it will be right here on r t find out what to expect the worldwide reaction that you see on our website. and a celebration of the year of the dragon in thailand went up in flames as fireworks exploded so i think holmes a blaze and how it happened on t.v. dot com. it's day two at davos is business and political power brokers at the world economic forum to restore confidence to the economy and to capitalism itself for some the
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current downturn isn't the fault of the system while others argue that radical reform is urgently needed let's go live now to davos and talk to of course one of the enlisted lauren what are the delegates they're offering as a solution to the problem. well i have to see what they offer a solution so far we've heard a lot of debate about capitalism and just various sessions of it which is a lot of talking but not necessarily solutions being put forward yet one thing interesting today although this is the world economic forum politics is on the agenda and a number of world leaders heads of state bureaucrats are here today some of that attention turns to the arab spring and we have for example the prime minister of tunisia here we have the egyptian presidential candidates like amr move stay here so today the debate literally turns to the arab spring as we hear a debate on what it means and people here at the forum try to weigh the economic
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implications are reports are coming that that investors that davos are stumped over the arab spring and what that means for investment in countries like egypt that have seen their borrowing costs or and still see protests on the street as we've seen a year after that uprising so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out but that's certainly something that we're watching on the agenda today too with investor. made it clear that germany isn't willing to throw more money at drug in europe out of the crisis i was that being received in davos. well it is service begin to room more than sixteen hundred business leaders or at least some of those people that are in attendance here at davos so for the business community the investment community that is was really looking for merkel to pledge more money they certainly didn't get what they wanted she pledged instead that that the solution a euro zone leaders have have come to that she's kind of led the charge on for fiscal integration and structural reforms that is what she can offer at this point
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along with a plea for more patience so not sure that that's what investors want to hear that wanted more bailout money pledged and we heard from very prominent investor george soros yesterday criticizing germany's plans but being careful with the wording not wanting to hit too hard on germany by making it pretty clear that he didn't see these solutions as solutions and he's worried about austerity causing europe to go into a deflationary tailspin so you can see there's a real mixed result with with investors versus what merkel has to offer and that's just one part of me there's economists and people i'm sure that would disagree what indeed the people disagree on what about the people who aren't being allowed in them a number of corporate protesters are in some updates of voice their point of view on the current economic crisis although being heard at all. well no they're not being heard they're down the street they're in an igloo encampment their numbers may be dwindling a bit because they've literally been sleeping in igloos and when i went out
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visiting them yesterday they were telling me that one collapsed in the night so they're really dealing with the elements they have various things staged throughout the week some of which we have seen there been some pictures that you guys have been playing of those i know over the last few days i know more is planned and they're expecting more activists to come this week and the irony of course is that in a year where we've seen occupy movements really grow and really take their major news they've made it onto the agenda of the world economic forum and a number of participants are talking about inequality yet the occupy protesters that are here are by no means invited they're not having their voices heard within the forum there instead relegated of course to outside where you would typically expect activists to be limited to. keep us posted on all that floor in the lower in the from davos certainly well. now more people are expected to protest in the egyptian capital with the square already full once again
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a year off the ousting of hosni mubarak thousands of protesters are desperate for the interim military government to immediately relinquish power dozens have been killed in recent months as troops clamp down on several demonstrations that i was counting but activists are angry that some of these young minds are still in the strange part and the neck to the constitution on the military still reigns supreme mubarak in a state of emergency law has finally been lifted. off and make risk says that change is little. i don't see it as being that big of a shift i mean we lived under military rule for thirty years and that gave the government their storage had to do just about what they wanted today we live under military rule so to me it's just a formal matter and that they they lived emergency law while we live under the rule of a military dreamt up since the military took over general twenty eight's over fifteen thousand civilians that we know of have faced military courts and have received
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trials of anywhere between six months to fifteen years and a formal matter like lifting emergency law means absolutely nothing when we have a newly elected parliament that is still under the thumb of military they've tasted power they have massive economic interests in the country again everything that's happened in egypt really needs to be looked at from an economic perspective in that there's a group of cronies of one box and his government that were in power they've been moved out of power and there's a new group of cronies that are in place and central to that group of power hungry rulers today are the military generals and they will not just let go and hand over power like that without having guarantees that their interests will be secured. well more world news now insurgents have bombed a house in iraq killing ten people inside the home that created fifty from this is south of baghdad was owned by two policemen who were brothers they died in the attack as did two infants the police spokesman says the house was flattened by an
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explosion. libya's defense minister has arrived in the town of bani walid after and loyalists of more dolphins seize control of the area on monday the minister has begun negotiations with militia who drove out pro-government forces three days ago four people were killed and twenty five others wounded in the battle retaking of the town is the first thing to challenge the new government supporting. multi-story building has collapsed in the center of rio de janeiro with reports saying two people are dead eleven still trapped under rubble dozens of firefighters and paramedics are working at the scene looking for survivors thick layers of dust and debris cover the surrounding area there making the search difficult this is say there was a strong smell of gas in an explosion before the building collapsed. one of the owners of the cruise liner that capsized off the italian coast to deny it's telling
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the ship's captain to change the vessels route this comes after captain francesco schettino told a friend he was pressured by managers to steer the ship to the area where the collision occurred the company says the captain was going too fast to be so close to shore sixteen bodies have been recovered since the ship ran aground on the search continues for seventy people still missing. now rushing the progress of cargo spacecraft has launched from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan is now on its way to the international space station it's the first space flight of twenty twelve expected to reach the isis so after a two day journey because the ship is carrying a more than two and a half tons of fuel food and quint as well as personal packages for crew members from the families who are currently six people station that the isis monitoring and conducting scientific experiments. in fact staying with space exploration in the failure of moscow's recent unbend mission to mars was due to harmful solar activity
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but that's the preliminary finding by a russian investigators looking into the breakdown of the group to prove it was launched in the vent but not stuck in earth's orbit before plummeting back in he says ten days ago experts also think it could have been downed by american radar interference but nasa is refusing to work with the russian experts who present their final report on sunday. natasha is here for us now with latest business news. twenty four minutes past one pm here in moscow you're watching business r.t. russia exporters will be able to get cheap all opens thanks to a new insurance agency created by giants bank. it will ensure the creditors of exporters against risk so they can provide loans with an interest rate of around three percent that compares with an average nine percent offered by russian banks
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at the moment speaking from dallas the head of the export credit agency peter fraud cold explains why domestic firms need extra help. it's. so simple it's clear for example you know to change supportable but year old bride from brazil but you're from canada expert development canada brazilian a gold medals official provided their sport as just thirty four percent loans for the tim kitchen a good bit of a deal so the russian events cannot provide let's say civil aircraft the floyd for example which such resources by mortgage will do just good if you buy the shares are poor it would believe that's right in sweden you feel that i'm a good leverage you choose to come up to the fund you didn't rush through french. emerging markets are suffering from their biggest capital outflows since two
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thousand and eight investment advisors cross border capital says in the past four months it reached two and three quarter trillion dollars and russia of course is no exception money has been leaving faster than predicted but speaking at the dallas economic forum the head of the country's direct investment fund told r.t. the negative trend should reverse after the presidential elections in march so people if you vote you know you've got the election for. the super successful people all to come before the election the sort of way to get your filthy rich we believe that this whole low key pickup will be trippin off if you like three because russia my group called is very strong because what we have to do is go for the largest there are the slow discussions with the leading investors to the world the lending after russia we hope our lives with most couples from sections of the next one votes to depose election. and now let's check out the markets well first
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then it's still in the block but the gains are more modest than earlier in the day and get a major boost on wednesday when the u.s. fed reserve kept interest rates at a record low the low cost of borrowing supports the u.s. economy boosting oil demand this hour that is that ninety nine and a half dollars a barrel brant is that around one hundred ten and the war. and the european markets are higher this hour following that two u.s. fed deserved decision that i already mentioned they expect the potential strength of the u.s. economy to benefit those across the ocean the footsie is about a third of a percent higher the dax is adding roughly the same. and the russian markets of posting strong gains the r.t.s. has come down from its highest point since last november but it's still trading around around want to have percent higher and the my sex is around how are some higher spending. and now the. biggest movers on the my sex abuse than the demand
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for metals is pushing the metal stocks higher severstal is now up two percent whereas in the novel the steel is trading almost two and a half percent higher and banking stocks continue to rally on the improved sentiment about the eurozone debt crisis with the bear bank well over two percent this hour. and now the currencies of the ruble is slightly lower to the euro but it's continuing its rally against the dollar all thanks to the fed reserve decision and the dollar itself has dropped against the euro. russian take whom the victim of vex a bag has once again the i.p.o. is called assets canal says the listing of the bomb will happen new sooner than next year as the company is yet to finalize the plans to prove production the i.p.o. was expected to take place in hong kong. and that's all the latest from the business desk i'll see you back here in about fifteen minutes.
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we have seen the damage it has done to our environment mark chemicals probs we do not want any more of. our core systems just so there was a dismal experience and i'm just appalled but that's allowed to go on america. eating this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling
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there for it being used like a board to experiment to be used as getting. old now we have more questions than we have answers to guards in light. had lots of plans to enforce an anti piracy the one posted thousands of people onto the streets and a wave of cyber attacks on the government websites protests as well saying agreements designed to protect intellectual property rights will lead to censorship . call for action the un faces arab pressure to adopt a resolution on syria to push president assad from russia has made it clear it will
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veto. any security council that without bluecher intervention. and vying for votes online a new dynamic in russian politics as millions of people take to the internet or at the presidential elections viral videos and creative campaigning good will sway than ever. when next we bring you the story of one farmer who stood up against a massive multicultural corporation to defend his rights and property. was controlled bache you know what you can.


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