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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2012 8:48pm-9:18pm EST

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make of that we had the big crackdown on make of low recently which was a big blow which prompted an immediate response from around the net and in the community anonymous struck back i found it hard to have a lot of sympathy for me to upload having been in film myself and having my income depend upon back in net profits which never appeared but nonetheless i don't think it's a major blow and i'm much more concerned about what's hidden behind the soap boxes supposedly as a measure to protect. legitimate copyright or ownership interest for creative works i think there's a much deeper agenda to shut off websites like yours mine and many others around the net that's that's that's buried in the language of the act all right but. aside from the obvious censoring what they would love to do in the us because they hate the idea of competition but getting back to the broader issue of copyright itself
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copyright needs to be the extensions the term extensions of the past couple of decades should be repealed to keep to be in keeping with the constitution and the idea of fair use the fact they've been allowed to extend out to a lifetime plus seventy five years is a heinous misuse and misinterpretation of what a copyright should be a year in that camp or do you see it differently absolutely i think that you know we live in an era of shortages and one of the big shortages out here is access to good reliable critical information by large numbers of people who can benefit from it and this is a choke on that ok so as a content creator yourself you're weighing the the the benefits of perpetual copyright as lawrence lessig would call it versus open free communications and you feel that the critique communications uncensored communication far outweighs in terms of importance in terms of protecting a fee a couple. thousand filmmakers and porno makers and in l.a.
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now the national defense authorization act the n.d.a. has also making its way through congress at the same time as sopa are these two related do you see that a relationship. indeed in that both are serious assaults on basic liberties protected by the bill of rights in the u.s. constitution you know and they come at it from different directions but it's part of a broader overall agenda which we've seen since the patriot act in two thousand and one of the government of corporations having ever more control on what we see here and what we can say and now chris and his is one of these guys that i would imagine the government would love to marginalize even more than they've already marginalized by not having him on mainstream television he thinks that the n.d.a. is basically allowing for the indefinite military detention of american citizens as it relates to the upcoming financial collapse so they're kind of making some some
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moves here because they know that this u.s. economy is in the process of free falling do you see that absolutely no question there has been and we've been tracking this a collapse not for well over a year now as as as this tightening down has taken place and we saw it with the occupy movement also in which i was deeply involved that that the government through whether through homeland security or any parts of the federal government and state governments are are doing everything they can to choke off and preemptively prepare for what they know is going to be civil unrest and i also think they're trying to stir it up themselves so that they can dig advantage of it where the brutal crackdown so now earlier we were reporting on india circumventing the u.s. sanctions on iran by using rupees to buy oil this follows on similar isn't. china
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and russia. so the these big training blocks are bypassing the dollar completely and shunning dollars walters' of currency and of course that's one of the keys for the american empire to continue if that goes then the u.s. loses that signora and having the global currency and it's another nail in the coffin there's a make any sense for that policy in the u.s. well clearly what's happened here and i think united states is is really getting pushed back severely on all fronts what if the u.s. gave an oil embargo and nobody came and that's exactly what happened china japan and korea india have all said no we're going to continue to buy iranian oil and in fact chinese purchases of iranian oil is gone up thirty percent in the last year which is confirming for the basic theory and concept of peak oil there is no place to go to replace iranian oil the saudis can not up production now what's happening with this and you're absolutely right is we're seeing major moves sometimes on an
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ad hoc quick basis but i think some are more orchestrated. for the far east where there's a dollar free zone truth for nations clearly to liberate themselves from from the dollar denominated trap that's there and those moves i think are taking place very quickly and i think what we're seeing now is are only going to accelerate that there is clearly a shift of economic power away from the west europe and the u.s. obviously in decline with relatively speaking china more ascended more powerful certainly they have a lot of cash and a lot of power so i think that all these moves by the west detached from reality as they usually are are just accelerating the decline of western economic power and influence our let's start by air for a second get your take on this again kind of my my thought exercise carries. so you
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think here you have a country greece they were tricked into the europe by goldman sachs and committed massive accounting fraud we now know that there's no no doubts about this as a result they now are being asked to suffer through massive austerity measures while outside governments and corporations seize control of their income producing assets now on top of this we now they're being told that they can a poor oil from iran because of the this skirmish between read it israel they don't get a loan so greece can't have anymore oil what's a course going to crush their economy even more who decided that greece suddenly had to go the way of all flesh and be terminated what why is grace and how did that happen it's the same bunch of idiots that have been running everything else but i notice in the stories today it's big breaking news that the e.u. has supposedly banned iranian oil imports that's going to be a joke and it's going to hurt nobody except europe because nobody else is going
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along with it but in the fine print which i found in a reuters story this morning this ban does not take effect until july and there are side pocket exemptions being granted all over the place so this is a toothless embargo but you know it's it's if we expected sanity to work in these markets max you and i would have been crazy a long time ago i mean there's none of this makes sense from from an overt plainly logical step by step analysis. every nation in europe is going to get hurt and i don't think get you know. all the system is capable of doing right now because it's so detached from honest dealing with the reality of the world around that it's shooting itself in the foot and that's what we've seen since two thousand and eight and i my group you mention oh these markets are insane they're getting more crazy i mean this is actually a theme of davenant's this year they're saying that we need to re-examine this entire my. model of capitalism and also that david cameron is the prime minister of
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britain has come out recently said we need to move toward another what he called moral capitalism so the entire model of capitalism has been understood is now under threat. what what is the what's the problem number one and number two other any simple tweaks changes that could be applied to kind of recalibrate this this is this freight train a capitalist capitalism gone off the tracks and. for for me to make it easier for me to function safely with the question i would replace the word capitalism with organized crime and all that we're seeing from the movies from davos david cameron and everybody else you and i both know this is the organized crime people trying to exert more control and somehow smooth out the wrinkles in their criminal mechanism . like a very easy for me last august when conceptually i just took a step back from everything that was happening in greece in the buildup to the
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european crisis which is here now and i said wait a minute all these trillions of dollars of bailouts which are being printed right now require growth above two thousand and seven levels and with the i don't know how many thirteen fifteen twenty trillion stupid number floating out there the physical growth required to satisfy the obligations in the infinite growth paradigm repaying with interest is not possible because of resource limitations whether it's oil energy physical goods or the raw materials used the kind of growth required to pay all this off is just not possible i can't stop there and back off what i say i'm just going to watch these idiots shoot themselves in the foot because we know what the end game has to be because of physical law rather than press releases right that's an interesting point there they their g.d.p. growth needed to work off the present load of debt would require a certain number of barrels of oil to work its way through the economy roughly one trillion barrels of oil. and that one trillion barrels of oil does not exist
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therefore it would be impossible to work off this debt so debt jubilee at some point is a dead certainty i would imagine your thought is if it comes sooner is better than later i gave a speech in portland oregon september eleventh in which i said that mass universal universal debt forgiveness between. sovereigns and corporations that includes the banks between corporations and corporations and people and corporations is going to have to be wiped out you have to hit that reset otherwise you create the same rickety italian cruise ship that's ready to hit on the rocks the moment the wind changes all right my group at runtime thanks so much for being on the kaiser report always a pleasure max all right and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank my guest mike rupert of collapse net dot com you can send me an e-mail at kaiser reported r t t v dot ru
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you can follow me on twitter just go to max kaiser and until next time this is max keiser saying by all.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. and this is the big picture broadcasting live from washington d.c. so over a half a billion homes you know one hundred million in over one hundred countries. you need to know this goes to ronald reagan his return to haunt newt gingrich all the republican candidates trying to be president there's one who has relied on ronald reagan the most is one candidate above all the others he likes to name drop the messiah of the republican party every chance he gets it every single day and that
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one candidate newt gingrich. i worked with president ronald reagan started working with governor reagan in one nine hundred seventy four under ronald reagan we had the right job when i became speaker we went back to the ronald reagan playbook i worked with ronald reagan in the early one nine hundred eighty s. and that's just a fraction of newt's reagan name drops as nate silver over the new york times coded newt gingrich is mentioned reagan's name fifty five times in the republican debate so far averaging three mentions per debate no other candidate comes even close santorum for example has only mentioned reagan fourteen times. gingrich has now surged to the top of the field following his race baiting strategy in south carolina a strategy i might add that helped reagan in one thousand nine hundred eighty when he went to philadelphia mississippi where three civil rights were workers were murdered to kick off his presidential campaign to talk about states' rights a dog whistle to races southerners but now with newt at the top of the field the
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republican establishment is turning on him and guess whose name is being invoked to criticize newt ronald reagan on wednesday the conservative national review online published a hit piece on gingrich written by former reagan staffer and convicted criminal elliott abrams abrams wote wrote mr gingrich voted with the president regularly but equally often spewed insulting rhetoric at reagan his top aides and his policies to defeat communism gingrich was voluble and certain in predicting that reagan's policies would fail and in all of those he was dead wrong abrams then runs down a few quotes from gingrich about reagan that are over twenty five years old in one thousand nine hundred eighty six for example gingrich said about the reagan administration measured against the scale of momentum of the soviet empire as challenge the reagan administration has failed is failing and without a dramatic change in strategy will continue to fail as a reagan is clearly failing and in one thousand nine hundred five and reagan met
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with soviet leader mikhail gorbachev gorbachev gingrich said it was the most dangerous summit for the west since adolf hitler met with the neville chamberlain in one nine hundred thirty eight in munich piling on conservative joe scarborough said this about newt gingrich's past criticisms of reagan this morning on its n.b.c. . i think all this really tell this is about newt gingrich is what most people already know and that is that he is just ideologically word he will say whatever he thinks will do you mean advantage that day and when the tide turns he too will turn with that tide apparently the reagan tide has now turned against gingrich so once again the reagan litmus test has been put to use despite touting reagan fifty five times in the debates just being hammered for the three times he mentioned reagan's name twenty five years ago in
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a not so positive light but the big picture here is this why the heck is reagan still playing such a huge role more than twenty five years after he left office in today's republican presidential race if things keep going at this rate there won't just be for podiums and four candidates on stage at the next debate in florida will be a fifth podium with a mum a firearm reagan propped up against it because to republicans ronald reagan is a god he is the man by which all their policy should be measured he is the only bit conservative that all candidates should strive to become what's lost in all this reagan worshipping and idolatry is reagan's actual record as president and when that's examined and we take a look at what reagan actually did in the white house you're really have to question the wisdom of today's republican party and their reliance on the reagan test let's take a look back at what reagan actually did for example the s.l.c.
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deregulated them early in his administration leading to the financial crash of the one nine hundred eighty s. and the s. and l. crisis in one thousand nine hundred six it cost the nation eighty seven billion dollars. on the other hand he put about a thousand banks toure's in jail so it's interesting in one nine hundred eighty six he granted amnesty to three million illegal immigrants not exactly a model for the hardline anti immigrant stance of today's republicans he tripled our national debt with the trickle down economics adding more debt than all the presidents from washington to carter come behind not exactly a fiscal conservative right he was rocked by scandals he had the iran contra scandal the cocaine and honduras the october surprise but there were a few things reagan did even though they were few and far between that would make today's republicans heads totally explode he bucked his advisors they begged him
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not to talk to gorbachev about this but he went to gorbachev and said hey let's get rid of all the nukes both our countries gorbachev's a good idea it sounds like appeasement to me right and to a lot of the republicans these days and he raised the capitalist against x. you know the one that romney only pays like fifteen percent and that's it picked out a fifteen percent rate and raise that up to be identical with the ordinary wage income tax engaging in what today's republicans call class warfare. we're going to close the under the view of the lone some of the truly well things would pay their fair share. in series some of those who were understandable but in practice they sometimes made it impossible for a million years to be a bus driver was being presented is sound and that's the phrase you think of millionaire or maybe more intense than the bus driver or the way. that puts reagan to the left brock obama reagan's record has been rewritten in the last twenty plus
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years there's in fact there's this whole project was funded by a bunch of very wealthy people grover norquist heads it up the reagan legacy project one of their one of their explicit goals in addition to rewriting all the history about reagan or glossing over things like what you just saw is to make sure that in every county in america at least one building gets named after ronald reagan or one statue of gets put up when you look at his actual record he was he was no god he accounted for much of the destruction we see in our economy today and the few good things that he did today's republicans would be running away from. the republican candidates for president try to outdo each other over who's more like ronald reagan or at least the mythical ronald reagan was consummate governor
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scott walker's actually emulating reagan's legacy of busting up unions thirty years after reagan fired all the unionized air traffic controllers at co walker tried to dismantle public employee unions in wisconsin and go in so well for. more than a million signatures were collected to recall him from office and wednesday night he had to face the people of wisconsin to give his annual state of the state address and let's just say that didn't go so well either and then this morning a legal nuclear bomb druck dropped on walker for more on the republican governor's troubles and what's next for the recall effort in the badger state i'm joined by john nichols washington correspondent with the nation magazine john welcome. it's good to be with you tom great to have you with us john first of all the low hanging fruit the state of the state address that didn't go so well as. well the governor did get through it and i guess that counts for something but it didn't exactly have
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an obama ring to it the governor seems to be rushing through the speech and i think some people didn't understand why even even a pop fly saws for what we traditionally be an applause line it was because thousands of people were in the rotunda of the capitol and surrounding the capitol shouting shame so loudly that you could hear the chants through the maro walls of the capitol into the chamber where the governor was speaking and therefore he couldn't pause because then then the mikes who pick up the chant that's a crowd you hear the people now so the the nuclear bomb this morning crimes in the walker camp. yeah pretty serious stuff too long time aides to the governor were charged with major crimes in one case for felonies of using the office of the milwaukee county executive that was walker's office when you ran for governor just set up what the prosecutor describes as a secret secret network to communicate about fundraising and policy and they
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actually hollowed out and anwar and put in a secret internet router so that they could send e-mails from staff who were paid by the taxpayers back and forth with big campaign regarding particular campaign fund raising issues this is totally legal and what's fascinating is that in f.b.i. raids and other investigations the prosecutors have gotten access to thousands of e-mails including some e-mails from governor walker which suggests and we're innocent what was going on let's be clear we haven't got walker has not been charged we don't know everything that's going on here yet but people very very close to him abin charged now with felonies involving abuse of office and campaign finance and potentially tax filings amazing speed of campaign finance houses fundraising knowing where to get his money very well the governor may have troubles in other areas but he is extremely popular in texas. he has raised raising money at
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the rate of almost five million dollars a month and at this point sixty one percent of the money is coming from outside was constant including a lot of checks for one hundred thousand and even two hundred fifty thousand dollars from texans one of his biggest texas donors is the guy who funded this with boat ads against john kerry. that's amazing. you know he's facing this recall election there's also you know going to be a an election if he if he gets kicked out. against the democrat right i mean how does this work john and are there any democrats who have come forward yet who have a chance of beating walker your governor is the target of a recall a million signatures have been filed that's almost certain to force a new election that's how it works in wisconsin the governor's name will go on the ballot he could face a republican primary evil certainly face
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a democratic opponent a number of democrats stepped up but certainly the field was full. are don't count executive kathleen fall as the county executive for many years the second largest county in the state is running she seems to have a good deal of labor backing a state senator tim collins a veteran democratic state senator is also serving going to trial cabinets is running. there's talk of milwaukee mayor tom barrett former congressman dave obie and of course in wisconsin there's always a discussion about the possibility that russ feingold might be convinced to make the run and that would be remarkable john nichols thanks so much for being with us tonight. thank you noticed that it is your job that coming up in the rest of the show deep pocketed political donors aren't just throwing their money in political campaigns and super pacs are also getting wads of cash to prominent t.v. networks a bombshell new report examines just how corrosive the spending is to our democracy also the organization that brought us occupy wall street has
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a new plan to tell you what it is and why literally the whole world will be watching and finally what's behind the uptick in cancer diagnoses among t.s.a. agents explain in tonight's daily take. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the. i think rocket bombing eatable one well. we never got the book says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you
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know your freedoms. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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after american saw over three hundred million dollars in outside corporate cash two thousand and ten midterm elections we know full well who benefited the most when the supreme court's citizens united decision that will be the republican party and their deep pocketed corporate donors meanwhile average americans who don't have as much money and therefore don't have as much speech according to supreme court are screwed but no one seems to be talking about who else stands to gain from the citizens united decision and that's commercial t.v. broadcasters after all these super pacs need to pay t.v.
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broadcasters to air their negative ads in their hippies documentaries and already we've seen more than twelve million dollars spent on t.v. advertising during the iowa caucuses and fourteen million bucks last week in the south carolina primary alone so what effect a corporate super pacs and huge amounts of money over to commercial broadcasters have on the. that branch of the fourth estate and thus on our democracy here to answer that is craig president c.e.o. of free press dot net has just published a new report on this exact issue titled citizens inundated democracy under threat greg welcome thanks for having town great to have you here so how much money do t.v. broadcasters stand to make this year well the reliable estimate say could be as much as three billion dollars raked in by broadcasters cable channels and whatnot so really sixty cents of every dollar going into the election which is far beyond you know the spending is far beyond anything it's been before the people who are where those checks are being cast is that local television stations national television
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stations with ad after ad after ad as the people of iowa south carolina and now florida can tell you you know there's no more ads for car dealers or anything getting on airs it's one that's hack ad or election ad after another and these companies at the very same time they're cutting back on coverage are cashing in on what i worry is really the demise of our democracy how how are they influenced by that money i mean does this well you know i think their influence it's an addiction really and so you have these broadcasters just making money hand over fist during an election year but unfortunately not putting that money back into actually making sense of the elections for the american people so we have an electorate that's more misinformed more inundated than ever before and yet at the same time these broadcasters are getting rich basically by peddling that misinformation my radio i do a three hour commercial radio show you know during the day and it's.


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