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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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so this is your the council will never approve bombing syria i guarantee it russia's foreign minister rules out use of force against syria to settle the crisis there but says moscow never insisted retaining the current assad regime was a condition for peace. and the syrian opposition has rejected a chance for talks with the country's president instead threatening the assad family with a brutal and bloody live reaction on syria shortly here on r.t. . plans to expand the u.s. military presence in asia pacific threaten to backfire on the philippines as some in china call for sanctions against the island nation for offering to station more american troops. and this year's first e.u. summit exposes deepening divisions within the union despite most members agreeing
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to the fiscal restrictions that critics say is an affront to sovereignty and democracy our top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow this is. a fierce battle is unfolding at the u.n. security council where discussion is underway on a new resolution on syria western and arab diplomats are launching a major offensive to overcome russia's strong opposition to a text calling for president assad to go it also doesn't rule out the use of foreign force. is monitoring developments in new york for us marina what exactly are the sides not seeing eye to eye on. well bill the reality is that russia has maintained a position on syria in which it believes that both sides of the conflict need to
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come together in dialogue and russia has said that it will not support any use of force into syria on syria now according to the arab european draft resolution that's now being presented to the u.n. security council it calls for syrian president bashar al assad to step aside hand over his powers to his deputy while and national unity government is formed but most importantly it in at the end of this resolution is is a paragraph that says that the security council can decide to review syria's implementation of the resolution within fifteen days and if the event in the event syria has not complied the security council can adopt further measures in consultation with the league of arab states this is according to the draft draft resolution that was published by the guardian but we need to stress that adopt further measures is words that can be interpreted in various different ways and
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that is something that russia china and other member members of the security council are very much against they don't want to see what happened in libya happen in syria and this is where the sides are not seeing eye to eye odd now as you mentioned there is a major offensive that is taking place the diplomatic offensive at the united nations security council today because u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will be taking part in the meeting as will her british and foreign counterparts it is not every day that you see ministers from other countries fly into new york to take part in security council meetings we really they are trying to push russia on this issue to get russia to support this draft resolution the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says that russia. that has not and will never subscribed to a campaign of organizing or overthrowing governments of other countries take
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a listen. when you go there you didn't do it we never said retaining bashar al assad in power is a condition for crisis settlement we said something different with it's not a part of russia's foreign policy to ask leaders to step down regime change is not our job the decision must be solely syrian only syrians all groups of syrians must gather at the negotiating table and hammer out a deal with the good if the demand is for him to go and he doesn't then what's next with a call in the air force bombing we've seen that already and the security council will never approve this i guarantee it. that was russian foreign minister sergei lavrov giving russia's position on this issue but of course this meeting will be taking place in the next couple coming hours at the security council bill what it comes down to is the fact that russia is trying to spearhead an effort of getting both sides in syria to come together and
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engage in dialogue russia does not support any draft resolution that includes coercive or punitive measures the draft resolution that is being discussed today that is written and supported by western countries does include course of and here it is measures so of course as more details become available on this story we will keep our viewers updated. thanks very much indeed that's marina live in new york well the debate syria. the u.n. most powerful bodies should look to start at seven pm g.m.t. and we bring you the highlights of the meeting lloyd here on r.t. well syria's opposition have made a chilling pledge to the country's leader they have president bashar assad and his family will be killed just not libyan leader colonel gadhafi saying he's lost the chance of a peaceful exit clashes between government forces and rebel fighters a raging on the outskirts of the capital and it's all to sarah ferguson damascus
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reports the syrian conflict is beginning to resemble libya. we're seeing an increasingly civil conflict evidence really by the violence has broken out for the past couple of days really. was not being housed by the statement by one of the members of the made up position body of the syrian national council high somalia head said that assad and his family would be killed like gadhafi now certainly that's going to fuel the fears on both sides really there's going to be retaliation and revenge attacks coming in this teacher and certainly that is a genuine fear amongst the people here you're seeing a very polarized country right now and the dividing lines are really being too on you know here at the moment there's really a you're either for oh you're against people really that moderate middle ground now is being squeezed all the time and very concerning because the calls for dialogue
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to seem to have been completely overshadowed by this very very strong aggressive rhetoric this conflict is just getting bloodier and bloodier more and more violent with the sounds of gunfire and hillary. yells of protests from the streets the increasingly loud and numerous international opinions britain needs to lead the way in making sure we try to move the sanctions the travel bans the asset freezes on syria can be hard to hear the syrian for. the syrian case has developed as every side wants to push away the responsibility to another tossing the ball back and forth. in the last few days the situation has become so unstable that finding people willing to talk right now has proven difficult. we've had tanks entering in firing and just or we've had six people who've died we travel to the suburbs where some of the clashes have breaking out to
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try to get a clearer picture of what had been happening here in the last few days when one of . the moment now we were traveling. we thought. that we just received a phone call telling us that it's not safe to travel. with the situation so you. don't know what's going on in these areas even the people who are living in these areas. have the situation. we make it into the suburbs of job or using backwards the opposition that just last week had control of some of these areas has now gone underground so there was a funeral for a resident of died in the file his funeral people and his relatives were voicing slogans and called for freedom someone was shot dead during the funeral and we had to go and hide from the security forces. after it had taken to meet some members of
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the f.s.a. . begins and some other members joined as well and has talked to people they know just been arrested in the changes and the atmosphere starts to feel hostile so. such uncertainty right now it seems mistrust is rife. it seems sort. of convinced the free syrian army not coming closer to the capital would be simpler no this is harmful to the cause of bringing peace to syria. everyone it seems is no waiting to see what if any outcome there will be at the un briefing by the arab league having ground to a halt offer to hold reconciliation talks it's not want to be simply dismissed as many have already done they have do political they have two political reasons for. for for feeding the complicated in syria i think they don't want they're not interested in due form nor are they interested in democracy or freedom was the
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government accepted the invitation received mixed reactions from the opposition they size of being taken in the past in calling for a syrian solution to a syrian problem that repeatedly failed to communicate now if that unity is the dialogue are running out fast. and with such desperate pleas from many people here the opposing sides continue to make it clear they don't want to listen the calls the international action it's just going to keep getting louder surface r.t. and ask. for more in the battle in and over syria i'm now joined by picking a professor of political science at paris west university in ontario not performs well as we just heard from our correspondent a little earlier marie important she says that western and arab diplomats at the u.n. a currently working to change russia's staunch opposition to a draft resolution which blames just president bashar assad for the bloodshed what
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are their chances of success. well as difficult to gauge now but you know the jew political game is slated to level the ethical level and clearly this sad regime is murderous it's time for it to go so from this point of view the american plan is quite. good to the situation but then the geopolitical game is also a game of interns in a key region so on the one hand you have the west supporting the rebels in russia they want the regime down they want to eliminate the uni and eye of the rand and then russia is supporting the regime in syria for the same geopolitical reasons that is it it needs in and out in the region and the ethic or dispute refers to something which is real and agree regime which has to go but beyond this there's also the geopolitical aims and they are quite different. than what you are in what way are they different than. well geopolitically the west
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wants to have influence in syria iran is deprived of its one ally in the region and russia is also deprived of its one in the region the geopolitical game and at the same time there's a real disastrous humanitarian situation but of course humanitarian situations are always used in order to achieve to political aims so the west is arming the rebels arming the government and syria it's very close to. a war by proxy you know as happened during the cold war. let me just quickly ask you when the un resolution implies a foreign intervention could ensue russia's insist their intervention will spark civil war some would say the civil war's already started doesn't that well the civil war has started but if the resolution were like the libya resolution then it
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would be of course. full of law it would be an avenue for nato to intervene with the cover of the u.n. and then what happens afterwards is that nato takes sides in a civil war. russia wants to prevent what you could call real reasons and the west claims it wants to do it for humanitarian reasons human nature in crisis is real but the geopolitical stakes are slightly odds with this. political situation you're talking about a star that you're talking about the west taking sides there. we know that western countries have been accused of just blaming the assad regime for the syrian crisis and nobody else ignoring the role of the armed opposition. well this sad regime is clearly responsible for many murders but if you feed if you give arms to be other side instead of trying to negotiate the un with the arab league in order to achieve a peaceful solution which probably would include. the collapse of the assad regime
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because the solution in syria i think cannot be achieved without a sad leaving power but it can be achieved either through military force libyan type of intervention and that is a disaster and then we don't talk about the consequences of the disaster or it can be achieved through negotiation and that would be negotiation at the u.n. when the arab league other pieces maybe of the american plan but. peacefully not with weapons and right now i think that need to think that negotiation really is likely russia is clearly pushing for that very hard but obviously meeting a lot of resistance from the west and other arab countries do you think really there is a chance or is it too late now for successful negotiations well if the syrian opposition the rebels feel they can win without negotiations that would be no negotiations but if it's a stalemate and the b. of the two sides realize that it's a stalemate maybe there's
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a chance for negotiations but you know you have a murderous leader it should be out of the way but the best way to get him out of the way it is peacefully and not by armed intervention because armed intervention creates more problems and if you look at libya there are many problems that are not reported by our in the mainstream press in the west but the intervention was not a total success to say the least. the regime has to go but i think it should come through negotiations professor of political science of paris where the university montell out of force thank you very much indeed for your work on thank you. u.s. plan to increase its military presence in the philippines is causing uproar china's state run dailies said that manila should be made to pay for creating tension and in danger in regional security america would also boost its presence in the asia pacific region by putting more of its forces in australia and singapore a strategy seemingly aimed at constraining beijing's growing power. at the
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international level the philippines know that the u.s. is stepping mistry return to asia refocusing its military and security deployment in the middle east in asia pacific targeting china in iran as the primary security concerns now at the regional level the philippines also see that the recent changes in the regional politics particularly in taiwan where mr martin to you and to call restriction was successfully we elected there means beijing and taipei would have more stable relationship expression in terms of economic integration across the strait in the coming years and the footprints knows that the u.s. would need a more reliable ally in the asia pacific region so the philippines is reeling to lend its hands to it to the american airline for that kind of particular security concern the u.s. is having in the asia pacific region i have already not to stairs tremendous
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pressure from the public opinion within china ask urging the chinese government to top up for a tough position to us the philippines however i think the chinese government should be a bit more careful about these internal demand so i think the philippines is all doing that to trying to get the best interest from from this china and u.s. relations. still to come here on r.t. this hour for deadline in d.c. u.s. occupiers refused to move despite threats of eviction and the rest of. the purpose of this was to unite in this space so if they want to arrest one of us after arrest all of us. visible message of opposition and defiance from protesters camped out in two national parks. that's still to come for you but first e.u. leaders at their first summit of twenty twelve were all smiles but the existing tensions were clear to see there was another war of words between the french
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president prime minister over who is industry is larger and conan set to join the eurozone demanded a greater say in decision making i was at least one decision made however with twenty five of the twenty seven e.u. nations agreeing to a german fiscal rule that would limit the size of nation spending it was agreed to set up a permanent bailout fund for struggling members but never felt also of the end of the euro says there's a lack of solidarity in the e.u. and some leaders are pursuing their own political interests within it. it's of course very big problem for the european union to keep up the unity it's always a question of national preference to. coming into kalash or at least into some kind of coalition with each other and for example france it's obvious that president sarkozy the upcoming presidential elections are quite important and he uses the european platform to a certain extent to try to get some score back on these opponents in that french
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presidential election race but there certainly is at the moment a lack of unity at the european union level but also at the level of the eurozone countries where of course the dominance of germany is something that most of the other countries are looking upon in a very i should a see here four way. there today marks cousin stacy her but take a swipe at those they say the e.u. financial mess. the debt or a zombie deader is a noun and indebted consumer who is only able to pay the debt interest each month so here you have the two pillars of society zombie debtors who never again and clown bankers who never have to pay dead zombies and clones yet wherever there is a zombie debt or you can be sure there's
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a zombie creditor and as zombie central banker feeding the mom. occupy protesters have stood up to the authorities in washington d.c. refusing to remove their camps from two parks despite threats of police action activists though is still preparing to resist with officers standing at the ready nearby and that is liz wall explains occupiers remain united in their beliefs. so we are here at macpherson square where protesters have been occupying the park since october throughout the demonstration about one hundred tents have been pitched here the national park service has repeatedly slapped these notices on tents here macpherson square informing protesters that they can no longer camp out here that means they have to get rid of sleeping bags and any other material which allows them to live here protesters are responding by painting that symbol on the
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notice which demonstrates the fact that they do not agree with this mandate there are tens can stay about their doors must remain open proving no one is living in it the notice warns protesters that violate the rule are subject to arrest and it's basically a symbol of opposition. to. you is what everything this moon is opposing right now and so i think the tents are really important part of what you buy but police presence was sparse with no reported arrests they stand mostly on the sidelines refusing to answer questions from the media or what but occupiers made their message loud and clear they are not giving up the fight here as you can see protesters have erected a massive shadow over the statue here at macpherson park it's all in demonstration to the anticipated even action by park oh yes this is our tents of dreams we want to be able to sleep here so we can dream of a better world where everyone has access to health care education housing and where
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the rich from corporations and banks no longer have control over political system the federal government and the political leaders in wall street were all tone deaf they could not hear this so the occupy movement has offered them a hearing aid and they're getting our message loud and clear now the purpose of this was to unite us in this space so if they want to arrest one of us after arrest all of us or none of us and washington. don't forget we've also got the world cup a few on our website at r.t. dot com here's what's all right now. you know why did the pentagon confirms the money kept in saddam hussein's bank accounts and stored in his baghdad palace managed that's true billion u.s. dollars just disappear into thin air plus. a whistleblower in springfield makes it to the small screen in the five hundredth episode of the simpsons discover when you
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can catch it on air on our website dot com. for the business news with dmitri let's have a look at some other world news in brief now thousands of egyptians have flooded the streets in protest of the ongoing parliamentary elections demanding faster reforms demonstrators want immediate dissolution of the military council which inherited absolute power from the deposed president hosni mubarak is in these parties are expected to win majority control of the upper house of parliament and already hold the majority of seats in the lower house. the search for the remaining fifteen passengers still missing from the stricken costa concordia cruise ship has been called off italian officials say the effort was too dangerous for rescue workers the search had already been suspended several times due to poor weather and
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choppy waters seventeen bodies have been recovered from the concordia since it ran aground off the island of giglio earlier this month we'll be back to recap the headlines for in about five minutes from now in the meantime the latest business as promised with dmitri. and then welcome to business artsy emerging market currencies are seeing the best start of the year since the turn of the century the russian ruble along with the mexican brazilian reale have outperformed currencies from major developed nations sentiment is supported by rising risk appetite of the e.u. leaders signed up for a strict budget discipline monday summit however seen jacobsen from saxo bank believes the positive mood will not last long. the central banks continue to print money so much that they are actually running out of paper to printed on if you look at the easy be they have been expanding their balance sheet since july first by
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thirty eight percent in terms of currency strength and risk appetite has become a game of continuing to for all the credit she added what is extensively a solvency issue these little bit like pretending that you can treat a patient who is ill by giving them more fear and create a diagnosis of why the patient is sick but of course a patient will improve short term and this is what's going on with the risk appetite and that's what's going on with the currency market the chief said knocked back warnings from iran that the e.u.'s decision to impose an embargo will lead to skyrocketing oil prices the organization thinks a fair price for a barrel of bread should be about one hundred dollars david garrard global director of oil industry research as plats says the worry is not so much crude prices will hit one hundred fifty dollars a barrel but that they'll actually for. most of the people we've talked to in the market don't expect oil to get anywhere near hundred fifty anytime soon in fact the
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concern is really rather that oil will fall below that saudi arabia which of course has the greatest reserves of oil it can bring to market in the event of a disruption has made constant assurances that it's going to be able to fill any gap left by the iranians even if they attempt to close down the strait of hormuz which looks increasingly unlikely as the weeks go by right now there appears to be plenty of supply available in the event of a disruption of course there's a lot of stock to hand as well a lot of countries have been busily stockpiling crude oil and they've been well aware of the tensions structure for the better part of the ear now so the market is positioning itself so withstand the supply shock so much so it might be over supply of the short term a lot of watchers are concerned that the price of all my fall rather than rise in may be a case of being a little bit overprepared here for what might come to pass. russia's markets and they choose day session and there wasn't a positive that would be off he was getting more than two percent of my section one point two percent secular the main movers on the my six those were financial shares
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was bagged gaining one point four percent well snaffles up point four percent of the close despite high oil prices we've given the market and russia's biggest a drugstore chain thirty six point six in the money game is that's on news accounts to open a drop discount chain to boost sales. rather nice and will soon become the controlling shareholder of russia's biggest carmaker after the car owners have agreed to buy the twenty five percent stake currently held by investment banks like a dialogue the cost of the deal which is expected to be completed next month has not been revealed but and this estimated to be worth one billion dollars this will give rhino a nice and fifty percent off the group the other major shareholder is the russian state which owns twenty five percent from holding company of course to tell them. all right coming up next on i would say the headlines do stay with us.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of chatter that. corporations are on the day. download the official placation to i phone or my pod touch from the i choose our story. life on the go. video on demand atienza mine comes and says feed now.


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