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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2012 4:48pm-5:18pm EST

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not get the nuclear weapons that's the starting place for all the analysis so how do you stop them all the first way we tried was diplomacy which has failed in the bush administration bombing ministration tried very hard on the sea but it didn't work because the iranians were not bargain in good faith the second thing which we're seeing play out is psychological operations cyber warfare sabotage assassination that's been going on for years been fairly effective at disrupting things but hasn't really stopped the iranians in their tracks the third way is regime change we talked a little bit about that before the break in the soul the u.s. is going for it gone forward and absolutely and no one worries that india has nuclear weapons because it's a democracy and it's moderate so it's as much about the regime as it is about the weapons if you get regime change but that probably won't happen there completely with this so the fourth which is war so nobody wants it nobody wants to see it happen but it does seem likely because the rains are not backing away from this nuclear program then the question is timing if you wait till two thousand and thirteen it's too late the rains will test the device in all likelihood before that and can see on the eve of the presidential elections it looks
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a little hokey you're not going to see it before march because we want to see how the elections play out there's a lot of intelligence content in the election results so that leaves a window of kind of made august and i don't know what the secret war plans are but that's when i would look for it sometime in the june july time when we're going to have war with iran and quantitative easing that well there were mistakes made i mean they may not be unrelated like this goes to three hundred you're going to need some quantitative easing and that's my question ok we've had a lot of predictions of what happens if there is any kind of conflict with iraq two hundred fifty dollars barrel oil is what i've heard from one analyst roubini says we have a global recession what would be the impact of any on any global recovery or on a global recession if there was any kind of concert with iran one of his very famous general in the german general world war one he said no battle plan survives the first shot you may think you know what's going to happen and you do the best you can to model it but the truth is you're just playing wild cards at that point so of course we would expect the price of oil to go up significantly but well people take a naive view of what would happen. in the straits of hormuz the iranians close and
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they'll say well the u.s. will clean it up in a day might not be a day might be a month i mean that's the kind of thing where we could lose a vessel sadly i mean a lot of things could play out unexpected ways there was a lot of hezbollah in lebanon will guess what there's a lot of hezbollah in south america they could find their way to the united states you might see general clapper was warning the other day about domestic uranium back terrorism in the united states so there could be sharks and disruption that are not on anybody's radar screen i don't think all this is fully priced in the market like people understand it we're talking about and others talking about it but markets are sometimes slow to react so this is not fully priced interesting and what about what we were talking about with financial warfare you actually think that i think that there could be a blowback in the form of cancer just moving away from the u.s. dollar but it's starting already part of that because of bernanke his policies you know when you can have a strong national security without a strong dollar we've been printing so many dollars and trying to cheapen our currency the countries that already started to think about getting out of the dollar system now we're giving them another reason which is we're using it as
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a weapon i'm not saying we should do that because we need to confront the iranian regime but the iranians are some reports of the they're talking to the indians about doing a gold for oil swap there's a lot of gold in india so that actually is feasible it's interesting that the saudi arabians have stepped up to supply the shore oil shortfall to china so if china can have a rainy in oil they'll get it from the saudi arabians but what about the indians they need oil to they're kind of like the cold so they're talking to the indians or so they're the indians talking to the iranians china may get in the act i could see a russian chinese indian iranian central asian clearinghouse that would be non dollar denominated could be commodity backed could be local currency backed so the message system they could just be completely outside the dollar system very interesting and we just have thirty seconds but does all of this mean that gold comes out the winner it sounds like there's no there's no question about it or you know like that gold is constant everything else is the loser but yes short answer is the dollar. gold will go up significantly gold will perform well relative to all
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currencies because you know as you showed in your graphic all the major central banks are printing were crazy so you know there may be leads and lags and noise in the crossover gold is going to go away oh well i have to thank you so much for being on the show and you're always so nice to have your insight is just amazing and if anybody hasn't they should read the book that's out there and senior managing director of tangent capital partners jim or. all right before we go we just want to break down a few stories give us your our three cents on them we have dimitri kovtun us in
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studio and shannon dano in the control room to talk about this we didn't get a chance yesterday to break down consumer credit but there was consumer credit came out way higher than expected ok it was like nineteen billion dollars for december expectations were seven billion dollars turns out what is driving this largely student debt how much of a disaster is that i just had to talk about it on the show because i think that that's just a terrible sign well i mean it's part of the problem like you you know what prices keep getting larger larger more debts to give people the ability to afford what they can afford when you told that they have to pay it back when they can't which is the whole problem when we talk about all time with and i just want to remind people because we were we were talking a little bit about the jobs numbers b.l.s. forecasts and they forecast that the top jobs looking forward to two thousand and twenty are all the top five none of them require even a i don't think a bachelor's degree it's like you know home health aides retail associates office
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clerks i mean i don't know if people should be loading up on the student debt based on the kind of jobs that are actually available or projected to be available. that serve them well yeah shannon you want to. i mean obviously the economy is down so people are going to go to school but i mean you make a good point that the jobs that are out there the jobs that are available are ones that are going to be filled by these people who now have their masters in higher education and they're not going to get the pay raise that they would expect and that's the rationale exactly what you said the economy's bad not a lot of jobs people are going back to school but all i'm saying i'm not discouraging education at all i advocate great education i definitely am appreciative of mine all i'm saying is take a look at where the economy is going and where jobs are going to be maybe you can get one here because this is what's in the pipeline trump made it to pennsylvania avenue if we could go to the next story here in d.c.
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after all maybe not the white house but take a look at this. whether terry or terrific i think he'd be the best person because he's he's done so many other things i've watched his show donald trump plans to turn the old headquarters of the post office at the turn of the twentieth century it to a trial hotel. so the government announced tuesday that trump's real estate company has been selected to turn the old washington post up as the end to a luxury hotel so i think this is great this is a you know great use of public building you know we always talk about the inefficiency of washington the more you know private business we can get him to run it efficiently i would you really want donald trump as the neighbor to the president i mean this is the scope of your he's just going to have a business venture i mean he could be i mean like with this too close for comfort you don't want someone like donald trump look don't propose so bitter but he can't become president so what is the he buys a hotel. is a leveraged buy to have that much money you just you know borrow the money to buy
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cozy up next obama you just. don't go personal no ad hominem attacks here i basically i think that if he actually is there which you won't be i think that could bring a lot of more color and light into the washington. news cycle because he always has something interesting to say shannon i think you should actually fix the post office if it's the old post office building there and there is a post office in there that maybe you should donate some of that money to the post office as opposed to making a luxury hotel. bill because religion and the post office is broke and there's all sorts of ideas about what could happen out of that but let's talk about this because we've been dying to february is national tent time management month and though it isn't an officially standing holiday with government it was created maybe by super organized people like shannon to bring attention to productivity maybe it's not a national holiday because productivity is actually really high in this country
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because workers have to work harder because there's fewer jobs but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our productivity. thank you what's what's going on with the blinds wait shannon hold on a second this is on sale. yeah that's how the magic happen the thing is that is so true you are true all i barely ever look at shoes the most regular i have degrees you know sharon i am busy producing our show for our wonderful viewers ok we work very hard i'm not going to come up any comments from the peanut gallery i don't more because that was obviously a joke ok. thank you so much for you to go into our show feel free to follow me on twitter at lauren lyster to get you through until tomorrow and give us feedback at youtube dot com slash capital account we will also back by popular demand i promise
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to bring you more words of the day all over of us have been asking for it will get back on the ball stopping so i'm sure dr that produced those but for now from everyone here at capital account thank you so much for watching and have a great. pleasure is that so much money in which of course you write on a piece of your facebook's initial public offering is being called a very big deal and many hope the r.p.o. will leave the entire tech sector but is the. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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unloads the official ante up location to go on the phone oh i pod touch from the i choose our story. one jaunty life on the go. video on demand all teasing live broadcasts and already says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the t.v. dot com. well going into the future science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge you're covered.
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the republican primary roller coaster has had its share of steep climbs and quick drops but one candidate has remained consistent through it all will show you why ron paul is in it for the long haul. around him this is it's an existential threat to israel and obama should be saying. so publicly that he will support israel in whatever they need. all support is one thing war is quite another and it looks like the doomsday clock is ticking for trouble with iran so who will fire first and what
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is it mean for the international community. and while republicans fight so when their party's nomination is the u.s. military admitting defeat in afghanistan a new report seems to suggest it will explain. it's wednesday february eighth five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team. well the race to be the next republican presidential candidate has shaken up this after rick santorum swept all three states in last night's primaries now mitt romney's cozy spot as front runner isn't so certain anymore the route the race or various candidates enjoyed their time in the limelight line the light only to be taken over by a new g.o.p. flavor of the week but one candidates popularity has remained consistent ron paul
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and there are signs that he is gaining momentum especially after coming in second in minnesota where he beat romney and gingrich and take a look at this poll according to the latest telephone polls coming out of front coming out front runner mitt romney lost some ground in recent days dropping from thirty to twenty nine percent ron paul is now in second place nationally his support group five percent putting him at twenty one percent and rounding out the bunch newt gingrich is support fell by one percent to nineteen percent and rick santorum support rose by five to eighteen percent so with support for the other candidates flipping is it ron paul's time to shine whether dig deeper into this i spoke with volunteer organizer and ron paul supporter mary wilson earlier from los angeles i asked her if mitt romney is still the front runner and take a look. you know we're really happy with how ron paul is steadily pulling forward
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and we have a lot of faith in the strategy of his campaign and that as he gains ground in each one of these caucuses and moves into the primary states we are gaining momentum we're gaining more supporters and there's a strategy to it so we're excited that he's not the flavor of the montes never had a bad. race you know he's he's pulling for. and so now ron paul he has yet to win a caucus but as you just said he seems to be the only one that is steadily on the upswing he's got a very low oil following while the others kind of come up and down with of romney traditionally seen as the front rather front runner losing speed where is it is right now ron paul's time to shine. i think i believe it is wrong paul's time to shine but i'm perfectly happy with him plugging away and just keep going towards the tampa conventions so if i don't see i mean it would be
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wonderful to win one you know that would be really exciting right now but as i understand it in minnesota he pulled in more delegates even in counties where mitt romney sorry in the counties were sent to a room was in first place ron paul got most of the delegates so people showed up and they're going forward in the in the caucuses to vote for ron paul and you know last night obviously a huge victory for santorum after he won the all three states so he's proving to be more conservative alternative to romney who has his critics called a massachusetts moderate so we are seeing this divide within the republican party but ron paul followers are the most passionate most loyal so what does this divide within the party mean for ron paul's campaign. i think that the votes that
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are going to santorum and newt gingrich currently are not being taken for they're not coming from ron paul's base they're just dipping into mitt romney's. voter pool and we already know that newt gingrich and rick santorum are not on the ballot in multiple states where they were not able to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot they didn't have enough of the foresight to plan their campaigns and in order to win with i think eleven hundred forty four delegates you know they're not eligible for between five and six states each of them so you know a vote for mitt sorry newt gingrich and for santorum is probably a wasted vote unless we're going to have a brokered convention which you know i don't know about that how it's going to pan out but i'm sure that ron paul is gaining delegates as we go along and you know the fact that he is gaining momentum and that he has made it this far as
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a huge improvement from the last time he was running for the last election so would you say that ron paul the image as a fringe candidate has changed. absolutely absolutely there is so much more support now there's so much more awareness i didn't know about ron paul in the last election i was living overseas and i was you know excited about the hope and change that obama was talking about and i don't really subscribe to. party particularly per se you know very much want to support the things that matter to me and what i think mattered to the country as a whole i think that the political divide that we have this is a you know democrats or republicans it's a horse and pony show and i think that right now a lot of people are willing to cross the political divide and register themselves as a republican in order to take part in this and that's what ron paul has
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a lot of people are joining the republican party because you know if you can't beat them join them and get you know you have a lot more chance of making the change that you want to see in the world by taking part getting in there and being active so i mean i do lean more conservatively i'm fiscally conservative. you know i don't want wars though so on that side i'm very much different from the other g.o.p. candidates i think that the whole g.o.p. is changing we are the new. voice the new generation and people i encourage them no matter if they're liberal democratic libertarian or whatever independent to go ahead and make a difference if you could you know do some research and become aware of ron paul's policies and ideas and the change that he's trying to make i mean he is the only one talking about. restoring our currency or competing currencies auditing the
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fed these banks that have been bailed out the money is vanishing if you take m.f. global for example you know money is vaporizing and. i think that they're setting the stage for something like that to happen here and nobody else is even talking about it ron paul is the only one who is willing to shine a light into the dark corners of our political parties and these big corporations who are running the show and people are awakening to it and deciding that they can take part and make a difference so. and then lastly mary just want to ask you ron paul we see he is gaining some momentum how can he continue to attract more voters we are seeing that he's winning some people over from the mainstream and he does have his loyal base and how can he continue to take advantage of this leverage. well everyone who does some researching and gets involved and understands the policies
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usually gets profoundly moved by them and wants to be active in this and wants to make a difference so i encourage everyone who does come along and decided to support them paul to talk to your grandparents talk to your neighbors talk to your cousins and aunts and uncles coworkers everyone you need to start raising the issues and and have little political discussions it doesn't always have to be a debate you know people like to call it's called paul buds because you know it's this is such an important conversation to be having we're talking about the future of our country and our impact on the world so you know i encourage everybody to get registered as a republican so that you have a choice when it's time for you know the g.o.p. primary candidate to go back against obama you know people are trying to save the conservative or the entire romney come on they're all there it's just it's
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a joke to me i could tell you are certainly a huge paul fan and thank you so much for going on the show for coming on the show that was volunteer are going to have are and ron paul supporter mary wilson well the drums of war against iran beating louder now than ever in the middle east as israel's saber rattling suggests that an attack on the country may not be too far off in the future and israel says if and when they attack the only give the us twelve hours notice so is a war with iran just around the corner artie's marina pour in i reports. america never misses an opportunity to ally. and i mean israel's security has meant the can just military cooperation between our two countries in history has point to a pleasurable punch at its greatest adversary. america is determined to prevent iran from getting
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a nuclear weapon and i will take no options off the table ok however for many american jews and israel support for iraq obama's war of words against iran doesn't go far no sign of the simply state uncook commit israel security you have to promote policies that commit you that show that you're serious about his security israel through these actions feels that that obama is not committed to doing everything this power to stop iran from having nuclear weapons iran is a is an existential threat to israel and obama should be saying. so publicly that he will support israel in whatever military action they stay necessary more inclined is president of the zionist organization of america he says an unprecedented amount of american jews and israelis share his animosity a feeling arguably underscored by the israeli government according to published reports tell of eve would only give washington twelve hours notice if deciding to
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strike iran i believe his policies are among the most hostile israel's ever experienced of any president in my lifetime recently it was the life of president obama being threatened in a column written by the owner of the atlanta jewish times in an article titled what would you do andrew adler listed the assassination of obama as one way to ensure israel's security he wrote in part give the go ahead for u.s. based massada agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to israel in order for the current vice president to take his place and forcefully dictate that the united states' policy includes helping the jewish state obliterate its enemies i think that threat. either right. or we are going to kill you either politically or literally i think that it . serious threat. seriously the american president and the money.
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is the largest. group in the united states it is the kingmaker in. the american israel public affairs committee known as a pac declined our request for an interview meanwhile obama finds himself facing another election and a slew of republican opponents banging on much louder war drums against iran with regards to iran which perhaps represents the greatest existence a threat to israel we have to make it abundantly clear it is unacceptable and i take those that word carefully is unacceptable for iran to become a nuclear nation if rick santorum and when rick santorum is president iran will not get a nuclear weapon because the world as we know it will be no more clear i why of israel i'm very close to netanyahu i would have said publicly i would rather plan a joint operation conventionally than push the israelis to
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a point where the nuclear. at a time when the u.s. bears the burden of a broken economy growing social unrest and ongoing military conflicts starting a war with iran would not be in america's best interest but in order to keep a best friend many believe obama will be forced to put israel's national security first. r.t. new york. ever more on this i am joined by jamal of the policy director for the national iranian american council i sat in on the show again jamal i want to ask you how much influence you think israel has on u.s. foreign policy. well. bibi netanyahu in particular has exercised a enormous influence on the president's ability to conduct foreign policy has really put a lot of pressure on him and has limited his ability to basically live out a lot of the promises that he made obama made on the campaign trail whether it was
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to engage in diplomacy with iran to prevent war with iran anything that this person has tried to do he's been hit hard by. basically netanyahu allies in congress and in the right wing establishment so now israel is going as far as to say that if and when they launch an attack on iran that they're only going to give the u.s. twelve hours notice so not too much notice there with this statement does this suggest that war with iran is even closer than expected i think we need to be careful you know when when israel is engaging in this sort of public rhetoric. is maybe not what we need to be as concerned as when they go silent you don't necessarily want to project that you're going to engage in these strikes right before you do them because it makes it less likely that they're going to have any degree of success so i think a lot of this is about putting more of that pressure on the president really
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feeding his opponents a lot of the tools they need to say hey this this president is not standing with israel they have this spat over iran and i would just point out that you know obama has done more than any of his predecessors to put the type of sanctions that you know bibi netanyahu claims to want in place against iran in place he has had more success than any of his purpose that is paranoid that doesn't seem to be enough for israel well really what i think is the problem here is that obama has pressured israel on other on other areas on the you know on the palestinian issue obama at least initially signal that he was actually going to be a little bit more willing to press the israelis to make some concessions that quickly dissipated the president suffered some big. election losses that put his reelection sort of in question so he's been a lot more conservative in those positions as well as in his position which really upset some of the establishment in israel regarding diplomacy with iran he's really still paying the price for saying on the campaign trail i will talk with the
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iranians directly now with the israeli prime minister making this claim or this threat that the u.s. is only to get twelve hours notice does that kind of show that maybe the relationship to the between the two the injuries isn't as close as maybe thought. i think that it's probably i think what the president wants to do is say as he has said we are in lockstep with israel i don't want this to be a liability for my reelection and i think that netanyahu and his supporters and like i said particularly in the right wing establishment they would like to see this president taken out there sort of this alliance that's being. formed on the basis of this president isn't as close to israel as his predecessors have been not because of any policies but because of. this perception that has been created in the pressure that he's put and so now israel does decide to attack.


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