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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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coaching false information to rivals fight the same name in the original group was hijacked by opposition activists to postings military jets alongside civilian one us both sites claim they're the official observatory this is the original site in arabic with an english version on facebook and this is the fake site launched in december and mostly in english several foreign news outlets have assume they are one and the same thing quoting the fake sites casualty figures the consequence a very different perspective of the crisis the original cites latest figures showed just over five thousand one hundred civilian deaths against almost two thousand military casualties the rival site claims well over six and a half thousand civilians have been killed and barely six hundred troops a difference many claim suggests this is a lot more than just a numbers game i don't think even the people using these figures are have any objectivity really they have an agenda
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a clear agenda is the just the fire by any means possible that assad regime is a brutal massacring regime and it needs to fall a soon as possible and we can see the united nations security council when that human rights strategy for regime change doesn't work how annoyed western governments are how got arab league monitor the original observatory strictly opposes military intervention the man who hijacked it's name disagrees. used to translate at the real observatory he was fired after falsely claiming to be an official spokesman and using a live interview to call for a no fly zone since then he's launched a smear campaign against the original group claiming they're the impostors as are we and his figures have been quoted by the b.b.c. c.n.n. and a.b.c. australia the other groups say they tried to pass some political of the is censored by calling for no fly zone put in. national intervention and we made that clear
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a sit on server tree for human rights. original organization is that we are i guess an interventional we are against the no fly zone all we need is to stop the bloodshed in that is going on in syria as always and his group refused to speak on camera stating i cannot waste my time talking about this is the moment whilst people are dying in homs they're my priority right now he did refer us to another opposition group based in london and they too refused to comment on the ownership of the observatory but they did confirm that reporting military deaths was not in their interest it's not our position to report. of the. government's troops the b.b.c. and the guardian had to withdraw material after falsely quoting as always the human rights observatory the un stopped counting the death toll claiming it's too difficult to keep track of but its human rights chief also said five thousand
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civilian deaths should be enough to provoke international action the real observatory still documents the deaths civilian or otherwise but it may be too late for the numbers to matter either bennett r.t. london. and its really website reports that british and qatari special forces are already in syria assisting the rebels. middle east expert says that if the claims prove to be true it won't help bring peace to the region. but this will probably mean more escalation on the ground some more covert military operations and on the political level we've also heard that some arab league countries all the arab league in general is intending on officially recognizing the syrian social council leader syrian political opposition body so i think this is something which is widely expected and of course really i see that more violence will be in the making however we also do hear that the russians for example are providing the most
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assistance is possible they can to the syrians to deal with this issue now don't forget that the russian side has cautioned time and again of the rise of is the most fundamental saw the presence of islamic fundamentalists inside syria those who oppose a syrian regime and syria has also spoken on of them as well the son of a sudden the members of al qaida and the syrian ambassador to lebanon made it very clear one week ago when he said that most of the weapons or most of even filtration most of the smuggling is coming in from the level on hand unfortunately as the escalation from us as opponents continues or increases i think that we're going to discover more and more smuggling and more and more of a negative role from some lebanese in the syrian issue and the risk middle east expert talking to us there from beirut. eight afghan children have been killed by a nato air strike according to president hamid karzai in a statement he condemned the aerial bombing by foreign troops now this comes
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a week after the united states announced that it could hold combat operations in afghanistan earlier than expected documentary filmmaker clay claiborne's thinks that despite the promises civilian casualties will continue to rise he. to have any viability in legitimacy as an afghan when something like this happens but he is basically a tool of the american occupation there so we can expect any real demand to change from here this kind of thing obviously doesn't win hearts and minds this happened in the same area were afghan soldiers killed french troops on ports and i think because the u.s. playing a pullout even movie next day for him because of injured are moving their troops out we can expect more airstrikes and more civilian casualties in afghanistan we already saw two thousand and eleven eight percent above two thousand and ten in
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terms of civilian casualties i'm afraid we're going to see that trend continue in two thousand and twelve precisely because they notice they have to pull out decisively because they noted again. and you can always find more news online just log on to r.t. dot com and here's what's waiting for you there right now should you go on the other person me why egypt's new government is deploying more tanks and troops across the country just one year after the fall of mubarak's regime. plus also a lot of subway train derailed and crashes into an apartment building in the chilean capital seventy hour ago the story along with pictures of that variable that r.t. dot com and on our you tube page. the eurozone has expressed disappointment with the latest austerity package agreed in athens the german finance minister said the greek plan was not at the stage where it can be signed
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off. the eurozone ministers have been discussing whether to approve the latest bailout to athens to secure the one hundred thirty billion euro handout and avert a default on its debts greece has to impose a fresh round of cuts in public spending the country's government announced earlier it reached a deal after days of talks between the parties it would be the second such pain of the first was met with public outcry which brought down the previous government and led to violent riots still crystal storminess a journalist in athens says the latest deal spells disaster for the greek people. what we get from all these measures. if we have all as you said before default then we are in this situation where we have to face a slow death from starvation in greece the situation in greece these extreme at the moment we have children playing ping in their school because they don't have proper
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breakfast and because they don't they don't have enough food so you realize that the situation is greece is getting worse and worse at the moment they see the protesters and a lot of people in greece that we have a recession there are measures being asked more to do recession we have taxis and taxes we have layoffs and we have a lot of people as i told you that they are hungry at the moment so what they see is that first of all they demand the election which i have to tell you yes here and now they want elections they want this situation to be since the second they have been wondering who's recipe are we following at the moment increases i mean the greek government recipe comes from the i.m.f. and their ship it simply doesn't work. but it's going to do three he told viewers that troika gives their main. orders and you know that we get more and more seen the last two years so far as they say and i agree with them easier to see this time
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to morrow rice from the west than to see all these orders and all these measures bring us to growth and bring us back to normal life. self-esteem presidential candidate has reportedly been hospitalized after police stormed her headquarters in the capital single authorities say they wanted her for questioning over an attack on the country's central election committee last year she ever was one of the front one of the last november's disputed election which was a meld by the uncertain supreme court due to a number of violations to be planning to hold an inauguration on friday despite the fresh elections are due to be held next month that the head of the republic called her action an attempt. so if the setter is a former georgian republic gained independence in two thousand and eight following a brief war with georgia. well let's update you on some other world news in brief for you this hour one of the most senior al qaeda chiefs and pakistan has been killed by an american drone strike along with three other suspected militants the attack took place close to the border with afghanistan but
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a month or is thought to have killed dozens of people in the country and abroad that comes after the bureau of investigative journalism found hundreds of civilians have died because of similar cia ordered aerial attacks. a criminal court in the maltese has issued an arrest warrant for ousted president mohamed nasheed this comes a day after the leader was among dozens injured when a rock police used force against protesters as unrest deepened his ousting resulted from a police mutiny and popular protest over a controversial decision to arrest a top judge but she claims she was forced to resign at gunpoint and promises to return to office. turkish troops have killed thirteen kurdish insurgents in two separate clashes in turkey nine people died near the town of bengal and four others near the town of sirte after rebels attacked a military station there less than a week since turkish warplanes bombed three suspected rebel targets in northern iraq tens of thousands have died since nineteen eighty-four and the kurds fight for
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autonomy in turkey's southeast. also in a world update this hour spanish woman writes judge cultures are gods on has been convicted as part of a wiretapping case he was found guilty of ordering the illegal recording of corruption suspects talking to their lawyers he's now been barred from practicing for eleven years with no chance to appeal against the decision the spaniard gained international fame for his attempts to extradite former dictator augusto pinochet back in one thousand nine hundred eight. when in a moment we'll have the business with katie that's coming up a little later but now to join our team on an adventurous tour of russia with our close up team. we've traveled with a thousand kilometers east of where i'm sitting here in moscow to the region the main city is best known as the birthplace of that
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a million and several times the region flourished as the center of the country's military and aviation industries and its current iraq has been fighting off as all the potential to win back that reputation. it was in the late seventy's that the. aviation complex was created obvious star is one of the largest manufacturers of passenger planes as well as re modernizing existing cargo planes that travel worldwide there are some plane is one of the largest operating cargo aircraft originally designed for the russian military but when the soviet union fell and demand it did too obvious star has been renovating existing response and are now planning a major comeback. a new construction line will launch which will cover the production and the modernization of unique airplanes in the world that are popular such as the roost one. though good news but airlines have used their wrist line freighters to assist in un and red cross relief projects but they'll haul satellites yachts and
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even the sukhoi superjet two can imagine the chief. of those this brother who brought it from africa. from the europe for a. special celebration with ali also transported one hundred thousand kilos of beaujolais wine from france to japan he says without ever breaking a single bottle many little boys dream of becoming pilots but the path to get there isn't always an easy one here the only one of six civil aviation school it's the only place in russia where one can get a higher education with courses offered in academics meteorology and over one hundred fifty hours of flight time. to start the training of these models which gives them the complete feeling of what it's like to see in a real aircraft flight. and it's true the images on the screen and vibrations of the simulator made even me feel
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like i could be a pilot i'm joined today by all the director of corporate communications of the united aircraft corporation thank you for being with us olga since obvious star has been in existence since one thousand nine hundred eighty how do you evaluate the development of the corporation today we are working together with. the new strategy in two thousand and eleven the new strategy comprises the development of two majors segments in the russian outer space industry its military aviation its commercial aviation and its transport of a ship but what are the major perspectives the goals of other star and russia throughout the now we are working over the realization of the program of building aircraft and. planing to get first orders for the.
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current iraq in the u.s. when the economy needs a fix so to the people the country is now the world's largest consumer of coffee and this addiction to caffeine is being exploited by some unscrupulous produces who are looking to boost their profit. in the city that never sleeps are perpetual craving for energy never eases i nearly every man hat and street you'll find two things a coffee shop and customers cupping their fix a liquefied legal stimulant that most can't envision quitting i feel like you know i get it again. so i just have to are both of these real yes actually yes i don't know if i could give. it five or six cups a day but i'm not good to much of anything. is going to drink three cups.
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americans consume four hundred million cups of coffee per day making the us believe in consumer of coffee in the world according to medical experts daily intake of caffeine should stay below three hundred milligrams or fifteen ounces of coffee one large cup of starbucks contains more caffeine than the daily naps among the recommendation however in recent years the country's addiction to cap being has grown both in portion size and means of consumption consumers no longer have to down twenty ounces of starbucks or sixty four ounces of soda to get an energy high . unconventional products such as five hour energy drinks and stimulant least gum have made caffeine america's most marketable legal drug because of the work imperative in america who are working really long hours people are chronically sleep deprived also so they're reaching for stimulants to get amid ongoing economic
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instability u.s. energy drink sales increased more than thirty percent between two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven. the newest stimulant hitting the market is a slim a plastic inhaler called aero shot each squeeze dispenses around forty milligrams of caffeine in your mouth the whole one country ordering. america caffeinated nation we know the generation of americans. meanwhile multi-tasker is feeling for the biggest serving are turning to a product called fifty one fifty juice one gallon contains sixty four thousand milligrams of caffeine the equivalent of four hundred red bulls whole objective is to create repeat customers to get people to the product. is clearly an addictive substance and by creating all these products they're definitely appealing to a wide range of consumers and feeding into the larger problem which is that you
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know caffeine over consumption of caffeine coke and it can be while going after new consumers one u.s. company really did national controversy by packaging caffeine and liquor together there's nothing crazy about ok we took two legal products that americans love and combine them caffeine and a butt load of alcohol heavily marketed among college students it turned out to be a deadly mix one family in florida who say four loko killed their son police say dozens of students had been sent to the hospital from these drinks amid lawsuits mounting criticism and eventually a federal ban the company subsequently removed caffeine from the drink. but the national demand for the natural stimulant remains on compromise with more and more americans looking for their legal high. r.t. me. brings up today for them and i'll be back with more for you in little in the ten minutes from now but first interview with pakistan's foreign minister hina
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rabbani khar on the challenges facing the country. she is the youngest foreign minister and of all that has to deal with some of the toughest security challenges he not rabani khar pakistan's foreign minister is joining us now on r.t. thank you very much for your time minister it's been more than ten years since pakistan joined the u.s. military operations in afghanistan do you think that was the right thing to do you
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see if. you would you know things look very different but of course. the collaboration that pakistan has had in the last ten years pakistan has bit of a heavy price for that but it is also a fact that pakistan inhibits the region inhabits the region and will continue to have in this region and this region has some serious problems the region has some serious problems put into terrorism and pakistan has always maintained that it is important to have a collaborative joint efforts to be able to rid this region rather than for law sort of unitary approaches or stolen in how we want to rid the streets and you mentioned. the price of your involvement in afghanistan has been pretty high many thousand of your citizens lost their lives millions of people have been replaced there are estimates that it cost your country around seventy billion u.s.
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dollars but we often hear criticism about pakistan's are all. but their guts to. involvement in afghanistan from the american side do you think the united states treats you fairly. i would like to answer that question by seeing the what is crucial to is solid robust partnership is that each able to live or operate within the bounds of what is. believed to be you know what has been agreed as far as treating fairly is concerned i think pakistan has in this particular case not been treated fairly by anybody for that matter because pakistan continues to lose pakistan continues to lose in terms of economic costs in terms of the social cost i think sometimes that is not emphasized on enough so we continue to lose in many many ways but some times the rule that is that is put on pakistan
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is rule which is understandable which defies logic so to speak because if the first country to benefit from is stable one stands pakistan and the first country to lose from in you know unstable understand is also pakistan i think seeing that pakistan the cause of the problem and is creating trouble isn't imaginary solution it is an imaginary blame it is an imaginary looking for an answer but the real solutions the real problems have to be faced you know on the ground president obama said in a number of occasions that one of the reasons why the united states is using drones to file for your territory and to hit targets on your territory is because the pakistani authorities allegedly. are not in control of their own land. and my question is. why pakistan tolerating the use of military technology that are hitting targets on pakistani
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land that ultimately oftentimes late. the loss of life among the pakistani citizens this is one of the major problems that keeps us from achieving our successes in our view rooms are not only completely illegal under full and have north resolution to be used within the domains of international law but even more importantly they are counterproductive to your objective of getting this region rid of militancy and terrorism and extremism because if one strike leads to getting new target number one or target number three today you're creating five more targets or ten more targets in the militancy that it breeds in the in the for doing that it gives to the militants to attract more people to join their ranks we are today in pakistan suffering from the consequences of what you know many other powers of the
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world decided to do in that region to rid itself of. a challenge that appeared in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine which was the soviet invasion of one star now in trying to deal with that we have created certain groups which are to be. a challenge to everybody. so again do we want to repeat the same mistakes again clearly pakistan doesn't think so and pakistan has categorically said that it is illegal under full counterproductive just last week. and her reports was like to the media that pakistani security forces and maintaining contacts with. terrorism and extremist organizations that are operating in afghanistan as far as i understand there was. an allegation that they're supporting them financially. is this true first of all this is not a new to report we were told by need to at least that this is
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a. single person not need to report but is single country and a single person and pretty much. all the aborted because this is not a new position or allegation that to be made and the specific wanted dimension were with the taliban of all to intelligence agencies i think every intelligence agency in the world particularly the ones which are working in of on some indian style with one group or the other and all of them at some level and these does are now pretty much out in the open because people are openly talking about talking to them i think just creating you know this is this is something which is not even worth a calm and quiet and thank you very much for a time minister thank you. for
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thirty. years and now we're going to see them to the man yeah if you want to have sex go and have sex. wealthy british science it's time to. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza reports on .
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if you just. go with you twenty four hours a day top stories this hour the u.n. is considering a joint mission with the arab league to end the bloodshed in syria with ever conflicting reports of the number of casualties it's pretty hard to get a true picture of events. the eurozone greece. will be enough to guarantee one hundred thirty billion euro bailout. tough measures to secure yet another rescue public anger. was a reporting this hour afghan president hamid karzai lashes out at nato forces for killing eight children in an aerial attack on wednesday the u.s. an. operations in afghanistan than expected. but i'll be back with more on those
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stories in full and other developments for you about half an hour from now in the meantime takes to the skies to look at how hot it is becoming increasingly popular in russia that's a special report next. people couldn't fly for a long time i don't think because they didn't think it was possible we can learn how to do that without machines anywhere if we want to. get online people here are ramon ticks they have generous souls soon this is something out of this world and in chanting experience. the skies would brings these people together they come here from all over russia and the world are. always people stick together because of both the love of ballooning and that none of them .


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