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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2012 2:48pm-3:18pm EST

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fished the highest point and the west and ridge. it's so i am. after an hour's trip by n. dimitri and his son kirill walk about the northern sector of the caucuses reserve in the company of ranges the jugo weather station is now schools of comas as a way. people and animals share the only path there is in this area. do the bison let humans approach them but most of the people traveling around the reserve granges on horseback last short while ago patrol g.t. in a different area of focus for the short distance from here they can see month show there came across the line bys and. the lettuce come quite close to them. were only
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fifteen meters away. by some moving the coaxes reserve have no enemies sometimes humans can come very close to them provided they are on horseback buses a ranger dismount the bison instantly make it clear they're poised for attack. the. horses are the most reliable and indispensable companions when people go on long trips in the mountains only horses with good training eligible for the job with. this one is called chad nish. he's my favorite. but we became first friends. riding him is no problem he does what he's told to do. but this one is still
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a young stallion. so that it will let anybody touch him. bloke. is scared of everybody. just another chair on his one of the remotest areas of the eastern sector of the caucuses reserve several reserve staff and their families live here on a permanent basis. even if the weather is warm it's only possible to reach this
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place with an off road vehicle schoolchildren from a nearby village of sit by often visit reserve ranges they have organized an eco movement called the little bison. hello hello glad to see you. dear our guests. that you know. that doesn't match the machine we are. churning malaysia is the starting point of a circular route for hikers only visitors with a permit and a map are allowed to enter the reserve they gear is inspected and ranges teach them the elementary rules for surviving in the mountains children from the little bison zero is welcome here they already have experience walking cross country the children from the little mice and often cross the river in that way. but it's risky
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in winter time so today we're going to take a detour we'll cross the bridge and forest work and we'll take care of our stuff. pikas can choose between several popular routes in different areas of the caucuses reserve. close to the trail stands an oval table used by ranges it's meant for hikers passing by wanting to rest for a moment children from the little bison club gather here on the bank of the stream to discuss major ecological actions suggestion as we all know that on the eve of new year's celebrations many local people pick up axis and go to the forest to cut down our green beauties it's a bird save the green beauty is the name of a movement organized by the children so they make leaflets bearing the image of
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a food tree in your neck that they write text on the leaflets and display them prominently in the village of. the children hope their peaceful actions will help prevent fur trees from being cut down illegally. preserve ranges however take more radical measures against lawbreakers their main task is finding and detaining poachers. one of the most challenging jobs takes ranges to mount yet. each time they go under a veil of secrecy regardless of day or night the conditions painstaking job requires special knowledge and staying power they need to be skilled horseman as well as able to discern telltale signs showing the presence of trespassers and have no difficulty finding their bearings. and you will always be tempted to answer the
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reserve because beasts are easy prey here. they're not as much afraid of humans as they are elsewhere because they're under constant protection. cultures see them as enticing tidbits because hunting for them is so easy. as the path reaches higher altitudes one climatic zone in the mountains gives way to another here the fog that envelop the forests in the foothills is now a distant memory there is snow on the slopes and it is much colder the caucasian mountains gradually come into view.
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after several attempts to find the best point for filming the landscape dimitri suddenly comes face to face with a brown bear one of the rarest and largest animals of the caucuses reserve. ranges did find fresh tracks they were close to the hut where the rangers put up for the night they reported the find over walkie talkie that he would use. there are all threats here that the store always got from a wolf yes. keep still the workers let me see them
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what initially go with the trucks now just those holding. bases here they are. two three three. eight calling one zero four eight calling one of four everything's ok no poacher tracks only some left by animals the latest tracks are those of wolves three of them over and out. different people visiting the coaxes nature reserve a raft of different things some seek shelter from the hustle and bustle of big cities others are off to thrills only a few are able to blend in with this wonderful place and become possibly.
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just invested by old and yet i feel i'm an integral part of this world yet i do you well know crazy romantic. i'm nearly drowned almost frozen to death and full of cliffs already. nature is wiser than we are given her ingenuity is all pervasive. she is the creator that gave birth to us about enough but i do but i may bring us to ruin unless we come to our senses. they only have them i think does what people should devote their lives to. let's go get the book i don't know if i can cope with the task but i'm going to try. wealthy british style. that's not on.
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markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our t.v. .
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talks between iran and u.n. nuclear inspectors resume amid international tension tehran is considering stopping fuel supplies to the e.u. within days as a response to sanctions. and this week's top stories here on our t.v. mission arab nations hold observers work in syria over reports of an upsurge in violence massacres says that could make things worse. protests feel the full force of the lord opened again with officers resorting to tear gas and flash grenades to disperse demonstrators and arrest hundreds. of multinational proposals to stop web. mass protests in poland activists say their government is
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supporting internet censorship. copyright protection our top stories this hour. with a look back at the top stories from the past seven days and the latest developments this is the weekly. un nuclear inspectors have started a three day mission to examine iran's atomic activities to run says it's certain the talks the first in more than three years will prove its programs purpose is purely peaceful the i.a.e.a. visit comes at a time when tensions between iran and the western approach in crisis level among. the president and set of sanctions against the islamic republic include a complete embargo on all supplies from iran some randy from the university of toronto is the fact that the founders approved. just before the agency visit shows talks are unlikely to change the west's approach to iran. that the
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a currently has full time monitors in iran in this is something that we rarely hear in the western media and we have cameras in all of iran installations so therefore there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that iran's nuclear program is anything but peaceful and. has no evidence on this the iranians are not very optimistic about the i.a.e.a. because it is heavily influenced by western countries it's not a democratic body most of the members on the board are european and north american they don't represent the international community at all and be head of b i a he owes his job to the united states if you look at the wiki leaks documents but again the iranians are attempting to resolve the issue despite the fact that in the past when the iranians had attempted to put. the issue up front to negotiate and resolve
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the americans blocked it such as the tehran declaration between brazil iraq turkey and more recently the russians step by step proposal that the west hasn't hasn't been supporting but we're keeping a close eye on the iranian oil and nuclear saga on air and online just head to our web site of your com for more analysis and updates on the latest developments. a u.s. occupy movement protesters once again turned violent an oakland california police fired tear gas and some two thousand demonstrators several hundred were arrested as they tend to talk vacant convention center before storming into city hall parties miniport none has moved. it began around saturday afternoon when roughly two
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hundred fifty occupy occupy optimists in oakland california began demonstrating in the streets and it was our first past the crowd grew stronger and stronger up to roughly twenty two thousand people strong ultimately what the goal was for this demonstration is for protesters to take over and abandoned building where they wanted to create their new headquarters because as our viewers may remember crossed the country in the united states just a few months ago police departments are removed activists from their camps and this was an attempt for oakland optimiser to set up a new headquarters but as the crowd grew stronger and larger and thankfully the police in oakland began firing tear gas and flash grenades at the occupy activists warning to the police they say members of the crowd began throwing things at times
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at the officers and that is what ultimately triggered this clash between police officers came to occupy an optimist but as as we know this is not the first time we've seen a fierce clash between officers and activists in oakland california got in october there was a least three hundred people arrested and a former u.s. marine by the name scott olsen was left in critical condition with a head injury from being struck in the head by a police tear gas can canister and this is something odd that put a lot of criticism on the police department in oakland california they've been criticized for being very harsh with occupy optimus. despite the increasing violence in the arrests sarah flounders from the international action center has told me a little earlier on r.t. the future of the occupy movement is still very broad. to very much achieving its
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goals in terms of waking up the youth in the us waking up working people in the us to the reality the reality that poor and working people are losing more and more and one percent actually one thousands of one percent is gaining a normal new wealth so that they are very successful in drawing attention to that despite a shutdown by the media and by the police and that movement is very determined to continue and to find new tactics. you without any live here in moscow with you twenty four hours a day but much more coming up to you later in the program pre-election education groups russia we take a look at how politicians are making a push for power on the internet. that story come first the arab league observer mission in syria has halted its work saying it's concerned there are reports of a rise in violence more than a hundred people thought have been killed in fighting between security forces and
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rebel groups in the last few days alone russia has criticized the league's decision to end what it described as a useful instrument and called for more monitors in syria. as the latest syrian capital damascus why exactly did moscow criticize the suspension of the mission. for those a sense really the whole saying this mission was a very very crucial time in the country right now would simply save an already very very volatile situation and unfortunately that's what it seems has happened here we've had reports of escalating violence indeed even in the center. of damascus you could hear gunfire today coming from the suburb areas where the conflicts are as we said really seem to have flared up in the wake of this observers mission being whole says now russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov was speaking during his to of the asia pacific countries and he said he didn't know why such
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a useful tool had been treated in this way certainly it caused some surprise me seeing this observer mission. to a halt they've haven't really seem to recover from that setback when the gulf states with them on it is last week now at the time i spoke to one of the observers and he hinted that possibly the rest of the would follow and it seems that that's been the part that's been taken now they've been stopped there are questions over whether it will actually restart that's not clear at the moment now the foreign minister had also said that this action having car that at the same time as the government saying that they would extend the observers mission to vend have observers with toward iran as questions of course the arab league had said that they'd go stated with tool that monitors because they felt that they hadn't succeeded in being able to get the syrian government to fulfill their pledges to end the violence now
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a lot of concern here in the country we know that the arab league came upon a number of stumbling blocks but there were solutions put forward when they presented their report last week amongst them increasing the monitors getting the u.n. training that seems to have been completely overlooked in the flurry of diplomatic activity that we see very very unfortunate indeed. seeing this mission be wholesale and very concerning because really this is the one piece of paper that a lot of people have hit the result being the situation with reasonably quickly in a way to stop the violence and things now that that's been halted that's been taken off the table say very concerning it. just briefly sorrow that how bad is the situation in syria right now you have there in damascus what have you seen what have you heard. well the situation just seems to be escalating almost daily as we said many of the suburbs now embroiled in a fierce conflict you've got areas where the free syrian army have gained control and heavy fighting has broken out between the security forces and then we've been
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into some of these areas we've met the people now what is extremely clear here is that it's still a very very confusing situation you don't know exactly who is in charge and not much is really known about the free syrian army themselves and you know that is concerning to these people that the government still claims are armed gangs we've spoken to other people who said the simply army does that is they're not heavily armed and they're there to protect the civilians in this area and that's a really important point here is that these civilians that we've seen in these towns that are now under the conflict and fighting. in a very serious situation and it really feels like a political interests at this point are overshadowing what is the imperative for many people here in country which is to stop the violence and to remove the danger if these people are women but you've got so many different narratives hit very very strongly opposing narratives it's not clear what's going on is very confusing situation the question really is how do you fix the problem with the arab league
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with u.n. intervention without really understanding it and the arab league mission with here to try and understand what exactly was happening and it seems that's now being taken off the table certainly the feeling here is that always are going to lead to some form of the intervention and it's very very concerned because the repercussions of halting that mission of whole thing that move towards dialogue already being seen here in the country at the moment or to sort of live in damascus thanks very much indeed for that update well political analyst stephen moment believes it's not a coincidence of the arab league for its mission just as western powers are the calls for foreign involvement. well my goodness that sounds like a no fly zone to different language it was an open sesame to direct intervention meaning war the observers were sent into syria they picked the wrong man to lead the mission because sudanese general. they thought they had the air management
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your eyes who would deliver the goods against a side believing him for everything going oh i'm cool what a general we do he said assad is cooperating it's exactly the opposite of what the last one they wanted a pretext to step up whatever they have in mind which is some kind of intervention the best solution is the west syria's civil it's only a status here is a legitimate opposition in syria syria is an authoritarian state a reporter in the one that got even reported we get to go get a national poll that apparently has some credibility he said than i've been jari of syrians back aside for america and britain and the arab league and there's to get to the end in seriousness that is and to have an arrogant resolution saying and bill that would do would be happy in two weeks well assad absolutely should in diplomatic way which tell these people to to go. also coping with unrest as egypt
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coming up a year after its uprising it's hard to tell here square as hundreds of thousands rally against the absolute power of the ruling military junta and its reluctance to step down. but still to come here and in the meantime preliminary peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban has started in qatar the two sides are thought to be discussing trust building measures that could pave the way for actual negotiations aimed at ending the decade long afghan war while to discuss the prospects of this and other talks we're joined live from the u.s. by investigative journalist jordan george well we've got those us back talks underway in qatar but also we're seeing a separate initiative now from afghanistan and pakistan why we seeing this this is this may be a snub from karzai gets us because he wasn't that happy about the cut out all this was. absolutely not basically this is going to be very difficult for the united states to pull off i mean in my opinion pakistan is the biggest problem facing united states more so than iran at the moment and if we knew the talks the talks
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have to be you know they have to appease pakistan afghanistan and the taliban as well as with me very difficult but the time of these talks is you know very but for obama right now they're actually you know they're not calling them discussions or their preliminary discussions like you said or trust building measures that you know as you might as you will but if the talks summary talks go well they're talking about possibly releasing some full on tunnel bay prisoners and it's been a big sticking issue for obama who has promised to close a prison where as much it is an election year they're talking about you know possibly releasing some prisoners and at the same time this might give the united states a way to end a war you know saying we made peace with the taliban in afghanistan and. pakistan have to come on board as well but it could be a way for them to back out and gracefully is that a way of maybe
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a way of also acknowledging the fact that many analysts saying that the u.s. military operation has failed and should have been there in the first place. i mean you know this is a huge political issue right now the united states i mean the economy is tanking people are unemployed and you and we've been there for ten years now afghanistan spend trillions of dollars it's a huge political issue in the base going on and you know many people feel that a war has gone on some people feel has should have started and some people and many more americans are agreeing that the war has gone on for far too long and is costing billions and billions of taxpayers' dollars you know so basically you know from my point of view it seems odd that you know so it was in afghanistan and they failed and united states intelligence i mean they have excellent elegance there apparatus is phenomenal they they know the terrain in afghanistan so for them to think they could waltz in there for two to six months and come right out and you know farfetched they must have known that this war would take
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a long time all right so they're all peace talks taking place now due to take place is there real optimism that these talks could actually lead to peace in afghanistan and if so when what's the point of this. everything is very vague bill you know the first of all they say no not really peace talks are just the preliminary discussions and also i think would be very very difficult to pull off and there is no timeframe from what i understand you know they have to appease pakistan and afghanistan i mean you know and the taliban the taliban wants just what every other organization wants they want to have some say and you know in some power sharing and they felt like they've been they've been disregarded sidelined so they've opened up an office and are tar and you know they want to be part of the process but we know that i was wrong i just just briefly know how strong and it cohesive the taliban is at the moment certainly when you compare it to. what's going on with pakistan and indeed the u.s. over the afghanistan problem do you think there is
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a chance that we could see taliban rule returning once again to afghanistan what was possible of the top. don't don't you know the talks fall horribly wrong i mean the taliban they want some time a bill on time on a prisoner release as well they want some of their members to be off the you know the kill list i think the u.n. has and the thing is i don't see how this can be pulled off without afghanistan pakistan the taliban any the united states sitting down together in the same room because i can see some back backroom deals between afghanistan and pakistan. possibly the taliban in afghanistan and taliban in pakistan separately you know i think that all members have to be involved in the talks for the any chance of peace and for it to work properly george we'll leave it there thanks very much indeed george joining us live from the usa thank you. when it's been a turbulent week for poland which saw from.


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